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Nouman Ali Khan
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of showing excellence in worship and avoiding disrespectful behavior. They stress the need for parents to validate their actions and the importance of protecting their behavior. The speakers also touch on the negative impact of parents' actions on children, including their children being manipulated and causing seizures and seizures being caused by parents who are physically or emotionally abusive. They emphasize the importance of not letting parents into one's own people's lives and not letting parents into someone's's own lives.
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Salam Alaikum Welcome everyone to amused by the Quran a series in which I love sharing with you things I find amazing about the Koran Today I'll share with you an ayah along if I'm short on an arm and one piece of it that really just pops out, it just sticks out. so incredibly cool say the ILO at Luma hora, Morocco, Kamala Khan, say, I'll read on to you, I'll recite on to you what your master has forbidden upon you. So obviously in the onset of this ayah, there's going to be already a mental preparation for the listener that Allah is going to make a list of things that are prohibited, so I'll list a few things but I'll skip one of them on purpose and that he could be he Shay and that

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you shouldn't commit any shark with him. Don't associate any partners don't commit that act of blessing of associating someone with a law creating an equivalent or anything like that with a lot. Well that have to do with documenting luck and don't kill your children because of bankruptcy. nosocomial nosocomial we were the ones who provide all of you and then we'll attack trabalhar, Mahara mihama. But well, Mama baton, and don't go near all the varying forms of lewdness and vulgarity, the ones that are obvious among those kinds of forms, and the ones that are secret will attach to the nuts and Lottie harmala level. And don't kill a soul that allows the life that Allah

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has sanctified except with just cause which means in the courts, etc. The legal masakan de la la quinta de Lune, and that is the council that he's giving you so that you can apply your intellect you can think and analyze. Now, I skipped one thing on purpose. Of course, the list of prohibitions is pretty clear. don't associate partners with a law, that's a pretty big deal. Don't kill your children, don't commit acts of shamelessness. And finally, don't kill any innocent soul. Right? So there's four prohibitions. But there's a fifth, that's actually not a prohibition. And here's how it goes. don't associate any partners with a law will be invalid any sudden. And when it comes to both

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parents excellence, when it comes to both parents, excellent. Now, if you think about, you better be excellent with both parents, you're not thinking about a prohibition, Allah didn't say, don't be mean to parents, let them have a home, ah, don't abandon them, don't, you know, let us die, don't don't scold them, you know, don't look at them with harsh eyes, etc. It's not a prohibition, it's actually a command, when it comes to parents excellence. This is one of the most incredible ways of the Quran expressing the standard by which one must deal with their parents. And that standard is excellence is the minimum, you know, in prayer and hudge. And, you know, in any act of worship, that

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we do, there's a minimum requirement that you have to meet for that to be acceptable. And then of course, you have to try to do better and better and better and better, there's always room for improvement in your prayer, there's your fasting could always have been better, but there is a minimum that you must meet for the fast to be considered an actual legitimate fast for your prayer to be considered a legitimate prayer, etc. Right. And so we know that acceptability depends on the minimum. But when it comes to our dealings with specifically with our parents, what Allah does here is he says anything short of your very best

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is actually her on his private private ID. Like he didn't make he made the minimum. Technically, he made the minimum, the maximum Subhanallah by putting all of those prohibitions and right after his own rights, don't do any shake with him. He didn't say, do the best worship of me all the time. He didn't say that. I said, Just don't commit the vile act of shit. With me. That's the prohibition with Allah. But when it comes to your parents, you better show excellence. And then he doesn't even say as you know, validate, be good to parents. He says, well, Bill, while eating a sandwich is actually a really amazing way of giving an instruction. You don't even say a full sentence you say,

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when it comes to both parents excellence, that's it, like in a word, you better watch it. There's not nothing short of that, as it's, you know, as acceptable of you. Subhan Allah. So this and I, as I leave you with this thought about how high the standard has been set for my relationship with my parents, you know, we're in a, we're in a time now where we can joke around with our parents, we, you know, we make fun of them and fun with them. And sometimes they don't find it offensive, and that's okay. But you know, when we trivialize things that hurt them, like, you know, in their absence, we're talking about how silly they can be and you know, how it would their quirky habits

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and things like that. We're talking to that we're talking about that with our friends. And you know, that if you're your father was there, your mother was there, and they were hearing this, they'd be embarrassed that not only are you committing an act of liba, which is you know, backbiting which is ugly enough as it is as a sin. It's far short of the excellence demanded by Allah for your parents. So when it comes to our mother, our mother and our father, which of course we know them better than anybody else, we know their weird habits better than anybody else. We, you know, your family moments happen and things like that, but we're going to shield them more than anyone else. And we're going

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to show goodness to them in their presence and in their absence, more than anybody else. You know, that's that

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How we have to hold ourselves. final comment on this in sha Allah is your very best is not the same as perfection.

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You have to do your very best Allah did not say it's gone. He said, Son, it's gone is a kind of perfection. You know, there's no such thing as perfection. Sometimes and I've met families I've met people who whose parents are abusive, that's a reality. Parents are sometimes they're physically abusive. Sometimes they're, they're emotionally psychologically abusive. This person when he's in the presence of his mom, he starts hyperventilating. And he starts actually having seizures, because he can't, the relationship with his mom was so terrible. And she says terrible things to him. Mom's usually are great people, but they're also human beings, they mess up too. And there can be some

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terrible examples of parents in the world. You know what you'll have to do the best within your situation. You can compare your situation to somebody else who's got a very much more normal relationship with their parents, and they're able to do all these things, spend time with their parents and hang out with them and go to dinners with them. And then you say, Well, you know, I can't do that. So I must be a terrible person. No, every situation is unique. And every situation requires what is the most that you could have done within your limits? Allah does not want you to put yourself in harm's way. You know, we don't accept abuse from anyone, not not even our parents,

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not even our parents. This has to be heard because you know, in the name of Islam, in the name of art, like this one will be valid in a sauna. We've made the assumption that parents have open license, no, they don't have open license they had they deserve the very best that we can do. And we're going to do our very best and we're going to be patient with them more than we are with anybody else. But injustice is injustice, and it must be called for what it is. May Allah azzawajal make us the best we can possibly be to our parents, and we as parents, may Allah make us of those who are not unjust parents or unfair parents or put undue burden on our children. May Allah azza wa

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jal make our children a means of our own salvation and us a means of the salvation of our parents. barakallahu li walakum wa salaamu alaykum wa rahmatullah wa barakato

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In Surat Al-Ana’am right after prohibiting shirk (the association of anyone or anything with God) Allah says “and when it comes to both parents: excellence”. Allah gives a directive denoting that the standard with which we must deal with parents is excellence. This is the minimum requirement and anything short of the very best is prohibited. We must beware of trivializing what upsets our parents and show goodness to them in both their presence and absence. This, however, does not mean that Allah has commanded perfection. He asks us to do our best within our unique situation. Some parents are abusive so this aya should not be interpreted as a blanket instruction that is obligatory under any circumstances. Each relationship is different and Allah is only asking us to do our best within our specific limits.

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