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keepin it real, real Sally key

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show. Greetings apiece. Have you seen those really big, nice billboards? It says, What does it say? said?

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My friend, that is what I need to say on it. But it says, Hey, I says you suck. And I'm actually Muslims. And you You're the the person, your actual Muslim and you are actual Muslim as well.

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So tell us about this billboard you got out there. It actually caught some, some attention of local media and people are talking about it. Well, it didn't. You know, in last one month, it has been on to 300 media, in Chicago, in Phoenix and St. Louis and Miami. And CBS News covered me on their national news. You know, one of the challenge at sound vision, we have a strategic communication center, we think of what is the problem? And how do we handle it? So a question came into being is that, you know, people say that why Muslims don't condemn terrorism, hey, we do it so many time, it has become a sixth pillar of Islam to condemn terrorism five times a day, and nobody's listening,

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neither terrorist are listening nor neighbors, so that what could be the good way of doing it. So some young people thought about this idea in Chicago, they approached that I say, hey, that's a great idea. And that billboard, talks in the language which people understand, and that's why media is covering it. And now our goal is to take it to time Esquire, where 911 took place where whole world media is based, to make a point to deal with the issue for once and for all, that Muslims are number one victims of terrorism, we hated the most much more than you do. We condemn it all the time. Are you listening? I'm listening loud and clear. I like what you said. You said that, because

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people who know the five pillars of Islam one is obviously testified that there's nothing worthy of worship said the Creator of the heavens and earth. dedicate your life to establish a relationship with one who created you praying five times a day, but that you said something that were condemning terrorism? More than five? were praying. terrorism has become a sixth pillar of Islam. Yeah, we have to do it all the time. And it's still no one is listening. Yeah, no one is listening. But that's where media comes into being and that's fair. You being on a brother albums is great. Someone you always have haters for everything. I mean, we Muslims out there doing some great things. And anybody

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who looked really looks into Islam sees Islam has nothing to do with many of these vicious violent acts. But you know, you you have the haters, some people are like, why isn't this an Arabic andraka? In in Iraq somewhere where they are at? Oh, I'll give you I'll give that hater $2,000 go put it up there. I think they are the same people, as I say something. They're both hate mongers. Yeah, I'm in the color of his skin may be different. But both are the same, but they hate humanity. But you know, but the ad Muslims need to take conversation forward. It's our responsibility as a responsible Muslims, as an excellent citizen to start a conversation in this country that terrorism and war is a

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connected phenomena. Both are connected. Actually, there is a class fellow of mine, Robert Pape at the University of Chicago. He has been funded by Pentagon, he has Complete database of all cases of suicide bombing. And he says, When drawn attacks go up. suicide bombing goes up. When American troops go up in any country, suicide bombing go goes up. So what he says is the terrorism and war are a connected phenomena. There was no suicide bombing in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq anywhere. When did it start? When bombing started? So you see, we can condemn terrorism all day long make it a sixth pillar of Islam or seventh eighth or ninth and the 10th unless our neighbor realize what is

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the contribution of war and drones and torture in creating terrorists after terrorist after terrorist, this thing not going to go away? Today it will be named ISIS. Tomorrow, it will be some other name and day before yesterday it was al Qaeda. So we need to we have a responsibility to be a good Muslim, and a good Muslim mean that we are a good neighbor so we can have connection and communication with our neighbors. At the same time, we're able to be a good citizen pointing out that how our country is hurting.

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That's a very important point you mentioned is this academic Robert Pape Robert pate. Yeah. He says that Islam has nothing little to nothing to

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do with these terrorists not only he says that, but he also says, even Buddhism has nothing to do with terrorist attack with with terrorism and he says Hindus in those in Sri Lanka are the first in the modern time was used suicide mongering against every Buddhist. So Hindus against Buddhists, but he says it has nothing to do with Buddhism or Hinduism. It is with the sense of occupation or perception of our cushy occupation, real or imagined. In the case of Iraq, Afghanistan, of course, it is a real occupation. And in the case of Pakistan, it's a it's a it's a it's a perception because they are coming 40,000 feet high, you bomb people. And I pick, you know, in Chicago, now the gardens

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are gone down, but I love okra, every time I enter my home, I go to garden first epic, fresh okra and take it home. And my wife knows how to cook it better than me. And she fries it up and waited. A girl in Pakistan was in the garden picking okra, when drawn came and kill her grandmother, parents and 30 other children, she got injured also, on a daily life and it affected they have this anger, how they will go into express that anger towards the United States, the United States is 40,000 feet high, or it's 10,000 miles away. These are the people who turn into terrorists, not all of them, but some of them do. So bombing and killing them will continue the cycle. So the thing is Iraq,

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Afghanistan, Pakistan, none of those countries have suicide bombing before American occupation and bombing. So as a citizen, we need to be confident that speaking the truth is his duty as an American citizen, as well as his duty as a Muslim, if Muslims are not going to help with neighbors talking on these issues. Who else? Well, when it comes to ISIS, we condemn ISIS. Not only we condemn ISIS anytime, you know, that Orlando guy who bombed and all that his massive people in farming of pa a year before that the guy is going nuts. FBI didn't do anything about it, because they were probably looking at some laws that well, he's talking about it not doing anything, but probably I hope they

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had kept an eye on it on this guy. So Muslims are against terrorism, because we are the number one victim of war, as well as war of terror, as well as terrorism itself. So what you're saying is, I mean, these groups didn't exist, you don't have an Islamic history, suicide bombing, the academic terrorist experts said these are politically motivated. So is this the root cause is all who's taught many people there are many academics, many people talking about it, but it doesn't that we need to go to the root cause and this seems to be it that the war machine is making all these terrorists these creating this Boogeyman and you know, like you're saying people are sitting in

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their, you know, small little farm or in at a wedding, relaxing with family reunion next to you know, a bomb kills 50 to 100 innocent men, women in Shoal to three generation are lost. You see, I'm not saying that idea. I'm not a scholar of terrorism or war, but he is Dr. Pitt, he is a nightmare. How come they don't bring him on you don't see him on some of these fox news channels. Now, this is this is where I say that the the media irresponsibility comes in, the guy cannot be more authentic because he is funded by Pentagon itself. And he keep doing this research. And he has done amazing thing. His research is available online. Yeah, you can go and search the he has the Complete

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database of 100% of all suicide bombing in last 2030 years. Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, whatever you want to call them. And he based on that research, says the suicide bombing and terrorism is a political thing. Political That's what he said has nothing to do with any religion whatsoever. Nothing to do with Islam. We're gonna take a break. We'll be right back with more. With the founder of sound vision Abdul Malik Majora head, we'll be right back. Please subscribe to the show. Follow us on our official Facebook and Twitter pages in the links below. Please also help support the show by making a donation in the link below.

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Back here on the dean show. Now that's interesting. You also helped produce this wonderful flyer. You know That's ironic because people the haters will be out there and we talked about this before. It's like a 200 plus million dollar a year annually. It's a big business bashing Islam you have the Islamophobia leading at least 2000 to at least $200 million a year that is reported to IRS. By 34 organizations there are more organization and it doesn't include the hate media like farms. All they do is create hate yeah

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But when you look at for instance, I mean, you have the Supreme Court, you have Harvard University honoring the people who talk about Islam being unjust and the Quran doing X, Y and Z of injustice, but Harvard University honoring chapter four of the Quran as one of the highest expressions of justice, you also have here, the Supreme Court and tell us about this, you know, honoring Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, and you guys made a flyer about this. Can you tell us what is it very important to realize sense of fairness in America, and Muslim God not in any powerful position to force Harvard to put a prime example of justice to be found in Quran? Yeah, in which God commands

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you to be just even if it goes against you individually or against your own people. Similarly, in 1934, Supreme Court of the United States, if you go to Supreme Court, I went there and I saw myself, if you see myself as sitting like a judges are sitting in the Supreme Court. Yeah, on the right hand side, the second, Moses first, the second comes Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam, as one of the greatest law givers of the world, and here are people jumping up and down against Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. So hate mongers are not part of the America they are hate mongers. They are just like kkk in the Christianity. And now this Muslim Zion is some Christian missionaries active jumping

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up and down on Islam, as islamophobes creating a hate against Muslims saying that we are the warmonger. We are number one victims of war. More than 2 million Muslims have been murdered and killed in last 10 years, according to two research. And one of that research is a Nobel Peace laureate organization called physicians for social responsibility. based in Washington, DC, they said just in two countries, Afghanistan and Iraq, last year, 2 million people have been killed, who killed them war, terrorism, terrorism kills about 510 percent of those people rest of them are killed by war. So war and terror is connected phenomena. And additional thing is hate. Because

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terrorists cannot kill other people, unless they generate hate. Similarly, war cannot kill people unless they generate hate. That's why demonization of Islam hate towards Islam. So this machine of Islamophobia, actually is a machine of war. Yeah, they create hate other people bomb and murder.

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So this whole cycle of water ism, and hate must be broken down. This is powerful prices. Prophet Muhammad, last and final measure said to mankind

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honored by the US Supreme Court, this is like the highest court of the land on honor. I mean, these are the minds the masterminds, you know, the, you know, the some of the highest people of authority, they wouldn't let this but this is really profound. This is this is it. But it is important to many Americans, they can't even fathom this or even the haters. They don't know about the day what they did was they were building a new building for the Supreme Court in which Supreme Court sets now took place in 30s. last century, and they decided to honor 18 greatest law givers of all times, and that include her two three prophets and Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and is one of those Wow, tell

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What about

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we have here many, again importers who talk about you know, the exaggerated threat. Also, we know that Islam, I mean, this these group, these radical groups have nothing to do with Islam. You know, we've been you made the interesting point about this becoming, you know, another pillar of Islam condemning terrorism back and forth. But Muslims actually suffering the worst from many of these groups. But what about this, this report, it talks about why does why did why do they have to manufacture its own plots? If terrorism and ISIS ISIS are such a grave threat meaning design treatments that go on tricking Muslims, you know, you got these people who have mental disorders,

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and then they get pulled into some kind of some kind of plot. That's mastermind. Have you heard of these events that are going on also, the manufacturer terrorism, but there's a history of

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hyper activism by security establishment. It has happened in the area of drugs. We have the largest number of people sitting in prison system, because three strikes and you're out phenomena, same technique of war and terrorism, or sorry, war on drug is now

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applied to war on terrorism. Now we are against drugs and we are against terrorism. But how do you deal with that phenomena is something in which wiser people need to think about, for example, in the 60s and the 70s and early 80s largest number of terrorist attack on the United States, according to FBI statistics, work coming from Latin America, Latin Americans are not Muslim. They're mostly Catholics, mostly.

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How come? That doesn't happen? Now Latinos from Latin America are not coming and hijacking our planes. They did that in the 60s and the 70s and the 80s. Yeah, what is the difference? At that time, we're sitting on their neck, we were militarily occupying or directing or assisting dictators and paying all the torturers in Latin America, so they hated us. Now, still, they don't love but they are not at actually committing a terrorism in this land. So occupation, and war is connected with terrorism phenomena. Now in that environment, there are some genuine terrorist in America, we have the case of Orlando guy who's on the record and the mosque, people informed that this guy's bad

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guy, there was a guy in Chicago, you mentioned log IQ person, he publicly used to talk in a mosque about that, that he wants to do this and everybody say, Are you crazy? You're not supposed to do that. This is not nice. Then a mom sat down with him and teachers sat down with him. He was not listening correctly. So for two years, the guy is going around and publicly talking about all of those things. And finally, FBI entrapped him So was that guy bad? Was that guy good? No guy was low IQ. He needed mental mental services he needed some professional guidance. Unfortunately, nobody provided until FBI got him but then there are other poor people who have nothing to eat in Florida

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and FBI agent is feeding them and talking with them and providing them all the material and everything say hey, you want to do this thing on bin Laden's you know take an oath to be soldiers and all that the guys are poor they want to eat something or short short shore now here they are we you know found a terrorism case those guys were mix of Christianity and and some Bible reading people who didn't know what their religion they're cooking up with. Yeah, manufactured a lot of that stuff is fixed up. We condemning all of the madness craziness, we're gonna take a break. We'll be right back with more unity show. Please subscribe to the show. Follow us on our official Facebook

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and Twitter pages in the links below. Please also help support the show by making a donation in the link below.

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Back here on the dean show, tell us

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pictures painted of a young lady. She's going to school where she's headed. She's minding her business, God fearing sister and she ends up getting tackled by several police officers. Chicago Muslim woman was running to catch her train the next she was tackled by Chicago police shows her in baseball cap and her job overtaken by five Chicago police officers listen only to the hit the stairs and grab my bags. They kicked me hit me. Take off my job. It happened at the loop state and Lake Station. ometer says Police also grabbed her backpack which was filled with food to end her Ramadan fast never telling her why. And they asked me why I put my food inside back. Why am Muslim? Why I'm

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why I'm wearing this clothes why I cover my buddy Were you afraid

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to die Actually, she thought they might be thieves until they arrested her ometer was charged with reckless conduct and resisting arrest. Today a Cook County Judge found her not guilty. Her attorneys say the police are guilty of profiling and violating her rights, perhaps in the name of vigilance. You're there at her hearing. She was strip searched video graph. And at the same time, men were allowed to see her naked This is the ultimate horror you can do to a Muslim woman can you tell us about her name? What's going on with that and paint painted? I paint the right picture how did this all happen? Very sad. Well, I spent the whole day in the whole trial. It was a long time back before

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that what actually before it came but many people don't know the story. Tell us a story not just Ramadan before last Ramadan. Yeah, here was a sister in downtown and she covers her face because that's how she believes in her religion in our country is freedom of religion to people so whatever they understand so she understands her religion to be covered her face and she is 30 year old, very tiny me and less than 500 feet high and very, very weak person

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five officers on a train station attacked her from behind

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and throw it on the ground

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and kicked her, arrested her took to the and she was fasting and took her to the, you know, police station where she was stripped naked. And photographs were taken. And women were doing that. But then they invited men to watch her also.

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And she afraid that those photographs are shared as well. And then finally they released her on her own because there was nothing on her except I charged her with resisting arrest. How in the world. So this was last Ramadan. So she was powerful enough, she went to here and there she called care. Nobody responded to her she called finally some Latin or friends who are not practical, who are not Muslims. They understand what type of harm is done. That's the solidarity of human beings comes in. And the one of the Latino activists who knew that I support their movement and march with the multiple time they informed me that Maliki nobody is supporting all Muslim What is going on? I say,

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I didn't know. So I showed up. So there were some good attorney, they fought her case, they say how in the world somebody can resist arrest, but five of you, each one of you have higher weight that she herself, twice as high in weight, and you attack from behind. And she had no idea you're a robber trying to * her bag or what and so she got released. acquitted of all criminal charges of resisting arrest is a joke, you know, everybody's stick with this resisting arrest thing by the police, especially when they are wrong. Now it's a civil rights case was going to take a couple of years before it goes to anywhere. But these type of things happen in your society. Remember that

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African American girl from Chicago who went to Texas who has

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who failed to put indicator

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to turn on the right lane. Now how many times you have done that thing? Yesterday, my wife says hey, put the indicator on. So she was thrown in the prison just because not have an indicator. And after three days or two days, she was found dead. Wow. Oh, yeah, a black lady in Texas. So these things police access is a real problem. Whether it's towards Muslims or towards poor people, towards homeless white folks towards black people towards Latinos. We need to be, you know, realizing that when we call if we are attacked, we'll call police. Right. But police need to responsible most police is responsible. But there is no proper mechanism of handling police, which is irresponsible.

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And that's what is causing the problem. So that sister, always a foreign student from Saudi Arabia, who was studying here was attacked in the month of Ramadan, with no cost whatsoever. She's now acquitted of all charges she became penniless fighting for herself. Finally, some public defender turned out to be good public defender who fought her case and got her so thanks, God, our taxes sometime through public defender do work. Yeah, that's a great example because you have a lot of police officers who do a lot of great work, but then you have you know, some some, and people end up not stepping up and

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taking care of these bad apples and things get out of control. And when the good cops Speak up, like in New York, 28 of them, they were all demonized and dismissed because they spoke up that what is going on in new york police department, Ghanian police department is so horrible. People walking on the street, they will stop them, especially the minorities, the Muslims and the black. They asked them to drop your pants, drop your pant to mean that you completely are naked down down there. If you don't do that, you are not obeying the order and resisting arrest and you will simply on the street, you will be asked to drop your pants

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radness Wow. Well, our country is great country, but it got a lot of lousy stuff going on. And that's why it is important for Muslims, to work with their neighbors

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to make our country better, improved, better civil rights, better human rights. And that's why it is important to not be alone. But they work with everybody who is being wronged to improve the situation and the system and the process. Before we conclude I want to talk just briefly about you have another pamphlet talks about what would the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him because there's so much evidence upon evidence because if you accept that he was the final messenger, then you obviously accept the Quran and the message of the Quran of purpose of connection with the Creator. You know, all of the wonderful things that are there, but

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he also

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So he prophesized about he warned about going to extremes he prophesized about such extreme groups coming I always point this out as another evidence that he prophesized he said that, beware of such and such groups and describing them and we seeing these things come today. So tell us briefly, what's this. You have another one, what would Prophet Mohammed think of this such group? Because ISIS is ISIS does things I mean, ISIS is a reaction to terrorism. Just imagine right now, two cities, Aleppo, Russian and assets are bombing. And then Mosul. Americans are Iraqis are bombing these are civilians, hundreds and 1000s of civilians, some of them will become angry, and they're

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going to join ISIS and ISIS will continue to thrive but ISIS methodology what they are doing, while they are resisting and all that at the same time, they're violating each and every teaching of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. He

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liberated slaves, these people insulate people yeah, you have a list here right? I have a whole list of thing and you can listen right here exactly Prophet says this ISIS does this prophet says this is the Prophet says don't want anything ISIS wants people to that. Prophet says that the the respect to people of other faiths, they destroy the people of other faiths. Each and everything prophet is stood for the people go against. Yeah. All right, we're about out of time.

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out of time. Yeah. I want to talk to you one more hour. I really enjoy talking with you, fellas. For people that are out there and they're tuning in, you know, and you know, they many people fall victim they to this false Boogeyman that's been created this fear and hysteria. And people are fearing the Muslims. They're fearing Islam, and they tuned in and what would you What would you tell people our friends are out there listening, I would say that connect with a Muslim. And you will see a human being just like you is struggle just like you. And when it comes to faith, there is more in common than uncommon because God is the one who sent all the prophets down here. But their job of

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the prophets was peace and justice, peace and justice Lee yokomen NASA belkis. God says in the Quran, peace and justice, and people of different faiths need to connect in this common struggle for peace and justice, in our homes, around our neighborhoods, as well as in the world. Where can people find you get in touch with you visit you all people can go sound sound one word, or type actual and you will land there. Thank you so much. As always a pleasure. Thank you so much.

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And thank you guys for tuning in. We'll see you next time every week here on the D show. Follow us on the Twitter like us on Facebook. Keep up with us. Subscribe if you haven't already. And we'll see you next time and until then Peace be with you. salami

Did you know that Prophet Muhammad and the Quran have been Honored by the highest court of the land and one of the most prestigious Universities in Amerian, while in the same America that we love An Innocent Muslim woman gets attacked? All this and more on this week’s new episode.

November 11, 2016

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