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The skeptic mind that, you know is so prone towards chaos is prone to see chaos in all things they want order in their life, but they want chaos in, you know, their morality

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this thing has been on my mind for a while now, what we're doing in your lectures, we're doing a linguistic analysis of the eyes of the Quran, right? Correct. And it is, our mind has the ability to deduce patterns, see patterns where the where there is a possibility that a pattern might not exist, but because due to our analysis with seeing a pattern, right, okay.

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If that can be said, so in our analysis of the Quran, what is the possibility that rich with over analyzing things and seeing the pattern where it might not originally exist? If you get my question? Yeah, you can say that there. We may be reading into the text too much. Yeah. Right. My response to that is, linguistic markers and clues are identifiable. And I can, I can see that some conclusions that I've even read about seem like a stretch, and some seem far more plausible. And even the observations I'm presenting to you, I don't present them to you as an absolute evidence of the correct conclusion. But they are to me observe observable enough patterns, observable enough

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observations. In fact, I stopped using the term miracle really, for in the sense that I'm going to prove to you Quran is a miracle. I stopped using that term a long time ago. To me, this is about exploring the beauty of the Quran as I see it, and somebody can see that and they can actually find the divine.

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And somebody else can say, I don't know. Coincidence. Yeah, too many coins. It's just to me, it seems like too many coincidences, just too many coincidences. But people that are prone to think of everything as accidental, can think of our genetic sequence, which is incredible, as just a giant accident, the whole universe, the whole universe is an accident. And what's the big this is just a continuation of the same thought process. Now the Quran is accidental, right? So, the skeptic mind that, you know, is so prone towards chaos, is prone to see chaos and all things. Right. They want order in their life, but they want chaos and you know, their morality. Yeah. So

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