Tawfique Chowdhury – The Rise And Fall Of Al Andalus Muslim Spain

Tawfique Chowdhury
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smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Taala Juana Ileana body mean wash Illa Illa Illa

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wash Mohammed Abu Rasul Allah He estado salata Muslim, Latina taco la casa Kati Morton illa Anta Muslim en un NASA Takara Bakula de Hala Kaku minasi wahida wahala caminhada Java seven humare. java 01 is what law lady

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or ham in the law? How can an equal Akiba? Yeah, you

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know Haku Colin said either you slept

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on obaku mama you can. Sula who forgot the phones on Aviva. We're back for in Manhattan at catabolite Island.

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Mohammed bin Salman Allahu alayhi wa sallam

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said to her wakulla modesetting visa wakulla be that in Bala wakulla palazzina restructure brothers and sisters in Islam today we we have with us a very very beautiful and important topic. And that is the history of Angelus and we will inshallah be talking about in two parts. The first lecture inshallah will be on the rise of under this, and the second one will be about the fall of under this. Now people say when muslimeen talk about underload they are crying over spilt milk. But we're lucky we don't want to cry over spilt milk. Rather, we want to discuss the loss we want to discuss, discuss the history of unfairness in an intellectual manner, we want to discuss it trying to find

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out what went wrong, trying to find out how we took it over and what went wrong and how we lost the greatest city that the world has ever seen on the face of this earth. How did you lose 700 Library's Islamic books? How did we lose a mosque in which 12,000 circles were given at a single time? 12,000 euros was given at a single time? How could we ever have lost this? How can we lose pastures of green How can we lose Jannat you know,

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gardens which are called you're not because of its vastness, through which rivers flow through which they build artificial. waterfalls parallel such as it was a graduate of Spain How could we have lost the greatest city that this world has ever seen?

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Allah subhanaw taala tells us in the coastal city of Casa La lomita for Kuru, so relate to them the stories perhaps that they may think about it, relate to them the stories the past the things that have gone past perhaps, that we may draw some conclusions from some lesson from that. Also Allah subhanaw taala says in Ghana the processing in Ableton loaded Alba very early in their in their stories is a message for you. Is a message for you or people understand to think about, think about how Allah Subhana Allah Suna is always, always coming to think of how it was added comes into effect for those who deserve it. And think about how Allah Subhana Allah has great great, great blessing

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comes into effect for those who deserve it as well. From the benefits of learning about history, brothers and sisters, Islam without doubt is first of all, understanding the sin of Allah subhanaw taala and that is to understand how Allah Subhana Allah works. What causes Allah to get angry, what causes Allah retinas? mercy? What brings about Allah Subhana Allah is rough and what causes Allah Subhana Allah has great pleasure. What is it that Muslim men have always done in their life and in the history that has caused the downfall of the Muslim man? And what is it that the Muslims have done? What little is it that the Muslims have done that have been the reason for their great good,

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great glory? And truly in the history of Spain? We have a perfect example. Why? Because the history of Spain brothers brothers and sisters in Islam and of course it is. It is a shala What is that?

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Okay, obviously not not, not from Spain, is it? Okay?

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Truly in it is a matter which is

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a very pitiful matter. It is a thing of great pity that Muslim men have forgotten the history of Spain. And if you think about it, the history of Spain is two thirds of the Muslim history is two thirds Muslim history. 805 years of Muslim history. How can overlook the history of Spain 805 years of Muslim civilization 805 years of teaching the world then

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They now use this to attack us 805 years to advance every single branch of science. So panela nowadays we find in a western world leading us in certain fields will lay the Muslim in, in their time. They used to lead them used to lead the European every single branch of science that you can think of, until even the kings and queens of Europe used to vie with one another to learn Arabic until they used to open their suffers you know their suffers their dinners, and give thanks to their God in Arabic and they used to open their the dinners we could put the ledger with one bottle Hajji This is the glory of Islam, that had had reached the hearts of the people until the Jews until the

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Zionist the Jews of that time, also not Arabic, and they actually advanced Judaism through Arabic and the greatest of the books of the Jews are written in Arabic as well. And until the Jews themselves is to say that the Arabic is the best and the most richest language in the world, and how the tables have turned nowadays when you go to Saudi Arabia when you go to the streets of Jeddah people think of it as a great pride that they know how to speak English and they try and speak a little bit of English to you thinking that Mashallah, wow I know our Western language and they are so happy whereas knowing Arabic wasn't wasn't was a thing of pride amongst the kings and queens of

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My brothers and sisters in Islam, I'm sure you agree that 805 years is a tremendous time in which to realize all the sudden of Allah subhanaw taala Verily, when you read the history of Spain, and and the history of Muslims in Spain, you find that all of the sudden of Allah Subhana Allah, and all of the suit of Allah, in all his in all its types, and all its effects are found in Spain. So we find in Spain, the stories of great heroes and we find in store in Spain, the story of great cowards. We find in Spain, the story of great kings that we find in Spain story of great beggars, we find in Spain, the history of great and righteous and pious people. And we find in Spain, the stories of

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those people who were overtaken by the fitna women, and all they wrote, were copious amounts of books and books about fantasies about women, how they and they, and this is how we find Allah, the pious, and we find that not so pious. And so in Spain, we find a complete history, a complete book for all of us to go through, and it is a pity that today, we muslimeen don't read history, we don't learn from the past, because brothers and sisters in Islam, I'm sure you agree, when you read about history, it is as if you are looking into the future. It is as if you're looking to the future, because that which has come in the past, will happen again. You know, the past repeats itself, as

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the people say, and so when we read about Spain will lie It is as if we are reading about our day to day events. It is as if we are really about our day to day events. Do you know that the massacre that happened in Bosnia about 10 years ago, but was that 12 years ago now, or more than that, about 12 years ago, there was an example of that of something similar happened in the same area of sorrow, Sarajevo in the same place, the same massacre happened in the time of the Muslim rule in Spain, where in 70,000 Muslims were killed 40,000 women raped handler were we to read history will lie we could save ourselves from falling into the same traps. But unfortunately muslimeen have forgotten

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the history. We all say Mashallah, we are great and we are truly great. And Muslims were truly great. However, however, we forget the specific examples of how great we truly were, and read about history so that you know, unfortunately, we end up falling into it. That's why we find people not even

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you know, when I ask people do you know about the backlog bucket? Do you know what the Battle of the leader? No, no, people look at me with a blank face because they don't know the history of of Spain we when asked them about the you know, the story of started with Zia destroying the ship ships, people look at me with a blank face, when I asked them as well. Do you know about outdoorsman adapted about which the scholars of Islam have said the word not to be after Allah for this man, then Spain would have been wiped out. Islam in Europe would have been wiped out for a long, long time, you know, a long time ago before its time, which is in the in the year 897. After hegira. Do

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you know about Adorama, NASA who the historians, all of these stories, orientalist, the Muslim historians all of them all agree that he was the greatest ruler of this earth at that time, the greatest ruler of this earth at that time and his city was the greatest of cities when talking about kotoba. It was the greatest of the cities in all of the world at that time, nothing on this earth could ever be

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match that city and that King in his in his great.

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What about use of English mean? As as you may have said he is one of the most righteous and pious Mujahideen of Spain? And what about Abu Bakar? Even Mr. Allen, Tony?

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Tony, Willa is Allah He was an amazing day in 15 countries in Africa. He brought Islam to 50 of the country's brothers who are Muslims from, from Africa, all the Islam to this man. I will work in the Mohammed Al and Tony Allen tonight we have forgotten this great majority. And this great price Imam. Also what about abuse of jacoba Mansoor Al murrini, one of the greatest scholars of this religion, one of Savannah will be going through abuse of jacobina in one suit, and Marines life today inshallah, in the second session, and we'll be mentioning how this man, singly single handedly was responsible for fending off the Christian onslaught for 200 years for 200 years, this man was

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responsible and the actions that he did, was responsible for saving Spain for 200 years, and how this man single handedly saved the truth of Islam, the literature of Islam, the history, the heritage of Islam, by fighting the Christians for only one reason, what was his reason, in order to give back the Muslim books that they had with them? This is the reason why some of them so that they could give back what the books of Muslim mean that they had taken the books of the scholars that they had stolen, when they were attacking the Muslim lands. Also, what about what when we talk about, for example, Mr. Kotoba, which was the largest mosque ever, at that time, the grandison

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largest mosque with 12,000 circles that time, each circle having an alum, 12,000 alum with every circle, and every circle, and every every Island had students with him. Suhana imagine that imagine 12,000 circles at a given time will lie in this mosque of ours, we only have one lesson. And if we have two lessons at the same time, people will get angry. What is that man doing? What are they? Why are they giving lessons. But those people they were so busy, so busy gaining knowledge, knowing that knowledge is power, knowing that knowledge is power, they're so busy gaining knowledge in all different fields. 12,000 different circles of knowledge. Unbelievable. Unbelievable. And in, in and

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in kotoba by itself. 700 libraries 700 libraries go to any Muslim land. Now, how many libraries are there Public Library only. These are public libraries. You could borrow books there.

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And this is this is hand alone. You could borrow books. This is Muslim invention. Europe never knew about these things. They weren't a public library at that time.

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700 public public libraries, how did that happen? How are Muslims so forward thinking that they had 700 public libraries in one city? Once it is perhaps even more than London? I don't know. Perhaps even more than London. But each library had more than more than a million titles. More than a million titles. Imagine that. Imagine how there was so much into gaining knowledge so much into getting knowledge.

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The question brothers and sisters in Islam needs to be asked, Why was there a need to open up underneath? Why did the Muslim men open up endless What was the need for that? Well, once when the Muslims were attacking parts of the Roman Empire in Sham, where as the gentleman was asked by the Roman leader at that time, the Roman general the same question, why have you come to attack us? Why don't you just go and attack Ethiopia? Which is easier upon you? Why don't you go and attack Ethiopia? Why do you come and attack us? We are the Romans we are strongest. We're one of the strongest nations on this earth. Why do you Arabs you feel the Arabs coming from the desert with

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disheveled hair and blood sores and everything? Why do you come and attack us? and more as Jabba forgives oma said Allah subhanaw taala tells us and we'll call it Latina Luna, Camille Cofer

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Allah, special premises and five bores who are next to you amongst the disbelievers. Meaning that meaning that the way the conquest of Islam or the Tao of Islam should happen is that that will should be proposed or Jihad should be proposed to the neighboring cities before any anyone else. So because you are neighboring to us, so we start with you didn't care. You're the greatest city on Earth. We don't care. No, we have absolutely no care in the world. You are the strongest but stronger. You have a great army but the armies of Allah greater Subhana Allah we don't care. Allah says what are we started you know, we start off with it with your neighbors. So we started with you.

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And this is the same reason why the Muslims started off with under this because at that time, the Muslims had reached all the way up until Muslim so they are taken all of North Africa, which was Egypt, and then Algeria and Tunisia and what else is there and Morocco and so they had pushed all the way up until the end of Morocco onto the edge of the of the ocean until it has even been reported.

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Musa Musa have no say, who was the leader, at that time from the Caribbean, who was Mujahid, at the time who opened up all these lands, He even went up to the, to the Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean at that on that edge to the Atlantic Ocean with his horse halfway, you know, until his horse was was was almost submerged. And he said, Well, if it was not for this ocean I would have taken was if it was not for this ocean and my house drowning, I would have taken Islam to the ends of this earth. I would have taken Islam to the ends of the earth. Most of them said his father was abusive, and his father and even Sudhi and and NCD

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his father and sitting with two children who are growing up in the monasteries of, of the Christians when Khalid bin Walid opened up here. So in here they found that there was a city in which there was a monastery, Christian monastery, and in them with two children, learning the Torah and learning the Old and New Testaments, and these were looser and serene. So holiday, he told them to accept Islam and they accepted Islam. So from said, came Mohammed the son, Mohammed Hussein, and from Syrian came also Mohammed Mohammed bin sileni, as everyone knows, where Mohammed city who was one of the tabea in at that time, so Mohammed city, he went to Kufa and he stayed there his life. Whereas mustafina

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said he raised up he was raised up with Walid who was the halifa, who was the son of the halifa at that time, so when this when the Khalifa died while he became the halifa of that of the Muslim and at the time, of obviously, there was a homemade Empire. empire that time he became the Khalifa and Walid made his best friend, Musa his general, his first gen. And so Musa was sent to North Africa in order to quell the Berbers. out there that time, Moosa took seven years to conquer North Africa. Whereas Of course, before that, North Africa had already been been conquered. However, the people will always rebellious, and they would go back, they would, they would, they would make a pact with

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Muslim aid. And then they would go back so Muslim who said he followed the following way to follow the following following methodology, he will take up land slowly, slowly, and as soon as he takes up a city or a land, he will bring scholars to tabulate and put them there. So the people will learn about religion and the love the love the religion until the people themselves would be the army that would go on and fight the next lands. And in this way, he conquered North Africa in seven years, in seven years. And so the Berbers who are known to be ferocious fighters, at that time, became from the enemies of Islam to the helpers of Islam, the Berbers were not as people think that they were

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dark skinned and black hair and all that. No, they were, they were white skinned blond hair, blue eyes, there were blonde hair, blonde hair, white skin and blue eyes. This was how the Berbers were. And they became the great army which will which will soon conquer andalas.

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So Musa started to think in the year in the years before the conquest of under the so that is before the year 992, after Angela, Before that, he started to think where where does he want to go? If he went to go if you go south, and that is Sahara Desert, and there is no benefit in that? Because they're not in? They're not they're not after land? What are they after they after sukham? They after the people they want to teach the people about Islam. Right. And so most of them said, he decided to go up. And of course, AP is only is only under this at that time, brothers and sisters Islam, before I go into why, why and how most of them say attacked under laws and how you open up

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under this, I wanted to mention something very important that is the misunderstanding of people about jihad. And you see, first of all jihad is not as people say peace and harmony and sincerity and this and that. It's just all about peace. Now jihad is of two types, there is a Jihad of a defect, which is the the defense of jihad, which which every logical person on this earth, every person of logic would already agree that there is there is the Jihad to defy which is defending ourselves in US logical when when someone tries to fight you fight him back. When someone wants to fight, you defend yourself and this is logical, isn't it? And this is the Digi head of the FDA.

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Whereas at that time, it was Jihad at DEF CON, which is actually jihad, the Tao as they call it, which means that the people would try and go to different lands in order to preach Islam to the to the people and spread Islam However, because the kings are that in those lands knew that if people became Muslim in that they would lose their power so they will always haughty and proud and they would always fight the Muslim in and so the Muslims got together their armies and they would always seek new lands in order to actually spread Islam in the same way in this way, but you had to abide by it you had to fill out by asking for the for the for the war to happen by by by them trying to

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spread Islam, Islam spread to most of them for example, that is parts of Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan

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In Syria, they will all open up not by good manners by the sisters in Islam, they will open up by the sword. And you have most of Africa, 50 nations, all of the nations of Africa, all of the nations that were ever opened up, will open up with the sword and then Eastern Europe, they will open up with the sword and also apart parts of western Europe wherever the Muslim world such as Greece, such as Malta, such as Cyprus, yes, they were they used to be Muslim lands at one time, at one time for centuries, Islam rule de Greece, Malta, Yugoslavia, Cyprus, these were all Muslim lands. And apparently, Islam was was a predominant religion at that time, they were all open up with the sword.

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So sometimes we talk about Malaysia and Indonesia and how they will open up because of good manners of the two jar. However, this is not the case. As far as most of the Muslim lands were concerned, Muslim Muslim lands were conquered were conquered with jihad. And as you know, the modernists these days, those who try to apologize for Islam on behalf of Islam, they try and make apologies. They say no Islam has Islam was not spread by the sword. Islam was spread by a smile. But the truth is no, it was also sprayed with a sword by them going to them saying either you accept Islam, or you pay the jizya. Or you fight either one of these three, and this is how Islam was spread. Okay.

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We come to

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Andalus. And what was the state of underdose? Before the Muslim he took it over and will lie in every single one of these things that we take is a lesson for us. The state of andalas was that the Romans became very weak in Rome, because obviously they were being attacked with the Muslims and they had internal problems, internal struggles, and Romans became weak wherever they had, they had the forces and so the Romans in Europe, and had were losing their grip upon Spain, at that time, a tribe by the name of vandals, they came in from the north and they took over Spain under and under loss at that time. So this is where the word under this comes from, basically from the word vandals.

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Right? And because they call their land when the lucea and you see, they were true to the word you see, the word vandals comes from them comes from this tribe as well. What does vandal mean in English? What does it mean?

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vandal man is a vandalism what's a vandal?

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Yeah, he damages apologies. he's a he's a wretched human being any any is a? What is it? He's animalistic, etc, in his behavior. And this is how this tribe war. And that's what they were called vandals. And that's why the description of the word English word vandals comes from the perfect description of this tribe. This is how they were they were inhuman in their treatment. They were animalistic in their behavior, and they would pillage and they would conquer and they would * and they would cut up women. And this is how they were until at that time, the Christian army came from the north, by the by the leadership of Roderick. And these were the visit visits of the Christians

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that took over. And most of that time, which is when the news at that time, they took over Angelus evangelists and so they were the army. They were the dominant power at the time when the Muslims attempt and musasa become a producer, the NASA said, who was the Imam in Muslim and Muslim Of course, at that time constant consisted of everything of North Africa, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, and, and and Morocco, as all of this was Muslim in the Muslim empire that time so Muslim said who was a leader, and the halifa and the and the representative of the Khalifa at that time, so he decided to think how am I going to pass the Strait of Gibraltar? How am I going to pass the Straits of

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Gibraltar which is approximately 13 miles miles distance. So basically, from the highest tip of Africa, which is scepter, until the bottom tip of Spain, which is mount which is, which is the mount of Gibraltar is about 13 miles, how is he going to cross this? And then he thought, obviously, the way he's going to cross it is by building ships. So he started to, to build ships, and he started to ask his people, and he set up small harbors in order to build ships. However, it was a difficult task. It was a very, very difficult task, because the land at that time was very, very rocky, I was not possible to find good places to harbor but because most of them who said was such a righteous

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man, and Allah subhanaw taala, helps his slaves. You see Allah, Allah says, in terms of lion Sudoku, if you help Allah, Allah will help you so because Muslim said was a helper of Allah Subhana Allah so Allah helped him, how did Allah help him? Well, in the year 91, after hegira in the year 91, this is the year before analysis to be conquered in the year 91. After hegira. Julian was the leader of scepter and scepter was was the harbor city, which is the closest thing to Spain at that at that time. Okay, the harbor city, which is on the top of Africa that time, Julian he sent his his daughters Julian obviously he was Christian. He sent his daughter to to Roderick was the king of

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Spain at that time in order to study with him in order to

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study with the monks at that time over the However, because she was a very pretty woman, Roderick you couldn't keep her keep her hands off her and he raped her. What do you do? He raped her. So Julian got very angry. And he knew that Roderick had to be taught a lesson. But he couldn't do it himself because all he all he had was a small city. So he sent an emissary to Musa Musa and said, Oh Moosa, I will give you the ships because obviously he was a hovering city. So he had all the ships that the Muslims needed. I will give you all the ships, and I will give you some armor, and I'll give you x y, Zed, everything that he needed. And only thing i want was some lands. He just wanted

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some hands when under this was concrete. And who's gonna say he fell down prostrating to Alaska. This was the victory he was asking for. He was this was a victory he was asking for, because the Muslim armies could not accept it because of his location. They were not able to take over scepter. So scepter was the only link to really attacking underload and see how Allah subhanaw taala just gave it to him as a gift. And all this man wanted was some lands and the Muslims were easy, happy to give him lands. It was Atlanta they wanted it was to spread Islam, that is what they wanted. And so in the year 91 Walid was the halifa of the Muslims at that time, he told most of them say to not

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attack in one go, however, to send an invoice off to Spain to just check out to see how the territory of Spain is. And so an environment and they and they checked out Spain and came back. And for most of them, they said, what was the territory and how the trains were with that most of them said he formed the army of the Muslim men, and his army consisted of the general by the name of Tarik musea, the great hero of Islam by the name we thought it means Yeah, that means Ziad was blond. He was white. He had blue eyes imagine this like for example, Abdullah and green being the general for example, everyone knows that green, right blonde, white and he doesn't have blue eyes,

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but then let's say blue eyes. And this is how I thought it was the other was the Great General of Islam. And he was a Berber and he made his army from the Berbers and he got on the ships, and he went off to Spain. And and he landed there. Over there. He took over some of the cities, some of the harbouring cities, and he took over the cities when he took over these cities. These cities sent an emissary, a messenger to King Roderick, who was living in the middle of Spain, and who was rooting for Spain and lived in the middle of Spain and he sent an emissary to King Roderick and said at this emissaries candlelighters report in the books of history that this emissary came to came to King

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Roderick and said, Oh gogrid King are being attacked with for via people from the sky. And the king said, What What do you mean? We are being attacked with the people from the sky? And the king would understand to explain yourself, man, what do you mean? And they said will lie. At night they pray like priests, and in the morning they fight like lions, so they can't be human. They are people from the sky and will lie This is how the Muslims work. At night, they will be besieging Allah for victory, praying to Allah, even though the whole morning. They were fighting like lions fighting for the morning until the Knights huddle. This is how the Muslim or this is how they were able to open

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up the world. This is how we are now so proud nowadays and says Allah, look how great the Muslims were. It was because of this, a Bachelor of this this worship of the slave of Allah subhanaw taala the slaves of Allah who used to be preset night whereas they were monks at night whereas they were part of the fighters warriors in the morning. How can the kuffar ever How will the disbelievers ever succeed? How can they ever succeed against this army 7000 numbers so they gathered on the plains

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in order to fight against the forces that King Roderick had amassed. And they heard the Muslims talismans. He had heard that the Muslims that King Roderick had amassed a huge army, a huge army, he didn't know how much so he just sent and sent a messenger back to musashino said in Madrid and said almost all we need some help. So Moosa sent 5000 soldiers, and that's all he could have at that time. So he said how much 5000 soldiers so the number of Muslim army was at that time how much 12,000 12,000 and with that, thought it was your approach the battlefield. Third, approach the battlefield, King Roderick he was very, very haughty and proud. He was a man who knew who thought

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that Allah had guaranteed who thought that victory was a guaranteed was guaranteed. So he came with his great throne the people the peasants, and the slaves will carry his great throne that was studied in jewels, and then they had the most richest full of gold, a throne made of gold suddenly with with precious gems. This is how King Roderick came. And he as historians also noted that he bought a lot of a lot of donkeys with him. And when asked what did you bring on the donkeys? He said, because when we conquered the Muslims, I'm going to take the

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tie the slaves to my donkeys and make them roam across my my territory is to show

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them how we are so great and how we defeated the Muslims and how petty they are. And that's why he actually bought so many donkeys hundreds of hundreds of donkeys in order to,

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to try and fight the muslimeen as per the law, because of his kibble Allah was to give him the lesson of his life, allow us to give him the lesson of his life. So Tarik luzia. It has been reported in certain books that when he saw 90,000, or 100,000 Christians in front of him 100,000 Christians in front of him, what did he do? He told his people to burn the ships. He said to eat all these people to burn the ships. Why? So that people know that there is no way out there is either Victory or death. This either victory of death. The Muslim historians did not report this event. The Muslim historians don't report this event it is only the orientalist report this event so we don't

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know truly what it is whether it is a true event or not. And there are some doubts about his authenticity. But whatever whatever the reason that it was yeah didn't turn back and the Muslims never turned back and they pressed on and they were at the battlefield about to start one of the greatest was that was ever to be recorded in history that was ever to be recorded history. My question to you before I go on to the battle is this question but is Islam which party Do you feel sorry for?

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Which one do you feel sorry for Do you feel sorry for the Muslims? Were 12,000 number or do you feel sorry for the 100,000

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why, by the way, why is so illogical white?

00:31:31 --> 00:31:32


00:31:33 --> 00:31:34

the righteous so

00:31:36 --> 00:31:38

you know, I mean, because I know history

00:31:40 --> 00:32:21

Mashallah, say you should have read the history so I could have tested you a little bit. But anyway, hamdulillah truly brothers and sisters, now we don't feel sorry for the Muslims. Why should we feel sorry for them even though they are lesson number, they have armies from the heavens coming down to aid them. Whereas these people they have nothing except their own swords will lie. The Muslims have a Rabbani, an Imam, a fighter and a Mujahid Anna and a pious man leading the Vatican Ziad whereas the disbelievers have a hottie king who will lash the people if they do not if they do not fight and who will after the after the battle take all the all the winnings to fall himself. And he has

00:32:23 --> 00:33:02

put four taxes upon the people in order to fund the war. This is how the king was and they are being led by this king. How can they ever be equal? For Nigel Muslim in ecology the mean? Shall we ever make the Muslim in the Muslim mean? Like the majority mean like those who are evildoers? Malcolm Tifa Come on. What is wrong with you that you do not understand? How do you judge? How do you judge so how can we ever feel pity for the other one? We're lucky we have 12,000 people here who as Khalid bin Walid Rahim Allah had said to be comin, you have boon and moto karma to have been hired, as Khalid said about the about the Muslim warriors is that I have come to you the people who love to

00:33:02 --> 00:33:03

die like you love to live.

00:33:04 --> 00:33:41

Whereas those people they love to live, and they hate to die, the 100,000 they love to live and they hate to die. And the only reason that they bought them there was because the nobles did it, they didn't bring them would lash their backs and take their wealth away and * their women it did not come and fight. This was the only reason they were coming to the battle. So how do you think? how can how can how can the two armies ever be equal, they cannot be equal. That is why Muslim men were in a better place. Better situation, even though they were 12,000 number. And so the battle started six days it lasted. And on the sixth day the Muslims won. On the sixth day, the Muslims, one

00:33:41 --> 00:34:24

Roderick died, most of the Christians were were killed. Most of the Christians in that battle were killed. The sons of Roderick were killed. Roderick himself fled or he died and found the Muslims only a few in number died, only a few in number died and Muslim in had the whole of undress open to them. Because now the king had fallen. There was nothing left on their way. And so city after city, city after city, that means he had pressed on until he took over all of Spain. And later on he Proust pushed on into parts of Europe as well. In this way Muslims had taken over all of the city and the people what was more interesting was that the people did not rebel. The people who are there

00:34:24 --> 00:34:34

that in those cities, the Christians and the Jews did not rebel, because they found the Muslims more trustworthy, they found the Muslims true to their word whereas these Christian

00:34:35 --> 00:34:39

kings were not true to the word they will always break the treaties.

00:34:40 --> 00:34:59

There will always be the treaty so why would they ever go here some Muslims, they would actually prefer the Muslims to be their leader rather than the non Muslims. And now I read to you certain things which the historians of of the of the disbelievers have written. I will mention to you what the Muslim historians have written but just listen to what the the story is.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:11

of the disbelievers are written about the greatness of Angelo's and how the victory of Solomon's yard paved the way for a new chapter in civilization. We have Stan Lee lane pool, which is,

00:35:12 --> 00:35:52

which is the author of the book, The Moses in Spain. He writes in his introduction for nearly eight centuries under the under the Mohammedan rule, Spain set all Europe a shining example of a civilized and enlightened state. Her fertile provinces rendered doubly prolific by the industrial engineering skill of the Congress, and it bore fruit 100 fold. Cities innumerable sprang up in the rich valleys in the Gwadar Veer, and the guadiana, whose names and names only commemorate the vanished glories of the past to Cordoba belong all the beauty of Toba basically, and that's called double, to call them a belong all the beauty and ornaments that delight the eye or dazzle the site. Her long line of

00:35:52 --> 00:36:25

Sultan's form her crown of glory, her necklace is strong from the pearls, which haploids have gathered from the ocean of language. Her dress is the banners of learning well knit together by her men of science and the masters of every art and industry, of the hymn of garments, art, literature and science prospered and they then prospered nowhere else in Europe, mathematics, astronomy, botany, history, philosophy, and jurisprudence were to be mustered in Spain, and Spain alone, whatever makes the kingdom great and prosperous, whatever tends to refinement and civilization was found in Muslim Spain.

00:36:27 --> 00:37:05

And we find SP Scott in the history of the Moorish Empire and European rights. Yet they were knowledge and learning everywhere except in Catholic Europe, at the time when even kings could not write or read. A Moorish King, a Moorish basically the Muslim King, Moorish King had a private library of 600,000 books. At a time when 99% of the Christian people were wholly illiterate. The Murray city of Cordoba had 800 public schools, and there was not a village within the limits of the Empire where the blessings of education could not be enjoyed by the children of the most indigent peasant, and it was difficult to encounter even a Moorish peasant who could not read or write.

00:37:06 --> 00:37:48

Unbelievable, isn't it? And they say that we are against education. They say we are against teaching women's Pamela Thompson in his Muslims, Andalusia, he writes, Europe was darkened at sunset Cordova shall be shown with public lamps. So when Europe was back in one at sunset Cordova shown with public lamps, they actually have public lamps, unbelievable. Europe was dirty, whereas Cordova built 1000 baths, Cordova changes undergarments daily people and in Europe lay in the mud. Cordova streets were paved. Europe's palaces had smoke holes in the ceiling corridor was Arabic were exquisite. Europe's nobility could not sign its name quota was children went to school. Europe's monks could not read

00:37:48 --> 00:38:06

the baptismal service. It's unbelievable honor when you read about it, and the greatness of Spain, and it had left everyone behind everyone behind so far ahead, is unbelievable. And chordomas teachers create a Library of Alexandria and dimensions. And these are just brothers and sisters. Now these are just panela.

00:38:08 --> 00:38:38

glimpses at the greatness of Spain, glimpses of the greatest of Spain. Well, life is parallel, like if you were to go to Alhambra. And these are the palaces of Spain and you were to go to the, to the vast gardens that that still try to preserve, you are amazed at the beauty of their creation. You are amazed at how their architecture was so great, you're amazed at how in every single branch of science, they had pioneering books, which even to now they are, they are preserved as as evidences of human achievements. Pamela,

00:38:40 --> 00:38:41

Long Island

00:38:42 --> 00:39:12

law knows best. However, when Spain was taken from us, it was truly a loss to humanity. When Spain was taken, and the Muslims were were thrown out of Spain. Truly, it was not just a loss to Islam, but it was a loss to humanity and Muslims and humanity itself lost one of his greatest assets and these were the Muslims and this is what the world has lost as lost by the downfall of Muslims they have lost a lot of honor they have lost knowledge they have lost

00:39:13 --> 00:39:55

greatness in every single field they have lost masters in every single field they have lost a lot of respect as we will take inshallah, in the next lesson you will see how the world has truly fallen apart after the coming of off of the Christians into spirit How Will he win the Christians when the Christians threw out Muslims in large numbers and they pillage Muslims and the 800,000 women and they and they killed millions of Muslim in how when they actually did that and they actually banished millions of Muslims away from Spain. While law he victory was not for anyone except for the Muslims and and and and defeat was for no one except except the Christians. Because truly when the

00:39:55 --> 00:39:59

Muslims left Spain, Spain cease to be the leader of the world, Spain

00:40:00 --> 00:40:42

to be leaders of the world, Allah Allah knows best until the next session. Brothers and sisters in Islam I will start off our talk on the fall of Angeles by quoting to you what many of the historians and how they have described how pitiful was a state of Andalus. How pitiful was the state of the world when until this fall. And I'll quote to you what this man stan Lillian Poole, he writes in the Moors in Spain, and he is actually a very non biased a writer. And so if you want to go back to his book, this is actually quite a fine non biased book and that is Stan Stanley. Lane pulls the the Moors in Spain, he writes with Granada fell all Spain's greatness for a brief while, indeed, the

00:40:42 --> 00:41:28

reflection of the moral splendor cast a borrowed light upon the history of the land, which it which it had once warmed with its sunny radiance, the great effort of Isabella Charles the fifth and Phillip the second of Columbus, Cortez and Pizarro shed a last Halo about the dying monuments of a mighty state. When followed the the abomination of the solution, the rule of Inquisition, and the blackness of darkness in which Spain has been plunged ever since. In the land where science was one Supreme, the Spanish doctors became noted for nothing but the ignorance and incap in capacity, the arts of Toledo and El Maria faced into faded into insignificance. The land deprived of skills

00:41:28 --> 00:41:54

skillful irrigation of the most grew impoverished and neglected, the richest and the most fertile valleys languished, and were deserted, and most of the popular cities which had failed every district in Andalusia, fell into ruinous decay and beggars, fares and bandits to the place of scholars, merchants and knights. So low fell Spain when she had driven away the moods, such as the melancholy of the contrast offered by her history. And also,

00:41:57 --> 00:42:37

Prescott writes as well in his film, the two of spade he writes, The Arab suddenly appeared in Spain like a star which crosses through the air with its lights, and spreads his flame on the horizon and then vanishes rapidly into not. They appeared in Spain to fill her suddenly with the activity and the fruit of their genius and endowed her with a glorious glamour, which, which envelopes her from the pyramids to Gibraltar and from the oceans to the Barcelona, but abani but a burning love for liberty and independence, a fickle character, dispose of liberty and marionettes, neglect of all virtues, and unfortunate disposition or revolution, provoked always by an inflamed imagination,

00:42:37 --> 00:43:18

violent passions and ambitions or spirit to dominate and other factors of decay worth in the course of time to demolish this great edifice raised by men like Tarik Abdullah hermana, Nasser, Mohammed in Alabama, and led the Arabs to internal dissension with SAP their power and push them away to the emphasis of not millions of moves quitted Spain carrying the property and arts, the patrimony of Spain of a state, what have the Spaniards created in their place, we could say nothing but an eternal sorrow feels this land, in which the gay is nature's breath before indeed there are some ruined one humans would still look like these gloomy districts. But our real cry results from the

00:43:18 --> 00:43:26

depths of these monuments and ruins, honor and glory to the conquered more, and decay and misery to the victorious Spaniard.

00:43:28 --> 00:43:28

as well.

00:43:30 --> 00:44:15

A common Mr. Cameron he writes in the Spanish Inquisition, as a result of his Cardinal ximines course of endeavors. It is reported that on the 18th of December 1499, about 3000 moles were baptized by him, and a leading mosque in Grenada was converted into a church converts were encouraged to surrender the Islamic books, several 1000 of which were destroyed by Zambians in a public bonfire. A few rare books or medicine were kept aside for the University, University of el calor. xenons, claimed the moose had forfeited all their rights under the terms of of Granada. They should therefore be given the choice between baptism and expulsion, at Andrex, the principal mosque

00:44:15 --> 00:44:43

in which the women and children had taken refuge was blown up with gunpowder. All books in Arabic, especially the Quran were collected to be burned. Cardinal zims was reported during his conversion campaign amongst the Granada moves in 1500. To have burned in the public square of your ombre over over 1,005,000 volumes, including unique works of Moorish culture. These are books with the scholars have written over centuries being burned in front of our eyes, and this is how Spangler

00:44:45 --> 00:44:59

Spain had had had been destroyed after the coming of the Christians, brothers and sisters in Islam. What was the reason for the downfall of Spain? What was the reason for the downfall of Spain. The reason for the downfall of

00:45:00 --> 00:45:41

Islam in Spain was, of course for a number of reasons, the first of which was that in the people, there was true lack of Eman. People had become fascinated with beauty with this worldly life and they were into luxury in a way that you just cannot even describe. They were into luxury more than we are into luxury Subhanallah their way into big palaces, they were the leaders of the world. And so they had this pride in their heart, and they were into luxury like you cannot describe. They used to write poems about how beautiful the Spaniard woman were at that time, about about red, red hair and green eyes. And this is what Phil that there are books, then fantasizing about beautiful women.

00:45:41 --> 00:46:24

And this is another sign of how they were so taken away from from, from the women of this world, taken away from the women of the hereafter to the women of this world on truly the level of a man in the hearts had truly declined. No more was was a prayer, a means of of peace attaining peace, rather, rather the prayer was a burden upon them. It was a cultural practice that they were doing. Normal was gaining Islamic knowledge, a obligation rather it was a it was what the philosophers would at that time in the Angelus would call a waste of time, a waste of time because True, true knowledge was the knowledge of philosophy that the philosophers were were philosophizing at that

00:46:24 --> 00:46:24


00:46:25 --> 00:47:04

Also, of course, but instead Islamic was truly the fact that there was a lot of cowards in that in Angeles. Many of the kings are under this were true cowards. They were just cowardice and there is no other word that you can use to describe them. There was there were in the face of danger, they would leave in the face of danger. They would give up the Empire in the face of danger they would just make pacts with the with the Christians. And the Christians were completely treacherous in the way that they would look after their their packs and so people were cowards were true cowards on top of their brothers in Islam, people were traitors as well to Muslims, Muslim would help a disbeliever

00:47:04 --> 00:47:48

over his Muslim brother, something which the Altima is not a complete consensus, that it is complete, colorful, to help your muscle to work to help a disbeliever over a Muslim over a Muslim and to take over the lands and to * the women and for and to help the disbelievers to take Muslim women as as their as their concubines and slaves. It's unbelievable. You know, this is all what happened in in in Spain. It is truly a tragic, tragic history of a journey into a very, very tragic history. How these traitors these Muslim rulers, at that time was such traitors of Muslims, that they will actually help Christians, the Crusaders who they knew were traitors to their packs, who

00:47:48 --> 00:48:29

they would knew knew they knew would automatically break their break their packs all why because they just couldn't be bothered trying to divide the business couldn't be bothered, they will rather let the disbelievers fight their brothers and help them with with whatever they required. And because there was so much into the into the dunya, as we will come to this panel, one of the greatest one of the most treacherous rulers of Spain was Admiral Admiral and and let us take the history of Spain from 250 years before its fall. And we'll see how all of these things that I've mentioned to you are described in the history of Spain, I will I will start off with with 643 after

00:48:29 --> 00:48:35

hijra, that is approximately 255 years before the fall of Spain.

00:48:36 --> 00:49:20

In in Spain, we have different rulers at that time 643 after Spain has been broken up into different rulers, the Muslims are being ruled by different rulers. Ghana has a ruler and and and Seville has a ruler and so every major city in in over there at that time has different rules. Why because they just couldn't be together they couldn't keep the the rules at that time had too much love for power. And so they broke so they broke up. So we have this man by the name of it will ignore this is just a lack of this is just a title that was put for him his father was not alive, but he himself had very red skin. And that's what they used to call him. A black man, the son of the red man, and he himself

00:49:20 --> 00:49:37

was a red was reddish in color and he was the ruler of Ghana in the year 643. After he drew this man he made a pact with Fernandez the third who was a ruler of of city at that time, excuse me, city at that time.

00:49:38 --> 00:49:54

And he made a pact with him upon four things. The ruler of city at that time, Fernandez the third he made a pact with Bill Maher upon four things. The first thing was that he would pay jizya to the Christian

00:49:56 --> 00:49:59

that the Muslim would pages here to to the Christian

00:50:00 --> 00:50:37

The second thing he said was that he would not fight him ever since he had those forbidden against the Christians. Right? Imagine this will lie This is how we will be applying them to our current situation as well. Aren't we paying jizya to the disbelievers now? Yes or no guys? We are but of course we call it something else we call it, what do you call it, call it debt, we call it servicing the debt, we call it as Pamela helping them with the with the cost of the battles, they fought on our on our behalf in US federal law, but this is easier, isn't it? At least those Muslims in Andalusia, they were at least, you know, honest enough to to own up the day actually paying the

00:50:37 --> 00:51:17

jizya to the Christians. Okay. So jizya they would pay and so jihad against against those Crusaders of the of the army Fernandez was was was forbidden. And also the third thing would that was that Allah would give up a lot of his land. And the last thing was that a hammer would hit with us, his Muslim armies, his Moorish armies, in order to attack whatever enemy that Fernandez decided to whatever place Fernandez decided to attack. And what do you think for Nana's attack the first he attacked the Muslims obviously, who they attacked you wouldn't attack the Christians. So the first person yet attacked after I made this pact with the with the leader of the Nata was that he attacked

00:51:17 --> 00:52:05

Seville which was a Muslim city at the time, which is in Arabic known as well as media, as media was a place that he attacked the first as Williams the first place that he attacked, and the armies that actually may lay the siege to LSB Leah, where the Muslim armies led by Allah hammer. So as Mark was attacking his own brothers, his own Muslim brothers in order to help their Christian friend against his Muslim brother, and he laid a siege for 15 months, until esperia gave up and then they went in, they raped the women, they killed the men, they killed children and they, they told the people to leave the city. They told the Muslims who were there to leave, leave the city there were 400,000

00:52:05 --> 00:52:46

number they banished 400,000 Muslims, and these Muslims, of course, went went back to to Morocco or basically went back to Madrid because they had nowhere else to go. Look at this. What is amazing brothers and sisters in Islam is not only did asthma attack his own Muslim Brothers, but also his army, his army, any LSF ecological machine isn't there isn't a righteous man amongst them, is the righteous man amongst them. It was his army, how could he attack if his army didn't want to want to attack but he and his army all of them attacked? somehow. So not only was he corrupt, but also he was corrupt. You see, Allah tells us in the urn, and he says, in the law, you will be coming

00:52:48 --> 00:53:23

to see him very Allah does not change the state of a person until they change their own state. So Allah Allah did not say over here that Allah will not change the situation of the of the believers or the Muslims until the change the hokum know, Allah say, until they change themselves, so we'll let him because they were bad. The hokum was also bad because the people were bad. The hookah was also bad because we are Muslims are so low in our Eman And if you look at the movement was to me the general Muslims. That is why our rule is also the same. You can't expect them to be better if we were better than we would be better. But because we are so low in it, man, we have left left

00:53:23 --> 00:53:34

religion so much that is why our rulers are also the same. And that is why it was no better than the people who was leading until people but there

00:53:35 --> 00:54:11

was daddy Rahim Allah He mentioned in an interview about that, that the people have they're not at that time, even though they were the leaders of the world at that time, they had started to imitate the Christians. So those are the Muslim armies in Ghana who was led by what they used to wear their armor in the same way as Christians is to wear. The women in their in their own in Ghana used to wear their hair in the same way the Christian women used to wear their hair. And it was truly amazing people started to resemble the disbelievers Little by little, little by little. And so obviously when you resemble them outwardly, then your inner heart also resembles them. And this is

00:54:11 --> 00:54:55

exactly what was happening with the Muslims, when they are outwardly resembling the Godfather. And truly that was that which was in their heart as well was was was resembling that which was with the disbelievers. So we find therefore, that truly, murder was a was a truly evil man. And he took over here in the name of the cross, and he killed muslimeen and he drove he killed lots of lots of Muslims, he killed them. And the main mosque had Allah, the main mosque in his belly. He's the one who directed across there. He actually directed across there in, in answer to his Crusader masters, answering the call of his Crusader masters he turned the main mosque in Australia into

00:54:56 --> 00:54:59

a church and this is Muslim me doing it, isn't it? Well, of course this is enough.

00:55:00 --> 00:55:43

for anyone to know that it was not a Muslim thereafter. One important point that we need to know brothers and sisters in Islam is that the reason why he was doing all of this is that he was too busy to worry about fighting, he would rather not fight the Crusaders. He would rather spend his time building beautiful gymnasts and beautiful palaces. And in his time, actually, Alhambra was built, as you know, Alhambra, which is the great Palace in Karnataka, which is a great palace, and an example of magnificent architectural wonder. It is truly deserves to be one of the great wonders of the world. It is so beautiful and so great, we're lucky I remember some of our teachers who had

00:55:43 --> 00:56:25

gone there and they had a picture that and, and, and taking a picture of it. Well, I saw your eyes in the eyes of my tears, tears in the eyes of our teachers. And they were crying when they saw how beautiful Grenada was and how stupid and how silly we Muslims were to have actually let such a beautiful prize pass by us How could have let such a beautiful prize which is agenda on this earth passed by us. And at that time was aborted that it will Ashman was too busy building gardens, and in his time whilst the Muslims were being attacked. And once he was sending his armies in order to help the other disbelievers against other Muslim, he was busy building libraries. And he was busy

00:56:25 --> 00:57:07

building mosques. And you know, obviously most of that time we're not really properly really used as mosques. There were, you know, splendid displays or architectural wonder. He was busy building jannette as they used to call every garden agenda because of how beautiful they were. They were actually dig up canals, dig up rivers, manmade rivers, that will flow through the flow through the flow through these denmat in order to beautify and they will only make man made islands inside these these rivers in order to beautify it, you can imagine what he was doing. He was busy doing this and in his time he was the Muslims were being attacked. He built 300 like these of these jetnet 300

00:57:07 --> 00:57:47

Gardens you don't need 300 How many do you need? How many do you need really ever visit them in his life, and he will 300 watts, the Muslims were in such a state. We come to seven in the year 671 after Hitler. And at that time, the king Fernandez three had died and he had given given his place to alfonzo, the 10th and alfonzo. He was a very very evil man and he would constantly break the break the treaties. As you know the Crusaders as you will notice throughout our our lecture today, you will notice that the Christians always broke they broke the treaties, they will always constantly break the treaties. And the Muslims was was silly enough to not even realize that they

00:57:47 --> 00:58:28

were breaking the treaties and they would make a pact again, and in the pact they will say you have to give us XML land and they will give him and then again they will break the treaties and regulatory t in order to make another treaty again, and in this way continues for a number of years until we come to the 671 in which alfonzo the 10th he was an animal. He was an animal in his behavior and he would totally kill everybody and he would openly break the regular packs without any without any truck. And he was not political like like his predecessor, but he was more rude and hamaji or to ravage true Savage. It will happen at that time. He knew that he couldn't last against

00:58:28 --> 00:59:13

Alfonso the 10th. And so he sent for an emissary to to Morocco at the time. And Morocco was being ruled by this by by the Imam the great Imam, the great Mujahid the great hero of Islam. He of course if the mon Sol al murrini Jaco in the muscle abuse of Jaco, mon Sol and Marina and Jaco damansara Marina was para la jolla have described him with with things that truly describe how this person was the ducky at the soul of he was like the remnants of the self. And they used to describe him that he was cathedra. So he used to foster a lot, and he used to pray a lot and he was always doing Vicar and he was extremely kind to the poor and he still loved orlimar and he never lost a battle and the

00:59:13 --> 00:59:54

battle that he ever fought, he will always win, never attacked the city except that he won. He was a hottie he was a man he was a sucky they will describe him as as a person who would prey on light and fight all day. He was a soldier hit in the morning, and he was an Abbot at nights panela truly a leader. So when you're cool, everyone should have medini when he got a note asking for help from his Muslim brother in Andalus. Little does he know that this person is such a big, big treasure and a serpent. He obviously has every Muslim brother would do go to his aid. So he organized his army of only 5000 men, and he went off to Spain. So he left Muslim and he went up and went up to Spain when

00:59:54 --> 00:59:55

he reached Spain.

00:59:56 --> 01:00:00

He had a major war. He called for

01:00:00 --> 01:00:29

Major, he had a major war with the Christians at that time. And the Christians, obviously at that time were a 90,000 in number, whereas he was only 5000. And add another 5000 from the army armies of Grenada. And over there, you have called the monsoon murrini. He had given a beautiful speech, which will lie here I wanted to share with you from his great beauty however, like I don't think I can do justice to how beautiful his speech was. He said, we're in agenda Takata.

01:00:30 --> 01:01:10

Or is it not that the agenda has has come near, and the holes and the and the women of Paradise have won the Best dresses, they are ready to get married to their to their husbands? And the rivers have started to flow faster for in anticipation of those people who will drink for it. And the and the and the tents of paradise and it's and it's pull, and it's purely tents have become open. And the agenda is calling out to you asking you begging you to come and take its place? And will you not answer the call. And so we'll let you give such a beautiful talk to the people and the people all decided to hug each other and were there last close in order to as you know, they were already to

01:01:10 --> 01:01:54

die in the cause of Allah subhanaw taala It so happened that only 500 or 600 the Muslims died in that battle. However most of the Christians died of the 90,000 against 10,000 most of the Christians died against our law come in theoretically let in how many small armies have have overcome larger armies, the vanilla by the will of Allah subhanaw taala well lucky when Omar got a note of asking for help from his commanders, he used to write back to them Allah, I'm not going to send you any Mother, I'm not going to send you any help. However, I will send you this piece of advice, you will win not because of numbers but by law he you will win because of taqwa you are your greatest enemy

01:01:55 --> 01:02:35

he used to write you are your greatest enemy, Your sins are the reasons for your loss, not because of loss of numbers will lie. And this is so true. So true. We find yet again and again in the history of unrest and the history of a Muslim world, how so many few in number would take over large, large quantities of people. Why because of the strength of the men, because we're lucky they would love to die as we love to live today. And we'll let his final you know, and what can I say? Well, you know, I'm at a loss to describe how we have become so, so useless as soon as as soon as Elon had said they will not he will not be a lesson number will be huge will be large. So Pamela we

01:02:35 --> 01:03:09

are so large number that even a wave that came a couple of days ago you know the tsunami disaster and even though it wiped out 200,000 people will lie, we still have a large number, we still have such a large number. So we are large in number will lie but we are with circles that is said we are like the form of the ocean and will lie the solar system could not have found a better description for us. Because we are like this form that even the ocean hits when you know the ocean hits. And still the form doesn't do anything and the form only increases the number and when they shut down and the enemy hits us and then it says we do nothing. And we are like that form that just increases

01:03:09 --> 01:03:22

the number useless to the on my users to Allah. Allah use this to ourselves. We can't even defend ourselves to defend anyone else in the year 673 is the time in which

01:03:23 --> 01:03:38

jacoba Masuda Marina attacked the Christians and he took over and he defeated them. So when he defeated them, he attacked after that he attacked Seville which was a speedy at that time he attacked SP Leah and it remembers really it was the town that

01:03:41 --> 01:04:07

you know destroyed it wasn't it and it helped the Christians take over. So it took over a year thereafter he helped 45 Karnataka and he left Karnataka to ignore and he went back he left the Karnataka and he went back he left Grenada and he went back to to Morocco to Madrid thereafter in the year 673. Ashmore

01:04:09 --> 01:04:14

died and he had a son by the name of Mohammed

01:04:15 --> 01:04:17

Mohammed Omar was called

01:04:19 --> 01:04:22

he was called what alpha T the Wilma he Makana vifa

01:04:24 --> 01:04:34

he was not 14 at all I rather he was a jarhead ignorant man. He was a gentle ignorant message to say well he's Cathedral Vicar Cathedral.

01:04:35 --> 01:04:59

But he was considered difficult because a lot of thought used to think a lot and and and and you know remember Allah Allah he he would only think about how to be a traitor against his Muslim Brothers as you will see what happened when when the Aqua Masuda Marina was becoming so successful. And alpha k this man he became very jealous. He became what he became very jealous. So he went to the King of kings.

01:05:00 --> 01:05:40

At that time, and he asked the king to help him to attack Ooh, Yahoo, the monsoon marine. He, he went to his disbelieving friend and he asked him all my dear friend wants you to help me attack my so called brother in Islam and Spangler the king would gladly help him to attack your Muslim brother. So when you when you have to Masuda murrini heard about this, he came back in a hurry. And when he came back in a hurry to to Spain, again, obviously he was a Muslim, he came back in a hurry. When he came back in a hurry and the and the Muslim armies were there on the battlefield. The Christian army actually ran away. When the soul Yakumo so many they never, they never forgot him,

01:05:40 --> 01:06:14

because only a couple of years ago, they had 14 when they Yakumo Sylvania destroyed them. So Allah here it is, as Allah subhanaw taala had said, the solar system had said who said Rb masirah. Tasha, I have been aided with the fear in the hearts of the people the distance of a month travel, even before you after the monsoon Marina was was coming, people were whispering to each other Yaqoob is coming up Who's coming? What is going to happen? And of course, when they saw him, that's it they went they would rather save their lives rather than diet, the diet the sword in the on the battlefields of obviously when the Christians ran away, and the Christian King ran away as well,

01:06:14 --> 01:06:20

what was left of hockey was left and so fuck a salad to make excuses. He came to

01:06:21 --> 01:06:51

me and said, well, nah, he you know, I was pressured into this and that and will lie he knows how to make excuses. And this great Imam, this great habit, he forgave him, he forgiven for tea. And not only that he left all the lands and gave it to 40 as a gift, and said, just because you repented as well, all the lands that the Muslim armies from Morocco had conquered, this is for you as well as a gift and a tremendous the courage and the kindness of this man after the Muslim arena was truly tremendous. And he and he left that

01:06:52 --> 01:07:02

we come to the 685 after hinted at that in that year yakou komatsuna Marina Rahim Allah He died in the 685 and he was

01:07:03 --> 01:07:21

replaced by a sudden use of the globe. Everyone saw Marina use of this manual use of use of was not as strong as his father, however, he was also also a righteous man. He was not as as much as a fighter and a knight like his father, but but still he was righteous man. And when fucky

01:07:22 --> 01:07:35

fucky when he saw that use of the monsoon marine he had died. What do you think he did? Tell me what you think he did. He went again to the king of Estonia he went to them and said help me against

01:07:36 --> 01:08:04

against the sun use of support Allah he goes back to his old ways through this man hasn't repented to Allah Allah he goes back to his always let you know when you read about this. It is as if you're reading the biographies of some of our rulers today. It is unbelievable isn't it is unbelievable truly how they betray their brothers, even though the brothers had had so kindly forgiven them. Of course, what was the Hakuna Islam for for alpha key when he when he was actually attacking the Muslims with an ad with a Christian Rosa hobo Islam

01:08:05 --> 01:08:46

kill, isn't it, the hook of Islam for such such a traitor was to be put to death. However, we are the ones who would have forgiven him, he never thought that he was going to do this thing again, which silly person does that again, except a disbeliever. And so that is what he did. And he went against so useful murrini. And what happened was in the year 701, alpha died and he was replaced by an Amish, his son called Amish and this son Amish, he aided the Christians in taking over the Straits of Gibraltar. So now the Christians ruled over the Straits of Gibraltar, making sure that therefore the help that would come from Madrid from the bottom would not reach under this anymore.

01:08:46 --> 01:09:32

Meaning that that will be the end of the help that will ever come from Morocco and and and Madrid to ever help the Muslims in Spain. As you know, spatola you know, the people of Madrid had a great hand in making sure the Muslim Spain were together. And they prospered however it was when they actually cut off the Madrid completely, and the 45 the castles against the Muslim health coming from Morocco, that truly will let Hispaniola that was the end of they had sealed their fate basically, under loose their their fate was was sealed. So we come about about 160 years later, we've come to the year 871, which is 871, which is about 26 years before the end of under this before the end of Andalus. And

01:09:32 --> 01:10:00

throughout this time, 160 years, the Muslims had was was still led by very weak, weak rulers and they were always fighting each other and breaking up and the reason why the Christians couldn't attack them and take over the Muslims was because the Christians themselves were divided. So all throughout this time the Christians themselves were divided 460 years yet in the years 871 the Queen other Christians that Isabel Her name was of the

01:10:00 --> 01:10:38

The Queen of Castilian Isabel at the king of Aragon, they decided to get married. And what's the problem when people get married, there's no problem is there. But the problem here was that because two kingdoms were coming together, the Christians were not divided anymore. And because they were married now, and they will get married, and then and and so the forces of the Christians will be united now against the, against the Muslims. And this truly was the end of under this because Queen Isabella he made she made a promise that she would not sleep with the king, king Aragon until, until they are taken over the palaces of Karnataka, and that he would, they would only sleep together in

01:10:38 --> 01:11:15

the palaces of the Muslims. Somehow this is the promise. This is the oath that she that she took upon herself. And so obviously the king would want to sleep with his bride. And so he rallies his armies together in order to attack the Muslims at that time, the Muslims were being ruled by two sons of the halifa the Muslims at that time, but we're ruled by this person by the name of Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah Allah Allah meaning the person who is who wins, what is a better word for the violin, the person who wins by the by the by the fortunate with the good fortune of Allah subhanaw taala and by another man by the name of Allah, and he was his brother at level a devil basically

01:11:15 --> 01:11:15


01:11:16 --> 01:11:28

courageous person, obviously they were never created any huge titles Mashallah you know, like we have today in a custodian etc and this and that, we have huge titles that will lie he they have very, very little meaning Yeah.

01:11:29 --> 01:12:08

Empty meaning with a huge title is Mashallah and the titles are bigger than the people themselves panel and Allah biller, they are valuable and other they were fighting each other and electron of hamdulillah. They they agree to come down the fighting However, they decide to break up Guernica, which was the biggest city at that time, the the, the pride of space and spend the time that decided to break it up between themselves so valuable that took half of Spain, half of Guernica, essentially taken half of Spain with him, half of whatever was left from from the Muslim Spain at that time, whereas the devil took over the other half. So what happened was in the lab, he had a wife and he

01:12:08 --> 01:12:49

had a concubine that he had his wife was a Muslim woman by the name of Ayesha and he had a son with that with Ayesha by the name of a serif and will lie he was a serif he was called a Sufi I won't lie he was silly, as you will see, he is the person who handed over Spain to the far without even raising a single finger as you will come to each other. He was truly a serie, whereas a lalibela he slept with a obviously he slept with his concubine, and he had a son from her. She was a she was a Christian concubine, Christian woman. And and she was actually available I used to write poems about how he was so overtaken by her beauty and her charm. And it was later on found Of course, this this

01:12:49 --> 01:13:16

Christian punky one was sent as a spy and as a infiltrator to try and charm the halifa into giving over granata to the Christians. So she had a he had a he had a child with this description concubine. And and this child was his name was above the Love is a Muslim, and but yet, obviously from a Christian concubine, that people would never accept him as a leader over over Spain. However, the Christian concubine because she was she would always,

01:13:18 --> 01:14:00

you know, convinced him to she had a stronghold and vulnerability on the on the Khalif lalibela, she convinced him to actually put Ayesha and her son as severe into a into a tower, and lock them in the tower whereas, and to make her son which was above the law, make Hindi leader over the Muslims in Karnataka, and this is what he did. However, of course, the Muslims never wanted a man who was born of a Christian woman, and would not even accept Islam. And Muslims would never accept such a person as a leader. And so they had a civil revolution. They had revolution at that time, and until which after which they actually got out of surgery, and they made a surgery the ruler over over Spain, and

01:14:00 --> 01:14:04

a 78 as well, he killed us, he banished his father.

01:14:06 --> 01:14:17

And he took over the other part of Granada, which was with a double and so so he therefore united as ornata before the final handover to the Christians in the year 19.

01:14:18 --> 01:14:59

In the year 896, after Hitler, the year before andalas was to fall forever. In the in that year, the Christian decided to get the forces and fight, fight as severe as you know, 70 he was overnight to the last king of regatta and he was the one who was was a final thorn in the throat of the Crusaders. And a severe I will lie he didn't want to fight them. But then after asking all his counsel, he decided that there was no way out except to fight the Crusaders at that time, a Mujahid by the name of musala san Rahim Allah He rallied the people just like Chico slama Tamia did at the time of when when guitars were were attacking. Somehow Allah Allah said this man moves out of Assam

01:14:59 --> 01:15:00

to rally the people.

01:15:00 --> 01:15:38

And he rallied the people and made they want to fight, fight, fight, fight the Crusaders, and defended of the Crusaders for seven months, for how many months for six to seven months. Thereafter, the king and queen of the Queen Isabella and her and her husband for Aragon, they sent an emissary to us to accelerate and said, We will give you 70 conditions, we'll do 70 things for you with the condition that you hand over the matter to us, and give and give granted to us. And from these conditions or that that we will not harm you, we will not harm your your children will not harm your family. And you know, things like that all guaranteeing the king that he was going to be saved, and

01:15:38 --> 01:16:10

we will give you x number of wives and concubines I will give you so much money. And this and that spiral. And this man has studied he thought that this is a good deal. He thought that this is a good deal because he doesn't he didn't have faith in in the Muslim power, he didn't have faith in the fact that Muslims could defend their lands. And so he thought that this is a good deal. Let me just sell myself off. But then he made two conditions. And look at these conditions of account the conditions of account, he said that the king and the queen have to come and swear by Allah,

01:16:11 --> 01:16:26

swear by God, that these conditions are true. And you know, the Christians obviously say what a stupid condition, you know, as if we're gonna as if we care. And so they did it, you know, they read to this condition. And the second condition is that the Pope has to be our leader in affairs.

01:16:27 --> 01:16:36

And the Pope has to agree to these conditions. And so in the Pope's Pamela, how can you take someone it's like taking the United Nations as a leader, isn't it between our fans see how

01:16:38 --> 01:16:48

it is happening all the time, he's taking the Pope's handle as the Guardian in case of dispute if, if, for example, the Christian just doesn't fill up what fulfill one of these conditions, he's gonna go to the Pope.

01:16:50 --> 01:17:30

And that man is on land, this is so amazing. This is these are the two conditions when when the Buddha had muscle and muscle musasa when he saw these conditions, he gave a football to the people and told the people will lie. This is a end to your school, this is an end to mosques, this is an end to Islam in Ghana, you must not I must agree, but then the people agreed and agreed, of course most of the Nasser he had a small band of of men, he did not agree and he said well I will I will prefer death rather than rather than slavery to the to the Christians. And so obviously he put on his armor and he went out and fought in what we what we call suicide missions these days. And he

01:17:30 --> 01:18:13

went and fought until he died. And this was with with his death with his death, the death of Musa Musa Hassan died the Islamic fervor the the desire to defend under laws. And with that, surveyed handed over he he went off to the to the king and queen to hand over the keys of Canada to them whilst he was passing by the beautiful palaces while she was passing by the beautiful, beautiful palaces of Spain and the beautiful gardens. You know, these are valleys and valleys, not just one, one or two. These are valleys of the most exquisite architecture and most exquisite wonders in the world. And he went when he was passing by and he was taking his mother with him. The story is

01:18:13 --> 01:18:53

narrated that his beard was filled with tears and he was crying. And so his mother told him something very important. He told him, You are crying like a woman when you could not defend your city like a man saying I will be learning what a way to truly describe a coward and a traitor and a person who had absolutely no no honor and no bravery in his heart. You will can't cry like a man First of all, and you will also it was so small that you could not defend your city like a man's. And this is truly what describes the fall under this the reason why we truly let others go was that we cry like women we forget that we are true men and because we could we cannot defend our cities

01:18:53 --> 01:19:00

like true men Subhanallah This is truly the reason for the for the fall under this that the dounia had had

01:19:01 --> 01:19:31

had filled us up as a loss pedal so what what is the Korean American mafia mafia mafia? For suppose we have hochkar legal code for them or not at Mira? Allah, Allah says, Allah, Allah wants to destroy a nation, then he orders both raffia and what trophy has been a battle of the land who mentioned is that we ordered the people or we allow the people to be in to indulge in luxury for them to indulge in luxury and matters of this world, such that when there are so Delve,

01:19:32 --> 01:19:59

dwelling dwelling in it, and they're immersed in this luxury and love of this world of Palo Alto, then because of that we punish them for them Myrna Mira so we destroy them with the complete destruction. And this is what Allah subhanaw taala tells us and the truly love hate is because we have one in a heart and and hope home for the dunya one is the fear of death and and love for this life. Truly, this was a reason why we had lost some of the greatest, you know treasures of this world.

01:20:00 --> 01:20:07

greatest prize that we could ever earn we have ever been in this world. And that was the Anglos that that was a lone star and

01:20:08 --> 01:20:12

I urge my brothers, students love to think about the history of others and how

01:20:13 --> 01:20:43

we will always be trade. We always betrayed ourselves why we always let ourselves down why we're lucky, you know, the disbelievers can never beat us because we're always stronger. It can never beat us. It is the enemy inside it is the enemy inside we are our greatest enemy. And that is why truly Los Angeles because we could not control the enemy inside. If we could control the enemy inside, then surely we would win in this life in the hereafter as well. And Alas, brother knows best Nicola homoeopathic, a shadow law he understood Foucault

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