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Nouman Ali Khan


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Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan shares a passage from Surah Aal e Imran which is very relevant and extremely pertinent through the kinds of situations Muslims are facing in regards  to the construction of masajids in certain places, in regards to how certain Christian groups are celebrating the desecration of Allah’s book and these are painful things to hear over and over again.

The Ustadh tells us that ee shouldn’t be surprised or hurt by these actions. The people that don’t believe and especially those that have animosity against Muslims and Islam, they have certain principles that they live by and we find that when it comes to dealing with the Muslims, and when it comes to dealing with Islam, the forces of Kufr (disbelief) will compromise their own principles.

Allah Himself says: “But if you persevere patiently and become Al-Muttaqun then verily that will be a determining factor in all affairs.”

And if we are able to be patient, controlling our emotions, holding ourselves back and continuing to fear Allah, then this is of the most noble deeds one can do.  Our patience speaks volumes but our yelling and screaming is more detrimental. After we are patient what are we supposed to do? We are supposed to be patient. We are supposed to continue to have Taqwa of Allah.


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The speaker discusses the controversy over the construction of a machine in New York City and the upcoming ceremony of burning copies of the mosque on the 11th. They emphasize the need for clarity and unanimity in the community and the need for a response to actions that cause harm. The speaker also addresses the language of response and the importance of responding methodically and intentionally.

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in this brief football, I'd like to share with you some thoughts that are actually for myself a continuation of what I shared with the community in Irving last week. Last week, I spoke briefly about the controversy apparently over the machine that's trying to be constructed in New York City where I actually come from.

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This week, actually, I'd like to speak to you a little bit about and perhaps you've heard about this before, at the machine, and of course, you've heard about this in the news, the proposed project of burning copies of the mosque on September the 11th. By some, it was originally started on Facebook, and then a group in a church group in Gainesville, Florida is going to be holding this ceremony and they're calling on other churches and other groups to hold this ceremony all over the country to try to celebrate this burning of the they call it the burn the Koran. And I wanted to at least address this to in some regard. For all of us in shallow are they including myself, because I think it's

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important that Muslims are all on the same page. And they have clarity in thought when they come across these kinds of things. This, these acts of ignorance, and really stupidity and proofs of, you know, one's idiocy, when we come across these kinds of things, what should be our reaction? And how should we properly understand them, it's important that we have clarity and unanimity, we have consistency across the board within our community. First and foremost, I'd like you to understand that this is part of a game.

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And this is something most of you already understand this, these tactics are done in a very calculated precise fashion. And the purpose of them is to get some kind of reaction out of Muslims. And the expected reaction is that Muslims will go crazy, and they're going to, you know, become overly emotional, perhaps they're going to be some riots still, you know, like, like, what is typical? Sometimes we see, in the recent days of the Danish cartoon controversy, where riots were in the streets and cars were being burned down in Karachi and in like, you know, in in Cairo, and people were coming out and protesting and, you know, tearing shops apart. Now, what is the store

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owner have to do with the Danish controversy? I don't know. But Muslims are angry, and they have to show Muslims as this barbaric, mindless, you know, you know, civilization are really not even a civilization, look at how they react, they don't know how to be civil about things. So first and foremost, we have to understand that if we react in a certain way we're playing right into their game, we're falling right into their trap. And we're doing exactly what they want us to do. And they do these kinds of things over and over again, just to see how we're going to respond. And we have to understand the language of response. And you see, this is not the first time that these kinds of

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inciting attacks do two kinds of attacks, right, you can have a physical military kind of attack, or you can have psychological attacks, ideological attacks. And of course, these are psychological and ideological types of attacks. But we need to know that a lot of messengers and a lot more of them suffered and and faced both of these kinds of attacks in his own lifetime. And the look of a lot faced both of these kinds of attacks in the life of the messenger himself. Some of them aren't even send them this is not the first time. And so when things are horrendous, and absolutely outrageous things are being said about the laws, messengers of the law, how do you send them or his book? This

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is something that's a continuation of the tradition of going Ah, this is not something new. And Allah azza wa jal addressed it in his book. It's not that he did it, you know, you go you

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watch the CNN clip of that, you know, weird looking pastor and he's gonna say, yeah, we believe the Quran is from the devil, blah, blah, blah. And you're gonna, you're gonna say, How can he say that? You know, we should you know, this is very shocking language. And yet you find in the Quran, Allah azza wa jal make sure we understand what ma Hua

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Ji is not the word of a curse devil is not the word of the devil because this was an accusation made already on what what the accusations Allah has talked about in the Koran, they are not coming up with anything new. It's the same old thing. It's the same old game. And Alonzo, again has given us guidance on how to respond to it. And so when the messenger was faced with the worst kinds of ignorance, the worst types of ignorance, then he was commanded fosterville sabalan jameelah. Be patient in the most beautiful form, show no restraint over your emotions. When we respond, we respond intellectually and I want to address

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Some of the comments that were made even though they're full of ignorance, at least for the younger Muslims here, we'll get fired up.