Nouman Ali Khan – A Believers Response To Quran Burning 03

Nouman Ali Khan
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the controversial statements made by the up pastor about Islam and the role of Muslims in the world. They emphasize the importance of understanding and following proper philosophy to stay ahead of the today's "weirdo things" of Islam, as society is not aware of the real state of emergency. The speakers also emphasize the need for institutions and fundraising for youth programs, as it is essential for the lifeline of the community. They stress the importance of history and leadership in the wake of the pandemic and emphasize the need for everyone to take responsibility and move forward with their fee-for-service.
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Something in your own book.

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You don't look at that as controversial, that

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that is better for your nation as far as you know, as far as your Lord is concerned, and he will accept your doorway If you do so, you punish each tribe of the 12 tribes of Israel, each tribe in pseudo color we learned was commanded to execute those who had left Islam. And we don't we're not saying that we do that with our people, actually, because there's more involved to this slide. Again, it's not the forum for that discussion. But to think that the up pastor, somebody who teaches the Bible can get up on a on a podium and talk about how these laws are from the devil. And yet they're found in his own book. That's fascinating to me. That's incredible to me. And the scarier

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thing is, when Muslims are listening to these things, especially the level of ignorance, Muslims have reached, I say this over and over again, I don't get tired of it. The biggest weapon the enemies of Islam have, the biggest weapon they have is not military mind. It's not the media, it's nothing else, there's one weapon they have, that is the most powerful, we should be afraid of that weapon. You know what it is, it is the ignorance of the Muslims. That's the weapon they have, we have no other weapon, if the Muslim is equipped with knowledge. If the Muslim is equipped with a proper education of his own book, then they the Muslim has nothing to fear. You know, I travel

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around and I haven't been traveling this Ramadan. But when I travel around, I listened to a lot of Christian talk radio, you know, what are they saying about Muslims? And the, you know, I was in, I was driving to Oklahoma, and this pastor is on the radio, and he's saying, Yeah, I challenge any Muslim to call us on this station, because we have our Korean expert here. And he's gonna, you know, tell you what's what, you know, and he's gonna show you how there are contradictions in the Quran. I call them like, 10 times they keep hanging up on me. Right? And they, they have these fake colors. They call in and they say, yeah, used to be Muslim, but now I see the light, you know, hallelujah,

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etc. And they'll celebrate Yes, another one has seen the light, you know, when a * in the blue mat, but anyway.

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But it's all staged, you can clearly tell me this stage because the one that's supposedly Muslim says weirdo things that we never say he doesn't even know how to say salaam aleikum properly. So you know, it's all drama and staged. And it's laughable. It's comedy to me. But you know, what scares me? There's a Muslim out there listening to this, who doesn't have knowledge? Who doesn't know. And he's listening to that. And it's getting inside his head. And he's getting impressed with it. And he's getting, he's getting twisted with it. And it's not just Christian talk radio, our youth, our young people, they're going to college courses. And you know, part of your requirements in college

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is to take at least a couple of courses in philosophy. And nowadays for a lot of schools that are offering Islamic history as one of the courses because of course, we're the new word, the new Cold War, or it's actually a pretty hot war nowadays, right? So a lot of courses are being offered in universities about Islamic history, of course, being taught by non Muslims with very non Muslim agendas. I had an opportunity to meet with a head of an A History department in Florida, in Orlando, Florida, at Valencia College, and he got fired. You know why? Because he refused to teach the book clash of civilizations, because they want to push this idea that Muslims and Christians are and the

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Western world is supposed to clash and fight. And he says no, I don't believe in this idea. There are other texts we can teach got fired. So what they pretend to be as open and you know, open minded academics and we study everything and we look at things analytically. It's all hogwash. There are a lot of universities in this country that are pushing a particular agenda, and our youth are going to universities. And I'm not saying they shouldn't go, but they get exposed to things from one point of view, and they don't have a response from the Muslim side. They take two philosophy classes and they get messed up in the head. They think they know philosophy, they don't, but they get messed up in

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the head because they don't get answers to their questions from their parents or even at the machine. How many children I have met, just in this last summer, I maybe went to 12 states of hunger in the Muslim communities, I must have met at least 12 to 15 young people that have left Islam. Why after taking a couple of college courses, a course on Islamic history, of course on you know, a couple of courses in philosophy. And that's it. They're like 1920 years old, shamans already driving their hormones crazy. So every time they try to go party, they feel bad because they're Muslim. So Shabbat gives them an intellectual reason to even not even feel bad about that. And partly, the real

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reason is they want to party it's not in they're not philosophers. They're not very deep in their knowledge of philosophy. But it gives them this excuse. It gives them this excuse. So we're living in these times where we have to understand the real state of emergency. The real state of emergency is not from the outside of what they're saying about us. The real state of emergencies, our lack of preparation for ourselves. That is the real state of emergency. We don't have our youth aren't prepared. Our elders aren't prepared. We have to equip ourselves with proper knowledge and properly

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training. And our double really needs to get beefed up. We need to understand what criticisms are out there and how to understand them first of all, and how to respond to them intelligently with this is a need of the hour, you know, Islamic knowledge or learning proper proper knowledge of Islam, and attending educational programs and hamdulillah. We have brother Abdul Rahman here, and there's youth program going on having our kids come to these kinds of programs has become absolutely essential. It's not a luxury anymore. Because if when a need when a nation is not aware, then it cannot survive. And today, our oma in this country, or even in this city, let's not even talk about

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the whole country, in this city, our oma the Muslims, we are not known or we are not defined by our knowledge, but their lack thereof. We're not a knowledgeable community, we have to be

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the massage now have to serve the role, not just of being the places of worship, but now the centers of learning, which is why it's so important that we further the institutions that we already have, and create even more institutions that can serve more needs. These institutions, we would think these are nice projects, they're always asking about fundraising. By the way, I'm not here to fundraise. I'm not here to fundraise, you know, but I'm just letting you know these institutions that are there. And the brothers come and they say help the school help the Sunday school help, Aqa help, you know, the Islamic project, help the burial program help the youth program. And you see

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Man, these guys are always asking about, you know what this is, this is the lifeline of our community. This is the lifeline a few few weeks ago, or a couple of weeks back when the MLA was held for the youth here and I came to visit so pauwela youth and you will never seen the machine we're here. But you would I've never seen them before I told me, he's never seen some of these kids before. And they showed up that's a blessing of Allah. That's a blessing of Allah, that we're actually getting them to come here, you know, but now what do we do when they get here? What do we do, we have to be equipped, we have to be ready, nobody's gonna do that for us. Many of you come

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from the Muslim world, where the institutions are taken care of by work that is running for centuries. You know, the massage, they're taking care of, you don't have to do fundraising, or you drop a couple of, you know, real rupees or whatever in the in the box, and you're okay, because the government will take care of it. other institutions are there for hundreds of years. That is not the case in America, the only one taking care of these things now is us. We have to take care of them. There's nobody else. So we have to step up this, you know, our activities and our awareness in regards to these things. I leave you in shallow data with just a couple of wires. These are about

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money, so I started with them, but they're supposed to be warning for ourselves. They were told Well,

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I mean, we'll be Manzil Allah, why don't you believe in what Allah has sent down? Although they responded Nuba Mountains, Elena, we already believe in what was sent out sent to us or upon us, and a lot of response Why?

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While they disbelieve in what is behind them, in other words, they claim they believe it, but Allah says No, they don't. In the same way as yours. No, they don't they say it but they don't.

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And it is the truth, confirming what they have with it with them.

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you really believe what you were given before? Why were you killing profits much before you have a history of killing profits and it's not just mentioned in the Quran? This is in the Old Testament. You have a history of killing profits if you're such believers, where did that come from? When aka jack Mousavi not and forget the prophets, Musab all the profits musante from the one who brought who brought you out of the clutches of fit on what did you do with him?

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He remembered he wanted you even violated the allegiance to moussaka. He said um, he brought he brought you out of the clutches of Fidel and but when he was called by Allah, you started worshipping the calf and you are wrongdoers. And forget even Musa Harrison, you didn't even have regard for Allah Himself. Alonzo just says, What if you know 100 namita Kumara fan of otaku in the next ayah when we raised the when we took the covenant from you and raves raised the mountain of tour above you Houma. Tina kumiko watain hold on to what we have given you with Greg might hold on to a tight, this is what the Israelites were told, hold on to your book tight. But now who's being

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told what to put this in our book, right? So it's not just a history lesson. It's a living lesson, who's supposed to hold on to their book tight now. Think about that. Martina cumbuco and what did you say and this law telling them directly and well how did they respond? Samira now what are

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we here and we disobey that's how they responded what we should even feed

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him and the love of the worshipping the calf was poured into their hearts with their hearts were made to drink it.

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You know

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what horrible things you're on your face.

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tells you to do this is your faith. If in fact you're faithful, ask them a question. When they were told, why don't you believe in what a loss and done they said, We already have in mind, at the end of that passage, what an amazing human you have, it tells you to do all these terrible things. That's, that's what you call the man. Now we have to ask ourselves that question, not the Israelites, we have to ask ourselves this question. Allah has given us this book. How many of us have even tried to do justice to this book? How many of us have tried to make an attempt to create a community inspired by this book? What have we done to take this this oma forward? What have we done?

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What have you done in it? Each one of us has a part two play, don't think that you're just an part of the the the audience, the fact that you are Muslims. By definition. Now, Allah has put you in a position of leadership.

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In the best of whom was raised for people, none of you sitting here is just by themselves, and they have no responsibilities. Every man and woman sitting in this audience today is a leader by a large decree. And we have to take responsibility, we have to move forward with this theme. We have to take it more seriously. The religion for everybody else is just a culture, something their parents handed them down. For us. This is a mission, our religion, our Deen is a mission. And it's the mission of your mission of your life is not to get a promotion, the mission of your life is not to open up a second store, or to buy that car that you've been saving up for. Those are not your missions, those

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are side things. Your mission is this deed, your life, your death, you know, in the sadati sukima hire

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me when we understand that, my prayer, my sacrifice, my death in my life, all of them belong to a law. That is my mission. When you and I understand that, then we will begin to do justice to this book, then we will do justice to this book. And I pray sincerely that allows religion empowers us and all of the communities across this country and the world with the message of this book. This is the month to get close to Koran to honor this book. Don't be distracted by these. You know, these these stupid things that you see in the media, you're spending more time watching those videos and getting depressed about it, then you should be sitting down and reciting and trying to understand

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the last book. Spend more time to do something productive with your life. You're not going to change anything watching a YouTube video. Okay? Change doesn't come that way. be productive, be productive, that's normal, but engage in the mustard this Ramadan, listen to the Harry Potter machine. Come attend the programs, learn something ask questions. You have a wonderful scholars in the community. You are you have the opportunity to learn more about your religion, things are bothering you. They're confusing you. You have people here that have that can try to help you get the answer and if they don't know the answer, they can look it up for you. You have to become engaged. May Allah azza

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wa jal give us our children our families the ability to become healthy members of the Muslim community and mere May Allah azza wa jal make the Muslim community a beacon of light a source of guidance for the entire country at large Latika lovely Welcome to Anil Hakeem, when a family we're here can be it

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hamdulillah katha or salat wa salam O Allah Allah

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Subhan Allah Allah him, Amina been Mohamed el Amin.

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ministry on the virgin in the la llamada Kotaku soluna Nabi

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Latina amanu sallu alayhi wa sallam una Sima Allahumma salli ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed

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Ibrahim Ibrahim al al amin in NACA hamidah Majeed Allahumma barik ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed

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Ibrahim Ali Ibrahim al amin in naka hamidah Majeed I by the law regime Akuma La La in the La Jolla San Juan Rita is in Vienna and Sasha he will mooncup hola de como de la jolla nabumetone Optimus sada in the sada, Taconic, mini Nikita makuta

Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan implores us to remain united in the face of religious adversities and says that when a nation is not aware it cannot survive.

The religion for everyone else is just culture and is something their parents handed them down. But for the Muslim Ummah, our religion is a mission and we should believe sincerely that My prayer, my life, my sacrifice, and my death are for Allah. When we understand that, we will begin to do justice to the Book of Allah.we should be reciting and understanding Allah’s Book.

We should be productive and engage in the Masjid, listen to the Halaqa and learn and ask questions thus acquainting ourselves more about our religion.

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