The Pious & Passion Fatigue

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The importance of protecting privacy and being strong and healthy is emphasized in the face of emotions and behavior. The speaker discusses the negative impact of emotions on society and the importance of being protective of one's emotions and personal emotions. They stress the need for people to consider their emotions as a lifelongigan and to avoid negative emotions like burnout and isolation. The importance of avoiding distractions and not giving up on one's own mental health is also emphasized.

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In an Hamdulillahi tal and I heard we're gonna start over here on a stock photo when I wrote it out I mean surely fusina will see it I'm Marina de la Huhtala Fela mobila Wanna yield Lin for her dealer? Well shadow Allah Ilaha illa Allah who the who does Cherie Keller who are shadow Ana Mohammed and Abu whenever you are sudo you have Latina I'm an otaku. La haka, Ducati, Walter moto Nila to Muslim moon to my my bag. After praising Allah azza wa jal, and recognizing we never fully can, and testifying to the unique perfection and oneness of Allah the mighty and majestic and to the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam being without doubt his final prophet and servant and

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messenger and the best of his creation and the seal of his revelation and the most beloved of the slaves of Allah to Allah. And after reminding myself and you with the Taqwa of Allah to live a life that is conscious of him and committed to Him, and consistent in our love and submission to Him subhanho wa taala.

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My brothers and sisters, in our last blog together, we spoke about the importance of while not shutting off our emotions, regulating them whenever they prompt us, in ways that could be contrary to the Sharia to the revealed code that Allah azza wa jal blessed us with.

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So I want to double down via Milla on the other side of this that received less attention in that hotbar, which is keeping your passions and your emotions alive and healthy.

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Let me begin with the hadith of sad neural data. You see, inside Muslim, it's an authentic narration that when the general rule details were revealed later for married couples, but when the general rule was revealed, about requiring for witnesses, if you're going to accuse someone or testify against someone that they've committed fornication, sad or bad, it immediately jumped to what in the world how he thought about the marital scheme right away, even though different rules, we're going to clarify how that should be dealt with differently because it's expected. It's built on privacy, you're not really going to be able to have are going to be able to get four witnesses, but that's

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what he jumped to. And he said, four witnesses, I'm gonna find someone laying with my woman and I'm gonna go get four witnesses, I'm gonna get nothing but my sword, and I'm not gonna give him the flat side, I will give him nothing but my safe. Evaluate almost not this side, this side, the edge. And so of course, the reaction of the Sahaba, the Saudis, the righteous man and the leader of the Mossad. And in front of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, this bordered on like objection, defiance. And so the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam actually calmed them down, and he sort of excused him on some level and he said, at that level, and I'm an affiliate, it said, You guys are shocked by the

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euro, that fiery protective jealousy of sad, I swear by Allah Allah Anna Alia Roman, who I have more protective jealousy than him. This sort of thing marital infidelity, fornicate. This boils me just as much even more. And Allah has more vital than me.

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What means I mean, adjective allottee. It's actually because of his protective jealousy that he forbid fella has in decency and morality, my Valhalla, Amin Hama, Bhutan, the apparent of it and the hidden the public and private. But then he went on to say also sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and you will never find any individual that has more valuable than Allah. But at the same time, like I had done on earth through I have Boulais him in Allah, nobody will ever love to excuse people more than Allah does. So in other words, he was saying, I know he's salatu salam, Allah is most praiseworthy for both qualities existing together and in the most perfect form, in him with him. subhanho wa

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Taala he's most praiseworthy, because he exhibits he has, he is described with protective jealousy of a euro. And at the same exact time, he is praiseworthy, that the intensity, the strength of the euro, the divine Euro does not offset his love to excuse people more than anything subhanho wa taala.

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that is the balance of the Divine Subhana what Allah is perfection, and we are also called to having a balance on the human level, right, that our passions can be out of control, even if they come from the right place. We spoke about that already in the previous host. But But I want now for us to focus on the other half of it, which is that this this this does come from the right place. That's what the Prophet alayhi salatu salam did because I know it's it sounds, you know, really raw what Sam just said

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but that the Euro is a good thing. You know, even by the way, like in American law, there's what's called the crime a crimes of passion. Whereas like if you were to find someone cheating on you and so you sort of like killed them or hurt them or something, it's still a crime, but it's less punishable because expected that you're going to react this way. Treason boils blood, right, betrayal it's going to, so it sort of mitigates some of the crime is our Dean didn't just say, Oh, it's natural. Oh, it's expected excuse you a little bit. No, the Dean says, not the crime, the feeling the feeling is praiseworthy and must be there. You must have protective jealousy. This

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passion, to protect has to be alive and healthy should be flaring inside you and it's warranted. Keep that in mind. The Sharia I came and said that if you are not protective of your woman folk, for instance, like interacting in an appropriate way or dressing in an appropriate way or may Allah forbid far worse for an agent, you are called the day youth in the Sharia. The youth means a permissive man. And the permissive man does not enter paradise. The hadith is very straightforward. So you supposed to be protective, or even protected about the sanctity of Allah azza wa jal, you know, a person came to me last week, and he said to me, you know, shift, I know this is wrong, but

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I'm not able to strike the balance. I sort of just say, you know, like, Allah guide the golfer. But I'm not actually like very worked up about the fact that they insult the Prophet SAW Salem, they draw a cartoon, they mocked the Quran, they mock Allah, how do I find the right balance? Because that's the other extreme now, right? When You're so indifferent when you're supposed to be emotionally charged, you're supposed to be caring, right? It means you care. And so the same way, it is a lifelong jihad for us to regulate our emotions whenever they prompt us to something contrary to our great Dean, it is also a lifelong jihad, for us to remain emotionally alive when that is

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Yes, people are different, like people are a spectrum of emotionality, women in general may have, you know, it easier for them to be emotional men sometimes make relatively speaking have less of that among the men and among women also, there's going to be a spectrum. But on some level, this has to be there. There's certain amount of this, you know, you can't be indifferent, because that means the dean in you is not very significant, right? Because the Dean emphasize this so much. You know, actually think of the story of Ibrahim alayhis salam, the angels come to him. You know, they bring him news of several issues, glad tidings and also we're going to destroy this town, the town of low

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valleys salaam, Sodom and Gomorrah because of their depravity and their immorality. So Allah says what it's very interesting what Allah captures for us, he says, You Jedi don't have your pony loot. Then he's arguing with us about the people of loot arguing meaning what? Please know Allah just like give them a little longer give them another chance. Please don't destroy them. Right? Allah azza wa jal continues to say in Ibrahim Allah halimun, a wahoo Muneeb. And he did this. Why? Because Ibrahim is Haleem. Haleem means forbearing is so tolerant, he's so forgiving. Like you would think Ibrahim alayhi salam more than anyone would be like, down with the disbelievers. Good riddance, you know,

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remove this cancer from the human race. They throw him in a bonfire. It's like, you know, but

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he was forbearing. Right? He sort of restrained that emotion. Then Allah said he's a wet, a wet, it's almost like the saw, you know, when someone is exhaling, you know, with catharsis, sometimes or out of pain, moaning a wet means, he is hurt and you should be hurt by human suffering. You can't turn that off. You have to have empathy. You have and so Allah is He could have just said Ibrahim alayhi salam, you know, resigned to our decision. He didn't say that. He said Rahim is so forbearing Ibrahim is has the virtue of being hurt by human suffering. And then he said but he is also Muneeb. The third quality in the list. He is moneyed meaning ultimately he resigned to our decision. And

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when he realized it was final, he conceded he accepted. That is of the beauty of the balance of Ibrahim alayhis salam, he restrained the emotion of vengeance. And he was flared up with the emotion the beautiful emotion of mercy, compassion, it was alive. It caused him to plead with Allah to argue if you will.

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And even the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, you know when his daughter Zaina Radi Allahu anha mentioned to him that her baby infant child was dying. She said you have to come and he couldn't come out I saw that was set up. He was not able to get to her. So he sent someone on his behalf. He said go tell her belonging to Allah is everything he takes and belonging to Allah is everything. He gives everything as an appointment with Allah

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Well possibly walltastic Tell her to like, do you have the emotions right? Tell her to exhibit patients despite material emotion, right? Despite that exhibit patience and just await your great reward.

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She sends another message you have to come he's able to break free sallallahu alayhi wasallam and actually get to her. He gets to the infant child, the child and Irish and says it's coughing up his soul. He's choking up as he's dying in front of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, his grandchild. And so at that moment, the Sahaba say his eyes overflow with tears.

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And this utterly confused some of the Sahaba and they said yeah, Rasul Allah, what is this?

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Like, you're exhibiting such passionate emotions right now. And you just told us except Allah's decree. Right, so

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and so he said to them in now Rama, this is a mercy. Yeah. Janu Hala, who feel cannubi mania share Amina a baddie, but Allah in douse into the hearts of whomever he wishes of his servants. And just so you don't think like this is a gift and a bonus? And you're extra awesome if you have it? No, no, no, he continued to say Allah salatu salam, and Allah will not have mercy.

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Except for the people or show mercy except to the people that are merciful at heart, you need to be like this. And so the Sahaba on that day, they learned something new. They learned about the Supreme balance that sort of confused them. How do you be so strong on accepting Allah's decree, and at the same time, you are so much compassionate with human suffering, for instance, and that's just an example of it, human suffering. You know, one of the early Muslims has a famous story and fellated and Al Rahim Allah that when his child died, his son, Ali Ali, in that photo when he was 10, or 11 years old, he was seen smiling, cheerful at the Jenessa, the funeral procession of his son. And so

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people felt like something's wrong here like, this is abnormal. So they said to him, like, how are you smiling on a day like today?

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He said, I wanted to exhibit or to show Allah that I have accepted his decree.

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And yeah, you can say that's amazing, and it is amazing. It certainly is. And we likely will never be able to compare with him filleted on the day of judgment and all, but it is imperfect. How can he have so much acceptance of Allah's decree that he didn't even cry? But the Prophet SAW Selim cried, and he is the ideal believer, are they salatu salam, this would have been the same era Mo was that some people got confused by how well Fidel could have such strong faith, but no alpha Lane was incapable pay attention, incapable of reconciling in the same heart, acceptance of Allah's decisions, Destiny and mercy with Allah's creation. And so he was forced to throw one out mercy,

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compassion, to be able to retain one which is being content and accepting. He said, whereas our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his guidance is more complete, more perfect, supremely balanced. When his son Ibrahim died at least Latos law this is another incident now he said the eye tears and the heart aches, but we only say what pleases Our Lord subhanho wa Taala that is the it should take should flow you cannot turn these emotions off that would not just be cheating. This would be punishable for you to not have mercy in your heart.

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And you know, in further defensive Alpha de la Rahim Allah al Fidel did this for Allah right. He tried to sort of not get critical of God by like one citing this. Many times we turn off our emotions, not for Allah, but for personal reasons. You turn off your emotions just because you know, you feel like you're burnt out. You're personally just burnt out. I can't handle the emotions anymore. So I'm going to stop caring.

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That's why it's, you know, it's so prevalent. Past, you know, three decades or so the self care industry to have like measures to preempt or cope with burnouts. What's very interesting, you know, when they talk about this, like certain terms were coined, like in the early 90s, like compassion, fatigue, I'm not able to have compassion anymore, like this sort of burnout, emotional numbness. When they were first talking about this stuff. They were talking about it after studying people that had like emotional overloads specifically, professional emergency caregivers. Think of like the EMT, right? Always responding to an emergency. A firefighter, always, you know, dragging people that are

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locked inside a building or trying to access someone. And so these people after a while, it's very common. They just burn out. They just quit. I can't I can't handle it anymore. I've started feeling so empty inside. I've become so irritable, so frustrated, I have prolonged

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On unshakeable sadness, I have the sense I feel the sense of worthlessness I feel like I'm a failure. The only way to cope with it is what?

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stopped caring. And that's why one of the mantras in the self care industry when it comes to compassion, fatigue, they say, you know, have you felt like you've given so much, you've done so much giving that you've stopped living because people feel like they're zombies. At some point. I'm burned out. I can't fit that the Prophet SAW Selim ever burnout and he cared more than everyone else. And he had the largest burdens on his shoulders. How didn't he burnout sallallahu alayhi wa sallam like contrast that because the it's it's applicable to all of us, we got to figure this out. You got to fix it. Because it's not just professional care workers, how many people in their

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personal lives, they just check out of the marriage, emotionally, you stop emotionally caring about your partner, I'm just done. I can't do it anymore. I can't attune pay attention and try to figure it out. I'm just done doing this. Or the OMA. I just I can't watch the news anymore. There's just too much going on. I can't, that's an imbalance, right? I can't contribute anymore. I can't, you know, extend an olive branch anymore. I can't keep ties with my family anymore. Just lets it contrast that with the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam. You know, he would be so stressed

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that he would say OB Lal, you know, additional Bihar, give us some rest, by calling us to the prayer like make the accom already, so we can pray so we can escape a little bit, right. But he would not escape in the way that people that have burnouts, escape and isolate themselves from the world and from society and from everything and become like antisocial, he would escape into prayer to his Lord, and still not fully disconnect, right or wrong. Like he told us that sometimes I'm in the prayer. He's still attuned, I hear a baby crying and out of consideration for the mother of the baby. I shortened my prayer after I had decided, you know, to make it a little longer initially,

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how's he able to do that LA salatu salam, the first thing I want you to know is that he taught us that it's okay to retreat somewhat. To limit to censor yourself a little bit, you have to have the ability to retreat to whatever is going to help you reset, whether it is the prayer whatever, there's something Khaled retreat, it's fine.

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retreat now so that you don't like resign altogether from the desk. Right? You know, I'll tell you one thing about the digital age that many people may overlook, you know, news feeds don't just you know, burn time. They burn your your emotional bandwidth they do. In the past, you hear about a disaster a week later in the newspaper, right? Or a century later in a history book. It doesn't hit as hard. And that's a mercy from Allah azza wa jal, only Allah is the oil hearing. Imagine we could hear everything in real time. Well, we almost can it's in our newsfeeds. Everything is happening at the exact This is unnatural, unhealthy. You need to sort of protect your eyes and ears from that.

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And then I want to say it's not even just disasters, the amount of like

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toggling or ping ponging being bounced around between different emotions will emotionally flatten you, right? Like something extremely funny and something extremely sad and something extremely spiritually uplifting and something extremely stimulating to my lower lusts. I saw all of that in eight seconds. Right? All of that will destroy you. It is unnatural. So you have to learn to retreat. And a big part of that is retreating from the endless scroll. A whole the whole you know stuff a lot all the material welcome.

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Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam, Ala Moana and Baghdad Chateau La ilaha illallah wa the hula Shadi gala who eyeshadow ana Muhammadan. Abu want to be you who are solo,

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you know,

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seven centuries ago, shareholders lamina Tamia Rahim Allah He said that you can easily observe people, when they spend too much time reading the equivalent of novels he says like the stories of kings and princes and history and whatnot. He says they have less of a desire and emotional desire to find out about the Prophet and the Sahaba salAllahu alayhi wasallam but don't don't lie to him. And when they're too into their modern translation, bucket lists of vacations, they're always just wanting to see a new place on Earth. Right? He said, You see it it's obvious they have less of a fervent to see how to be at Hajin ombre

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when they're so into their own opinions about creative ways to be spiritual, but basically, they have less concern or care for the Sunnah. When they're into all these different celebrations and festivals they downplay or eat, when they listen to music, that euphoria they get from music. It's so

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obvious why they're not moved by the recitation of the Quran. It's called Passion fatigue. He said the seven centuries ago, can you imagine when it's hype arised in our day and age, so that's the first thing retreats. The second and final thing to close out the whole book, consolidate your direction. You see the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, he saw his prayer as an act of devotion to Allah. It's all part of the lane in which I'm driving, and caring about

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anyone, including the mother whose child is crying your spouse and all of it is what part of seeking Allah and the scholar said that is actually the,

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the riddle the secret to avoiding burnout, he said, they said it's in the Quran, Allah said for either ferrata found sub, when you're done with the task at hand, devote yourself in a different way, but it goes from like tasks to devotion, devotion to test, how do you sort of have that consistency. When you're done devote yourself meaning keep going, how the next I had tells you the secret, what ILA Rebecca follows up and set your aspirations on your lowered. That's why people can handle when you're not aspiring for Allah. You don't get aid from Allah right in grocery Yusra with difficulty comes ease at the same time, you get upgraded in your stamina, your ability, if you're

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close to Allah, if you're seeking Him, if you're seeking help from him, if you're seeking rewards from him, you consolidate everything in that direction. That's when magical beautiful things happen. May we be better able to have that capacity that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam showed us humans can have May Allah azza wa jal make us people who are emotionally alive and spiritually aligned. May we people have the best conduct states of behavior may that shine from us on the outside and best states of heart and emotion may that radiate from within us Allahumma Amin, may Allah protect us from the grief that would debilitate us and the anxiety that would debilitate us

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and from the sense of inability that would debilitate us and from from that state of laziness that would debilitate us Allahumma Amin Allahumma Falana Ohana Are you ready to kill that's a kill now Allah manana was a became me well hasn't a large Z Well, caisson will Germany will be available today and you have already jell o Salallahu, Salam Ababa kind of Vienna Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Germain