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The speaker discusses the story of the Prophet "time Ali, which is a tragic disaster and has a beautiful lining. The story also touches on the current crisis of COVID-19, which is causing people to lose their connection to their Lord and create a world that is impossible to reach. The speaker emphasizes the importance of staying connected to Allah Spano activism to achieve peace and prosperity.

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One of the most beautiful stories in the Quran, that is also so profoundly insightful is the story of the Prophet Yusuf Ali, his setup. One of the things that makes that story so beautiful is that it's so terribly tragic. But at the same time, it has such a beautiful silver lining, and everything works out at the end of the day. And that's what's so profound about it. And at the end of the sutra, that's why Allah subhanaw taala says, look at the canopy Consortium, are able to literally like Bob, there's a bra, there's a realization, there's a deeper understanding here, and they're a bit also come from herbal. They both come from the same roots, or Buddha is a word that's used from

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crossing from one area over to another, a bridge that connects to things. So you see how you get from tragedy to tranquility, you see how you get from adversity, to prosperity, how you get from an extreme amount of difficulty to finding peace and tranquility with a loss per dollar. So it's a very powerful reminder about that. And in that today, we look around the world today, all the tragedies that are going on Muslims being oppressed, we see disease and illness spreading throughout the world. It can be very overwhelming. And again, it can be very demoralizing, especially with social media, and the constant news cycle that we live in. It's you're just being inundated with terrible

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information all the time. And it can really take a toll on your soul on your spirit. So at the end of the suit of use of philosophy, Rotella tells us as a takeaway from sort of use of what a dad will ask you that you hate really living.

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The life of the hereafter the abode in the life after death is better for those people who lived in this life conscious, aware and connected to their Lord, that no matter how difficult and dicey and tragic things became, they always stay connected to their Lord, in this life and in this world. For them, the life of the Hereafter is going to be amazing and better for them. So that's something that we need to keep in mind. While we're experiencing all this tragedy in the world around us. Stay connected to Allah Spano tala, it'll bring you peace and tranquility in this life, and it will ensure a good place for you in the life of the hereafter. May Allah subhanaw taala protect us all.

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May Allah subhanho wa Taala protect all of our families and our communities and the Ummah worldwide desert Camilla Hayden was Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh