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Cleaner Teeth, Longer Life What Mainstream Medicine Doesn’t Know or Won’t Tell You with one of the Top Dentists in America Dr. Lina Garcia who is also one of the very few dentists who actually knows about all of the benefits of The Miswak and also promotes it.


AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the holistic approach to dental work and the importance of healthy eating and nutrition for longer lifespans. They emphasize the benefits of holistic dentistry, including using a microscope, identifying healthy foods, and addressing medical conditions. They also discuss the use of prep media and caution against excessive use of silicon toothpaste. The speakers stress the benefits of using mineralized tooth paste and recommend reading books for dental health.
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show. Greetings apiece. Welcome to the D show. Do you have teeth? Your children have teeth. You want to keep your teeth. We got an expert on teeth, Dr. Lena Garcia on the D show. How are you, doctor? Very good. It's a pleasure being here. Thanks for inviting me for your show. Thank you for being with us. Tell us a little bit about what you do you actually I was told you have two doctorate degrees in this specific area of teeth. Can you tell us a little about your history in your bio? Yeah, I'm a DMD with which is a doctor medical dentistry. And I am a DDS doctor in, in dental surgeon. That means just that I went through different schools in different countries, I started in

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Brazil. And I was trained by Dr. Linda phi Sol, which is a well known holistic dentist in Brazil, then I came to the states and I went to Boston University. That's where I got the different degrees. And I have practice, you know, I've been staff in hospitals for over 25 years. And so lots of experience with the, you know, hospitals and patient care. But the way I practice is, we call holistic dentistry because it includes the whole body, so the teeth becomes part of your whole body, it's not just a separate part of the body that has to be taken care of separately. So whatever material you put in your mouth, whatever ways you numb the teeth, whatever kind of anesthetics you

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use, or it has to do with the whole body. So if a patient, if you don't want to patients to have, you know, the heart beating too fast, or you have to choose anesthetics that are going to support that. So when I take care of a patient, individually, each person has a different need, and they have different medical needs. And so we take care of them thinking of the whole body. Yeah, so every blood that goes around your teeth goes around your whole body, your heart, your knees, your joints, and therefore, it's a holistic approach to medicine. So now, what's the difference? The main difference between let's say, your conventional dentist, which you have that degree also, but is a

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fair assessment that you have gone above and beyond so you have that license, and you went on to Expand your horizon of knowledge? Is that correct? Right, right, which means that every practitioner should take whatever part of the body that they are specialized in and expand that the whole body so they become better practitioners, just because now they see the whole body, they don't see just fixing a tooth, and putting on material that you think could affect the rest of the body, or either mercury or metal crowns, or even metal implants, if that is going to affect the rest of the body. So I choose the materials. I of course, I work with Dr. Grasso, which is a do a physician and then with

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Jim Marlowe, which our nutritionist, and we have this holistic approach to help patients to not just fix their teeth, but to get the guts and the whole floor in their mouth go in and healthy because the microorganisms in the body. In my practice, we use a microscope. So we take a little sample of the mouth. And in that simple we can see a lot of the microorganisms, some of them are healthy, some of them are very unhealthy. And that helps us to see where the patients are health wise. I see. And then obviously, I refer them to Jim Marlo to help them with their nutrition and Dr. Grasso to help them get off their medications that many many times are unnecessary to be on and taking drugs that

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are causing side effects. So through nutrition through a proper care of their teeth, and their medical needs. We help them to be the healthiest they can be. And that's what you see in the book. cleaner teeth longer life. Yeah, the focus is about longer life. Absolutely. This

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You make a great team so we we actually I got referred to you from chief I called chief nutritionists, my good friend, Jim Morrison literally got your husband's here also, you guys make a great team, Dr. Grasso and you Dr. guys working together. It's amazing and we want to get this simple yet profound advice. I mean, it's so important. I'm gonna give you a story. A friend of mine he's talking about you know what, the kids get two sets of teeth right? At what age what age to do their do their first set of teeth start falling out about what six, six okay? After that your your next teeth start forming, right you're at for the rest right now those things are supposed to last

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for the rest of your life. I know there are dead corpses with teeth that are still in there attached to their skeletons this right? But I'm amazed the guy's telling me he's going this kid is like, I don't know. 1011 and he's going to get a root canal. And then he goes to the dentist and they got candy right there at the offering candy. What is wrong? I mean, something really, I don't think God made a mistake when he made these teeth to come out so early god what's going on not processed food to a point where they have to steal your nutrients in order to be digests. Therefore, children should be eating foods that are going to support their health. Why don't doctors when you go to the

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doctor because he just says brush and floss? Oh no, they don't save and that they I think they they say floor right? Okay, they will say here's a candy. They want a more decay because they want a more work. So maybe that's a little bit of that disease. The business of disease pays way better than the business of health. We're here to support health. Yeah, but a lot of practitioners in the whole medical system and pharmaceutical they're there to support disease, because that's what makes money. So tell us, is it okay? It's a huge epidemic of just you got people I know a lot of my family people I know they go to to get cheaper. They're like people are even young adults at the age of 3040 they

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got new teeth. I said What happened? Your old teeth you know, and I've I have a lot of experience there because I would I want to do everything right? I'd go to the dentist and he would or the dentist would say just fly and I've been to many floss. The ones I went to just said make sure you floss and brush nothing about nutrition and then I would bring up anything about you know the things I'm eating no worries just go ahead then every time I'd go back to the dentist I Oh, I couldn't get away from the cavity Exactly. This was the first time after spending time with with my friend Jim Marlo and also getting off of sugar white processed refined sugar. It was and then also adding a few

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other things all your polish and I got our new friend we'll be talking about Yes. miswak I was going to revive the suddenness the missile you know a lot about the miswak Wow, I've been trying to create a toothpaste let me go before that. Let me just get my point, then you comment on this. So finally I went to the dentist first. First time thank God, no cavities, first time. But my point is, one you have young men, women at the age of 3040 their loot their teeth are just falling out, they're going over, you know, overseas is cheaper to get you know, 60 Do we have a promise? Should it be like that? Oh, it's an epidemic of

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you know, disease, it's an epidemic of lack of real nutrients in our diet. And if you go eat any place, you're not gonna get your real foods you're so our bodies are getting more and more depleted. And of course, it's your teeth are a

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proof of the lack of calcification and health in the whole body. But other parts are falling apart to the teeth are just there because you check them. And it's easy to diagnose the problems that they are having to point it out to be the weak part. But there's a lot of other weak parts in the body. So when we take care of our teeth, we're taking care of the whole body, because your bones are going to be healthier, your gut are going to be as healthy should be healthy as your your the the bugs in your mouth too. So I mentioned that already, but we take samples in our practice and we put it on microscopy to see what kind of microorganisms and we can see sprockets which are the same causes of

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the spark is the cause limes disease. When you start seeing the kind of more developed pathogenic bad bugs, you know that something is not right. That's where as a dentist, I support them to change their diets to get off the drugs and to start this whole process because the mouth for my specialty and for what I do is the doorway

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For me to get access to what's happening to that patient, the doors the doorway to as a physician to help the patient to improve their overall health. Yeah, let's hold there the doorway to good health. Let's we're gonna take a break. Like I said, if you have teeth, your children have teeth, you want to hold on to those teeth. We don't want to be losing our teeth. We got an expert on teeth here the de show, don't go anywhere, we're right back.

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Take that simple step that you ask your maker to guide you that he'll guide you. Yes, I advise this a lot. So people are searching, put your head on the floor.

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In the in the in the state of frustration, like all the prophets that and ask the creator of the universe to show you the way to guide you to the straight path. And someone who sincerely ask for guidance. So follow the finding.

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Back here on the D show, with the doctor of teeth, and the author of cleaner teeth, longer life, how do you what do you mean, someone can't relate? What What does that have to do with my life? How do I have clean teeth? How do I have a longer life? Well, yeah, if someone's like, What are you talking about? It's a great question, which what means is cleaner teeth means you don't have mercury fillings. You don't have metal crowns. You don't have root canal teeth, when it's hot. That's like 80 90% of the population really. But that's why the book is here to educate people to understand that their choices for what kind of procedures they are allowing dentists to do for them, what kind

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of procedures they're choosing, it's dictating their overall health. So when I mean in the book by saying cleaner teeth, I mean,

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a cleaner mouth, not a dirty mouth. And we have a chapter that Jim and I wrote in this book that gives the little story that dirty mouth is not about swearing, and saying bad words. But the dirty mouth that we refer in our book is in regards to clean your mouth. So you clean it all you take the infections, the gum infections, which is very common, that's why Ms. Whack is such a beautiful stick. It's a beautiful branch that you're one of the only I mean, most I have a Dr. site that I refer you to. He obviously knows about the Miss pack, but most have no clue about this missile, you're one of the few and only that knows about it, we're gonna get to that in a second. But go

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ahead, finish your point which were so a cleaner mouth means that you put materials in your mouth that's going to be supportive of your health. Obviously, Mercury is not one of them. And the ADA it still approves it still it still approves it. And as a matter of fact, it's been taken out of market in different countries, but it's to something that you're talking about the mercury fillings. Yeah. fillings. Yeah, that's poisonous. It's toxic. Yes, it affects. toxin. It's toxic. Yeah. So if you have it, I know a lot of people are getting it out now. Yes, but you gotta make sure also how you taking it out. If you're just drilling it out, it's, it's not appropriate, because then you're going

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to be swallowing it. And it's a neurotoxin, so has affinity for, you know, tissues in the body that are very sensitive and very delicate. We don't want to

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impregnate them with you know, mercury, or, you know, the other metals there are into that amalgamation of the mercury with other metals. But also, you got to be careful nowadays is so popular that people take accept metal implants, which is another big issue because every different metals you have in your mouth, he creates this galvanic battery. So what do you do instead of saliva, plus all the different metals now you have this electrical this battery going on that affects the brain, the thyroid, so you need to make choices. It's not just going to the dentist and fixing a toothache, it's going to the dentist and making choices, what will be the best to support

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your health?

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And so that goes for, you know, the metal crowns. Many times people come to me and they like no, I took all my mercury out. I don't have any more metals and I look in the X ray. And they have all those metal crowns because they put this layer of porcelain outside and patients now see white and they think they don't have any more metals, but they still do. So it takes a

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it's about finding the right practitioner. Yeah, that can guide you to make the right choices and it's about the patience to be educated. That's why the book is here. Yeah.

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So patients can be educated in all those topics, and then make the right choice where they are at that moment in where they want to be 510 years later, we're gonna watch this clip and I get your feedback on it. Okay? Isaac, was exposed to fluoride to the young age, can you show your teeth? Can you show your teeth,

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he had this tooth completely dissolved. And he had these other two teeth almost completely dissolved, but they started, they've already started to grow back because of his exposure to fluoride. When that happened, I started to think, you know, maybe, maybe dentists don't know exactly what they're talking about. I mean, after all, they they recommend that you get a fluoride treatment for your kid when he's about a year old. And it seems like for a lot of kids, that does a lot more harm than does good. After all, fluoride is a highly toxic substance. And because of that, and because I've realized that as I've gotten older, and I've spent more time brushing and flossing my

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teeth, I've gotten more cavities, a lot of stuff that's wrong with the way that people tell you to take care of your teeth. You seem to get a lot more cavities, by following their directions. And you would if you knew how to actually cure cavities. What are your comments he talked about at the age of one fluoride treatment? Let's start there. Yes. What do you have to say? That's that's something that's common practice. Right? What is fluoride tree for people that don't know, what does that entail? And what do you what is your comments on what? It's a toxin, it's something that has been actually banned from different countries now banned, yes, but don't come in, they kicked it out,

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don't come in, don't add that to the water or, and here in our country. In the United States. It's something that we put put in our public water without measuring who is drinking their water, because even if fluoride was topically, advisable, which is not what I tell patients, but when you take it into your body, that has a whole different purpose, you're not you're no longer treating teeth, now you're treating the whole body you're swallowing, it's the same as if someone would suggest to put different drugs in the water in the public water, it's against medical principles, do no harm. If the child that is drinking their water, and the adult that drinking the water, they have completely

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different needs. Therefore, it's not appropriate to have the same amount. Even if fluoride was a good thing as they claim it is. It wouldn't be objective to be there, if it has different if you're if you have different people drinking the water with totally different needs. fluoride is a neurotoxin, it should not be it causes hundreds of different toxicity to different parts of the body. And it's proven if people read my book, there is a whole chapter on fluoride. And it really will inform you exactly what fluoride is doing. In the meantime, until we educate yourself what fluoride is doing, there's a lot of other things one can do. Or you're pulling in the case of the

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child. You have to look what is this child doing? Are they being breastfed, and not the teeth are not being polishing afterwards? Because every time a child breastfeed, you have to go in there and clean their teeth. Even if it's during the night you got to be careful with that because if the mother is eating more sugars than she can handle or better yet that the baby can handle that's affecting the baby. Yeah, so the the accumulation even with that sugars in their teeth can cause this this calcification. What's the argument for fluoride why we're gonna wait let's take a break and then let's continue from there. We got to take a break. And then we'll we'll come back with what

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is the wisdom behind people using fluoride. Don't go anywhere. Got the miswak coming up, please subscribe to the show. Follow us on our official Facebook and Twitter pages in the links below. Please also help support the show by making a donation in the link below.

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Back here on the dean show with Dr. Lena Garcia, specialists, Dr. expert with two degrees in this area doctorates in what is a dental doctorate in dental, medical dentistry and doctrine dental surgery. Okay, so we have an expert in this area, someone who's gone above and beyond the conventional dentistry. Learning we got a lot to learn. And we talked about fluoride. What's the wisdom behind it? What What Would someone because there is an argument if I had other dentists Absolutely. Have you gotten into this with me all the time. What happens they get very

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angry, because they're very convinced by da da. And by this whole, you know, process that fluoride helps. And perhaps topically, it could be of some benefit, but the side effects wants to ingest it, or totally

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harmful to anybody's parties. And when you see children, sometimes you see a little brownish in their teeth. That's fluoride toxicity. And you see that very often. So fluoride is a toxic material that should not be taken. What do they say that it strengthens de sade that will strengthen teeth that will make them harder and stronger. Is that true? No. It's topically perhaps in certain situations, it could give, but it makes teeth more brittle. That's what the clip the guy was showing his kid is like he was doing the floor treatment is to teach. Okay, it is it is for some cases, some people can, you know, allege that there is there is some benefit. I'm not fighting the fact that

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some of the cases could have some benefits, but the side effect the harm outweighs the benefit. You're saying? Totally. What's the benefit? When you look at a toothpaste bottle toothpaste bottle it says if you swallow contact poison control a call poison control and they swallow it all the time. Yeah, children play with toothpaste. Many times I tell parents do not give them any toothpaste. And if you do, buy in a place where you would not have any fluoride or Dr. Grasso for the detox. Yeah. Yeah. So no, it's it's not a it's a, it's being taken out of a lot of different markets. But as everything else in dentistry, you can go you know, like root canals, they will tell

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you root canals are good, or the mercury fillings are no, you know, that they cause no harm. And you that's a whole different time, we only touched it but Yeah, wow, we have to read in between the lines as a

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lay person, you have to educate yourself to hold the practitioners you're choosing, you have to educate yourself into the procedures that they're offering. And the best thing that can make a patient's life easier is to choose practitioners there are already ahead of the game. Because if you choose a conventional dentist that is still doing fluoride and is still doing mercury fillings and and go try to fight them, you know that you don't want to fluoride or you don't want to dissolve that it becomes very tedious. Yeah. And of course, even if they're not holistic, or if they don't have all this training, they're still the experts. They're the doctors, they went to school, they

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have their you know, have the ability to help patients in an emergency case. But we are going beyond that. We're suggesting that patients really take responsibilities to what they are choosing to put in their bodies. Yeah. And for that they have to choose practitioners that are already ahead of the game supporting them in what they need. So tell me Is this correct Okay, you want to have healthy teeth? Can you say look you want to remove what is the plaque kill the bacteria mineralization avoiding what acidic foods right? I found in my research tells us go now to this you know this is what we would call a sun now this is a way that's really recommended. You know, and I found people

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you know who this gentleman also I've showed the clip and others who have done who wanted to have really healthy teeth you know, they did research I think this comes from the mustard tree and it has all these things in there I still I still brush my teeth you know i and floss, but I avoid you know sugar you know white processed refined sugar and all that other garbage, the fake foods, but I added this to my regimen. Yeah, you know about it. Tell us about the miswak Miss vac so Miss Mack if you turn around it so Okay, now the way you're doing if you turn around, you're going to show your audience how hard it is in the other side of it. But here looks like look like to look like a bra.

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That's amazing. You need to keep exercising it in your mouth and wearing it in order to get there and it's very antiseptic. Yeah, so it really helps to to create this healthy environment in the mouth with healthy bugs. So what the Miss wack does, it's literally

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too cute bedbugs, but in a healthy way without killing the good ones. And that's what other drugs will do. They will kill the bad guys but they will also kill the good ones.

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So Miss whack, it's a very healthy way to do it. This doesn't. So this doesn't kill the good. The bad bad, kills the bad, bad but won't kill the good ones want to maintain the healthy ones? Yeah, and we want to create a different environment in the mouth by using the MS whack by flossing, polishing the teeth and I have a little model here. Yeah, let us see that I want to show you quickly how to polish. And that's what you do for some of those kids that you know when they're breastfeeding. So you put your fingers and you make sure to wipe polish the teeth inside, outside and on top of it with this with or I think a thin cloth. It can be like a little cotton cloth that

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you don't have to throw it out all the time. Like you would have guys. Yeah, this pretty much you throw it out. We don't want to hold it up a little bit. So yeah, yeah, yeah. So we want to make sure we're polishing it in the inside. Yeah, hold so they can see a pot. Yeah, there you go. On the top of it, and on the outside. And you can do that with a cloth, like a cloth that people shower themselves with. And then you use the different corners of it. And then you wash it. Yeah. So you don't waste all the time. And then of course, flossing, there was an article recently that came out saying the floss is unnecessary. And that's not the case. floss is very important. But this one

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here, it doesn't mean I have this, please. This one here does not.

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When it goes down.

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It's hard to get all the surfaces. Okay. So and if you have a bridge or something you won't go down, right? Yeah. So this is a possibility. It's a good beginning, but it really helps when you really have a floss a piece of floss. And you put around your fingers, right? And you go Can Can they see it here? Yeah, can hear me? Can you hold this for me, please. And then when you go with a floss, you go in one surface, how can they see? Yeah, one surface here you go in the back in between the same teeth in the front, and you keep cleaning them around. You only need to floss the teeth you want to keep forever. If there's any teeth you don't care to. You don't need to floss. But if you do care

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for your teeth, make sure this one is a little tooth here, but that's okay. We're gonna put a nice bridge in there. There's a nice little toy this Yeah, yeah. Right to see what healthy teeth. I told you. If you got teeth, you want to keep your teeth. Definitely. You're listening to the right program right now. Yes, definitely. So we're almost we're almost out of time. Couple more thing. We got to have you back we got to talk about root canals. A lot of topics, right? Yeah, a lot of time to short. Now the last thing about mineralizing if you're if your teeth are de mineralized, right, that's when you're susceptible to cavities, you touch upon this right that means your asemenea your

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whole body. It's not just the teeth the teeth are just the doorway to show you that disgust vacation but in the end of the day, every bone in your body is vulnerable to that too. So if you see that discussed vacation, you know you have poor nutrition or of course some patients are you know they had had medications or things in the past that could not be helping at this moment. But nutrition is a key thing. Or you're pulling Oil Pulling Oil Pulling is a great help but it has to be with sesame seed oil. That's the original in the book we in our chapter will tell you the other oils you can use. But nowadays there is this trend to to use coconut oil. Coconut oil is not the original one, we

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want to go back to the original one. It's literally much more efficient than that. We got one more minute, just real quick. So do you guys learn about neutral dentist, conventional dentists learn about the port the nutrition at all? Not at all. When I went to Boston University here I had nutritional classes with the medical students. But that was literally in the first second year and then nobody talks about nutrition is the key. Isn't it the key to mineralize teeth to keep the floors healthy. You have a floor in your mouth in your guts. There's different floors in the body and we must keep those for healthy for that you have to have the right environment in the mouth with

00:29:35--> 00:29:59

the gums clean no Mattos and you have to have the good nutrition in your guts to support that in the end of the day. They all those floors they come together and healthier the individual floors are the whole floor in the body will be supporting health. What What advice do you have? We're out of time just real quick Ramiz, a good friend of mine. He just finished at the University of Chicago dentistry.

00:30:00--> 00:30:40

And he's, you know, young, he's really got into it to help people, you know, great guy. I'm sure there's a lot of great, you know, dentists out there. But from your experience now that you've gone above and beyond what advice do you give for them? Who are doing this? Yeah. Well as young dentists, you know, but they want to do what's right, of course, they want to help. They want to follow the truth, if they have a holistic mind and heart. Yes, and we support the younger ones to develop that. Therefore, reading the book is a very good beginning. There's a lot of important chapters there. So that's a great beginning for him, and I'll be glad to guide him if he ever comes and, you know,

00:30:40--> 00:31:11

spend a little time in my office, you know, seeing how we do things. He's in Chicago also. Yeah, keep an open mind and be informed. And we got the cleaner teeth longer life with Dr. Lena Garcia. We look forward to having your husband on the show. So Dr. Grasso, so much to talk about God willing, we can have you back some time. Yes, absolutely. I'll be honored to thank thank you guys. Thank you guys. Make sure miswak Incorporated, they should incorporate it

00:31:13--> 00:31:27

as I'm looking for that to make it actually powder. I'm still looking for that. If anybody knows anything about it. We got Dr. At Dr. Saeed and we can hook you up with him. Thank you very much. You started with peace. We end with peace. Peace with you sonica