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Al-Baqarah 142-152 Translation


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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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Muhammad who want to slowly, slowly heal Kareem and my birth mother below him in the shade liner rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. But our Bishop rightly so that he were Sidley, MD, while under a better melissani of Ali Baba as you

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just do. Lesson number 20 Surah Al Baqarah Ayah 142 to 152.

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say a colo. Soon he will say, a sofa, the foolish ones mean from a mercy the people, man, what was their home, it turned them away, on from liberality him their prayer direction. And Lottie which candle there were, I lay her upon it

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to say lilla he for Allah and machico the east, while mercury boo and the West yesterday, he guides man, whoever, Yeshua who He willed Illa towards serapion a path was stopping him one straight.

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What and gallica likewise Generico we made you omoton a community a nation was fun, moderate,

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justly balanced

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Lita kulu so that you all become shoo her the witnesses either upon a NASS the people way akuna and he is a rasuluh the messenger RNA come upon you shahida a witness warmer and not jalna we made a liberal letter, the prayer direction allottee which country you were, or lay her upon it? Illa except Lina Aloma so that we know man who yet who he follows on masuleh the messenger madman From who? Young Cali boo heatons Allah upon rpba he his two heels.

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We're in an indeed. ganache. It was like a view of a turn. Surely a big thing in there except either up on alladhina those who had a he guided Allahu Allah. Warmer and not Canada. He was Allahu Allah. Lilia that he wastes. Eman acoem your belief in Allah Indeed Allah vainness with the people la rufen surely most affectionate or human always All Merciful?

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Or in fact, narrow we see the

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repeated turning Why do you HCA of your face fee in a summer the sky for so low? Surely no one Leanna We will definitely turn

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you they will attend a prayer direction that'll law her. You will be pleased with it. For one Li sauterne What do you have? Your face shutaura towards a Masjid the mosque and held on the sacred

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well hey Thoma and wherever condone you were for Lou so you altern would you have comb your faces? shutaura who towards it?

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We're in and indeed and Medina those who who do they were given al Qaeda the book layer the moon surely they know and know who that indeed it and have the truth. Men from Rob be him there Lord. Warmer and not. Allahu Allah, below filling in the least unaware armor about what Yama loon they do.

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wander in and surely if

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Theta you came, and Medina to those who who do they were given Al Kitab. The book, we can lead with every 18 sign, man, not who they followed, they will attack your prayer direction.

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Warmer and not under you better we're in in the least one who follows people at home their prayer direction,

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warmer and nor baraboo some of them better vary in the least one who follows a better prayer direction. violin have some weather in and surely if it America you followed a what a home their desires, men from bar the after, man that jerrica it came to you mean an enemy from the knowledge in NACA indeed you even then lemon surely from of What do you mean? Those who do wrong?

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And Medina those who attina whom we gave them elkie tabah the book yardi foreigner who they recognize it gamma just as yardie funa they recognize a burner a home their children their sons

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what in and indeed fennekin a group main home from them lake to Muna surely they hide and help the truth we're home while they are on the moon they know

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and help the truth mill Rob Baker from your Lord Feller. So, do not the coonan you definitely be main from a momentary those who doubt while equal limb and for everyone and for each would you have done a special direction? Who He muhuali her one who turns to it faster vehicle so you all listen. You always al-hayat in the good deeds ainoa wherever the coup you are, you all will be yet D he will come back home with you all yet dvcon he will bring you on Allahu Allah, Jimmy are all together in the Lucha Indeed Allah.

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Allah upon condition in everything for the urine, always all evil

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woman and from Hazel wherever Harada you came out for worldly entering?

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What you have your face sharper towards Allah Masjid, the mosque and how long the sacred were in the who and indeed it then

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surely the truth. Middle of bigger from your Lord. Warmer and not. Allahu Allah Vila filling in the least unaware Allah about what Dharma loon you will do.

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Woman and from Hazel wherever Harajuku that you went out for one leap and turn. What do you have your face Shepherd towards a Masjid the mosque and held on the sacred well hey sama and wherever condone you were for one Lu then you all turn would you have comb your faces? sharper or who towards it?

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Lee unless so that not he akuna it is Lynn Massey for the people are Lancome against you. Her jetten any argument

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in there except and Medina those who follow move they did wrong. Men home from them. fella so do not

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show home you all fear them. will show me and you will fear me when the ottima

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and so that I complete near Mati my blessing my favorite are they come upon you while are under calm and so that you that the dune you will obtain guidance.

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gov just as our center we sent FICO in you

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also learn a messenger men come from you yet Lu he recites or they come upon you. I A Tina our verses, we use a key comb and he completely purifies you

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while you are a limo comb and he teaches you elk whatever the book will heck matter. And the wisdom where you are limo calm, and he teaches you man, what lamb did not the kuno you are where there are no moon, you are no

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fat caroni so you all remember me at gore calm? I shall remember you. Wash guru, and you will be grateful. Lee do me. Wanna and do not that Kuru need you all be ungrateful to me.

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That's the recitation of these verses.

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work at

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CU shuhada.

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me who pseudonym

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pony wanna

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to know

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to look at?

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Wanna know?

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What are you

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32 moon and the

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Well hi

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Lou Hakuna Chateau de la

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vida de show.

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Me Your d o t

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