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Last week in my Saturday morning brief reminder, we talked about the five benefits of worshipping Allah subhanho wa taala. There are five benefits of the ALMA have mentioned that when we come close to Allah subhanho wa Taala and today inshallah we want to talk about or I want to talk about that how does that riba How does coming close to Allah subhanho wa Taala liberate us from other things because either you are enslaved to something, or to an idea or to an entity, or you could be enslaved to such as Allah subhanho wa taala. And so before we get to that, about that part, first of all I want to talk about as is as Islam as a whole. This Deen came to liberate people in general. So

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if you go back in history, to the Battle of The Odyssey, yeah, it was called the Battle of causes. See, yeah, this happened in the year 636. This is right after the death of obika, the hola line this is in the very early stages of the life of Almighty God Allah that I'm, and this was a battle that took place between the Muslims and the Persian Empire. And as you all know, in the time of the Prophet salallahu, alayhi wasallam. Besides the Muslims, there were two superpowers at that time. One was the Sassanid Empire, the Persian Empire, and one word the Byzantines or the Romans. Now, the Persian Empire collapse, and so did the Roman Empire. It did collapse, too. But we're talking about

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the Persian Empire. And the this is one battle that many historians say that this was perhaps one of the battles that took place that was the cause of the collapse of the the Persian Empire. Some say that this was sort of the nail in the coffin, as they say, for the, for the Persian Empire, but the leader of the Persian Empire, or the Persian army at that time, his name was Roustan rousse, Tom sent a message to Saudi Casa de Allahu Allah and said that you are the Commander in Chief, I know you're busy, send us someone that we can talk to send us someone that you really trust that we can talk to about this whole situation. So this Saad will walk us through the Allahu Allah and He sent

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us a hobby by the name of Robbie EBITA Ahmed and Robina Ahmed is mentioned that he was a very simple man, he was not a very tall person, that when he would walk, you would catch people's attention. And what he would do, of course, his clothes, he was very well off the hobby. So whenever he would wear clothes, he did not wear clothes, which was, of course, at the you know, that is considered as expensive clothing as they were saying. He had a small mule that he will use for transportation purposes. And as mentioned that when he walked so Simon Omakase sent him to go talk to them. When he came into the courtyard of bluestone. He saw that this was a courtyard that was filled with riches.

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Rustom was sitting on a platform, he was sitting on a stage, and he was sitting around other people who were serving him constantly. He had his guards around him, he had his colleagues around him, expensive clothing, expensive. carpeting, everything, you know, as you say, the whole nine yards. Now a person by the name of ROB even, I mean, when he walks in, he sees that the carpet is so expensive, that it is difficult for his Emil to walk on that carpet. So what he did was that he took out his sword, and his sword was broken in half to he didn't even have a full sword. And he began to cut the carpet in front of everyone. Like he's going against all protocol of how you go into someone

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else's presents. Why? Because these were people who did not worry about the opinion of others. He went in. And then when he saw that his donkey was finding it difficult. He cut the carpet Lidl, and not only that, but he tied his donkey to some pillows. After that he had his weapons with him, he began to proceed towards wisdom. The guards stopped them. They said, No, you can't go forward with your weapons. He said, Listen, you're the one who called me I did not want to come here. Okay, you came to my commander in chief and say you want to talk to someone. These are my terms. I keep my weapon with me at all times. They said Rustom said, You know what, let him come. He then came, and

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he sat right next to Jerusalem. Now wisdom. On one hand, he has the most beautiful clothing, probably the most expensive clothing. Here. On the other hand, Robina Ahmed, he has the clothing that he has his very, very inexpensive. In fact, some books of history mentioned that he has he had even some patches on his clothes. Then he asked Roustan What do you want? What do you want? Like you don't look at the confidence and the swagger in the

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The conversation of Robina Ahmed, he says what do you want Rustom? And roast him said that well, you're, you know, we're in this situation. And so we just want to talk about who you people are and what do you want. And at that time Robina Ahmed says something that will be remembered in history for what an amazing thing he said. And what he basically said was about the liberation of Islam, that how Islam liberates people. And he says he first of all said, he says Allahu EBITA Asana, Allah is the One who sent us, lino Ridge mansha to take out people whoever he wishes. Now you remember when he talks about this idea of taking out? Allah uses the same concept in the Quran, when he talks

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about the Quran also, when the Quran Allah says about the Quran, kitab Hoon and Zilla who alayka Leto Cree Jana submenus, Gulu Mati Elan nor Allah sent down the Quran as a source of guide to take people out from the Avila mud from the corruptions from the darknesses of this dunya Illa news to the nude of Allah subhanho wa taala. So So Robin armour says, Allah sent us, Li northbridge so that we can take out his slaves with his permission, whoever he wishes, Minelli bad that Tillery bad, from the worship of other people ILA Reba that he wrote, billary bad to the worship of the robe of the creation, meaning that we have been sent to take people out from the enslavement of others, to

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the enslavement of Allah subhanho wa Taala will mean the dunya either say that from the tightness and the constrictions of this world, as many of them are, they say, to the don't to the vastness of the akhirah woman, Jodl, a Diani ILA, I believe in Islam, and from the injustices of other religions, to the justice of Islam, look at this confidence of Robina Ahmed. And then he says that we are here to fight of course. And if you obey, I mean, if you follow if you come into the fold of Islam, no harm. If you don't, then this is a ward This is about as that is going to take place. And at that time, Rose stone, he said that you know what, you have to give us some time, you have to

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give us some time, he says, I will give you three days and three nights to make your decision. But Rustom God, his colleagues together, and his colleagues began to say that don't ever, you know, don't ever bow down to this person, and to what they're calling you to and roost them. At that time, he corrected his colleague and said, that don't look at his clothes. Because this is this was this was one of the colleagues comments that you're gonna follow a person who's wearing raggedy clothes, like these are people who are so behind in terms of the standards of civilization, you're gonna follow a person like him. And at that time, lucidum said, don't look at the clothes. Don't look at

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the donkey that he has. Don't look at his appearance. But look at what he's saying. These are people these Muslims are such that they don't fear anyone. They have a standard and they're gonna stick by their standard. And the point of this story is that these Sahaba were such people that when they knew that they believed in Allah subhana wa Tala, because if there's one superpower that is truly a superpower, it is the superpower of Allah subhanho wa taala. That is the ultimate superpower. All these other entities that may call them a superpower. Today they are a superpower tomorrow they will collapse. This is the reality of this dunya the only superpower that will exist forever is the true

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power of Allah subhanho wa taala. So when Muslims said that we believe in Allah subhanho wa Taala they were not scared of anyone else. They do not care about anyone else's opinion and so forth. And this is in essence, liberation, the liberation idea of Islam. When you're there are three things that rooster Amin, Robin even said, and I'll quickly want to go through them. The very first thing he said was that we want to take out or as Allah subhanho wa Taala has sent us to take people out from the Ibadah of others from worshipping others from the enslavement of others, to the enslavement of Allah subhanho wa taala. Now, when we talk about the enslavement of anything besides Allah, that

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could mean many things. Either you serve Allah, or you can even serve as the Quran says, people serve their desires, as Allah says in surah J

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via a pharaoh Atia many shahada, ILA Ha hoo ha Well, have you seen that person, that who follows their desires, who has made their desires their god meaning that desire says internal desire says, I want such and such, whether halal or haram, Permissible or impermissible. The person says, If this is what my desire is, I'm going to give my desire whatever he wants, or the ego, okay, the ego like for example, in the case of shaytaan, ego, he although he had knowledge, the ego said do something different and he went with his ego. So either you're following you are obeying Allah, you are serving we are serving Allah subhanho wa taala. Or we could be serving our ego, we could be serving

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our desires, our Hawa, or we could even be serving social pressures. The idea is that the society tells us that when you follow social pressures, when you follow your desire, there's so many people who said, Follow your heart, wherever your heart takes you follow that direction know, the heart pulls us in the direction of haram, we will not go in the direction of haram. This is what the society tells us. And the society tells us that if you follow the social pressures, you follow your ego, you follow your desires. This is ultimate freedom. What we don't realize is this is not freedom. This is actual enslavement, because society changes over and over again. What is today

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Normal becomes abnormal tomorrow. What was abnormal today may become even normal tomorrow. We have people who say that whatever society tells us what is right, I'm gonna go with that wherever society tells us that is wrong. I'm gonna go with that. No, as a Muslim, the liberation of Islam actually means that we serve only one Allah subhanho wa Taala because that is what is more easy. Allah gives us an example in the Quran talking exactly about this. Allah gives us an example he says to the Zoomer Baba Allah Who masala Raju lon Allah gives the example of a person fee he Shula cat on water Shirky Sunnah wa Raju, Lin Salah Malaya, Rajan ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala he gave the example of slavery

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and because at that time you had slaves, you had masters and so forth. It's an idea that many people can relate to. Allah is saying that imagine there's one person and he has multiple masters that he has to serve. Does this make sense that he has to serve multiple masters because what you know one master may like something the other master may not like the same as that thing. When one person has to serve so many masters does this make more sense? Or if one person has to serve one master, does this make more sense? Allah subhanho wa Taala says hello yester we only masala can this example be equal? No, it cannot be equal. The idea that Allah subhanaw taala is trying to get across to you and

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I brothers and sisters is that you cannot follow so many different things besides following Allah subhanho wa taala. And when you try to follow and fulfill the criteria, and please everyone besides Allah subhanho wa Taala you will never find happiness in life. Because if you try to make one person happy you're making the other person upset. That is why when we talk about Alibaba dot last week, we talked about Alibaba this week. Also when we talk about our iba serving Allah subhanho wa taala. it liberates us from worrying about what anyone else thinks about us what anyone will say about us, what the media says about us and so forth. Why? Because I am serving someone, and I'm serving an

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entity that is more powerful than any of them. I am serving I'm going away from an entity that is weak compared to Allah subhanho wa taala. And I'll tell you, honestly, if you look at the world that we live in today, you know, a lot of times as Muslims, we just have to open up our eyes, and we have to reflect on our situation. When a person says I believe in Allah, that means that I do everything based on what ALLAH SubhanA what what pleases Allah subhanho wa taala. And that means I have a standard of life. I have a center of life. There are people who say, I'm going to do everything. You don't by the way, there are some religions that they say we're going to do everything.

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Okay, we're gonna do everything. By the way, those religions, they don't have a standard. They don't have a standard. I went yesterday to one of my family members house, they live in a predominant Hindu community. I mean, there is not there are a lot of Hindus that live in that area. And you know, when you go there, you know, you know that Christians celebrate Christmas, so they have Christmas lights outside. You go to a Hindu community where there's Hindus living even they

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We'll have Christmas lights outside. And you think about it that why do they have Christmas lights outside? You know, I know like Diwali that's when when it was gone, but why are they? Because even in their religion, there's something called there's some there's an idea that you go with the flow, you're inside, you go with the flow, okay, I think somebody called this was a bit I mean, there's something

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so again

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Jessa this was our best. So like mean that whatever is whatever is the common culture you go with that, you know, when you do something like that you don't have a standard left in life. If you go with the flow and every single thing, there are some other religions by the way, within like there are, I remember I went to one

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I met with one person who comes from a religion that is a branch of Hinduism, for example. And he says that in our worship, we mentioned all the worships by the way, even in their worship. There's a part of the worship, they're saying, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, and so forth. Okay. It's shocking. Wallahi. But they're like, our belief is that we peace, this is they don't they don't have a religion, they don't have a belief system is just that there's a value. We want peace on earth. So we are going to worship everything with everyone else worships. That's not a concept. You're innocent. That is not liberation. That's not open mindedness. That's called enslavement. Actually,

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you're innocent. You're trying to please everyone in this world, you can please everyone that is a reality. And that is what many of us, especially our youth, they don't understand that they see these kinds of things, and they call this freedom. But if you try to please one today, you can please the same one tomorrow. That is why our Dean has taught us that worshiping Allah subhanho wa Taala is liberating. When a person knows, as long as I please Allah subhana what that does all that matters, then will Allah He you will have ultimate freedom in your heart. So that is why brothers and sisters, this is what Islam brought us. This is what Allah gave us. Yet you and I are running

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away from that same thing that can bring us happiness. The second thing that he said Robin Amir said was that

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he says women leave the dunya it is the idea from the from the constrictions of this dunya to the vastness of the Africa and some say that to the vastness of this dunya there are some aspects of dystonia, but some of them are they say that this is in reference to Accra, meaning that how constructed as a Muslim for a Muslim, this place is dunya is not the place where we fulfill all of our desires. There are some things that Allah has made halal. There are some things that has Allah subhanaw taala has made haram and by the way, as many people believe that there are more things haram and there are less things halal, no, that's not the way it is. There are actually more things

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are halal and less things are haram. We have been taught and programmed the wrong way to think that Allah subhanho wa Taala is oppressive. Allah is not oppressive, Allah is taking telling us stay away from those things he has made those things haram which are not beneficial for you and I, Allah is looking out for us. So from deconstruction of this dunya to the vastness of the Accra and the Accra Everything is permissible for us Inshallah, in Janome, Allah subhanaw taala gather us there. I mean, you're about to Allah mean. And then number three is woman Jodan a Danny either either Islam, from the injustices of the other religions and other cultures to to the other of Islam Wallahi if you

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study Islam, and the laws of Islam, while there are so many Muslims, unfortunately, who are running towards other laws, besides the laws of our deen, thinking that there are other laws that give them more justice than the other of Islam. I've talked about this before. Anyone who believes that the Islam the adult system of Islam, the justice system of Islam is not good. And they run away from the justice system of Islam. And they have doubts in it. Allah subhanho wa Taala says these are the people who are the oppressors. So if you study every single system, even the system that is highly praised, called the democracy system Wallahi the democracy system is the one the worst systems in

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the world. We know this every single country that calls themselves a democracy. We know that internally, they are filled, it's all a bunch of fluff, there is no good in it. There's only one dean that provides justice across the board to every single person in society, not based on their social, their social status, not based on their financial status. But these are the laws of Islam that have been implemented by Allah and His Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that looks after every single person, man, woman, children, elderly and every single person in the society based on the context and so forth. There is no system in the world I say

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This confidently that has the justice of Islam. Now, I will say this, there is not many countries that follow there. I mean, there I don't believe there's any country in the world right now. Even Muslim countries that follow Sharia 100% There is not okay. We're talking about the actual the other system Islam, the actual, you know, what they say is Islamic tort law, criminal law and so forth. And in the justice system, there is no country that applies them. But if you go back into the books, and you study the history of Islam, and the other system was some will lie there is no system that is better than the system of Islam. This is what Allah subhanho wa Taala gave us. This is what the

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Sahaba understood that this Islam is liberating us from all these other ideas. So once again, the whole idea was I really want to focus on the Riba of Allah subhanho wa taala. So last week, we talked about the benefit of a brother today. The second benefit of a brother is that a brother to Allah subhanho wa Taala liberates you from your ego liberates you from your desires, and liberates you from all the other different social ideas or the social constructs that take place or the social concepts or new things that come up every single time. it liberates us from all of that. Inshallah, in the next few weeks we'll be talking about the other benefits there are five benefits of a bada to

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Allah subhanaw taala we covered one last week today one Inshallah, and then in the next week's inshallah we'll cover the other three Inshallah, ask ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada to Ghana, Sophia, and to grant us the true understanding of our dean and the MCSA of our dean and the purpose of our dean. I mean, no, but I mean, what is that Kamala had said I'm already going to label cattle

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in Mussolini now almost Lima T one meaning Mina team one quantity now I looked on it that he was loading pain I was on the phone he was on the Rena was Slavia rod Do you want to follow Sherry You know

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what unfortunately no one was watching I think one down one btw now one downside the party was on me now was all in

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one heavy Lina photo gentlemen one half year warranty. Was there good enough?

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What's going on? I don't know who

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was a gentleman I lean