Quranic Reflections Episode 9 Never despair

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Speaker 1 discusses the importance of remaining on the "meditation path" after receiving the Message of Jesus Christ. They explain that this path is the one that benefits everyone, including the creator. The speaker also mentions a video about a person named Jesus who claims to have been the creator of time and space, but denies this claim.

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No matter how many sins we have, no matter how big they are, as Muslims, we can never despair for the Mercy of Allah. How can we despair when we open up the Quran and Allah causes who Yeah, everybody say, Oh My servants and leadin Estella, who Allah fusi Him, those who have transgressed amongst themselves and all of us one way or another, we fall into that category. Allah says to us, let up not only Rahmatullah Do not despair from the mercy of Allah. Why, in Allah hug Pharaoh the Nuba Jamia indeed Allah forgives all of the sins and then hello reminds us who is he? subhanho wa Taala in the who who have a photo Rahim? Indeed he is the before the offer, giving the Rahim the All

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Merciful Subhana wa Tada. But pay attention if we really want to benefit from our Toba and want to remain on our toes and remain on the correct path after we repent to Allah. Allah says in the verse which comes after that, when he boo el Arab become well as three molar and to repent, to turn and repentance to your Lord and to submit and surrender to Him. The Toba that's really going to benefit us is the one that we remain on after we repent to Allah subhanho wa Taala and that is the one that shows up in our actions.