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21st November 2012, Canada.

Muharram is the beginning of the new year - a sacred month.

"Verily the number of months with Allah are wrong not yourselves therein" Do not do thulm upon yourselves (yourselves and muslims/one another/) - be especially careful.

No Sins
No Backbiting
No Verbal/ Emotional/ Physical Abuse

Sin is worst when committed at a sacred time.
Likewise good deeds are far better at a sacred time.

Good Deeds in this sacred time:
More Ibadah - Nawafil, Especially Fasting

The best of Fasting after Ramadaan are to fast during the month of Muharram.

Is it difficult to fast? The days are short, skip lunch and have an early dinner.

The Yahud were fasting on Ashura - The day firawn was drowned. The Muslims have more right over Musa (as). Intending to fast on the 9th as well to be different from the Jews.

Any benefit to fasting on the 10th Muharram?
Our sins are forgiven! The minor sins of the past year will be forgiven!

"We would make our children fast as well..." Very important and beneficial - even for those who would not usually fast. Pregnant women and old people alike.

No need to make big celebrations or to be sorrowful or prepare particular type of meals. Nor to mourn the deaths of the companions of Muhammad (saw). Mourning is for immediate relatives - the dead are gone.

Shuhadaa - They're happy where they are so there is no need to be sad.

The one who mourns is doing thulm against himself.

We should not fast on Saturday to be different from the Jews. But Nawafil fast established in the Sunnah is permissable due to it being Sunnah -

Do not single out Saturday for fasting unless you will fast a day before or a day after.

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