What My Teacher Taught Me About Reading Quran And Making Dua

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AI: Summary © The speaker describes a professor who had a routine routine when they were in cities like presenting to students, causing embarrassment and confusion. The professor eventually apologizes and explains that they had a similar routine to a professor in London who used to give a presentation to students. The speaker describes the professor's behavior as embarrassing and confusing.
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I tell the story once in a while I had a professor very shortly I had several professors who did this but there was this one professor that had this routine when I was in Medina university right? Anytime you asked him a question he had always one answer. So when you asked him about shift you know I'm really struggling to wake up or Fajr you know, you tell us like three Quran like read Quran, chef you know I I've been talking to this girl and it's just going the wrong way I've been doing some awful things and saying some while I've been crossing borders you know barriers he's like just read court and

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she asked me You know, I fell in love with the wrong person they're not even read Koran chef and keep missing saw I want to go for Hajj I'm prayed Salah and I didn't make will reform everything was read the Koran read read read read read read. Same chef used to give the same a similar response make door just made do I say a door say a door. Like you say if I'm having problems in my marriage, just say a door.

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And it turns eventually, some students asked him, Why do you do that?

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Everything you respond, read the Koran make dua require make dua.

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Then he started quoting Hadith like this to Earth twice and that's when we were like, Oh,

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it makes sense.