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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the concept of detachment, which is the removal of things from a person or space. She explains that this is a way to avoid being too attached to a certain life or a certain point in a process. She also mentions a study on reversing the negative impact of a ship's arrival and advises joining her class to change her heart and create a better relationship with the creator.
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Does being detached from this life mean that we can't own things in dunya My name is Jasmine Mujahid. And this is a tip about success. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam taught us about this concept of detachment and told us that we shouldn't be too in love with this life or too attached, but does being detached from dunya and not having love of dunya. And our hearts mean that we can own things of dunya there's a really powerful story of Abu hanifa mcaliley that really illustrates this point. Abu hanifah Rahmatullah he was one of the great scholars. And one time while he was teaching, he had a notice given to him that his ships had sunk. So he was a man who owned property. But when he was

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told that his ships had sunk, he stopped teaching for a moment he paused, he said, It him their land, and he continued teaching. Later on, he was told that actually they made a mistake, and his ships had not sunk. Again, he paused. And then he said, Hamdulillah, and he continued teaching after this had happened. And he was asked why he had done that he said that when I was first told my ships had sunk, I examined my heart, and I found it unmoved, and I sort of hemmed it in there. And then the second time when I was told, it was not my ships that had sunk, I again, examined my heart, and I found it unmoved. And I said, and him that in that. Now, in this, he is saying, Alhamdulillah, not

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about the sinking, or not sinking of his ships, not about the rise or fall of his wealth, but he's saying it hamdulillah that his heart was not attached to that rise and that fall, and this is really a concept of having things of dunya in the hand, but not in the heart. And so, it is possible to have wealth, it is possible to have things in dunya without having being attached to those things. Because true detachment is a detachment from the heart, that these things do not enter the heart. It is as Ali Nadella and said, that detachment is not that we do not own things, but that things do not own us. If you benefited from this reminder, join me for my class transformed, in which we will take

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a journey talking about how we can better our relationship with the creator and the creation by transforming our hearts and I look forward to seeing you there.