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The speaker discusses the sun booked by the Prophet sall acceleration wallowen in order to make people happy. The prophets, Allah Lexo, have said never to bel Upon any good deeds, even if it seems small. The speaker also mentions the importance of smile for socializing good news and grace.

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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh My Dear viewers, welcome back. Today's sunnah is something very simple, and it's very doable, and he has a great reward. And unfortunately due to many reasons, many people neglect it. It is a sunnah of having a cheerful smile, smiling upon meeting people, not necessarily because you're happy, not necessarily because something good happened to you. But you smile for the sake of

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smiling to make somebody happy, in order to make it easy for others, in order to make them rejoice as a sign of approval, as a sign of attraction, in order to be rewarded by the Almighty Allah. In the sound Hadith which is collected by Imam Muslim Abu Dhabi ferry, Radi Allahu Allah narrated that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam has said, let's run Amin al Maha Vichy wallow en Toluca, ha can be word to him for Lee.

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Which means never belittle any of the kind deeds, any kind deed do it if you can, do not miss an opportunity to do anything which is good, because you will be rewarded for provided there is done with an intention of pleasing Allah, the Almighty, not with a bad intention, not without intention, learn Quran nominal, mahu fishy, l ma roof, any kind deed. So the prophets, Allah Salam said, never neglect never belittle any of the good deeds, even if it seems in your eyes as something very insignificant. Then he gave an example of anti-alcohol can be Origen folly

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to smile upon meeting your brothers and sisters. So I'm in the elevator and somebody just walked in, the door opens. So I smile, say Salam Alikum or do I know you know, hamdulillah because we're in a Muslim country. I see this guy is a Muslim. So this smile will make his day a sister for the sisters will make her day as well. Why? Because some people will be overwhelmed with worries with problems with that. And maybe they're talking to themselves. Then when they see the smile over your face. The thing that God has sent you to him to make it easy for him.

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Because of that interview, son Allahu wa alayhi wa sallam

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said when he said why the measurable and Abu Musa al Ashari Radi Allahu Anhu metrium And he said, the Shira will have to fill out, your sera will add to our sera machina delivered la tidings

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and do not offend people.

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Your Sera. Sera make things easy for people do not make them difficult and hard. So among the things which will make people feel comfortable around you, is a smile. And the prophets Allah Salam was being watched and observed smiling so many times to the Companions thought that he's always smiling. He will not show his teeth but he's smiling as a sign of being pleased with Allah's decree, being pleased with what is happening, a sign of approval, that he's happy with his companions, he loves to fly around him. When he walks into his house, he drops all his worries outside, he doesn't burden his family he doesn't burden his companions and so on. That's why I was really fatty also in the

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writer the Hadith, in watch and review Salalah selama C Tebas. So more carefully, what GF he calls sadhaka. When you smile upon meeting your brother, this is indeed an act of charity and that's why I'm smiling right in front of the camera so that when you see me you will see me smiling and you smile to me the Almighty Allah keep us always happy smiling, sharing good news and glad tidings until next time, keep smiling as Salaam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh