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Part 34-35_ Imprisoned As Planned

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah Mercado. RO Billahi min ash shaytaan Raji

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festa Jabba la hora boo fissara fan who came in who was semi on lighly so medalla whom

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I will tell is

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probably shocking somebody with a silly MD, Dr. melissani cocoa leaf and hamdulillah salat wa salam, O Allah wa salam, O Allah Allah He was a huge man. I'm about once again everybody Somali Curatola Ricardo. Today, I try to cover some lessons from Isaiah 34 and 35 of Swords use of the response that he had to alarm which was discussed yesterday, where he turned to Alliance had prison is more beloved to me, and went further than that. This is the ayah we're alone our response to him so we start from there. first job Allah hora boo, then his master responded to him was all of our facade alpha and huka hana. Thus he turned their scheme away those women scheme away from him, in the hoo

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hoo SME or nearly certainly he is the all hearing all knowing. So that's the basic translation of this II number 34. So Now in this ayah a few things in the previous slide, he said if you don't turn their scheme away from me, a lot of stuff and Nikita Honda, the immediate response to that would be fissara foreign Okay, Donna, so he turned their scheme away from he asked a lot responded, but a lot ads before he says for sarafa and huka hoonah. He says, first Java horrible, faster Java horrible. It's a from a from a literary point of view. It's a little bit of a contrast with what happens with Mousavi. Mousavi Salaam is in a desperate situation he's, you know, basically dying of starvation

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and has nowhere to live no shelter or anything. And he basically sits under a shade somewhere in the desert in Meridian and says I'll be in the Lima and delta Elysium and Highland 14 master whatever good you send to me I can totally use it My back is broken. I'm bankrupt. Yeah, but the next I Allah does not say faster job Allah hora boo, the whole bottom clst here, then his master responded to him and thus a girl came to him walking over to him shyly offering him that my dad wants to pay you. The next ayah does not say his master responded to him, but it's actually understood by the words fecha de whom Adam shall either stay here, therefore, the one of the two girls came back and asked, you

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know, asked him shyly that my bat My father is calling you to pay you. In other words, the if Allah responds, you ask Allah for something and then he's responded to the words he responded or his master responded become kind of unnecessary feels. Why would that even be said if it's already understood? This is a larger which has his way of going out of his way to illustrate something that it is because he demonstrated this loyalty to Allah, that Allah immediately responded to his master responded to him. Now is the Java I mentioned this to you at the end of the lecture yesterday, one of the most beautiful passages in the Quran, for example. So Allah Emraan 192 195 that was revealed

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to the prophet SAW Selim, when he was in PRM. And he was so moved by that passage. He cried so much when he heard this passage looks at him when it was being revealed to him that was a puddle on his feet. And that passage, its climax, his first job alohomora boom and Neela Oh, the MLR Milliman committee, Karina then their master responded to them same exact words. So these words are actually very powerful in the Quran. And Allah azza wa jal by mentioning these words here, has described something very beautiful that he didn't just respond to use of Ali Salaam, because the response to use of Ali Salaam is he, he took their scheme away from them, or he diverted their scheme away from

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them. But here Allah is telling us that it's this act of law that allows dogen lovingly turned towards him and responded to him. And it's the Java has by lava, which means a low went out of his way to respond to him. Also Python with Allah. So Java has wanted to de la wanted to respond to him the desire to respond to him. So there's a lovingness in the word is the Java that's there. Then there's the word Rabu he because he said Robbie, my master, prison is more beloved to me and Allah didn't say that I responded, or he responded, the pronoun would have sufficed, because nobody that would read this would think anybody else responded except Allah. Allah is the aforementioned you

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know, masculine noun in the in the language not male masculine, grammatically masculine. So first the job I would have done, but no faster Jabba la hora boo. To him, his master responded. And then the other remarkable thing here is faster Jabara boo hula who actually grew

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radically, you mentioned the verb you mentioned the subject. And you mentioned the prepositional phrase. In other words, the jarama drawer, the metallic Will Ferrell is Mukunda meaning especially to him. And to him to him in this way, his master responded, there's a special place given to use of Ali Salaam, that even before the mention of the subject, which has, meaning his master responded, it is as if to him, his master responded that to him came early, instead of just saying, his master responded to him. And so what we're learning in all of that is the power of the law. You know, unless has to us in sort of baccara, Big Buddha, that is the answer yesterday, Buddha, I respond to

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the call of any caller, whenever they call me, then they should respond to me. Hear me, you know, Yusuf Ali Salaam has proven to a lie that he's already responded to Allah, his response to Allah was holding on to his character, his response to a low was my other law. So he's already responded to a lot of demands, now a level respond to his plea, and his please, yeah, like, get me away from these people. If prison is the option, then permanent prison is more beloved to me, I'd rather take prison. And if you don't take their scheme away from me, which is his way of saying, Yala, take their scheme away from me. I don't want their schema anywhere around me. So that portion is now

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being explained for sarafa and huka. De Haan, thus, he's he worded their scheme away from him. Now Allah has responded to both parts present being more Beloved. And the case now, you know, in Allah saying that he responded to him, there are two things, I'd rather take prison and the law gave him that, and he got rid of their schema. Now it's possible that he could be in jail and their scheme doesn't end, that can also happen. Because when people have a vendetta, they will leave you alone, even when you're suffering, right, they can do that. And they have the power to continue to torture you or hurt you in other ways, even though you're in prison. But Allah says that he diverted them

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away from him. But the other interesting thing is part of what's responded to also is he preferred to go to prison if the option The other option is to fall into the hands of fitna, and a lot responded to that too. And even in that there's a mercy from Allah, meaning allies, responding to him in something that will be more beloved to him. Because what he's going to get to do in prison he didn't get to do when he was in the minister's house. In fact, we don't hear Yusuf Alayhi Salam speak at length in this surah except when he's in prison. So in the entire story, you hear Yusuf Alayhi Salam say he like he or

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she, you know, it's the whole story. The whole story is about use of Elisa Lam. But go do an exhaustive study of how often is he speaking? And how long is he speaking, right. And the Quran is not capturing those moments. But there's, there's a moment in prison and he's in prison many years. But there's a moment in prison, where he has a conversation with a couple of inmates about Allah, and about Prophethood and about the truth. And that conversation almost ends pretty much in its entirety, his response is recorded in the surah. It's pretty amazing. And that's actually a lie giving him an opportunity to serve him in a special in such a special way, that that conversation,

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it could have been so much more brief, because there are other episodes of his life that are pretty exhaustive, but they're mentioned in very brief language, right, entire years are captured inside one or two lines. But when it comes to this one incident, there's a lot of conversation here. And this is actually also in a very beautiful way of responding to his daughter, what is more beloved to him, because when judgment day comes, and use of Elisa Lam is standing before a lot like all of us are. And he gets to see that that conversation that he had in prison was so honored by Allah, that Allah put that in his Koran. And then billions of people for generations to come, recited those

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words and remembered a lot through his words, not just to prison inmates, a conversation that nobody else recorded. Just it happened in a jail cell between three people. And yet that conversation is going to have this special blessing in this remarkable, you know, continued sadaqa of Dawa. How do you make other people how do you invite them to the deen, you know, the Quran will give Dawa and sometimes, or invite people to Allah and sometimes he'll give us a case study. This is how you invite people to Allah. Obviously, inmates in a prison are not interested in having a religious conversation with him. They have their own agenda. And yet he finds a way to, you know, bring them

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closer to a line this unusual circumstance, right? And so that's also a lot of responding to him. In other words, him being in that prison. We're grateful for because we get to learn the wisdom that Allah decided should be part of his final word, only because Allah responded to that. The point therefore, is sometimes a level puts you through an experience. You may not see that you are the primary beneficiary

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Not in this world. But maybe Allah put you through an experience that will benefit someone who will benefit someone else who will benefit someone else who will benefit someone else. And you don't even realize that all of that is going into your account. And that never would have happened if you weren't put in a difficult position.

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So sometimes a difficult position, me is inconvenient is painful is catastrophic. It could be traumatic, it can be all of those things for you and me. But in the grand scheme of things, when we come before a large civilian, we might be surprised that the best thing that ever happened to us in our life was that traumatic situation, like the best thing that could have happened to us, because the good deeds that got recorded in our favor, as a result of that opportunity. Just keep on compounding and compounding and compounding. I'm getting ahead of myself. But there are these are things that I'm going to reiterate to you anyway. So I'll tell you even now, had he not gone to

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prison, he would never have met those two inmates. Had he not met those two inmates, one of them would have never known that he can interpret dreams had that inmate never known that he can interpret dreams. When he got out and was serving the king. And the king saw a crazy dream. He would never have thought that the king actually this dream could might mean something. And I might know someone who knows what this dream means. None of these chain of events would have happened. Yes. Therefore the King's dream all the experts that were around him, what did they tell him about that dream? That is meaningless. You know that so and this servant is in no position he just pours

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drinks. What's he got? He can't give us counsel to the dream to the to the king. And so yeah, it's meaningless. But he as a result of luciferase on being in prison, goes back to you serve knows that you suffer the same can interpret dreams comes to him with that information gets use of always have exonerated but more importantly, not just to the benefit of use of traditional use of Elisa, I'm coming out of prison benefits use of a salon less benefits hundreds of 1000s of people that would have starved to death over the next seven years more. many lives got saved, because he went to jail. And that none of that would have happened if he didn't go to jail. And would someone not want you

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know, we you and I fear all the time that whatever good deeds we do, may not be enough in the scale before Allah because we do plenty of bad deeds were aware of and we're not aware of. So how are we gonna ever get to know our good deeds are good enough. So our religion has this beautiful concept of sadaqa jariya as this concept of good deeds that continue after even we die, right, they are good deeds that effect more than ourselves, which is why it's a beautiful son of the prophet SAW Salem to do something like plant a seed, plant a tree, why you may not live to see the tree turned into a you know, blossoming tree with fruits, but every animal that eats from it every traveler that gets a

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shade under it, every every creature have a lot to get some of this kind of you have a share in the good that you spread just because you planted a tree. So the idea is that you You and I have to think about deeds that live longer than ourselves, that go beyond our own lifetime, that that's actually our legacy, the legacy of good deeds being passed on to the next to the next to the next. And that's the legacy you and I should be thinking about. And that's something Allah gave us an opportunity to do in the most unlikely place inside a prison cell. You will think somebody should have an opportunity to leave a profound legacy. If they got to preach to 1000s of people, if they

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got, you know, if they got to write books if they if you got to meet down to the entire nation, all that stuff. No, actually it starts right here. And his first legacy is he actually got to save lives. He literally got to save lives. And what does Allah say about the reward of saving lives from an aha kanima NASA Jamia? Whoever saves a single life is like they saved all of humanity. Imagine the reward of saving all of humanity multiple times over is the reward of use of it, Sam. So you've you've lost something in your in your D in your dunya. You've lost the freedom of movement you've lost, you know, the place you had in the world, whatever place he had, it's gone. He's gained

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something in his IRA that's unparalleled. And actually in a few years, it will also turn into a return in dystonia. It's both it's Dean Antonia that's coming his way. And that's all of that is encapsulated inside faster job Allah hora boo, his nurturing master responded 10. That's a luz response. And but in the most immediate sense, so that response includes everything that's going to happen from here on. But in the most immediate sense, for solid foreign who gave the when he turned their scheme away from them. This is where we're going to pay attention, because this is the complicated part unless as he turned their scheme away from them. Now,

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the thing here is, the minister's wife made it very clear one of two things are absolutely going to happen. Either he's gonna cave and be domesticated like an animal like I want him to be. Or he's gonna go to prison. Those are the two

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She swore by Yes. Okay.

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And Allah will tell us that he turned their scheme away from him, which we know means Where did he end up in prison.

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But hold on him want him going to prison was not actually his choice. It was the only possible choice. But actually whose decision was it that he should go to prison, as if you follow the line of the story? It's the woman's decision. She's decided that he should go to jail. She's determined to make him humiliated in jail, right? That's hers her plan. And now instead of a Lessing, that allowed responded to him and allow the woman to put him in jail. He says, He put this he diverted their scheme away from them. But it seems what Allah is saying is the opposite of what we see, because what we see is exactly what they schemed happened when she schemed was he's going to go to jail if

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he doesn't listen, and there, that's where he's gonna end up. So what we're now seeing is a kind of weird contradiction. Someone who is trying to hurt someone good,

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is follow through on their plan and got him jailed, and allies saying at the same time, it's the opposite of what she planned.

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So Allah is saying, I put him in jail as the as turning, turning him away from their scheme. Right, and their scheme includes one to the fitna, but the other part of their scheme is to actually get him thrown in jail.

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And yet, Allah azza wa jal is telling us that sometimes the plans that are made against a believer the harm that is caused to a believer from the from visible eyes, may actually be in line with Allah's plan to do some good to that believer, the enemy thinks they succeeded because they executed their plan. But they don't know that their plan is this little, this little analyst plan is this much larger thing that's got it entirely envelope, and there's just a small piece in a much larger plan. Yet this small piece went their way this battle they want and they think they want the war. Right. But they don't realize that they are actually this plan was part of their themselves are a

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very small pond in a much larger chessboard, in which Allah has everybody made it. Everybody's checkmated everybody's, that's part of a less larger plan. So what they think is an advantage to them. Allah is describing Actually, it was working exactly against them. For sarafa and huka. Hana, he deviated their plan away from them. In the most immediate sense, of course, it means that their scheme to want him to disobey Allah to fall into temptation to give in to their temptations, he took him out of that situation entirely for software and Okay, Donna. Now, he says, you know, who has sent me earlier? And he certainly he is the all hearing, all knowing, beautiful combination of names

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of Allah, the all hearing all knowing the obvious meaning of all hearing is anybody who makes their own who knows it, who hears it, Allah hears it. But see, just because you can hear everything doesn't mean you know everything behind those words.

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Right, you can say some words. And sometimes people are at a loss of words, and a lot can hear them too. Sometimes people just say something in their heart and luck can hear that too. That's beyond hearing. That's actually knowing. Allah isn't just the the one who hears he also is the one who knows. And he also so in one sense, Allah didn't just hear the words of abuse of racism. He heard that he knew the beautiful intention behind them. He knew what's in his heart. He's not just hearing what people say. He knows what's in their hearts. So that's a scary reality that lies a semi or lean, because when we pray, and we say Al hamdu, lillahi Rabbil alameen wa rahmatullahi Maliki MD,

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and while while we're saying that in our in our head, we're spinning about man, she didn't cook what I wanted her to man, I don't like this I don't what's happening. I don't like the weather today, man is your complaining, complaining, complaining what your words are al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen. The words are saying what the heart is and feeling. Allah is hearing your words. And a lot also knows what's going on in your heart. Allah is a semi Elohim. So our hearts have to be in line with our words. Right? They have to, they have to combine together. So that's one of the benefits of hearing in now who who has sent me I need. The other meaning of it also applicable in this ayah is

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that Allah azza wa jal knew everything that was said and everything contrary to that what was heard that was being said outside because there will be another spin about use of Alexa, there'll be some other way of getting him thrown into jail, right? Because the first attempt didn't work. So this is going to be some other justification to put him in jail. And that's going to come to but Allah knows and he's heard the actual testimony. He also knows what's coming in the future. They can hear whatever they can come up with whatever schemes, a level here all of their schemes, he knows about all of their schemes, and above and beyond that, he knows what's coming down the road, the kind of

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relief and the kind of you

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No, really the kind of redemption that Yusuf Ali Salaam is going to experience. One thought that she also hibben are going to explore a little further. Is this the second time, Yusuf Ali Salaam is ending up in a dark place? Yeah. So first time he ended up inside of a well, now he's ending up in a dark cell in prison. Yeah. And the first time this is worse than the first time, this is actually worse than the first time. And the first time he comes out a lot gives him relief by providing him a new home. And eventually giving him some sense of security where he is for some time, until he falls into you know, this, this scandal and this fitna again,

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this time, he's putting him in a much more difficult situation, prison is a lot scarier. And he's gonna come out of this much more redeemed. So the harder situation is going to give him a more beautiful reward when he comes out of it. Right, so it's in the model, three useless with difficulty comes in. So with each difficulty, some ease with a greater difficulty, a greater ease is coming. You know, one thought, by the way, on that note that I didn't share with you that, that some of us who don't have mentioned and I completely failed to share with you is maybe goes to the advantage of the minister himself. But as you'll see, the Minister is not really off the hook yet, at least as

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far as what I can understand of him. One of the reasons Yusuf Ali, some may not have mentioned where he's from or wanting to go back home, is because he already knows his brother's attempted murder. And if throwing him in a well failed, and he showed up again, guess what they're going to do next? Well, the next thing might be just straight out killing him. Just doing that. So that may have been one of the reasons he didn't mention himself going back. But that's digressing from a previous episode of the story. Now we get to this part where Allah has mentioned his introduction, this is another thing that as a theme, we should keep an eye on. So every time Yusuf Alayhi Salam ends up in

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a really bad situation, Allah mentioned something about himself. Allah mentions his intervention. So as he was being thrown in the well, Allah said, Will Oh, hyena, la healer to not be unknown BMD him has our home life rule, you will be telling them this deed of theirs, you'll be telling them all about this thing that they did to you. And they'll have no idea at the moment. Right? So bad things are happening to him and who's intervening? Allah azza wa jal, now bad things are happening to him. And who just said his master responded to him and deviated their course away from him. He's the all hearing allows intervention. So there seems to be a theme. Every time you think, where's the line

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all of this? I'm, I'm getting in trouble here. I'm getting thrown in a well, I'm gonna get thrown into jail. And when bad things happen to people, they're like, what it was a love, and I needed him. And you notice every time you might ask that question about use of Alison's story. Allah mentions his presence. Allah says he responded, he revealed he told, you know, he's all hearing, although it's incredible that that intervention is mentioned at just the right spots, you know. So that's that's the other thing to notice here about this, the scheme. Now we get to the political if number 35. Listen to this film Abdallah home, then it appeared to them, you can also say then it occurred

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to them, then it all of a sudden, a light bulb went in their heads, and it occurred to them mimbar de moda.

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As you know, as soon as they looked at all the signs, they is not women. Now, it's the masculine plural. So it's men and women together or just men. Okay. So it occurred to them after they looked at all the signs. They asked you, Luna who had the hint that they should absolutely, they are absolutely going to put him in prison without a shadow of a doubt. There's no question about it, he should be put in jail until a given time, until at least for some time had to him. Now what does that tell you? It's ambiguous wording. But it's pretty remarkable stuff. First of all, the previous case where she said what should happen to him unless the only thing that should happen to a person

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like this, who wants to do harm to your family is he should be thrown into jail when she was crying and wailing. Remember that. But that failed. But now this is much bigger than just her. And he saw I tried to depict to you that he saw this as a political disaster. But now, other servants have seen these women have cut their hands. All of their husbands are like, well, what happened here?

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And some of them may have blurted it out. Some of them may have said what happened. And it's now this is not just a scandal for one this is a scandal for many, and anybody leaking the if the if all of it points back to one young man user, then him being interviewed or seen

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anything about him coming out is going to look really bad not just for for the disease, not just for his wife for all these elite people. So there's a plural hero. It appeared to all of them after they saw all the signs. What are all the signs the blood splatter the mess? The servants talking the word getting out by the way.

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If the word got out the first time, which was only in a hallway with a few people, you think the word didn't get out this time. Right? That can be understood that the word has gotten out and it's looking bad. It's looking pretty bad. Some of us who don't have looked at the Word Art here and I art usually means revelations, I also mean signs. Yeah. So what are the signs Some say that here the office even say the signs refers to signs that use of innocent signs that they did all of this, there's enough evidence to say use. Why, by the way, if you saw my son was exonerated the first time with all the shirt story, it's practically impossible to think that he would put himself in that

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situation on purpose in front of so many witnesses, and he'd be the culprit. There's no way that happened. So when they when anybody would sense observed all the signs, and what's been what's been said, they knew the public's not gonna buy it, they're gonna think Yusef is innocent. The problem is use of innocent is not a problem.

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Because it's not so much about him being innocent. The moment you say he's innocent, who looks guilty,

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very wealthy people, very high political elite people and their families look guilty. So his innocence is pretty expensive. Now, his innocence might cost them financially and politically. And all the signs point to his innocence. So one way of looking at the signs is, the signs of his innocence are actually a problem. And anybody who observes these signs, they're going to come to the same conclusion we have that he's innocent, which means they're going to come to the conclusion that were messed up, which means we're going to be humiliated publicly. And these women know all about public humiliation, they're experts at it as we can tell. So they're scared of what they do, because

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they don't want that coming their way. Right? They want to dish it, they don't want to receive it.

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So that's one way of looking at a lot. I don't think that the second suggestion is as primary but I do think it's very plausible in this ayah that I also means politicians don't just look at what's in front of them. They look at you know, signs or signs of what's to come. in a spiritual sense, even signs are used for give me a sign for what is to come and assurance for what is to come out of which IE Aya. Right, Zakaria was told you're going to have a child he said, Master give me a an ayah and I about what is to come? Yeah, one way of looking at not the only way but one way of looking at the nine signs of masala Salaam are signs of what is the ultimate punishment to come to them? Well,

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under the anomala, double Ana de la bella query query, we will make them taste smaller punishments before we make them taste the biggest punishment. So for example, but don't know how it should have been I art for the crush of mocha. It's coming. These are signs that it's coming. So in that sense now that's in a spiritual sense here. Obviously, the word is not being used in the spiritual sense. These people aren't spiritual. They're not looking at spiritual layout. They're looking at clues and evidences and signs. The signs are if we let use of kind of roam about and not hush this in a very serious way,

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isn't going to come back to bite all of us. This is going to become a big political liability. So remember that that three layer emphasis that she made on throwing him in jail? Now you've gotten a yes junoon? No, they plural. They all are going to absolutely absolutely, absolutely throw him in jail. Like he's really emphatic language, not just maybe we should throw him in jail. No, they discussed it. They observed all the signs. Listen, there's no way he's got to go to jail. Nope, nope. I don't want to hear it. He needs to be in jail. That's the only thing that's going to happen. Now. He needs to disappear. And you can imagine actually, he's finding himself in the same exact

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situation that he found himself with his brothers. His brothers had two options, he should disappear. Or he should be killed. Right? And if these people are so hell bent about seeing him go to jail, if he doesn't go to jail, what's one of them going to arrange for?

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For him to be killed? We're getting we're finding ourselves in the same situation yet again. Right? So he just needs to go away. He, he's too much of a headache for us. He can't be around, they asked, you know, no. So now, what is in between here? How did they? You know, okay, one way of understanding why they decided that he should go to jail I explained to you. Another is Imam Razi, and others have kind of talked about a narrative and a dialogue that takes place between the minister and his wife. I don't know the authenticity of it, but it's good to share at least some some elements of it. And that is that she basically came and told the minister, listen, I had guests

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come over, and use have humiliated me in front of everyone and told everyone that I tried to seduce him.

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Okay, and he's humiliated me in front of my guests. So now it's my word against his. Either you put him in jail, so he doesn't get the chance to humiliate me any further. Or let me go out and talk. Let me go out and say whatever I'm going to say. So that's

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The way he, you know, posits it again, I have an issue with the authenticity part of that how well we can verify, because that's not in the Bible is not anywhere else that in a traceable account. But again, it's an attempt to fill in that gap. Something happened between, you know, he said, remove me from them put me in jail, they couldn't she couldn't just come to the minister and say, by the way, last time, you didn't put him in jail, this time put him in jail, what reason would he have to put him in jail if he knows he's innocent, and in this ayah, the author already there, meaning they've looked at all the signs and the signs point to the fact that they're guilty, and he's innocent,

00:30:33--> 00:30:37

which is actually why, because he's innocent, he should go to jail.

00:30:38--> 00:31:14

That's actually why he should go to jail, which tells you something about corrupt politics, and corrupt systems that have existed throughout the history of humanity. Alhamdulillah, we're in 2020. So corrupt policies don't exist anymore. Corruption is a thing of the past, because we're modernized and civilized human beings. So the idea that somebody would be thrown in jail, because they have the truth with them, or they may be barred from speaking, or they're made to disappear, because it might make some politician look bad, or they may be fired from their post, because they're speaking the truth. And it doesn't jive with a certain administration. So they should be silenced in some way or

00:31:14--> 00:31:50

the other. That doesn't happen anymore. Does it damn crazy. This is ancient history, this has nothing to do with now. The problem though, was, even though they're gonna put him in jail, they can't give him a trial. Why not? Because you've given them a trial, you're gonna have to have testimony and evidence. And if you have testimony and evidence, you can only try to corrupt it so much. The public already knows what happened. enough people know, somebody might leak something, this is gonna get really bad. And by the way, if that happens, even if he is found guilty after a trial, the public shame that we will bring to the politicians is more than they can handle. Right?

00:31:51--> 00:32:30

So what's the other solution? I mean, if we're gonna put him in jail, maybe we should put him in, you know, detention. So he's not imprisoned, he's just detained. And detained means that you can be in the same cell, that a presence, you know, sentence person is in, except they have a trial date, you don't because you're just being what? held, you're just being detained. That's the it's a nicer word. But it's a much worse situation. And it's because they actually have a hope of getting a trial date, you don't? Okay, so you're just being held, you know, detained for whatever, you know, national security. So what did they say to themselves, that they should throw him in jail? And then

00:32:31--> 00:32:49

you would imagine the minister would maybe have a problem with that? Listen, I know, we should, he didn't do anything. And yeah, I see that we have to throw him in jail. But I did invest quite a bit in him. And I think maybe this relationship can be eventually salvaged. When this blows over, I'll let him out. I mean, he did have feelings for him. So to some extent,

00:32:50--> 00:33:29

so the ends had to happen until sometime until the time, at least for now, let this blow over. And until then he should be detained. And obviously, we shouldn't put it on the court schedule, because we can't have that. So let's just put them in a cell. Let's pay some guards to just keep him there. without it being too official. And now he's in jail without being registered as a prisoner. So he can't even expect his trial to be heard. There's nobody coming after him and saying, Hey, this is your court date. This is your crime, because there is no crime. The crime is committed by them. And so they put him in this place had him notice the parallel This is the second time this is happening

00:33:29--> 00:34:04

then, the first time when his brothers threw him in a well, what did they say to themselves? Somebody will get them? Remember, you don't have to tobacco Sarah, okay, it's not that bad. We're not putting them in there forever. It's not gonna die. Some caravan will come getting those to ease your own conscience, isn't it? And now they're putting him in jail. What do they say for a while? to him? It's not like we're putting him forever. Obviously, that wouldn't be fair, it's just for a little bit. But you know, what happens with a little bit? After a little bit, you realize, well, it's been a month, if we let him out now, the fellow servants and other people he knows in the, you

00:34:04--> 00:34:27

know, in the circle, or whoever will say, so why were you in jail? What happened? And inside? I don't actually know. Nobody told me what I committed. He could say that even that much will turn everything upside down. So maybe we need to wait a couple more months. A couple of more ones to become a couple more years. Because and the longer you wait, you're like, well, you kept him in detention for three years, four years. Why?

00:34:28--> 00:34:59

And if now he speaks then the what used to be a scandal about a cover up is now a scandal also about unlawful detainment and you know, you know jailing and misuse of the prison and all his other stuff might get piled up on the so they're like, we can't have this headache. You know what, let's just I know, this is hard. I know. It's tough, but sacrifices have to be made, and so long as they're not me. Right? That's how politicians think right? sacrifices must be made for the greater good. We must fight the greater fight so long as we're not the ones fighting you are right when

00:35:00--> 00:35:06

They talk about going into the battlefield or marching for war or whatever else, so long as it's your son's not mine, when we're okay.

00:35:08--> 00:35:54

Be brave and fight this disease and go out there, so long as I'm not the one going out there. So as long as you're going out there, we're okay. That that's you fighting the good fight. So the idea being they considered him a commodity that can be sacrificed. So it's basically again, a repetition of something that happened to him before, remember how he was just used as Baba, just use as a commodity to sell the something to us. Now, even the one who bought him, put him in jail as something to use to keep himself safe, doesn't matter what he goes through. So they just, they just, you know, nahata him, they'll put him in prison until a given time, we've reached the 35th, I have

00:35:54--> 00:36:35

this surah. And at this time, we are now concluding the scene that took place inside of the palace, or this governor's mansion. The next scene is actually when he's inside prison. So before we go on to the next scene, we're going to continue with in keeping with our series, and I'm going to have a conversation with shift sohaib and socket Saeed and Osaka St. Roger, and the three of us are going to have a conversation starting Monday about the corresponding passage that has to do with this incident in the Bible. So we're going to go through that verse by verse and do a comparative analysis so that you understand both sides of it inshallah, I took some suggestions from you guys

00:36:35--> 00:37:04

last time about summarizing our findings and putting them also up so I'll take that into account this time also. So I will not be continuing this series until we start that on Monday. So tomorrow inshallah last night of Ramadan for for most of us I think so last fast of Ramadan is tomorrow. So we're going to take a night off Have a good weekend for either inshallah Allah and then Monday will resume. So with that inshallah Allah conclude today's session barakallahu li walakum fucoxanthin Hakeem when I finally we accompany it with the chemo salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.