The (Un)civil Marriage Agenda The Threat to Islamic Personal Rights of Muslims in the West

Abdullah al Andalusi


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AI: Summary © The conversation covers topics such as the history of marriage and divorce in Islamic culture, as well as the importance of legalization and avoiding double-standing in public. The speakers emphasize the need for deership and awareness campaigns to prevent these behaviors. They also discuss the negative impact of divorce on women's property and the importance of legalization in preventing these behaviors.
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Bismillah Al Rahman Rahim, Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam and the Baconian Muhammad Ali TB will be signing in. Our Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

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Who wants to get married?

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the the point of this lecture today is not about hooking you up. But it's about preventing you from making a mistake when things don't go so, right. In a marriage we all want to avoid

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other's displeasure and his throne shaking when people get divorced when a couple of months divorced. But there are ways there are legitimate reasons where people do get divorced.

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Now this is part of Islam, and marriage and divorce. We have rules, we have regulations, to manage justice, in all regards, giving each side what is due to them.

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However, we don't live in a world where the law and the hokum of Allah subhanaw taala reigns supreme amongst human beings. We live in a world where secular laws call for laws predominate.

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And in such situations, when many Muslims think we don't need, you know, a state or government, we can just practice Islam individually, until things go wrong, until they need justice. And then they realize, Oh, if only we had our own ruling system in the world, if only we had our own shield to protect us, like what's happening in Raza, if only there was a United Islamic glitzy, Bollywood hakama Allah.

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Now this is well known. So let's look at an example of what happens when Muslims do not are not under the rule of Allah subhanaw taala. What happens in the West, they made promises to you. They said, We're secular liberal countries, we don't interfere in your religion sector as a means not to interfere in your religious life.

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Until the day do, why is that? Because they don't mind how you pray.

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And they don't mind that we go to the masjid once a week.

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But if ever you live by the deen of Islam, in your lives and your life's affairs and your interactions with each other,

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there, they're going to intervene, and they're going to interfere. And why? Because they have their own D. Liberalism. And you think liberalism can remain silent, or allow other things to coexist with it. No.

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So what they'll say is, we allow you with this life, we're religious authority, religious, whatever you unless we deem it to be against what we consider to be human rights, our own conception of human rights, then we will interfere but you say, but this is our redescribed from we're not forcing anyone to do whatever, right? We're not we're not, we're not killing anybody or imprisoning anybody, we just have our community with our set of rules, and we want to voluntarily live by them. And they'll say no, because your community creates a social pressure to kind of bide by these religious laws, and we want to liberate the individual.

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Right, so that no, no individual should be compelled or feel pressured to do anything, unless it's what liberalism wants it to want you to do.

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So in this case, we took them to divorce.

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Now, what they will argue is the argument is this, that Sharia does not give rights to women in divorce.

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And even if you say, Yeah, but we don't agree except that, but regardless, even if we were to concede this, it's all voluntary in the West was we were living in a voluntary kind of religious life. So what's it good to have you? And they'll say, Well, we can't abide that any individual is under a social condition where they're not being given the rights we deem them to be given.

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And then they will begin intervention in Muslim religious practices, regardless of whether we say it was not a secular state, and they'll say yes, but you contradict the rights that we deem that you should be living under. And in divorce, we see this is one of the main ways that they are intervening.

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when we tell the guys in the back to be quiet,

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Well, why guys, the back Be quiet. If you probably are probably very enthusiastic to get married, so don't worry, but you can you can simmer down for a bit, take some cold showers fast a bit, and we can then focus.

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in many westernized and Western countries, they've enacted measures against Muslim marriages and divorces, interference measures. We know in India, they implemented the prohibition against the triple Tilak. Right, the free divorces that are offered by the man even though in theory, the Indian Constitution is meant to not interfere in the religious life of the various communities in India.

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We know that in France, for example, that bastion of rights and fairness and justice that everyone knows and this your Muslim Of course,

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they enacted mandatory civil registrations. What they argued is that Muslim marriages are not fair. Muslim marriages do not give justice. But French civil marriages do when people were not registering for French civil marriages. But were having Nikka only or religious courts are called marriages. They made it mandatory to say that all willy business marriages will be recognized as a French civil marriage and be under French law. And of course, when you add that to the fact that there's a there's a prohibition on bigamy, so you can't have more than one wife in France, you get to this absurd situation where there was a Muslim that was taken to court, because he got married to two

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women religiously. But the French government written said that this must be considered to be French, a civil marriage and so you commit bigamy, and the only way he got out of it was he argued that his second wife was actually his girlfriend.

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Then the French company said, Okay, that's fine. As long as your mistress, that's okay.

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Paris de force should be alive, no, no, but be on the side set to 2pm.

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And now that brings us to England.

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Now in England, there is currently no obligation to mandatorily register your religious marriage as a English civil marriage. But there is pressure on massage it to do that. And many masajid have said if you want to have any kind on masajid you're going to have to also show us a certificate of English Civil Marriage Registry as well. They put pressure on of course, many of these mosque Imams when they when the British government comes knocking they so they go, I guess sub Yes, G G stop or do what you want. They don't they don't show any backbone, right. They don't actually push back and say sorry, who are you to get involved in our affairs? Yeah.

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the British government hasn't stopped and just pressuring mosque, Imams. Of course, they don't like the fact that there is Muslim niqab going on? I mean, they wouldn't mind if Muslims were committing Zina. Well, that's all right. But if Muslims are trying to abide by their Deen, but it's something that is outside of English law. This goes down to the deep secular liberal fear that human beings should have any law more than the ones that they fabricate.

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That's what is really behind this is that our Muslims should deem that the law of Allah Subhana Allah is the highest is something they deem to be in a imitable threat to their civilization, quote, unquote, if you can call it that.

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So they started to take measures in England, to see what they could do to pressure Muslims to register the civil marriage.

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Now, before I go into that, before I go into that,

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what's wrong with English civil marriage? What's wrong with civil law marriages in the West?

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Well, it you know, people might say, oh, you know, like, if you if the husband dies, the the marriage and the wife gets, obviously some some properties to support herself. What about if he's on life support, and she has to be asked to, you know, whether you have to pull the plug or not, she has power of attorney. Well, why is that wrong? Why is that bad? But those things of themselves anyway, are not the issue here. The issue here is when marriages go wrong, when divorce happens, and this is where we see the clash with the hokum of Allah occurs more significantly, because in English civil law, marriage, and in the West, they have a principle that came from the Christian times,

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which is

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When a man and woman married, they became one flesh. Right? They became one. Now what it used to be up until the 19th century was that the property of the woman and the man become one, but the husband gets to control what will what's been done with that property. So many British English men will get married to bofi Mrs. Just to control her property have lots of money. Now, eventually, there was there was issues that the citizens on Jost and women should be allowed to control their own property, or say, okay, that's the sounds seems fair, right? But they never got rid of the idea that when a married couple get married, their property becomes one.

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Right? Now they have issues now where, okay, the property becomes one, but there's no disputes over over finance over money over

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the expenses. In fact, disputes over finances are actually one of the leading cause of divorce in the West, because as an Arabic saying goes, a horse cannot have two riders, right? You can't have two masters or two leaders or two bosses or what have you, you have to have someone that should be responsible for the household finances generally. But that aside, where is where in lies the problem with this idea of property becoming one? Well, the the problem occurs when a divorce happens. And let's say one of these, these people, one of the spouses didn't bring any property into the, into the marriage, maybe they only got married for a few months. But when the divorce happens, the

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default setting for all court cases is 5050 split.

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And it doesn't matter why the divorce happened. Many cases, have not of non Muslim men, and even Muslim men being cheated on, their wife cheated on them. And then goes to divorce the court gives the the house to the wife, as she gets to live in it with her boyfriend. The way that the house that belonged to the husband that he brought into the marriage was before he got married.

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Because in in divorce courts, they look at well, you know, we need to we need to guarantee everyone has a place to stay. So if a man has is bringing in income, and the woman isn't bringing in income, for example, then he can just rent out an apartment. Whereas if he has a house, then that house should go to the person who doesn't have an income or as a lesser income.

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And by that people are deprived of their property unfairly and unjustly.

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And if there's even not even men feeling the brunt of it, there was a case of wealthy business women who get married, and they have a husband that doesn't really doesn't have much or what have you, and he gets 50% of their property. Only then then the feminist started to take notice, oh, wait a second. We didn't like that. We don't want that.

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Or it's gonna be too far. We thought it would just for women. Oh, no, the door swings both ways.

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And this is what they want to bring into the Muslim community.

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That when divorces happen, regardless of the circumstances, the people's property gets deprived of them.

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And Islam Islamic law, when two people get married, that probably doesn't become one. They each retain ownership of their own property. So you can't touch the other person's property in Islam without their consent without them gifting it to you or what have you. But because the law devices 5050 and other portions it unscrupulous ex spouses exploit that to say what I it's my right, I demand 50 Platinum on the house, the car, and 50% of the assets, even if that lady was only married for a few months. And many men are not just losing their kids, but they're losing the properties. How are they going to get remarried? They don't have a house anymore.

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Yeah, what their future they have to pay alimony forever.

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They might be the only memory for a few months. Right? This is not just the injustice, this is stealing.

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But you'd be surprised how many Muslims we were in divorce cases will grab anything they can. When the ship is sinking. They'll grab it. Right?

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And this is what the British government wants to foist upon you.

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I saw in there's a campaign called register my marriage campaign and it's been going on for a couple years. A bunch of modernist Muslims, liberals or what have you have been trying to kind of get the government to put to make legislation to make mandatory registrations on Muslims. And recently, it's been ramped up with it.

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They face a bit of a reverse. But in 2017, there was a documentary that came on Channel Four, called The Truth about Muslim marriage by

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led by a ostensibly Muslim sister called Maryam Francois. She used to wear the hijab back in the day and was on TV,

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debating good slumber films or what have you. But she's somewhat changed since that point in time she's taken off her job dyed her hair blonde, because why not. And she's a French convert to Islam. And she also publicly said on the tweet that she disagrees with the, in essence, chronic inheritance riots, she said that she wouldn't accept her brother getting twice the inheritance of her, even though her brother will have to have more responsibility that she does in an Islamic context.

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So they tried to they show the scenes in this documentary, you know, they had they went to marriage, and they went to, you know, a couple and they said, Aren't you happy about your about civil registration said, yes, yes. And the man, the guy was there, I was like, Yeah, you know, my wife is protected, you know, on the desert, mate. Do you know what they asking you? When your wife leaves you? If your wife leaves you, oh, when you do? No, this means that she would take your property. That's what protection means.

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Right? She will take your property and you'll find it very difficult to get remarried.

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That's what protection is. But you might say then, but what is the alternative solution? What would be an alternative solution to like, what if the husband dies, or he is on life support, and he's in comatose? What what happens then we really have all the legal implements you can use, such as wills, bequests power of attorney, you don't need to register a civil marriage. Video, and they don't tell you that, of course, they just want to know, right? Lie in civil registrations.

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And, of course, let's look at the amazing rights that that come about. From the Enlightened West's divorce. The boss writes, well, what kind of divorce he expects in court cases in the West, if it's not amicable, you can expect up to 100,000 pounds to pay on legal fees. Divorce is lasting five years. My list is London divorces instant, it's quick,

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comparatively and doesn't cost that much.

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Right. And then they say, oh, you know, it's unfair, because, you know, women can't get divorced easily or they can't get divorced in Islam is not true. We can get the they can get divorced. But there's some conditions done certain situation that we'll see a court judge in Islamic court judge, you have to go see a court judge in England to get divorce. I don't know what the difference is. But they make all these facile arguments to to even though their own legal system is creaking under the weight of the number of divorces are happening. One in two people getting married or getting or getting divorced, and the Muslim rate of divorce is slowly matching it.

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We see in 2018 The British government then tried to do an independent review into the application of Sharia law in England and Wales, followed by another paper a parliamentary briefing in 2020 called Islamic marriage and divorce in England, Wales. They are constantly discussing it to to see how can we implement new legislation to force Muslims to kind of to be under the law of England and Wales, even their most personal private affairs.

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So they're not leaving you alone. They're not leaving you to your private worship. So your private religious life, they will always going to interfere in your lives because liberalism is a deal. And a dean is meant to be a way of life. So there's no aspect of life he doesn't involve itself into.

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Right? It's not going to leave you alone. Is it to you your dean block can be in the Campania Dean, but for them said no, but you must call our dean

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or otherwise we're gonna have a problem we're going to interfere.

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So and of course, this this hypocrisy is, for example, they don't talk about Jewish divorces, even though in Jewish religious law, the man doesn't give a divorce, doesn't allow his wife to be divorced. She can't get divorced. It's cool. It's cool to get here, honey, she has to get something called a get such as Hebrew word. So they don't say that's not fair. They won't talk about Jewish law, of course, but they will talk about Islamic law when Muslim women can go to an Islamic court and get a divorce. Oh, no, that's unfair. Oh, Jewish law. We won't talk about that. So they're not obviously not consistent, are they? Because they're more concerned with the Muslim communities in

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the west than they are with any other communities? Because they view us as a were a big minority, but also that we believe that hokum Avila is should be supreme. So I will leave you on this very on the

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Two points. The first point is

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as Muslims, we have faith and confidence in the Justice, justice of ALLAH SubhanA. Allah as hokum.

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We don't need to register our marriages, there's nothing extra you can get from it. In fact, there's only what you can lose, whether you're a successful man or a successful woman even.

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Right. So what is the point to do? So don't buckle to the pressure, resist, push back, say, don't touch our dean.

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Yet, go and go and deal with whatever, you know affairs. You want to do with your own lives. go deal with your own divorce rate, you know, and they will, they'll say, oh, but we've uncovered that many Muslims. Many Muslims think that Nikka is automatically civil marriage when we want to redress that we need an awareness campaign. Maybe we need law to make sure that's good because some Muslims might think, mistakenly, that your Nikka is automatically recognized on the British laws we have. That's why when to intervene. No, you don't intervene when it's recorded at 50% of English people think that if they're in a living together, co-habiting, this is recognized as a common law marriage. You

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don't get involved. So we need an awareness campaign. We need to force couples to get married. You will say that, yeah, so then don't come to us. And lastly, I'll say Beware the warning of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Beware when he said to paraphrase, that if people come to him, and they're very eloquent in a court case, and they know how to they, they make their case really well, even though they have the weaker case. Right? And they prevailed upon him to judge in their favor by maybe lying or or misrepresenting the facts and he was in their favor. They are only gaining a piece of the Hellfire.

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So beware, do not allow yourself to take a piece of the Hellfire by claiming that which is not yours and do not allow yourself to be vulnerable to take for people taking your property and taking what is not rightfully theirs, and resist the step of the liberal attempt to enforce their Deed upon us and always maintain the deen of Islam is the supreme it is the best, it is the fairest and the most just and inshallah de itself should be the one governing the first of mankind. Baraka