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Shaykh Zahir Mahmood *NEW 2011* Ahlul Sunnat Conference
Ahlul Sunnat Conference, Sheffield, In the presence of Sheikh Ul Hadith, Mufti e Azam, Muhammad Rafi Uthmani (Hafidhahullah).

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When he, he will die on stage.

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And he will be bought in front of Allah.

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And Allah will ask him and remind him of all the favors that love is no demand, you know what the youngsters and the elders will not be? Excuse me, you know? Can you imagine a person who has all the famous, you know, he was rich, he was happy, he was good looking, he has a villa, and they have coffee here, and then everything that you could imagine, but he dies on the state of disbelief. And he will be bought in front of Allah. And Allah will command the angels, to take him into the fire of jahannam, for a moment, and he will be taken into the fire of jahannam, just for a moment.

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And then he will be bought in front of Allah. And Allah will ask him, did you experience any pleasure in the dunya? And he will say, I experienced No,

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no necessary.

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And conversely, the problem is

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a man who was really but who died upon a mom, but who would have meant it in his life.

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He had trials and tribulations one after the other.

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Can you imagine, I'm sure you've seen pictures

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on your TV sets or heard about, you know,

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on board in a certain place.

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And the day before that lady had children, she and her husband, she had Well, she had family, and the next day, she wakes up, and she realizes she has nothing. And children are dead, husband, her family are dead. There's no family allowance, to fall back upon the rest of your life is a life of dependence upon others. But this is nothing compared to this man.

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How much he will try one last panel.

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And he will be bought in front of Allah.

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And Allah remind him of his test in the dunya. And then Allah say, take up to Jenna for a moment.

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And he will be taken into gender just for a moment. The reason he will be dipped in and out.

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And then you will be both in front of Allah.

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And Allah will ask him, did you experience any hardship, any trial or tribulation in the dunya.

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And he will say, compared to that one moment in Jenna, I experienced no trial and tribulation in the dunya.

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And this was what spurred on the province a little while I was alone with a lot of things

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that may be out of grief,

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that you will, you know, after your concern out of grief, you will perish because of them following and your concern for them.

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That was the concern of the province a lot It was something of why why did the province have this concern? Because he knew the reality of this.

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And he understood what was waiting on the other side.

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And this is why the provisional awesome had this concern. And this is why the province of Milan went the extra mile to call people for the power

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when the people the Christian openledger larhonda came to the province on the line it was and really you need to compare this with us today.

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What is our concern for humanity?

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There's our neighbors the good.

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The areas which are adjacent to our areas are good.

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Do we lose any sleep above the state of the oma or the state of the Muslims? Because this was the son of the professor.

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This was the concern that we had when the Christians came from the Iran leadership from the Christians where his professor was hosted. He hosted them in the machine which machine machine

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the second most obvious question today.

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People live

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Hello students are massagin, but never see any good from Amazon

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besides double parking on a Friday on noise outside their home, so they are compelled to leave

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the roads, open the machine up for these people, and then the duration dimension and look at this. They began to discuss something in the province of Oslo, discussing and he asked him, What what are you discussing? And he said, No, nothing.

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Tell me. And they said, Look, it's time for prayer. And we want to pray. So we're looking for a place that we're discussing, where shall we prayed?

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So the Romans could have easily said, you know, go and pray in the local, you know, open area, go and pray outside the masjid. But what is a Muslim do? Although he knew that there was plenty of this, he knew that it was the antithesis of what Islam beneath, but he wanted to bring them closer.

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He wanted to bring them closer.

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So what did he say to them? He said, praying here.

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praying in the masjid, Christianity, a version of a father

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is a Muslim, allow them to pray in the masjid. Why? Because his concern was that he didn't agree with their worship. But he wanted to bring them closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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He wanted to bring them closer to a mosque.

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And then you compare our massages today, seriously, you can pay we have huge churches, Muslims living all around millions of pounds spent on the structure. But though the non Muslims in that area in that vicinity FST that came from the masjid.

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When a law speaks about the first must use was created in humanity, he was speaking about what must you must, you must.

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And he described two qualities of it. He says it's a source of Baraka. And it's a source of guidance. And then we'll fall for the Muslims know Allah, Allah mean, for the entirety of humanity.

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And there we have politics, which, you know, huge structures. But there is nobody to call people towards the love from them. And if you look at the machinery, some of it was the size of machine a piece of muscle, it was a small machine,

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the size of the machine of the robot

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was 30 meters by 35 weeks.

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That's all it was. There was no fancy carpet on the floor.

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Their ceiling barely exceeded the heads of those who prayed within it.

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The walls were not wait there was made out of you know, solid brick, it was based late, recently, a couple of years ago was that this must get. And this must didn't go anybody but you know, this machine had

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a chandelier,

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which had so many likes. So the Malala, who was a mom with a machine, a friend of mine is to study together. So he said was the right home for you, you know, these hundreds of lights.

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So if you can hold on over, you know,

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the day of judgment.

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You have strong structures.

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But that's all you have is structures.

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You don't have you know, men and women coming out of the massaging, we're reaching towards people

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who are changing society. And this is why if you look at the time

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when I looked, and I studied, what was the most effective dollar out of the dollar, the promise of a law that was set up. And when we study the life of the law, I know how do we study it we all know about when he raised his father who was going to kill them.

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We know about the fact that you know about his martyrdom and he was known as fabu. And he was very strong. But do we know the fact that one or the other was the man who in a period of 10 and a half years, bought down the two superpowers of his time.

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Russian Empire rule for how long? A rule would throw 100 years.

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1200 years it would

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be around 1400 years. For 1200 years, they were a superpower. And then you have the Byzantines, and all of the alignment adopted, and I call it a bone of Salah, which is a period of 10 and a half years go down to super close of that time. What did he do?

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What did he do? He adopted three basic methods.

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One was education, the everybody in his community, everybody in the Muslim land, has to be educated about Islam. Many of the Bedouins didn't want to know about Islam, or they didn't want the basic Islamic education, over the land in forced education on every single person. 1400 years ago, one or the other, Adam did this.

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He made sure that every person learns about the key, and then he entrenched in them quality version like Kentucky, let

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him know that you are the best of people take him out for the benefit of humanity. And thing versus I have done.

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That if you help a law, meaning if you help the Dean of the law, a law will help you.

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I don't know who made sure that these were componentry that every Muslim

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is suited social responsibility, that he has a social responsibility, although the latter was never concerned. And this is what people just sitting in the massagin. Omar wanted people to learn about the DEA, and then be effective in the community. Upon occasion, they said to one of the a lot of maybe this man, the governor.

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He knows nothing about evil. He's never seen evil on one of the lines that I would have never make him a governor. Or if he doesn't know anything about evil, he wouldn't be the first person to fall into it. If you don't know what's going on your community, how are you going to be effective.

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He created he saw once upon his daughter that two people that were working like this

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very lackadaisical, you know, one of the lotto, he took out his whip, and he whipped him. He said notion of work like this. Because Muslims have a purpose in life, in a more Luxor deeply through life. They're meant to be people. They have a social responsibility. They're meant to affect change. You know, they they're always not speaking about any specific to Muslims, about having citizenship. First, he was having citizenship in schools. Now his citizenship in mock ups,

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and how citizenship, we already seem to have citizenship. And

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everybody's understand is responsibility to the community.

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to the community, the purpose of law says I'm sending a generation, he said, the leader of any group of people is the one who does it.

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And then there's an extension of this narration.

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The woman is on the lotto, some of them that lead of any nation is the one who has been hit them up. And then he said that the only real world which is greater than serving other people is martyrdom, in the path of love.

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That is the only thing and if you look into the Bible,

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he was

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and this is how every single Muslim should be when he was the most powerful man on the face of the earth. The duration mentioned a group of people they came to the outskirts of Medina and

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he said let's

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let's do this.

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And the reason mentioned that all my former and I've done

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this remain looking after these people, and there was a woman that

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there was a woman and this woman, a baby was crying but she didn't know that this was over and she said no. Make your child quiet. Later on in the night on the Atlanta went back. He said water evil whether you are in China be crying all night and you have done nothing

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And she didn't know that this is one of the Allied who said she said, You know Amina who maybe

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has stipulated a certain

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a certain allowance for the child will have stopped breastfeeding will have been weaned off and I am trying to be my charge off. So I attained that allowance, Shahs benefit,

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benefit 1400 years ago, any person a Muslim, and this happened in how long in a period of 10 and a half years, any person who was disabled, the Muslim, the Muslim sister, Islamic system will look after him.

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the system would look after him, any person who had gone out for the sake of Allah, the system would look after him.

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And who said to this lady

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said, How old is your child? She said, Is this this many pounds? And he said, Do not pasted to having We are leaving, leaving, you know, wean him off. And then of the mind over the mentioned of an order the amount of freedom for just a lot, did I swear by Allah, he cried so much that we could not understand his presentation.

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And I've just

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turned around.

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And he said, What do you how many children have you killed because of this rule of yore. And then he made an allowance for every child that was born. This was 1400 years ago,

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started child benefit.

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And now you see the new government, Cameron, they want to stop child benefit.

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To have a very difficult when you rely on child benefit.

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But this was the see this was the ethos which was created, there was a social responsibility to humanity that the Muslims have.

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And this no longer exists. I mean, we only speak about not thinking about this, me and you want to speak about the fact that we all know

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that why is it that we as Muslims, until today, I've never been able to pluck up the courage and go to a non Muslim area and knock on the door like the Jehovah's Witnesses do and call people to do? What's the reason?

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And the truth is that gates as soon as much knock on the doors, why? Because there's no vision.

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It's a no vision.

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You have Christians, when I asked them in Birmingham, I had this Afro Caribbean woman knock on my door, and she gave me those CDs. He gave me a leaflet important. And then she started reading them.

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And then a few weeks later, another Afro Caribbean woman came. And she said to me, during those years, she gave me a leaflet, and then she doesn't read again. And I said to her, you know, a few few weeks ago, another Afro Caribbean lady came, and she gave me

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a GPS reading, she goes, which one is it? So she rattled off about 20 names, meaning it up 20 in that one, church learning,

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not to understand their religion,

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to take people from a turtle success into a turtle.

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And we are the people regarding your loss and conduct regular

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enough that you are the people who have been taken out for the benefit of humanity. You are the best of people. So all of the

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educated the people, they understood this social responsibility. The second was that at any one time, one of the 14,000 camels ready to move per week 14,000 camels and see you must understand the form of dow at the time who

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also had

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if need be it also had the sword with it as well. Why

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Because in those days you couldn't walk into the, into the Persian Empire or the Roman Empire and say, Look, we want to

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go right with you guys.

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Up history.

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We don't even have that problem surprised a lot today. People sacrifice their life to spread this. Do you know how far the deeds went in a period of 10 years is the time.

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It's spread as far east as

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in Pakistan. He went to Azerbaijan. And further, he went to North Africa, and then over the course of it because he wanted to consolidate everything.

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So what do they do? They had they utilize their resources 40,000 cameras at any one time.

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In a restaurant, restaurant,

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were all created the time

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and to protect the Muslim lands. That's what they were. And every city had at least 400 horses ready to go at any time. They were equivalent to what you would say today is your Rapid Response Force. Rapid Response Force does what the Muslims had resources, the financial resources with you tonight to spread Islam.

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Now, I do apologize. As I say I am younger than everybody that put them on. eminent and I'm sure they will put them up. If I said that wrong. But you look at our understanding today, if I tell you

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that I need, you know, 40 30,000 pounds for a minaret

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you will give me 30,000 for minarets, because that's your understanding of D. If I tell you I need 30,000 to employ an able person to give Dawa to organize Dharma for the non Muslims. You won't give me 30,000 because you would rather invest in bricks and in stones than in human beings. And that is our mentality. And America, they had the research paper was done. a research paper was done that 70% of the Muslims who embrace Islam in America become more.

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Why? Because the Muslim community has nothing to facilitate.

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There's nothing done.

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They don't feel comfortable in our massaging about is given every weekend, you know, and no translation is done in the time over 1300 years ago. I'm not giving an example of

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any bill which would be given if there was people who didn't understand the language, it would be translated. So people felt comfortable.

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And you compare that, you know, you look at non Muslim organizations. Look at the Christian organization,

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campus, Campus Crusade for Christianity, for Christ, campus, Crusade for Christ,

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their annual income, one on one organization, Christian organization is $693 million.

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That is more than over your own Muslim organization massage charity put together.

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And you know what they have, they have this thing called a coordinator. They call it the ad tech equation, equation equality Ag and

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predominantly Muslims. Literally 90% of the people who live in that area are Muslim. And you know what the ambition is that to turn every single person in that area Intuit Christian, they have 25,000 employed, employed workers a

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quarter of a million volunteers in America like

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to spend their own money.

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They bought for 14 months

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14 months as well.

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But then over four months, and they also 14

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Yes, life, my friend used to say stand up and you say

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was like your friend, Fred,

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go for four months. But let me tell you know, these Christians, they go, they go quick, geez, they don't, they send up their homes, and they go for Geez.

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This is where resources are used for the dour. The resources are used for the dollar.

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And the third thing, so first thing, and oh my god, I know had this was a junction given to every single person at the time.

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That omonoia online who has every single person in the Muslim world, that they should have a sword and an armor, just in case, they need to go out on the line who mentioned that I wanted to give my daughter my armor to my children when I became old, by remembered

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that what my father said that every single Muslim should have one.

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And they said he's and he mentioned. But in today's context, what that says is

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that they have the knowledge and that they have the tools

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to be able to pull people towards a wall.

00:26:59--> 00:27:05

In this context, that would be the knowledge and the truth. And the third thing I want to

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invest in invested in people, individuals.

00:27:13--> 00:27:21

Every year 14,000 people new men would be prepared to go out

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every year

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And this is why you see them, I don't want to

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I don't want to be alive who said he spoke to this.

00:27:38--> 00:27:44

And he said to them, what would you desire the most, if you had it. And some said, you know, in the narration

00:27:46--> 00:27:50

you said that they said we would like to have a house

00:27:51--> 00:27:55

full of sorry, they said we would like to have

00:27:57--> 00:28:18

a house full of Jews. And some said we would like to have a house full of well, that we could spend in the path of love. When the when the hajis would come, we would give them water to drink. You could do the intima. And then there are other things that people said what is

00:28:22--> 00:28:29

on the line who said he said I wish I had a house full of men like Abu Zubaydah from algebra,

00:28:30--> 00:29:01

meaning men of action. Men who impact society. And this is what I'm looking to live with one or the other, whether you would see a person who has who was active in the community, he would spend upon him, upon occasion A man came and he was kinky with his left hand and one of the 11 said, What are you eating with your left side? He said, My right hand is busy. And then later on the amount of soda in hand was cut. And he said What happened? He said, My hand was cut in a bottle of your book. And

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because of this action was so impressed. He was so impressed that one of the who said he gave him capital.

00:29:12--> 00:29:25

And then he asked for more. And then he gave him more. And then the ratio mentioned that one man stopped asking and or gave him so much again and again that this man became embarrassed.

00:29:26--> 00:29:33

They became embarrassed. Why? Because he saw this man was a man who sacrificed for the sake of a loss of power.

00:29:34--> 00:29:54

So make the most out of acres amongst those who understand their responsibility to the community. Because the truth is that if we are not proactive in our power, they will encroach upon your massage and yoga does is that we have there was one karate pitch and it

00:29:55--> 00:29:59

was a united technical proposal from a famous Amerigo