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Nouman Ali Khan
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the potential for misinformation and mislecting in the spiritual world, citing examples such as hip hop, cyber warfare, and Islam. They emphasize the need for more information and disinformation to avoid negative consequences and avoid warfare. The Muslim community is actively working on creating false news and avoiding warfare, while also working on creating false news and empowering individuals. The segment emphasizes the importance of sharing information and creating a culture of peerage, as well as the need for people to be aware of political dynamics and free speech.
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Allahu Allah to join them in matsubayashi plan, obviously so the usmle Amri while Dr. melissani of cocoa leaf and hamdulillah salat wa salam ala rasulillah, Han early or savage green Somali Kumar, everybody,

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after some delay, are trying to get regular again with the council and healing series. So I pray that I'm able to be consistent from now until the end of Ramadan. Today I wanted to share something with you that I found rather unexpected. So let me introduce it into ways for you the reason I chose this idea, the reason it's stuck out to me is that often we think of, you know, the spiritual world and things that we do that have spiritual consequences as one kind of one set of acts like missing a prayer has spiritual consequences. backbiting has spiritual consequences, you know, unkindness, has spiritual consequences, etc, they affect our hearts in some way. And that's clear from Revelation.

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But often, we also don't think of other things that we, you know, we associate them with the world of politics or with the world of, you know, social life. And there are other dimensions of our life that we don't necessarily think have any spiritual, personal spiritual consequences. And this IRA was unique in that it kind of highlighted that those two worlds are not as far apart as we think they are, you know, the Quran presents a very holistic view of life. So there are matters that have to do with very real life situations. You can even consider them secular situations. But even those secular situations have spiritual undertones. There's something going on in the spiritual world

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that's connected to that. And that's kind of what's being highlighted in, in this If so, this is again, from Sultan Sultan, this app, which was given to the Prophet session on when he was in Medina. And Medina is a very interesting time. So when you want to understand the background of this ayah, kind of let me help you set the scene. So we get the most out of this brief reminder.

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So the prophet SAW Selim is in Medina, the Muslims have gone to war with the people of Makkah. So we're now in between and those wars, those those battles that have taken place in between them also, there's kind of like a cold war situation, they are the enemy, and they are an enemies, even when they're not on the battlefield. A very much a part of the war is to gather intelligence on the enemy. Right. So the people of MK are trying to gather intelligence on the Muslims in Medina, and what moves are they making? What acquisitions are they doing? What trades are they making? What treaties are they making? They want to keep an eye on that? And the Muslims are trying to keep an

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eye as best they can on the activities and the ongoings of Makkah, and the prophets, like Selim is also sending convoys to actually observe, you know, what they're going to be up to. So there's actually a lot of this intelligence gathering for the purpose of eventually espionage because information warfare, as we know, now is a very real thing, right? propaganda spreading news. It's any anyone that kind of keeps up with the news knows now that cyber warfare is actually a very real part of warfare in the world and a very real part of politics, or way of influencing foreign policy, even domestic affairs. Right. So there there are and there's numerous examples of that, if any one

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of you is even remotely familiar with what's going on in the world today, misinformation, disinformation. And information propaganda is actually very much you know the name of the game today, and it can cause very serious domestic consequences, international consequences. Conflicts can be based on misinformation. We can think even in our brief lifetimes, how many wars have been the result of propaganda and misinformation and how many lives have been lost because of information warfare, right? So it's not a small thing.

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So what's what's going on between Mecca and Medina and what is commenting on so there are a group of people within the Muslim community that actually even though they're Muslim by name, they don't like the way that the prophet SAW Selim is governing Medina and they think they're better suited to run things. But obviously, they can't come out and say that, and the Muslims are the victorious party. So they have basically put on the disguise of Muslims and they're weak. The Koran calls them to hypocrites and they're embedded inside the Muslim community in Medina and there

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There you can distinguish them they look like the Muslims they pray like us they they are interacting with us like like Moses they're not the they're outwardly religious appearance does not give them away. In fact, some of the worst of the hypocrites that the Quran will point out were people that were early in fudger every morning. So they were they were outwardly behaving better than most Muslims today. So it's not like they're an easy giveaway, you see. So Allah will highlight certain things that they do. So this passage in certain nessa is what 60 or so that are dedicated to behaviors of the hypocrites, and that was so not just so we can spot them. But every Muslim should

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look at themselves and say, am I developing some of the habits of these hypocrites? Am I engaged in the same behavior as these hypocrites? And so we ask a lot of you know, I asked myself for myself that I Allah protect me from hypocrisy, and you should ask yourself, that he protects you from hypocrisy. And so these are dimensions of their hypocrisy and their their way of sabotaging the mission of the Prophet socialism and creating chaos in the in the community. So what is this idea about design number 83? What either a homeroom, middle Omni will have. And whenever some matter reaches them, some new some information comes to them that has to do with peace, security, or it has

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to do with something that's the state of fear. So what does that mean? Maybe the some, some battalion of Muslims was engaged in some kind of conflict, and they were able to overcome,

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you know, a particular position. So now we got good news that they want in this position right there. So that area is secure area secured, right, so it's greenlit that's not Code Red anymore, or there's some other place where there's been an attack, and there's what there's a danger of further enemy forces coming towards Medina. So there's a there's bad news, there's, we should be wary that there's an imminent attack, right. So this is sensitive information. This is information about the security of Medina, and of the citizens that live in Medina. And this is in the in the midst of a state of war. And wrongly if we if the Muslim community starts thinking that this position is secure

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when it's not secure, so they get the news that they won, and now this border is controlled, right? But the fact is, it's not controlled, but they spread false news at the border is completely safe. That's deadly. Right? So good news can be deadly to or if they spread hysteria that there's this one particular area where the attack is imminent. And now we are acting in fear. And we're putting resources and forces to plug that hole in and breach in our security. And we diverted resources from the actual danger because that was false news, you understand? So this can be pretty deadly stuff. So when they simply hear of angelholm amraam, this Nikita formoso, suggesting that just any news

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comes to them, and they hear about what's going on about that has to do with safety or has to do with fear other OBE they broadcasted it, like the moment they got some news, they broadcasted it. Now it's remarkable that Allah here did not say that they got this news, and they broadcasted it for the purpose of creating chaos in the Muslim oma. The criticism of the Quran in this ayah is that they didn't actually take the time to analyze what news has come to them. Is this partial news? Do I have the entire story? Do I know all the factors involved before I broadcast it, because when you broadcast news without proper information, you will either create a false sense of safety or

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hysteria, I'm in or health, you're going to create one of those two. There are there are instances now in our obviously we see this all the time, there are instances where people see something on social media, like they'll hear news of some some wrongdoing or some oppression or something. And they'll broadcast it. And there's absolute outrage about what happened, right? And then it turns out, that was actually a falsified clip, it was from a different year. And that was already solved. And it was being misused. And it was just an experiment to see how people would act like sheep when they see something on social media and broadcast it and put it on their story and put it on their

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their own, you know, Insta feeds or on their you know, whatever social media outlet and say, I can't believe this is happening in the world, etc, etc. And there's this outrage and that outrage turns into conflicts inside neighborhoods. And you now are having a fight with your neighbor about what posts you posted or whatever. So it's, it's now having that and families are having conflicts with each other over it. In other words, that eras that reckless quick jumpy like as soon as I got it, I'm trigger happy to broadcast it kind of attitude is what is being critiqued here. It's not the intention because the intention may even have been Oh my god, everybody needs to know about this, I

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better broadcast it. Right. So other it will be they broadcasted it. The moment when this news comes to them, they just they just, you know, announced it. And Allah says and whatever I do universally, what will remain home and had they

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taken it back what they heard, had they taken it back to the messenger sallallahu sallam, and to those that have the qualifications to make the right decisions among them, in other words, the mature leadership. This is the Qurans way of saying something that is now considered politically incorrect. We live in an age of individual empowerment, which has remarkable value. But at the same time, individual empowerment is now taking away from the idea that there are some members in your family that are more responsible than others, you do have an irresponsible, reckless cousin. And his idea of individual freedom, freedom brings chaos to the entire family. We all know that in our

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personal lives, some people are more responsible than others. And when reckless in mature people are being given the opportunity, they're given the opportunity to broadcast things that immaturity will broadcast and chaos will ensue. You understand? You know, this is a simple as at a microscopic level, you have your family, you have some guests coming over, right, and you have one of your siblings, that just everything that's going on in the house, he tells all the guests, you know, my mom and dad were having an argument today, and they were talking about money, and but so you have to sit down and say, listen, not everything that you hear, you need to broadcast to everybody, you need

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to learn to just shut up a little bit. So why don't you just stay in that room in play? Because Because, you know, they too much information, and sensitive information and being given out broadcast to everybody, because you know why? Because broadcasting makes a might make a person feel like, wow, they got that news from me. I was the one who helped deliver it. So I have something to talk about now. Right? So what happens then is when you have titling and you know tantalizing information, you have sizzling information, juicy stuff, then you want to share it because it's a way of feeling valued. Right. And that's, that's what they feel like, you know what I you know what

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i heard? And that becomes a conversation piece. And this is reckless. And so what Allah is saying, what Allah is giving to the Muslims, is there are people like that among you, the immature who spread these sensitive kinds of information in a very reckless, irresponsible kind of way and broadcast it? And have they taken it back to the right leadership to Rasool Allah, and to those who possess the authority. And we're the ones who have qualifications over the right decision. How do you process this information? How do you verify this information? What do you do with this information? What actions should we take with this information? What is the mature course of action

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with this information? If you didn't take it to the right place, then and have they had they done that? He says, Well overdue, a lot of us really will remain home, the Alamo, Latina, Istanbul, una hoomin. Home, then those who have the ability to grasp it for what it really is, would have known that

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they would have come to know it and they would have analyzed it properly. If enbart is the word that's used. Cymbalta is an awesome work nebat and Arabic is actually to dig a hole until water comes out. When you dig, dig, dig and water comes out. In other words, what you see is dirt. But the one who can analyze No, this is Rich land, I'm going to dig and there's actually water underneath. In other words, there's the surface of the news. And there's what's going on behind the news. And not everybody has the intelligence, the political, you know, know how the social intelligence, the background, the analysis, to be able to understand what's going on behind the news. Right. So the

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news should be broadcast by those who have the maturity to understand what is behind it. And they're not being used as pawns in somebody else's game. You see what happens in politics, and it's been happening for millennia, centuries, millennia, is that the people who understand politics, release information. And then they know there are some people who will not analyze it, and will broadcast it on their behalf, they'll do their dirty work, right. And they have their own agenda. And a person might not even know they're being used for an agenda. Their their political, like outrage, they think is for a just cause. And they don't even know that that just cause was actually part of

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somebodies campaign plan. And it was all planted information. This is stuff that's been studied exhaustively. This is not something I'm coming up with, I look at how savvy the Quran wants the believer to be He, he didn't just say take this back to the messenger sallallahu Sallam because it's the spiritual thing to do. Because the prophets lie to them. And those who are closest to him understand the political dynamics of the situation. They know how to manage the information. They know what to do with it. There's a responsibility with with with, you know, when it comes to creating hysteria in the in the United States and in constitutional law, and in you know, legal

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theory, we even talk about people talk about free speech, right? Everybody has the right to free speech, but why is it that you can get in trouble for screaming fire in a crowded movie theater? Right? Because there is such a thing as being reckless with information. And if you just heard it, and then you screamed it and there's a stampede and lives were lost as a result, then there's blood on your hands for your free speech, because that that he you just broadcasted it without knowing or without understanding the consequences. So yes, then between a human now this is the this is the perfect

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You know, the heavy reason that got me compelled me to share this with you? Well without further Allah aleikum wa Toho let tamashi pa illa kalila and had it not been the favor of Allah on you and his special loving care all of you would have ended up following the devil except a few. What I thought we would have ended up following propaganda misinformation, right. But what is the lesson, propaganda and misinformation, irresponsible broadcasting on of half baked news half a story. When we broadcast that and spread it and spread it and spread it, then the then we the society, the community becomes the devil's playground, hatred has created bias judgments are created, stereotypes

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are created. outrage over what is not really outrage worthy is created misdirected calls for justice are created, and shaitan loves it because now you're following what you don't really know. You don't fully have knowledge, you just have passion. And I'm I'm passionate about something that I don't fully know about. And I'm I'm so ideological about it that I hear someone even questioned me just a little bit, I will be so morally outraged that in my righteous justice, I will wreck them and ruin them. And humanity will be in conflict The devil is being followed. You see that? So Allah says in Medina, their their false broadcasting could have created an environment where everybody would have

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been following the devil. In other words, following halfbakery information is following the devil following shape on it. Luckily, Lana think about what you and I consume in social media. You and I consume it in terms of news, and how you and I broadcasted recklessly without saying, wait, I don't it's it's hard to say for a person. I don't understand enough about this to comment on it.

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I don't know enough. You know, in my own, you know, I'm in this position. I'm well known. When I talk about something people want to know my opinion about everything, right? So I happen to be from Blackstone, so somebody will email me right? And say, What's your opinion of Iran Han? Or what's your opinion of this scholar? Or what's your opinion of this? This person who said this, this this? And I'm like,

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I don't have enough information to warrant an opinion? And why do you need my two lines of a half baked opinion, a tweet or a, you know, a little zinger a comment. And then you want to rebroadcast that and create more chaos and conflict, let the bartomeu shaitana illa kalila, except very few, all of you will end up following the devil if you if you became part of this reckless broadcast culture. What a what a, what a vivid look in the mirror, what a painful look in the mirror at what we've become, what I may have become what you may have become individually, forget commenting on everybody else, look at ourselves, let's look at myself carefully and see how am I dealing with am I and if I

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don't have that maturity, and if I don't have people that can analyze it properly, maybe I need to learn more. Maybe I just need to become more educated, more informed. And honestly, in any area of life, the more informed you get, the more educated you get. Truly, you start realizing how little you know, truly, you start realizing how reckless you were to be passionate about something. There are things that I was very passionate about 1015 years ago, I was outspoken about them. And I look back and say, Man, was I stupid. I didn't know. I just I had some information. And that's some information made me so confident that I have all the information. And therefore I can speak about it

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in such, you know, aggressive, absolute terms, and then life hits you and you realize No, it's life's more complicated than that. You know, so passion is a good thing or call for justice is a good thing. outrage is a good thing, when it's based on actual knowledge. When I talk for my laser, like, don't fall into what you don't fully have knowledge of, you know, enjoy a confessor, convenor. But inevitably, you know, when corrupt news comes to you then verified. So this has spiritual consequences. It is us now falling into the trap of shaytaan. Whether it's conflict, whether it's arrogance, because arrogance is brewed by this too, right, because somebody

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thinks that their broadcast of something is then taking up a righteous cause, which makes them better than someone else. They're more righteous than somebody else who disagrees with them. Because they're on the right and what is put on say, latos aku, enforcer calm. Don't consider yourselves pure, who are allowed to be Taka. Alam tala Latina is a Quran for sound Didn't you see those who consider themselves so pure, they declared themselves righteous. So a self righteousness can be created which is one of the highest forms of arrogance. You know a person thinking of themselves superior in terms of purity. That's, that's the height of arrogance. Allah azza wa jal protect us

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from it and allows us to protect all of you and myself from falling into this trap and really developing maturity when it comes to broadcasting or sharing things and sharing them with those who will actually benefit from them and not just sharing for the for the sake of sharing barakallahu li walakum salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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