Nouman Ali Khan – Allah Will Remember YOU

Nouman Ali Khan
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Al Hamdulillah he call it God minute Adam,

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walk a mile in Ebina will help them see the weather the ADAM I love the Bashara be here at seven nobody was the only better 30 He Ibrahim alayhis salam Hina Cornejo, Pharaoh kawaii wa la Hal Muharram

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for sallallahu alayhi wa sallam wa he hiding Oh mom, Olivia Barak Allah who be him gaffer to NAS album in whom was

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that hamdulillah and that he let me attack in the village and voila Mia Kula who Shadi canal milk with me Aquila. Holy Umina do li wa Kabir Jota can be a lot. Well hamdulillah hella De Anza Allah Allah Abdi Hill kita Abba whether mujer Allah wherever

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Al Hamdulillah hinda the Nakamoto who want to study you know who want to study the federal when when will be he wanted to what kind what are they he want to be let him and surely and fusina woman say yeah Dr. Molina

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when you have to hit level for them will they let a woman Yorba Linda follow her the other one a shadow Allah Ilaha illa Allah whack the hula Sharika when a shadow Anna Mohammed and Abdullah he Rasulullah sallallahu ala hota Allah will Hooda Wadi nil Huck Lee yoga Hara who Isla de waka Fabula he Shahida

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for some Allahu Allah He was seldom at the Sleeman Kathira and Kathira and my bad for him now Stoeckel Hadith he Kitab Allah wa you Ron had he had you Mohammed in sallallahu alayhi wa sallam were in a shotgun who Maury worked us out to Hawaii Nicola more data in beta Wakulla was at in Walla Walla, walla 10, for now.

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Call Allah azza wa jal Vicki Deborah Hill Karim by the ANA Pooja all the villa him in a shaytani R rajim. Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. Henrietta and in Sanya Hino Mina, Danny lemmya Conan Seamus Cora

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in hydroquinone inside I'm in North fighting I'm charging up the LI Fajr Anna who sent me embassy euro in Nadina, who's Seville in meshack Urine we're in Makkah fora

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Allahumma Jana, Mina sharechat, in Walla, which I mean, I live in Oman, or I'm middle Saudi her to whatever, so be happy, whatever. So be slubbed Urmila. But I mean,

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it's an honor to be back here at IU M. And in this brief goodbye, I would like to share with you a reminder about a surah that I've been thinking about and studying for the last month. This is sort of insane. And in the beginning of it there is a powerful question that Allah asks every human being. And in order to get the most out of the speech of Allah, especially when he uses the word and insan the human being, instead of thinking about humanity at large, and the billions of people that live in this world and the people that have lived in the past, every one of us should be thinking about ourselves, I should be thinking about myself, to get the most out of the idea that mentions

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and Insan. So it's a very personal message cater to every single human being, and more particularly because we're fortunate enough to be believers. So as you hear the word human being, I should be thinking about myself and you should be thinking about yourself. Having a TA added in Sandy Hino, Mina, Danny lemmya, Konishi and mascara. Was there ever a time that from the endless oceans of time are at the heart of the endless oceans of time? Was there ever even a simple small episode of time when human beings used to be something that wasn't even worthy of being talked about wasn't even worthy of being mentioned, and also wasn't even worthy of being remembered? Allah is asking you and

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me a very simple question. Was there ever a time when no one remembered you? Was there ever a time when no one talked about you? When even if, if you did exist, people were shy to talk about you. They were uncomfortable to talk about you. And immediately in the next day, he says he created the human being from a fluid from a drop not fuck, that is mixed meaning mixed between the male and the female and a

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Lies now talking about something the sperm that is and the and the egg that meet each other the pregnancy of a woman, that is an uncomfortable embarrassing conversation. So it is not something you talk about casually, it's not something you're comfortable talking about. And in the previous IRA, Allah already said, you used to be something not even worthy of mention, and not even something remembered. But there are layers of meaning inside these ions that I want to unpack some of those layers for myself and all of you,

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the universe, the physical universe, as we know it. physicists tell us it's existed for about 13 point 9 billion years, this planet has been around for maybe four to 5 billion years, the formation of this planet, in all of that endless ocean of time, I was not being talked about, I was not mentioned, I didn't exist. And even when this world came into existence after this endless period of time, when humanity started on this planet, so much human history has passed, and no one in that history knew who I was. I was never remembered, I was never mentioned, you can read about history, and those people are irrelevant. The only one not irrelevant as you, you don't exist for them. They

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exist for you, you don't exist for them. Using this as a reminder, Allah says the vast majority of time has passed, where you and I were completely irrelevant. We weren't, we're not part of the story.

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And this is Allah's way of reminding us that the few moments that we do exist, after I come out of my mother, in fact, even when my mother was pregnant in the beginning, she had no idea that I was inside merace, she's walking around with the baby, she doesn't even know. And then when she notices her body changing, then they will start making the data now folly hand, if you can just give us a good child. They don't even know who this child is. Even when they remembered my mother was thinking about me when I was still in her belly. She didn't know who I was, she couldn't actually think of me properly. She didn't know if I was a boy or a girl. She didn't know what kind of child I will be,

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what kind of features I will have, she knew nothing. But then after I even came into this world, even after I came into this world, you'll notice something human beings by their design. One of the words for humans, the origin of the word Insan is actually owns, and owns means love and compassion. Human beings don't just give love, they also want to receive love and they want to receive compassion. So even from childhood, the moment you become a little bit self aware, you are looking for attention. If your mother's not looking at you, mama, mama, mama, mama, those of you that have kids know this already. Kids need attention. They're always looking for attention. When they get a

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little bit older, they draw something they want to show you because they want your attention. They want to be acknowledged, look at how I'm dressed, look at what I did. Look at what I can do. The kid can't even jump yet. This is his jump but he says look at me. Look at this. Now look again, because he wants that attention for himself. He wants to be much cooler. The word is much cooler, someone who is mentioned someone who is remembered this is put inside the nature of a human being. And as you grow older, you want to when you're a teenager you want to dress nicely. You want to look good because you want to be seen and noticed also much good. You want to be mentioned you want to be

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talked about and as you grow further now when you're in university I know there's a convocation happening. There's it's a big deal to graduate and what what happens people when they people get their certificate, you're gonna get a lot of uploads on Instagram and on Facebook, have pictures of certificates that nobody cares about except you. But you will have a need to be much cooler. You have a need to be mentioned, masha Allah, congratulations, congratulation. We live our life looking for acknowledgement. Even when people get married. There, the wife is looking for the acknowledgement of the husband, the husband is looking for the acknowledgement of the wife. We're

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looking to make our parents proud. We you know, when you graduate, everybody's congratulating you what you want to be with gold here, dad, dad, I graduated, that it's done that Did you see the picture? And you need to get that congratulations from your father or your mother, because there's always someone who we want to be remembered by? You know, there are studies now that people are now more isolated and feel more lonely and alone than ever before in history. It's interesting. I was at an Islamic school and another Muslim country, and I was talking to a number of boys and girls, they were about 300 400 Boys 300 400 Girls 1314 years of age, and I gave a lecture and the print

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Simple and the teachers everybody was there. So they had a question answer session. And nobody asked a question. 800 children in the room, nobody asked a question. And I said, they're not asking a question, because the police is watching them. The teachers are there, the principal is there, the cameraman is there, they don't want to get in trouble. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to go into the crowd and talk to these kids with no camera, no microphone, I just want to talk to them. I went inside the girl section, just talking to these young girls. Two hours, they couldn't stop asking their questions. And on the other side, the boys another two hours, they couldn't stop asking

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their questions. And the most common question was, what do you do? If you feel alone all the time? What do you feel? What do you do if you feel invisible? If nobody sees you, human beings have such a deep desire to be math code, that a teenager sees all their other friends online. And they're like, I don't have an online account. I don't I don't have that many followers. I'm not being seen. I'm not miss cool, I better take another picture. No, I better change the filters, I better do something else, I better change the blackout, or the light wasn't good enough. And then post it or somebody will put a heart emoji somebody will put a thumbs up, I'm with good ha I can exist now. And if you

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don't post it, if you don't post your next slice of pizza, if you don't post your you know, where you're standing, what Park you're in, or some wisdom from Abuja, hello or something, if you don't post that, then all of a sudden, nobody knows you exist. So you become okay to my school.

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For the vast majority of the existence of the universe, and for the vast majority of the existence of humanity, you were hailed with cool.

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And there's a time that's coming pretty soon, where you and I are going to be in the grave and some people will remember us and they will cry over us. And then time will pass. And we will be late with Google again. We remember famous people, right? We remember scholars, for example, in Islamic history. We remember people like Ivana sharp and Rahim Allah or Imam Abu Hanifa Rahim Allah, but they had a big family. Nobody remembers their family. A lot of those people are invisible to us. Now, we don't remember the rulers, we don't remember the millionaires and the billionaires. We don't remember the good looking people. We don't remember the popular people, the famous people, we don't

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remember the art, we don't remember them, they're gone. They became irrelevant again. And Allah is teaching you and me, you're running after this thing to be relevant to be remembered to be talked about to be to have users engage with you, this is what you want all the time. But you were created for the most part as it was cooled, and you will be the most cooled again, you're gonna go back to that irrelevance again. That's a pretty depressing outlook, that nobody's going to remember me, nobody's going to know. And by the way, people who don't even believe in Allah, they also feel the need to be remembered. So you will have billionaires that are that don't believe in anything, they

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don't believe in any religion. And they're about to die, they're old, they're about to die, and they take their wealth, and they donate it to a hospital, or they donate it to a charity, but they put a condition, put my name on the building, and make a statue of me and put it at the entrance. Because I even if I don't exist, my memory needs to exist, I still need to be mathcore even if I don't exist, this is something put deep inside them. But this desire that Allah put inside of a child to get the attention of the child, or the desire that Allah put inside human beings, that is driving the multibillion dollar social media industry. If human beings did not want attention, you couldn't

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have social media. It wouldn't exist. It's not some evil machine. It only feeds on our own desire. We have this desire, which is why it's it works the way that it works. It feeds off of our own energy. Well, the thing is, Why did Allah put this inside me? What's the point of it? Why am I looking for acknowledgement all the time? Why do I feel like something is missing? If I didn't get acknowledged, you don't quite feel something if I feel if I feel invisible, there's a there's an emptiness inside me. And Allah himself describes this in the late letter iron. He says in our head, he now has sebelah in Masha Kelvin, maca. fura we guided him to a journey a path with every human

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being inside them Allah put in programmed inside of them, that they are in this life on a journey. Now there's one part of that journey, whether you realize it or not. You're on the journey anyway. In NiCad. The only Laura Becca Callahan, formula P. Every day is passing by life is a journey. Every human being is making a journey towards death. Every one of us every single day is one day closer to death. That journey is happening on autopilot. That's not controlled by me. That's all

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already decided by Allah. But there's another journey, not the journey of my lifespan. But the journey inside of my heart and inside of my mind. There's a journey Allah wants me to make back to Allah, we came from Allah, we belong to Allah. And we want to Allah wants us to make a journey back towards them in our head, in our mind, but the mind is too preoccupied, wanting to be acknowledged by someone else, wanting to be acknowledged by other human beings. And Allah wants that heart and that mind to first be busy. We're looking for the acknowledgement of Allah, is my dog pleased with me? Is my Rob looking at his good deed? And is he happy with his deed? Is my dog happy with the

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service? Am I living my life in a way that eventually when this life journey ends, I'm gonna get to meet him. He says in my shark urine. Allah made the human being with an ability to go on this journey. And he has two choices. You and I, every one of us has two choices. Either we're grateful, or we're extremely ungrateful in my Shakya run with a microphone. So let's think about gratitude in simple language for a little bit. If I gave my son, a bicycle,

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and he says, Thank you, thank you, Dad. Thank you, Abba. I gave him a bicycle. But he never rides it. And he threw it on the side. And there's clothes on top of it. That Thank you means nothing. Why? If he was riding the bike every day, if he was cleaning it up, if he was taking care of it, I would say this son is grateful for the bike.

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If he's never using it, and he's just touched, it doesn't matter how much he says thank you for the bike. The fact that it's collecting garbage and dust, that means his words are empty. That's actually not gratitude. Simple enough. When Allah gave me guidance, Allah gave me a purpose in this life. And Allah says, whether you be grateful for that guidance or not. Are you am I going to be grateful for that guidance or not? That means if I'm not using what Allah gave me, if I'm not putting it to use, then I can say hamdulillah all I want, it's meaningless. I'm actually not using the gift. I'm actually not using it at all. This is in my Shakeela him Maka fura. There's something

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really beautiful that I want to move over to this in the few minutes that I have left. You know, in the same Surah Surah Tomlinson later on at the very end, Allah describes or towards the end, Allah describes people who make it into Jannah Allah Allah is hidden FFP genetic. May Allah enter all of us into all of us into his gender.

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When we make it into Allah agenda, eventually there's a point where Allah describes that his believers are being dressed up especially. Who knew Sr. Well, I'm in football. You know, he's saying, you know, Alia homeseer fer Busan Doosan Quadra Estabrook weapon USA, well, I'm in fifth, but they're getting dressed with some different kinds of silk. Their special bracelets are being put on them. You could think of it like a Rolex watch or something or a brand watch is being put on the bracelets are being put on them. Nice suits are being put on them. Why are they getting dressed up, you get dressed up because there's a special occasion. Right you get dressed up because you're gonna

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meet somebody special. And the very next part of the ayah Allah says was Sokka hombre boom Sharabi de hora and the rub, Allah will give them a pure drink to drink, you're going to meet with Allah Himself. You're getting dressed and Janna to have a meeting with Allah Himself. Now, when you have that meeting with Allah, and may Allah grant every one of us that meeting with him, when we have that meeting, he's giving us a drink. Allah is giving us to drink. And while he's giving us to drink, he's talking to us. And what is he saying? He says it Now how's that gonna look on Java and what can you call mascara.

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This is your pay. This is your award and your efforts was appreciated, your effort was acknowledged, meaning human beings were created not remembered. Human beings will die and people may or may not remember them. But Allah says longer than the age of the universe and longer than the existence of a sub Allah to Allah. Allah will remember my efforts, Allah will acknowledge them and Allah will say you did good effort, and you're getting rewarded. Now Allah acknowledges Me I become much cool to end Allah.

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I am remembered by Allah Himself. is one thing to do vicar of Allah. This is an Iowa Allah is doing vicar of you is mentioning you. He's remembering your effort is acknowledging your effort. So now I learned something about my need. For validation my need to be acknowledged my need to be seen Allah put

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that need inside us and no human being can ever, ever fulfill that need. When you want somebody else's attention or somebody else's acknowledgement you will always be disappointed. And then you just you realize if you're truly grateful, if you're truly grateful, then you're looking for Allah's acknowledgement. And that said, that's enough for you. And when that's enough, in Jannah, Allah says, Here's your here's the acknowledgement. This is the same Surah by the way, that when when we do good for others, you'll get a Munna bomb, they feed food to others, Allah says he never noticed a more commonly what hinda he learned of income Jazza. And when I show Cora, even when you do good for

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others, you're not looking for appreciation. You're not looking for Thank you, you're not looking to be mentioned by them. You even say that to yourself, and you say to them, that's not what I want. I just want to be able to face Allah, I just want Allah to see, see what I did. I want this to be good enough for Allah. That's all. And this is something Allah has given us in the very beginning, in the heart of this beautiful Surah through the question of being remembered us becoming those who are grateful to Allah, living a life that's grateful to Allah will one day become Allah acknowledging us in that small hula. That's the journey that's happening. And what's even more beautiful about this

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surah is in the very beginning of the surah. You see that Allah mentions that we were inside of our mother looks Latina massage, inevitably. Right, we're just wearing inside the belly of the mother, and the belly of the mother is called the rahang the womb, that arhaan And at the end of the Surah, Allah says you Hello mania, Shah, Ophir ruff Murthy, three Ashara Iran filled with Daya he alluded to the Rahim in the beginning, and at the end he says, whoever he wants, he enters into his life by any meaning his gender the same way every one of your needs was taken care of inside of the home of the mother. That was the first you know first episode over a hump and the final episode of ROM is

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waiting for you and me and that's the drama of Allah actually. And that's the entrance into agenda may Allah grant all of us as Jana you know, as you're many of you are graduating or graduated you leave many memories wonderful memories of friends learning experiences in this university in this place is because a place like this becomes like a home and becomes a part of you and some years will go by and you'll have a job and get married and be busy and other things and one day you decide to come and visit back right to just just for memories sake you come back to visit the University and you will see the the walls are the same. Right the restaurant is the same the police used to hang

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out with your friends is the same the police used to make your will do is the same. But all the faces are different. Nobody remembers you. This is all amazing, but not for you. It's for somebody else. It's you've been replaced completely. You're no longer much cooler even in this this notion of moving forward with our lives. We leave things behind in which we no longer get a teacher might barely remember you they look at you like you were in my class, right? I thought I was your favorite. No, no, I have many favorites. You're not that favorite.

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I barely remember your name. Abdelkarim No, no, it's Zubayr Oh, yeah, I said so vain. Oh, you're not you're not going to be remembered. And so I and you have to make a decision as you're leaving the school. As you're graduating, you're thinking about a job. You're thinking about a career. You're thinking about the next chapter of your life. Every one of those chapters has to has one title. How will Allah remember this? How will Allah remember that? I know when you're getting a job, what will my mother say? What will my father say? What are people gonna see? How much am I getting paid? Where did I get the apartment that night? Am I gonna get this? Am I gonna get that? Who's you know, you

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have all these questions about prestige and acknowledgement and being scored in society. First, if you can just put on top How will Allah remember this? What impact Am I leaving behind? And am I leaving behind something that can continue to make me be remembered by Allah azza wa jal if I'm doing that, that I have succeeded. You know, I leave you with this because you know, we are now so addicted to the idea that if people don't see your success, then you're not successful. If people don't see your success, you're not successful. Okay? So somebody might call me and say, Hey, you're pretty successful. How did you become successful? And ask the question, how do you think I became

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figure out what's my success? Or you have so many followers? You have so many million viewers, that's why you're successful. And I Say Subhan Allah, how far from the Quran we have come? How far from it we have come? You know, new Heidi Sudan had almost no followers. He had no followers, and he didn't have any followers for a really long time. In fact, if you asked most people about New Orleans, Saddam in his own village, people will make fun of him. Oh, that old man. That's crazy.

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I this is what he this is what he experienced for centuries.

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And the only one who remembers that struggle no historian wrote down that struggle no documentation exists some people wrote down about the story of new holiday Saddam so he can be remembered no, no, no, Allah recorded it. And Allah made him with Cooley when they brought him i They said um was in the desert by himself making dua that Allah make this house a peaceful place, and put the lover in people's hearts towards this, this house for either Tamina NASCI that we lay him. There was no video camera. There was no live streaming. There was nothing happened. There was nobody there is just a man in the desert. This is just him and his God talking. Did he's not a king. He's not a wealthy

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man. He's not he doesn't have scribes that can write down this history. You know, in the Egyptian palaces, you find records of the kings and their decrees and writing on the walls. We don't even know who they were. We just remember they paid some people to write on the walls. Nobody's writing anything down for Ibrahim or they sit down and yet today, we're here we are doing vicar of Ibrahim alayhi salam, every Hajj season, we remember his legacy. And we call our entire religion Milla Tabby COVID Rahim. What am I trying to get at? Yes, human beings were made available with cool, we were made not remembered for most of history. Yes, we have very little time in this world. And in that

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time, after that time, we might become late with code. You might even become laden with code at IU M next year. That might happen to you. So that's the reality of my life and your life. In fact, even if you do a lot of good for someone, a year later, they'll forget. They'll say what did you ever do for me? They don't remember you're not remembered? The only one up with whom you will be forever. What's cool, is going to be Allah azza wa jal, and the opposite of remembrance is forgetfulness. So Allah says, And yo man and salcombe karma and acetyl Nica, yo, Miko MHADA to some people he says, Today, we are forgetting you, like you forgot this day. We have a choice. We want to be the people

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that are forgotten by Allah and remembered by people, or we want to be the people that are remembered by Allah no matter what people think. May Allah make us those that are truly remembered by Allah azza wa jal, and given that drink on Judgement Day BarakAllahu li Walakum filled Quran is Hakeem from the fact that he can be laid out with a quill Hakeem.

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I hope you guys enjoyed that video clip. My team and I have been working tirelessly to try to create as many resources for Muslims to give them first steps in understanding the Quran all the way to the point where they can have a deep, profound understanding of the Quran. We are students of the Quran ourselves, and we want you to be students of the Quran alongside us. Join us for this journey on Vienna Where 1000s of hours of work have already been put in, and don't be intimidated. It's step by step by step so you can make learning the Quran a part of your lifestyle. There's lots of stuff available on YouTube, but it's all over the place. If you want an organized approach to

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setting the Quran beginning to end for yourself, your kids, your family, and even among peers. That would be the way to go sign up for being a

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