Haifaa Younis – The Quran Has It All #12 The Best Nation

Haifaa Younis
AI: Summary © The transcript describes the concept of Islam as the rope between theattens and the stars. The speakers discuss the importance of holding onto the rope of Islam, not just trying to avoid evil, and not just trying to avoid good and bad things. They also mention the need for individuals to practice good and bad things to avoid evil behavior.
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So Allah subhanaw taala described us as Muslims. And one of the best ways we were the best people. But before we get to the best people he ordered us with an order water Sumo. We have been lucky Jamia and hold firmly, firmly to the rope of Allah all together, and do not become divided. Remember the favor of Allah's pantile upon you when you were enemies, and he brought your hearts together. And you became by his favorite spot and vignette and Mighty One, you become brothers, by his fever

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and you're well on the edge of the pit of fire. And he saved you from them from it and he saved you from it does Allah makes clear to you, the verses His Verses at you will be guided what is the rope of Allah that Allah told us as a community as an alma the amount of Muhammad to Holland into it. There is the most common to commentary on this that disrobe is the Quran itself. And it's the community itself. So we need to hold to the book of Allah subhanaw taala or swat a site or Salam

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said in a hadith and even imagine email robbery, put it in his commentary Kitab Allah will humbly one dude when a Salah needle on the book of Allah is the rope that is between the heavens and the earth, holding into the Quran, learning the Quran practicing the Quran, understanding the Quran, struggling to understand the Quran will bring us all together. Some of the things that we all share is we have the same book, the same Quran, the rope of Allah subhanho wa taala. So what the same will

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be happening now you Jamia as an ummah as a nation don't differ. Let's always look at what brings us together. Let us not look at what separates us or divide divided us are sorry salatu salam in a beautiful Hadith and all the Hadees of Allah Suarez salatu salam are beautiful, but this one is teaching me and your something in Allah I'm gonna come Salah whereas hotword concinna Allah is pleased when you have three qualities and he's unhappy and pleased when he has three what are they

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the one he likes, and Tom would do who like to share Kobe he share number one and one that person will be having a huge Jamia, worship Him and do not associate anyone with him. Second, same concept of the worst one cardinal sin will be happening that we hold to the role of ombar hold to the community be part of the community hold to the Quran, one can also hold minimal now hello Umbra and you advice your leaders and we use hot Ola community doesn't like what three things kill apart he

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said she said or vain talk for Allah to remind wasting the wilds were Kassala to swirl too many questions, unnecessary questions. For us as an ummah, this is one of the or some of what we shouldn't be the most important thing is hold on to the rope of Allah. So then he tells us something that we all know and happy about, but we really need to pay attention. Do we? Are we doing it that we were as the Muslims, the best nation that Allah subhanaw taala brought forth on this Earth called

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to hire Almighty only just in us. You were the best nation that had been brought forth to people. Why is that your mod because we are muslims now. Tell them we're gonna remodel feet with 10 Hona. And in Moncure, you're enjoying good and prevent evil, you advise people to do good, you encourage people to stay away from the disobedience of Allah and a moon card that rejects things that Allah is not pleased with. And we believe in Allah. These are the three things so it's not that I believe in

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Allah only, but that for the others to enjoin, good and prevent evil, and the people before you people have the book if they believe in Allah, which will be the best for them. But the most important thing was is we enjoy what he wants from us, and we forbid what he doesn't want us to do. Meaning again, ourselves first. If that be enough sick start with yourself and haha millennia, stop yourself from doing the evil then start teaching people so it is not just because we are Muslims,

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because of what Muslims are bringing to the slight demand had been major. They ported that our Swati salatu salam said in a como fatale Sylvain OMA and to Jairo. Ha what a Coronavirus Allah you company

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Eat 17 nations of Fuchu are us the best and the dearest Tomas pan our tile. Imagine we are the best and the dearest to Allah. But to be the best and the dearest to Allah is not just by singing it or claiming it, we have to be worthy of it, we have to have already worked for it. Number one is our leader is of a soiree So afterwards, but are we really enjoying and good and forbidding evil? Do we one we see things we are doing it? Do we stop ourselves from doing it, let alone before we come and

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tell people not to do of course, enjoying good and forbidding evil. It's a whole concept that not everybody can do. But at least everyone can work on himself or herself and maybe the close people to us so we are the best or the best nation for two reasons. Number one, we are a community we have to stay together. We have to look at what brings us together not what separates us. And then the number two is the concept of enjoying good and forbidding evil, maleness. pantalla teach us what is

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beneficial for us, the male must puntata help us to practice what we learned

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