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Nouman Ali Khan provides an elaborate explanation on the topic of Cain and Abel.

Surah Al Ma’idah is the 5th Surah of the Qur’an and is one of the last Surahs to be revealed in the lifetime of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ.

This Surah shows us how the behavior of the Muslims should be with Christian people and Jewish people and the relation with them in the face of good things and bad things. Allah gave many stories in this Surah and one of them is the story of the two sons of Adam AS – Haabil and Qabil or Cain and Abel.

One of the sacrifices made by Habil and Qabil was not accepted by Allah. The sacrifice by Qabil was not accepted and a recognition issue surfaced. He wanted to kill his own brother to avoid making him look bad. 

What ensues next? Listen intently to unravel details.

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hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah hollington would you demean Adam

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which is a new remain a Golem Mukherjee Sabri minute alum from October to another financial guru who Ll masabi comanage guru who

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But hamdulillah Allah, Allah, Allah then Willa Mikela, who shall confirm all while I'm Jaco Lavalle you may not totally workable who Tukwila well hamdulillah lesbians, Allah Allah, Allah, Allah Allah wherever. What hamdulillah Allah Nakamoto who wanna stay Ito who want to start Pharaoh? When we know we he wanted to walk to LA when I wrote to be let him in Cerulean fusina woman say at emelina when you have the healer who follow mobila woman you believe Fela howdy Allah when Allah ilaha illallah wa de la sharika when a shadow Allah Mohammed Abdullah he was solo Allahu Allahu Allah Buddha did Huck Hara who Allah Dini Lee aka fabula he shahida for subtle Allahu alayhi wa seldom at the Sleeman

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kathira and kathira My bad, but in the cul De Sica tabula rasa de Have you Mohammed in sallallahu alayhi wa sallam were in Nashville moody mcdata to her were in Nakula desert in beta wakulla with atom bola bola bola Latin phenol?

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Allah azza wa jal fakie Tabitha Karim an akula Rosa Villa human a ton of regime, but to Allah him never apne Adam will hoc in Colaba Corbin and for two could be lemina Hema, welcome you Taco Bell minute aha caught up to the neck by the indomitable law hominem attack in Russia Saudi where suddenly Emily looked at me lasagna, Coco de la COVID-19 del multiball La ilaha illallah wa lahoma dynamin alladhina amanu Aminu Sally had what was always happy, whatever sub sub i mean, arable I mean, those of you who listen to my HUD buzz on a regular basis, just take note of something today inshallah, that I will be on an on occasion speaking about pseudotumor ADA and SoTL. Maya in the

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order of the Quran is the fifth surah to be revealed. It's one of the longest rulers of the Quran, it was revealed. What's special about the sutra is it was revealed at the very very end of the career of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So it's basically chronologically one of the last messages from Allah. It's one of the last messages from Allah. And it's important to know some of the background of when the surah was being revealed, and why it means something significant for Muslims. Before we take any lessons from this surah Sol mentioned a couple of things about that quickly, that I won't be repeating in other hobas I will expect you to remember some of that in sha

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Allah Allah so that it'll be easier for you to take benefit from some of these reminders. You see, Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was sent not just as a messenger to the Arabs, he was sent as a messenger to all of humanity. And by the time Mecca was conquered. Now it was time to acknowledge that Muslims are going to be interacting with people from around the world. So some Sahaba made it as far as India and China, many were in Africa, Europe already. And so Muslims were already starting to spread far and wide. What are already called that this is going to happen. Well, our Halina main home Lama will help will be him. There are others than them meaning other than the Arabs that

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haven't yet joined them. Well, as we have seen that they're going to be joining them and events pretty quickly, within a century, actually, the non Arabs were the majority of Muslims, right? So a lot knew that pretty much very quickly, we are going to be exposed to other cultures, other traditions, other nations, other languages, and those other nations are actually going to make up the majority of those who believe in La ilaha illAllah, Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and that was a last grand plan. Part of that plan is to prepare Muslims on how they're going to deal with these other nations, what is going to be the way that they interact with them? How are

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they going to because you know, human beings at the end of the day have to deal with each other. They have to be neighbors with each other, they have to do business with each other, they have to interact with each other. And so those the mindset with which we are going to engage the world was given to us and so

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now you're ready to see the world. Now you're ready to engage with the world. And the first exposure we were going to have, and the primary exposure the Muslims were going to have was going to be with the Christian people and the Jewish people, which is why there's a special emphasis on our relationship with Jews and Christians.

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Surah and what kinds of relationships we're going to have with them, how we're going to be cooperating with them in good things, how we're going to be eating with them and inviting them to eat with us, that these kinds of things were talked about in this sooner for a reason, because this is how Islam was going to expand. So part of that was a lot of mentioning a few, you know, you know that Quran is full of many stories, many historical accounts, and ally knows all of human history. Allah knows every single person and everything that happened in their life from Adam alayhis salaam until now. So even though history books record history, no one knows history like Allah Himself,

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because he knows you're in my personal history. And he knows the history of all of humanity. But he decided that he's going to take very small selections from history, and put them in his book, very, very small selections. If you think of history as an ocean, he only took a few drops, right, and he put them in his book, because there's way more that happened in the past than what is in the Quran. So let decided to take very, very special moments in history, and put them in his book, so that you and I will understand that these few moments are the some of the most important lessons we're going to need. Of course, we can learn from history throughout. But these are some of the most important

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pivotal moments in history that we should never forget, that we're always going to need lessons from. And so what's remarkable in this surah, as we were going to deal with outside people, Allah azzawajal gave many stories inside of the sewline SoTL vida, and one of the most peculiar difficult to understand stories in the Quran is in the sola. And that's the that's the story of the two sons of Adam alayhis salaam, the narrations tell us that their names are Hubble and carbene. The Bible calls them Cain and Abel, Cain and Abel. And this is actually if you think about it, the first record of human history in the Quran. Like this is the first incident after Adam alayhis salaam was

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sent from gender to the earth. That was the first thing we know about is these two sons of the mother his Salaam and what happened with them? And that's talked about in this surah why was that important? As you will see through this hotbar, you'll, you'll understand why that that might be very important. Okay. Now, let's take a little bit of background before it leaves the devil, one of his biggest, you know, there are many reasons for which he disobeyed Allah. But one of those reasons was that he wanted recognition. He wanted a lot to acknowledge Him and His service. And when he felt that Adam alayhis salaam was chosen, and Adam alayhis salaam has been given this route, and the

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angels are supposed to be so mesmerized by the creation and the ability of Adam alayhis salaam, that they're going to fall into such though, that offended him because it made him feel like I've been doing this service all these years, 1000s of years, and I've obeyed a lot willingly. When am I gonna get acknowledged? Why did he get acknowledged more than me? I feel like I'm invisible. Like, I don't matter. And so it wasn't that a lot didn't acknowledge Him. And what offended him was a lie, acknowledge somebody else first, or a lot of recognize somebody. And this is important to know because to you and me, we know Allah sees everything that we do. This is important, subtle thing to

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understand. Allah sees everything that we do, a lot acknowledges everything that we do. A lion hears everything that we do, Allah knows the state of our hearts, and the one who we need we need to impress is only an only Allah. But at least this wasn't just about Allah. This was about what all the other angels are impressed supposed to be impressed with him, how come they're not supposed to be impressed with me, this actually wasn't about recognition before Allah. This was about recognition before all the other creation of Allah, it was about everybody else. If somebody just wants to be recognized by Allah, then they don't have to be there. It doesn't have to be a

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demonstration. There doesn't have to be a display, whether other than a salon, the angels do such they are not changes nothing, because at least would know Allah says Allah hears and acknowledges and appreciates. Whatever I do, Allah describes one of his names in the Quran, that in a lot of shackelton, Allah is appreciative. Allah appreciates what you do. And he knows that he knows that it's not a loss of appreciation he's looking for, he's actually looking for it to be demonstrated before other creation. so other people can see other angels can see how awesome he is. And that recognition, that acknowledgement, he didn't get it. And this upset and this is one of the things

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that really upset him. So guess what he is his plan is one of his many plans is that he wants human beings to be obsessed with that kind of recognition. Human beings he wants them to be acknowledged by other human beings. And he wants to make them drown in negative thinking, if they don't feel acknowledged, and if they don't feel recognized, if they don't feel praised by others. Yeah, Allah says Allah doesn't see that's less important. How come people don't appreciate how come people don't see. I'll give you a simple example of that. Before we go into the story. Let's say somebody decides to volunteer too much

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They come every day, they vacuum the place, they help set up and they, they give the event in the morning and all of it right. And then at the end, the machine has a fundraiser. And at the fundraiser, the guy doing the fundraising, we'd like to acknowledge our volunteers. We'd like to thank our volunteers on the machines, especially Brother Mohammed, who moved here last week. And this guy who's been volunteering for 10 years is sitting there like, Hey, wait a second, I come clean up every morning. I give the other one in the morning. I'm the one who opens up and locks up. And who gets this special, great acknowledgement. The guy who moved here last week, what is this?

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I'm never coming to this machine again. I've never done anything again, forget this. I want to refund, you know, and he's he's upset. He's genuinely upset. Why is he upset? Everything you did in the last house? You did for a loss recognition for a loss recognition. But what offended you was people didn't recognize it. And if you were looking for people's recognition, then you should just let it be known that it's for people you see and sometimes these thoughts are a good way to test Who are we actually doing something for the devil wanted the recognition of everyone else not himself, not allies, allies recognitions already their allies the all seeing all knowing that's already

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there. But that wasn't enough. Now let's come to this story. What do I lay him number of named Adam, read on to them narrate to them. The news, the account the historical events of the two sons of Adam. Okay, Allah didn't even mention their names. And when a lot doesn't mention, I told you how vielen kabhi. That's not mentioned in Quran that's not mentioned, that comes from narrations. There's a reason Allah does not mention names. He wants you to focus on something else. He wants you to pay attention to what he's saying. This, the lessons are more important than the dates, and the regions and the locations and their ages and other geographical data and biographical data that's

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less important. That lesson is more important. So focus on the lesson. Read on to them the news of the two sons of Adam. Okay. And what does the law say then bill Huck, tell them this account with purpose, meaning I'm telling you this, this story, and the story is true. But it destroys story also has a purpose. The purpose of the story is not information. The purpose of the story is not that you know this happened. The purpose of the story is you will find some purposeful lessons for you, for me that are going to affect our life. That's why he's telling us the story. Yes, this happened many 10s of 1000s of years ago, God knows how many years ago. And one you know, if you don't know the

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story, here's the brief summary. One brother killed the other. A murder happened. It's a murder story. But why is he telling us this? That's just the information. But there seems to be some other purpose that Allah wants our attention on. So he says, tell them the story with purpose. If arabba O'Bannon, when both of them offered a sacrifice, meaning both of them made a second you know how we do that we just came out of it. And we sacrifice. And so Allah had commanded that one of the acts of worship back then was that you sacrifice something for the sake of Allah. And when you sacrifice in the historical The Bible talks about this, the Quran alludes to this in the ancient times, Allah

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azza wa jal used to show a lot more miracles. So one of the miracles of Allah that used to be seen is that when you sacrifice an animal for the sake of Allah, and Allah accepts your sacrifice, then a fire used to come from the sky and consume the animal that was sacrificed. And that's actually a lost way of showing you that he has accepted your sacrifice. This is this was so common in Jewish tradition in biblical tradition before Islam, that when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam claimed to be a messenger, they asked How come you don't get that special fire? and Quran talked about that, but that's a separate subject. For now. This is how sacrifice used to be accepted.

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Anyhow, Allah azza wa jal says for two could be Lamanna, Hema, whenever you Taco Bell minella, one of their sacrifices was accepted. The other one was not accepted. It wasn't taken from him, meaning the fire came and consumed one, it didn't consume the other. Now who was the sacrifice made for it was made for Allah, just like when the old has done today, it's done for the sake of Allah. Just like when prayer is done prayers done for the sake of Allah. So the sacrifice was done purely for the sake of Allah. Now, if for example, somebody does something for the sake of Allah and they find out Allah has not accepted it. Allah has not accepted it, then who should they be concerned with

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themselves? What did I do wrong? What is missing in me? Maybe I maybe my intentions weren't pure enough. Maybe my income wasn't pure enough. Maybe the words I said wasn't right, etc. Maybe the ritual wasn't performed correctly. I don't know what I did wrong. The focus would be on what you did wrong. But when the sacrifice was done, and one was accepted, and the other wasn't accepted his immediate hobbies, the brother who did kill, his first reaction was called off to London. I'm going to kill you. He tells us brother, I'm going to kill you. Now, this Korean

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confusion, why is he going to kill his brother because his sacrifice was accepted. You see if this was about sacrificing for the sake of Allah, then you would not be bothered by anybody else. But the fact that one was taken, and the other wasn't taken, and the families watching, the Malaysians watching, others are watching, right because a small group of people, and in front of everybody, this one got accepted, I got rejected. Now I look bad. I look bad, because of him. This is the mentality of recognition. It's the same problem that happened with the police. He wanted recognition for everybody else, not from Allah, actually, from the angels. Now this, this brother wants

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recognition. And in front of everybody, his sacrifice wasn't taken. And he's not instead of thinking about how he looks bad, he's actually thinking about his brother made him look bad. This is as simple as when a couple of you have you know, you go, you guys go to school, your kids, you go to school, and you come back with a test. And one of you got a 95. And one of you got an 80. And your mom gives the one with the 95 a hug says oh, we're so proud of you 95. And the one with the 80 feels like he just failed Even though 80 is pretty good. And he's like, if I can just throw my brother down the stairs, and there's only me left, then by 80 is going to look like a 95 it's gonna look

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pretty, this guy is making my ad look bad. If it wasn't for him, I'd be alright. But he just keeps out shining me or she keeps on shining me. And they're the problem. I hate them. They always make me feel worthless. And this is the thought process in their head recognition. I want recognition and I can't help but compare myself to somebody else. So he's so bothered by that he developed so much hatred by the by the one who outshines him, that instead of thinking about himself, and how he should be worried that Allah didn't accept my sacrifice, I shouldn't be worrying about pleasing Allah. He's blaming him, because he's only worried about the recognition of people around him. He

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says, I'm gonna murder you, I'm gonna kill you. I hate you so much. To get someone to the point where they want someone to die is not a small thing. So the fact that the Quran is mentioning this, it didn't just happen that they sacrifice an animal one day, and this one was taken out like That's it, I'm you're dead. It doesn't happen like that. There's an animosity that's built a jealousy that's built a resentment that's built, it's a slow boil on the inside. Negative thoughts are just constantly fermenting, fermenting, fermenting, and that's exactly like employees, employees actually had resentment for a very long time. Many of you don't know, when Adam alayhis salaam was before

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Adam was created before he was created. Allah already announced, I am going to be creating him, I'm going to be putting my role in him. And when I do so make such that.

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So for a long time, it was already known that Adam is about to be created and all that time it leads had resentment, but he didn't say anything. Eventually it came out the same way. What is it least one from people, he wants them to have these thoughts towards somebody else, but keep them on the inside, keep them passive aggressive, bottle it up on the inside and keep swallowing your rage and swallowing your rage until it becomes some kind of a cancerous poison to the point where what kinds of words is he saying, I'm gonna kill you. I'm gonna kill you. Because you you know, you make me look bad. His brothers not at fault at all. But when a person is consumed within themselves, this is

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what happens. And that's the devil's trick. This is actually what he does for himself. You know, one of his names in the Quran is mushroom. Mushroom actually means someone who, who something that is crushed and then crushed more and crushed more, until he keeps getting smaller and smaller, and keeps getting crushed from the outside. This is how he feels he's crushed by his rage. He's crushed by his negative thoughts. That's what he wants for you. That's what he wants you to think about somebody else and keep getting crushed and crushed and crushed. Why are they happy? Why do they look okay? Well, how come they have this? How come they have that and you're just kind of burning on the

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inside as a result. So he says, I'm going to murder you. I'd love to learn luck. And his brother responds. In pneumonia Taco Bell, Allahu middle, Mata Ki. Look, Allah accepts from people who are aware of him, you shouldn't be worried about me, killing me is not going to solve this problem after you kill me and you sacrifice an animal is is still is definitely not going up then. So I mean, if you think that instead of sacrificing an animal, you're interested in sacrificing me, that's not going to solve your problem. And the guy who wants to kill his brother knows that he knows that killing him is not going to bring him any closer to Allah. But he doesn't care because that was

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never the concern anyway. And his brother says, I think you have some twisted thoughts here. Because only people who are aware of Allah, mindful of Allah, cautious of Allah, they protect themselves from making Allah unhappy. They're the ones that like saps from. They're the ones who Allah takes from. And so in nama, Taco Bell, Allahu Allah, and then he adds the invoice, yada, yada yada kalydeco Danny, in fact, not just that you say I'm going to kill you. I swear to God, I swear I'm going to kill you.

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If you even take that step, and you pull your hands towards Me, you stretch your hands towards Me to kill me. If you want to strangle me to death, if you want to beat me to death, if you have decided to go that far, if your hatred has gone that far, he responds, ma nlb basit, in ye de la Kelly up to look, I'm not going to be doing that. I'm not going to try to kill you. If you even if you try to kill me, and that's how far you've gotten. I'm not going to try to kill you. And this has to be understood. He's not saying I don't I don't want to do self defense. If you want to kill me, go ahead, I ain't gonna kill you. That's not what he's saying. He's saying if your intent is so

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poisonous, and you're so ready to murder me, just that thought, you know, if you ever heard in military, they talk about something called a preemptive strike. You know, somebody is about to hit you. So what do you do? Well, before they get get to hit me, I'm gonna hit them first. He's already told me he wants to kill me. So before you get the chance tonight, you better lock your door. Because I'm gonna come after, you know, he says just because you've made a threat to me, and you have these intentions? Don't you think that you're going to get a reaction out of me. And I am going to have the same thoughts towards you, that you have towards me that I'm going to start thinking

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about how I can destroy you before you get a chance to destroy me. That's the devil's game. I'm not playing it. I'm not playing it. You see. So the idea here, the victim, the supposed victim is actually saying something very powerful people who will develop that kind of hatred towards you, people that will even express that kind of hatred towards you will make you paranoid, how are they going to get me? What are they going to attack? What are they going to do. And as a result, you might start thinking I'm have to come up with some kind of preemptive strike, I need to strike them before they get a chance to strike me. And now the devil is working constantly. Because now one was

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obsessed with destroying the other. And as a result, the other is now obsessed with destroying them. He got both of them. And so his brother recognizes that he's not gonna fall into this game. I'm not gonna play this with you. I'm not I'm not interested in destroying you. I'm not gonna keep you know, pull my hands out to kill you. This is not saying that if you try to kill me, I won't defend myself. That's not what he's saying. So this after first, saying that he adds in near half a lot horrible. I mean, I in fact, I I am the one who fears Allah, the master of all people, the master of all nations. You know what that means? I'm not afraid of you trying to kill me. That doesn't scare me.

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Me crossing a line with a lot that scares me. You should have been scared that Allah didn't accept your sacrifice. If that happened to me, I would have been scared of Allah, instead of being angry. And now you're trying to murder me trying to hurt me. Just because of that. I'm not going to leave my fear of Allah and fear you instead. I'm not going to fear you. I'm just going to continue to if your luck is my protection doesn't come from hurting you. My protection only comes from Allah. So my fear hasn't changed. This is teaching us not to be intimidated by those who hate us. Those who express their animosity towards us. Continue to fear Allah don't cross a laws lines. And if you have

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before, make Toba repent, and Allah will protect you. That's the only way protection will come in near half Allah horrible. I mean, in then it seems things escalated. The brother basically got physical and is beating his younger brother or the weaker brother to death. Okay, and he's pounding on him. And then comes one of the strangest out in the story in nudie do unto boo Abby, it's me. Well, it's Mika. I want for you to carry to draw on yourself, my sin and your sin. The guy who's being beat up the victim is now saying, I want that when judgment day comes, I want a lot of take my sins and put them on you.

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Now on top of your own sense.

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Why is this in the Quran? First of all, when someone's a victim, and they're being hurt, they're physically being hurt. He's physically being hurt. You know, if you think of it in a very raw way, one guy says, I'm going to kill you. And the other guy says, I hope you take all my sins on judgment and burn in hell.

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So one guy says, I'm gonna kill you. The other guy says, I want you to burn in hell. Domino's have been one of the leakages. I mean, you'll be coming from people over the fire. Right? So how's that? Okay, well, it's okay, when somebody's hurting you, and somebody is attacking you, and somebody is destroying you. And somebody is out to murder if things go that far. And someone says, You know what, I'm not gonna attack you back in this world. I'm not going to hurt you in this world. But I am going to ask Allah, that he takes my sins and puts them on your account on Judgement Day. Your harm towards me is going to benefit me in on Judgement Day. You know, interestingly, you may have heard

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when somebody talks about you or hurts you, that they're giving you their good deeds. He doesn't even say I hope I take your good deeds. It's like he's telling about his brother. I don't think you have that many good deeds anyway. So I'm not worried about taking your good deeds. But you know what, on judgment day, I'm gonna take my sin I want my sin to be carried by you.

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On top of your own sin, and then you'll be from people who burn in hell. For takuna minus happiness, you'll be from the people over the fire. And that's what wrongdoers get. That's the final compensation, killing me will accomplish what? What will you gain? hurting somebody else will increase increase your risk? How? You know, the devil has destroyed so many people is his anger and rage and frustration and the hatred that he has inside of him? Has it ever been cooled off? Is he burning any less? No. So you think that hurting somebody else is going to somehow cool you off on the inside? No, it won't. It won't. Especially if it's rooted in this kind of misplaced jealousy and

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misplaced rage. Instead of looking at the fault of your own. You compare yourself to somebody else, and you just want to see them hurt. That's what's going to happen. You're just going to keep on burning in this life and in for real in the next one. So he then Allah says fatawa, who, you know, photographer who loves to cut law, he forgotten.

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The person who wanted to kill he eventually it just his inner self made it easy for him. He convinced himself just do it just end this. When he heard Oh, I'm gonna burn in hell, I hate you even more now. And he kills him. And he commits that murder. He acts immediately and what he does it Allah describes him for us about harming aloha city, and then he became from those that have lost in his mind he was going to gain all he gained was loss. All he got out of this was loss. I take you back to what happened. Iblees made a promise to Allah, that he will come at us from all sides, at least wants us to feel what he felt, at least has hatred towards human beings. So what does he want?

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He wants human beings to develop hatred for other human beings alive and described by Luke only bargainer Do you are going to become enemies to each other? How will we become enemies to each other? When we follow the way of the devil? You see, this was being taught to the Muslims, when they were going to deal with the Jews and Christian, I said this in the beginning of the whole book, I'll take two more minutes. I know it's overtime. So you know, we were being told this as we were going to deal with other civilizations. Why? Because the Jews and the Christians, we're going to say, how can they have revolution? How can they have a book? How can they think they have the right religion,

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we there's going to be a comparison. There's going to be an animosity. And Allah says, remind everyone yourselves in them, like the two children of Adam, you're still Children of Adam, don't develop that kind of jealousy and animosity towards each other. But how are Muslims going to demonstrate this lesson to others? If we can't even get over this lesson in our own family, in our own personal lives, if we carry we don't even remember what this is, and we carry that kind of negativity inside of us, towards other people and others are carrying it towards ourselves? If that's the case, how are we going to ever actually be a hugger? For the other nations that are

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supposed to see the beauty of Islam they're supposed to see the beauty and the power of Islam. So this this you know, sentiment towards others. This negativity towards others is actually the first lesson that a lot decided to choose from all of human history to remind us from inshallah tada in the next hour. I'll try to conclude some of the lessons from the sulak as they are this story, because we didn't get a chance to finish it this time. barakallahu li walakum filco Anil Hakeem. When a family we are coming IoT with different hacking.

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Handling lillahi Wa Wa salatu salam ala Abadi Latina Safa Susana davoli him hot Amina been Mohammed amin rather Allah He was a man out Allahu

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Allah arrow to be let him initiate honor regime in a la vida de Luna Allenby yeah you Hello Tina amanu sallu alayhi wa sallam with aseema Allahumma salli ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed Ibrahim Ali Ibrahim A Florida man in the middle Majeed Allahumma barik ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed Omar Abdullah Ibrahim Ibrahim al al amin in Mecca homina Majeed about the LA como la la Ilaha.

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