Musleh Khan – Tafseer Sura Maryam #7 Verses 77 – 98

Musleh Khan
AI: Summary © The influence of Islam on language and culture is discussed, including the use of multiple language marks and the upcoming " Diagnosical event" in the UK. The episode discusses the message of Islam, including the use of "monster" in English, the use of "monster" in French, the use of "monster" in Italian, and the potential for "hasn't been met" labels and "hasn't been met" labels. The episode also touches on the upcoming " Diagnosical event" in the UK, which will bring together people on the Day of Judgment, and mentions a video game and song by Ben.
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh hamdulillah salat wa salam ala rasulillah. So welcome to the final episode guys of sort of medium. So let's get right into this and talk about where we go from here. So we're on verse number 77. Allah subhanho wa Taala continues for a lengthy cafaro be a Tina waukon and ooh tion long Why

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have you not seen the one who disbelieved in our a yet, and he said, Lu tion, he says that I get everything in this world, I'll have all the luxuries. And he'll says specifically, I'll get two things. I'll get mad and weleda latte in the mail and I will get all the wealth and riches and I'll also have children. Now remember, this was the verse that some of the scholars said sort of medium was revealed. As a result of this had to go in this went back to a man that owed some money to hubbub ignore our total deal, love and very famous companion in Mecca, who eventually became very wealthy in Medina, but suffered tremendously under the hands and the shackles of torture and was

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subjugated to pain after pain. And he was also a slave and he was purchased by a woman and a woman also used to torture his master used to torture him constantly. So the point is, is that eventually he became Muslim. And somebody had owed him some money. So this a here is the response that that individual gave to hubbub about the Aloha on. And he basically said that look, you know, I'll give you back your money, I'll give you back whatever is owed to you. But just keep in mind, we'll call it a booty and Amanda will wallet and I'll have all the riches and all the wealth as well as children. So he was very cocky this man. And he just he felt as though that he had control over his

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own life that he could do and say whatever you want. So this is obviously a culture that exists till this day, that many people when you don't have Allah subhanho wa Taala in your life, you will always feel as though you have control over everything, everything is within your hands. And that's one of the things that you develop with religions you develop a sense of humility that in essence, you don't have control over everything. alcohol or alcohol you but I mean together in the Roman era, and above our means to climb and to climb at the top of the mountain to see what's there. That's what olara is, when you climb something vast and high with the intention I want to see what's on the

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other side or I want to discover something that's up Allah so Allah Allah hype, they climbed up up up to the unseen me together in Romania the in order that or did they extend or take a pledge with a ramen? So what did they do? Did they put themselves in a place where they themselves didn't know where it was gonna go? So on the one hand, it's referring to the shelter they were involved in, did you get yourself involved to a point where you don't know what's the outcome? Or did you take a pledge with Allah subhanho wa Taala? In other words, did you do the right thing? Keller senak trouble by no means we are going to write for them may akula. When I moved to LA hoomin Elijah we

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met the we will write down and document everything that they used to say an extend for them mean Allah either be met a punishment upon multiple folds, so punishment upon punishment, you know, in prison system, when somebody gets life sentences, sometimes you hear that they get multiple life sentences, like I still don't know what that means, like somebody was sentenced to 400 years and multiple life sentences in prison. Like I don't know what that's supposed to be talking about. Right? The guy's gonna die and maybe 10 or 15 years, but he's been sentenced to prison for 500 years. But in the Acura, Nam would doula hoomin Eliza be met that means multiple folds of

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punishment, multiple life sentences, and that individual will follow through each and every life sentence. So you've been sentenced to 500 years in prison. So in the era, those 500 years will be 500 years. And then a last final Tyler says punishment upon punishment. So it could be multiple life sentences of 500 years supplemental metal lines which will protect us from them. When anything who may have called away to Florida we will inherit everything, as well as they will come to us alone. What was a woman doing in LA he early her because they used to take other than a lot a day to have worship Leo kulula home is so that they could develop sense sense of

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some sense of strength and power. And this is the way that some religions found strength by

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Taking other deities of worship. And as a result of that's how they were able to manifest and project and spread their message of Showtek was through particular idols. So some religions will say to you, you could choose your own idol, you can design your own idol. So as a result I was very attracted for some you know, I don't have to go to the church or to the mosque or to the synagogue, I don't have to go anywhere anymore. Now I can just make up my own I can worship my favorite outfit, I can worship my favorite pet my animal etc, you can do anything you want. So, this is what Allah subhanaw taala is referring to here so that they could develop some strength and power. What is a

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let's say next, color. Students always remember whenever you read color in the color n this is a term that is used to negate what came before it. So every time Keller appears, whatever came before Keller has been automatically negated. So unless is Keller by no means, say a photo and I'm very bad at him waiuku noon or LA him with the they had completely disbelieved in their worship, and they will be amongst them like the the idols will actually be the complete opposite. So in other words, just listen to this, it's unreal subpanel of the language and sort of medium, those same idols that they worship will actually prosecute against them on the Day of Judgment. So that's the idols will

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actually say, I don't know why they worshipped us. We're nothing to be worshipped. So punish them, Oh Allah, take them Oh Allah, because we were not worthy of this. So Subhana Allah, everything was too slowly but gradually and eventually turned, and what they thought was for them has now become against them. So paronella Mela protect us from this lm todo en rsls shell Tina Island cafe you know, as soon as did they not see that we sent down to them the shell Tina lol Kathleen to the disbelievers to ozone as to ozone answer is to incite them, to incite them. Fellow Terry Gelardi him, so don't be in a rush in them. And now doula who might we will eventually they will eventually

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be counting their days. So don't be in a rush to be like, oh, like just take this idols away, take those who do this take those will propagate this match it, just let the punishment Come quickly. Unless it's just just chill, relax. Don't be in such a rush. We are counting everything. You know, as soon as also is Allah subhanho wa Taala counting every letter, and every sentence that has ever been uttered in the history of mankind, anywhere at any time, whether it's done online, whether it's done through a text message, and email, TV shows, you name it on the radio, every ounce of Showtek is documented. And you're going to see now the result of that where every sentence that was

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documented. What that what that turned into as a result. What was the result of that so Yo man surely mattina illa right Manny was the Allah will hurt and gather them looked up keen to have ramen with de you know, West West Dune is when you go to a king to receive a payment that was there it was reserved for you. So it's like it's kind of like somebody who goes and picks up a welfare check. You know that every day of every month, there's a specific day, you go down to the office, you go down to the welfare office or what have you. And you pick up a check that's there. It's waiting for you that's called worth doing. And back in the early days used to go to a king and that's how you would

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sustain yourself. If you didn't have a job, you would go there there would be some money allocated for you. And that's how you got paid. Allah is saying the Mattel pain you know, it's like a boomerang effect. You know you invest, invest and there's something waiting for you. So everything that you give and put forth for Allah. Now, the result the blessings, the Baraka, the rewards now are waiting there for you. And now on the Day of Judgment you pick up those rewards may lie so which will make us from amongst them alone I mean, when a super majority mean Elijah hunting them a widow and the machete moon the criminals, they will mush themselves together just like how you wish the

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sheep's and camels you know, you kind of heard them. You say mush oh do sheeps and camels and cows go keep moving. So they will be herded together the criminals Elijah hen Emma Willard, the, to the jahannam and wizard de Witter. That literally means a well which you get a drink from. So

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In jahannam, there will be wells or places where they will find water. So we're doing here is actually referring to a well in the jahannam when arioso Bill lambley Kuta shefa to eliminate Romania, then nobody will be there to intercede for them. Why? Because the disbelievers who worshipped other than a lump believe that those idols, those deities that they took as worship, they will intercede for them. Other religions believe angels will intercede for them. Other religions believe that essentially Salaam will intercede for them, and Allah saying no one will intercede for you in many together in Romania, except the one that took up right man that took Allah subhanho wa

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Taala as the ultimate day to worthy of worship. And they fulfilled their agreement, their covenant with him, we'll call on Roman weleda and they used to say that other men had a son. So Allah is talking directly to the Christians and keytab. Now I told you in this sort of, remember how it started off it started off with a subtle warning. You know, it started off with yahia and with us Acadia, and then it started off with muddy Amala his Salaam and it started off with an ISA he says I'm saying pilot in the Abdullah I am a slave of Allah. It was a subtle reminder. Then the next phase of the sutra, Allah gave a history lesson. Ibrahim Island his cellar musala his cellar is

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smart Isla de Sena, Italy, Salah Islam, all of these different prophets. So the message was a bit more direct and indirect at the same time. So it started off very subtle. Then it went to Okay, we'll look back at history. Look at all of these prophets and messengers. Look at our fathers. Look at these individuals. They all worship Allah subhana wa Tada. So oneness of Allah still came in your history, fine. That didn't work. So now we'll get straight to the point. You kept saying that Allah has a child or Allah has a son will call to talk about Roman well it. Remember I told you the last phase of the surah Allah will get to the point like enough was enough. So many different warnings,

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so many different points. A lot educated a lot advice. Allah gave guidance, and it didn't work. You they chose not to take all of these guidances all of these warnings. So a lot gets to the point. You said that Allah had a son, law colleague, Tom Shea and in the UK with something that is so offensive, it is something that causes chaos. It is so offensive that it causes chaos on the planet. Everything doesn't make sense anymore. As a result, this is how massive This is the magnitude of schilke in the sight of Allah and it gets even worse listen to this as a Pinilla decadal semi were to

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Tottenham in Houghton Shaco out what the * Luigi bad who had the The sky is almost ripped apart. This is the universe elta photo and I mean what 10 shocked pulled out so as a result of them saying Allah has a son, God, Son is going to come and be our Savior, he died for our sins, all of these things. As a result the universe is starting to tear apart, but just as it was about to fall apart in pieces, and everything disintegrate. Look what OLED does. What title g bad had. Allah subhanho wa Taala What a horrible g bad who had that. And as a result, if Allah allowed, all of these things would collapse, the mountains would collapse. And it would make a sound that is head to head is when

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and heavy object falls. And it makes that loud sound. That's head. But Allah subhanho wa Taala kept all of this together. If it wasn't for a love the universe would rip to pieces for anybody who associated anything with a lot. And that's the where the title of this video came from. It came from this a when creation is ripped apart as a result of what as a result of what people used to say about Allah subhanho wa Taala. Now put aside other religions for a second. Muslims do we have this problem as well, we have this problem as well. Maybe we don't go to the extent where we say that Allah has a son or a child or we we ascribe deities of worship to him. But when somebody speaks

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about Allah and you don't know what you're saying, When somebody claims that Ally's in my room Alize in front of me, I can talk to Allah, or the Prophet Allah. So to sum if I sing a few sheets, he'll show up in my bedroom, I show up on his chair and we can just start clapping our hands and singing away at him. This all falls these are all forms of schilke and so they could all potentially be part of this. A lot.

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saying you're ripping the universe in pieces had I let these things go. But as a result of me and my mercy, that is why the earth is still intact, the universe is still intact. That's why you're still able to wake up and live here. It's because buylist permission, this still doesn't happen again, as we saw earlier in the previous episode, allows the rope to be loose Metatron plenty. You can have your time, get rich, get strong, get popular, do whatever you want. But you can have that for a little while. Well, that's a whole new Lima testing for a singer to come with Catherine has a head on we'll have Hello, hello, I'm in sorbitan *, don't be impressed by those who say a lot with

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their tongues, and they make something that's how I'm Helen and something that's highlighted Hold on. Like, you know, it might sound intelligent and impressive that this person is so eloquent. yet they've never followed any of us commands. They've developed a skewed flawed interpretation of what worship to Allah is what Islam truly means. And you so your tongues are saying a lot, but it has no essence it has no basis in these principles and fundamentals of the religion. So a lie so Joe is this is a strict and direct awarding as it gets and download manual what what are the again a less as is because you used to call to outright man. Well, keep in mind, look how many times I'll

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recommend showed up because why that's what other religions had allies so merciful that he sent a son to us to die for our sins. So that's why old man is being used over and over. It's a direct link of those who took this name out Rockman and manipulated its meaning. Well, now young bellido right, man, here we go. Again another word, man. Well, not even belting it out. And yet turkey though Well, today it is not befitting of man to have any association have a son in kulu Memphis summer well to well out of the Illa to Romania, and everything in the heavens and the earth will eventually come to Allah and they will come to a lot as a slave. Nakata are so marred the humid and don't you worry,

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our song, we are counting them where I double my debt. And we are meticulously keeping track. So counting our saw him is the major. So you're counting all these massive groups waves of people and population

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to Hamada, even the kids, even the little things in between that you and I could lose track of. So just imagine you had a massive barrel of tiny objects like you had, you know, coins, you had buttons, you had pearls, you had pins, you had all of the smallest objects you could get your hands on, and it sat in a massive barrel. And then you flip the barrel upside down. So you have 1000s and 1000s of tiny pieces scattered everywhere. So you start counting all of them. What's the chances of you missing a thing or two?

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It's highly probable that you might miss a thing or two. So I saw him is that you count Okay, there's got to be at least 50,000 pieces of these tiny objects are mad that you literally take one at a time. That's one two at a time. Three, and that's

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solid gives you a complete picture.

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Well, cool loom to mellow piano to follow the every one of them will come to Allah subhanho wa Taala alone in a Latina earn in a warm yellow smiley heart. Say I love about raha man, no wood, and indeed those who believe and they follow that belief with righteous deeds. Allah saya Jai Lula, Homer Rama we will make them with a man with death with death from mawatha. Passionate burning love. So in other words, what is this talking about? Those who had a Latina mo on the Day of Judgment, just listen to how beautiful this scene will be. Muslims, when they see other Muslims and other believers on the Day of Judgment, they will immediately love each other. Like, oh my god, there's another

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there's another Muslim. There's somebody of tawheed and there's an immediate connection. You know, what's amazing about this?

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When you see another Muslim at a grocery store, in the mall, or just on a sidewalk at the park, wherever. What's your initial reaction? Oh, wow, look, there's there's another Muslim hijab you will see another huge l HIV over there. Something in the heart is triggered. There is a connection. You have no idea but it's just like you want to see said I want to go and then it gets a bit awkward sometimes, right? I get that. I get that all

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time. But the point is, is that something in the hearts like, oh, there's another Muslim. It's not just that because you have the same religion in common. There's something deeper than that. A fellow Muslim, a fellow person that follows the same Deen the end as soon as somebody that you can actually say something in Arabic to set y equal, gave her there was that connection. That's with an ally. So Jill says that on the Day of Judgment amongst all that those individuals that we just talked about, on that day, you will see your fellow brother your fellow sister and Allah will place love between the two of you Melaka so it'll count us from amongst them Aloma mean for ignominious sobre now will

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be lucerna Kelly to best sharabi Hill mucked up in Allah will make it easy for you on on your tongues that you spread the message. Be he'll Mata pin Biggie is referring to the quarter end, the hair here is referring to it the end. So Allah will make it easy for your tongues to spread the message of the poor n be hidden with a Pina with dawn therapy, Palma Luda, and you will also warn with it the poor en po melodem a generation that was aggressive look, they're aggressive and hateful. So Allah azza wa jal that in the midst of all of this chaos, that's destroying the universe, Allah will give you an eye the ability that we can share the message of the Quran, Allah

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will make it easy for our tongues to reflect that message and warn even a generation that is filled with hatred and aggression against anybody who follows. who follows Allah. So that's us. This is us right here. This is what our duty This is what our job in this time in this world that we have. As long as we are breathing and we are alive and we have the ability to comprehend and understand then we must continue to strive and share this message of the quarter and metalaxyl which will make it easy for all of us. Welcome, like Nam Padilla who mill pot How many times have we destroyed the generations that came before you held to hisle men whom I had

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men whom I hadn't? Do you to hisle to hostile is like Do you sense how to hisle men whom I had? Do you sense their existence in any way shape or form? So on the Day of Judgment, Allah will ask those who worship these idols. Just listen, do you hear anything? Can you even feel their presence anymore? Those statues those individuals, those idols, can you feel their existence held to his Sumin home? I had our tests matter we left home early because

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look how the sore ends guys. Or can you even hear a lick sir? You know, Rick, that is the slightest and smallest possible sound. You know, like you hear a fly that comes into your house you just hear?

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That's a big buzzer. So let's say can you sense the existence of these idols? Or can you hear anything?

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That's how suited memoriam ends Subhan Allah and you know what's amazing is that it ends off the same way it began zecharia alehissalaam he was speaking to Allah NIDA and huffy Yeah, he was calling to Allah, but in the most personal and intimate way, quietly to himself half a year. So how the sort of began is the same way it ended. Can you hear anything, but it's the opposite in the audience is the two is two complete opposites. And that's what sort of money and leaves you with.

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And as a result of the way sudut Miriam ends,

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it leads me to our next series inshallah, I would like to go through the Tafseer of pseudo pa her. So I want to continue because there is a lot in sort of pothead that's linked to sort of medium. And we're going to look at some of the contrast verses that are in sort of PA, but pseudo Taha, he's again, I know I say this about all the sources of the quarter ad but I don't know what else to tell you. It's beautiful. So Pamela, and sort of Baha is also a sort of for young people. There it is literally loaded with lessons and direction that young people can relate to as well as long as it's explained right. And I will make an attempt in sha Allah to make it as relative as I can for young

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adults. So with that being said, this concludes soda money have met Allah subhanho wa Taala accepted from us and mail lines social cause that everything that we have learned and revised in sorted muddy and

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be something that would lift us that would purify our hearts may learn so it will keep our hearts pure upon the path of tawheed and oneness for the message of sort of mother Young was a warning to all those who even had the slightest inclination towards worth worshiping other than a lot, a lot so which will protect us from the allow us to live on this earth with to heat in our hearts and in our lives and allow us to leave this earth with the last and final words on our tongues from our heart, let you know that you love him adore sola sallallahu already he was setting them. So with that being said brothers and sisters, it's sudo Thor had tomorrow in sha Allah hotelera Allah, so please get to

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get excited for this and I look forward to beginning the sword I'm very very excited and happy and relieved and grateful to Allah subhanho wa Taala that we finished a yet another Sword of the quarter urn metal large soldier will cause us to be people that the soldiers in Shaolin everything that we learn be hoodia to learn as well aquajet and Elena, that it'd be something that uplifts us and makes us better people, better human beings, better Muslims and slaves of Allah azza wa jal and not something that would be a form of punishment against us in this world or in the hereafter. Well, Ben at tnfa dunya hudsonalpha la karate Hasina joaquina urban now subhana wa barakato Barry city I'm a

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foreigner was Salam Ala Moana Selena will hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen so tomorrow in sha Allah hotelera that we will begin soon for him. For those of you that missed any episodes, everything is uploaded on my YouTube channel. So if you just type my name, you will see all the playlist of all the previous year series including soda body and soda Tannahill as well as when we begin sort of thought as well. So if you miss anything, don't worry, I've got you covered insha Allah tala. So go to the YouTube channel, and you'll find everything that you need and you're looking for there. And there is something for everyone there as well. So check out some of the other things that I have in

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shot lovely Tara met Larissa, which will bless you, just like Campbell, level hydron. And all of you who continue to support me and listen to me every single day since locked down.

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I hope that one day I can meet you. And if you see me anywhere, please just come up to me and say, I am one of your students. I am somebody that listens to you on Facebook every morning or every night whatever time difference it is. Just let me let me connect some of these names I see every single day to a face. So just come and say sellout Marley come to me just let me know that you're one of those individuals that is with me supporting me every single day in shallow Tyler. And if I don't meet you in this world, may Allah subhanho wa Taala and I hopefully all of you that was with me and sort of Miriam, you can relate to this. I hope and I pray that if I don't meet you in this world

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that may Allah subhanho wa Taala allow us that. One day we might be walking in the streets of Jenna, the gardens of Jen and we meet up under a tree and we could talk about these moments. We can talk about these moments that week. We're connected to each other every day although we never physically met. Hopefully we will physically meet in genital theodosian Allah insha Allah hotel, just like malachite and everyone metallized So God bless you all until we meet again tomorrow it is sudo ta Sylmar alikum warahmatu Allahi wa barakato

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