Mohamad Baajour – 40 Authentic Qudsi #01 – The danger of attributing a son to Allah! Hadith #1

Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The history and title of the Hadith are discussed, with the latter being a holy title from Islam and the latter being a holy title from Islam. The importance of the Hadith ofros is emphasized, with emphasis on issues such as lied and bribery, respecting religious holidays, and using shatter as a way to manifest behavior. The discussion also touches on the potential negative consequences of not respecting religious holidays and the use of "has" in religion to indicate desire.
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Smilla Al hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah

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very grateful to Allah azza wa jal. They give us the opportunity. We haven't done a real Halaqaat since since before Ramadan. So this is our first time so I'm very excited to handle our datamine and I'm very grateful to Allah azza wa jal that he gave us an opportunity to sit down again in sha Allah. So just a reminder, my beloved brothers and sisters that Subhan Allah

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even if you know everything I'm about to say, or anybody who's giving talks, whether it myself or Shia salaryman, Nadine, anybody, just keep in mind please, to purify your intention while you're sitting.

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Wallahi Subhanallah just I want you to recall, the hadith of Salah Salem, that no group gathered in the house of Allah, except few things takes place. Dr. Rossi one was the first one anyone

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the Wrath of Allah descend upon them. Surrounded by the angels Allahu Akbar, surrounded by the angels.

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Allah was showered them with a tranquility with the peace and tranquility and Sakina what else

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with a cuddle from Allah Who Freeman ENDA, and Allah will mention your name, he will say, there's arbit Musa Razi, the one who Allah will mention our name to the angels, Allahu Akbar. And the last one is Subhan Allah so beautiful brother Billa reminded us at the end of the gathering, we will be told in sha Allah Kumu Montura nycomed Cut booty let's say lt con Hassan at get up at the end of the gathering all your sins not only forgiven, but they have been switched into good deeds.

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Allahu Akbar, Allah if you have as many sins as me you will attend every halacha we need as much as we can to get rid of all the sins in sha Allah Tala so hamdulillah Brian I mean

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this new series I was thinking about it for a long time and I hardly to be honest with you, I hardly see anybody tackle this, that hadith could see and details. First of all today, inshallah Tada it's going to be an introduction and I want to make it not too long

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15 to 20 tops, inshallah Tada. So when it becomes 1517 Just give me sign Java. So today is going to be the definition what is the Hadith could see.

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And what's the difference between the Hadith cozzia and the Quran?

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The hadith could see

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the scholars different.

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Some, they said that the lawful and the Marina is from Allah. They said that the words themselves and the meaning are both from Allah azza wa jal

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and another group, which is called the raja says, a dominant opinion is that the coal the words from Allah and the man, the man is from Allah and the code is from Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. This is any more more scholars went to to this opinion that the manner is from Allah, and the coal is from Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So, they and it's used sometimes as Hadith Kotze or Hadith Ilahi, or Hadith or abahani. All three means the same Allah He could see you're a Bernie or mean Hadith.

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And it is a Divine Hadith which is Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam. Usually the Hadith starts by saying the Sahaba said, Carla Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam female Yahweh and Rob de female Yahweh he and Rob Bay. That statement means like I suppose as Adam said, he is narrating from Allah or it will says Carla Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam kala Bukom yaku Nora bukem When the Hadith starts like this, oh call Allah Jota allah God Allah azza wa jal in the beginning of the Hadith that means that indicates that the hadith is could see that the hadith is crazy and there are so many, unfortunately, there are fabricated a lot of fabricated Hadith Cassia. And as usual, I know you know

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me I always I'm always very strict about just choosing the Hadith that are 100% authentic type since these are called Allah, and the Quran is called Allah. What's the difference between the Hadith and could see, and the Quran? The Quran contains words of Allah azza wa jal where the Hadith and could see is the message of Allah confer conveyed to the people by the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam in the Prophet own words.

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So the Quran is, they are words that are themselves they are holy because they are from Allah. They are

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sacred words by Allah azza wa jal, the Hadith I could see they are the meaning is from Allah azza wa jal and the wording is from Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam second

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I cannot recite hadith of course in salad,

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right, but I can recite

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in the salad. So this is another major difference. Third, the words of the Quran are by themselves miraculous why the words of the Hadith could see they are not of that nature. Because, keep in mind that the Hadith and could see could be narrated by different Sahaba right, and it's one word could be changed, but the Quran is mutawatir What does mutawatir mean?

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Yeah, and he agreed upon 100 Nobody, for example, if you ask somebody to read surah loss, no one on earth would read a different no one on earth are you different, but if you ask somebody to narrate the Hadith could see he might change some words, but the man is still there. You cannot narrate an AI with the man not only with the meaning. you narrate an AI by who Allah Allah had, but the user could see you could say, God Allah, and you could see when the meaning of but in the Quran, you have to give the idea or the idea does not change it is by itself the words of Allah azza wa jal, you do not need to carry the Hadith, but you need to do to touch the Quran.

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By the way, I'm just gonna go back a little bit on the word mutawatir because many people

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do not understand the word motivated. Motivated means like, for example, even with a letter could be in, in regular information in in daily

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life. For example, if I ask about Ali, what is the what is the capital of Egypt in 1945? He's gonna tell Milka Hera Abdulhamid, what is it called? Hera billiat. What is it Alka Hera so this the way that the the capital of Egypt isn't Kira? I'm just giving you something close to know what the word mutawatir so normally would differ in that in that that that answer similarly, and highly also the Quran, nobody would differ if you tell them this class is not gonna decide, you know, something different. You're gonna say call who Allahu Allahu Samad. Okay.

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last difference between the hadith of Kotze and the Quran is that when you recite the Quran, you get for every letter Tim has,

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but for that digital currency, there is no reward for every for every letter, type SunSun chama Tada I thought we're going to take longer to finish this. So let me take the first Hadith in sha Allah Tala and it is in Sahih al Bukhari I'm going to every Hadith inshallah Tada from now on, I will be narrating it in Arabic first, and then I will do the translation to give it its right and Abby Arroyo the Allah one and in Nabi SallAllahu, alayhi wa sallam call called Allah called Allah, because then ignore them well Aamir Khan Allah Who there Alec will shatter money while Aamir Khan Lahu that ik

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tech zebu yay so COVID Who who lay your eat any come any weather you sir, well, hello KBR one I like that shirt mu E for cola who duck Allah whoever that we're Anil Samad Lim Elliot welcome. Well, Aamir Khan li CO for an ad.

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For some of us, I said and said that Allah has said, the son of Adam have lied against me, and the son of Adam, have cursed me, Allah saying that the son of Adam have lied against me and the son of Adam, have cursed me. He abuses me, though he has the right to do. As for his telling me lie against me, it is him saying that I will not recreate him as I created him for the first time. In fact, the first creation was not easier for me than the new creation. As for him, abusing me and cursing me, it is him saying that I have a child is that I have a child while I am the one the old sufficient the master whom all creatures need I beget not nor was I begotten, and there is none like unto me.

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So here in this hadith Yeah, one.

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It contains two main components of Tawheed.

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Allah you no matter what we study, no matter what we learn, you will find yourself at the end of the day, going back to the heat of Allah azza wa jal.

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If the Tawheed is weak in our life, Allah He Subhanallah prepare yourself for a disaster.

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Those there are two main components of the heat in this hadith number one, that Allah subhana wa

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is able to bring back the people after death, resurrection. And number two, that Allah subhanaw taala does not have children. Those are actually the issues. Actually the issues if you doubt in any one of them, you're out of Islam. These are actually the issues. Now, let's take the first one.

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Many eight in the Quran, Allah subhanho wa Taala negated and answered

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the people who said that

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Allah will not bring us back because that was the mentality of the people of Quraysh. How can we go back after we become dust? How can we go back? Are you going to bring back our fathers and our grandfathers our great grandfather's, Allah subhanaw taala said well, that method and when I see a Hunka caller May your healer if I'm aware here, I mean, and so that he has seen

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and the producers arguments against us and he forgets and he forgets his own creation. He says, who wouldn't revive the bones when they have decayed call up her lady and she, uh, well, Amara will who will be called the hulking Aleem. Tell them Yeah, Mohammed, that the one who initiated them in the first instance will revive them again. And Allah says in surah Kahf Alpha Aina Bill hulking, a one balloon fee LapSim hulking Jegede was the first Hulk harder for us. Was it hard for us so we can have a problem doing it again? And many Zahm AlLadhina kifaru Allah you basil, Candela wallop being a sunnah. So mother to the owner Bhima. With Alika Allah He has here, look at this Subhan Allah, you

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could tell that Allah subhanaw taala here, look at XAML the kuffaar they claimed that they will not be resurrected.

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Allah is telling us tell them Bella will not be look at this first first customer will not be better I will not be there took the Asuna lamb and an old Turkey 100% You will be resurrected you will be brought back to Allah and then you will be informed of everything that you have done. And then Allah and did it by saying with Ellicott Allah He is here this is yes here. This is very easy for Allah subhanho wa Taala well who a lady yet that will have gotten married, who are who are who?

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Well, who

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is he who initiates the creation and then repeats it. This is very easy for him. This is very easy for Allah azza wa jal to bring back the people from being dead. Which one is harder to create from nothing, or to bring someone back to create from nothing is much harder. And that was very easy for Allah azza wa jal. So Allah subhanho wa taala, saying that when son of Adam, he claims that I cannot bring back the death, he had lied against me, he had lied against me.

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Why do people deny? Why do people deny that there is a bath, that there is a day of judgment?

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In the Mahayana dunya, right, Allah in the Quran that they say, this is our life, this is it. Why?

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Because they want to enjoy this life. And they do not have, they do not want to have any accountability. Right? So the caller said, No, this is it. You only live once, right? Let's enjoy this life. Let's have as much fun as possible, because that's it. There's nothing else there's no other life. When you say that you have lied against Allah azza wa jal. Now the second part and I'm going to make it very short.

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How can someone curse Allah azza wa jal SubhanAllah. When?

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When anyone attributes that Allah has a son, whether it's a isa or a salaam, whether it's Hosea, Isaiah, Allah or some people used to say and melodica

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they are the daughters of Allah azza wa jal. All this as if you have cursed Allah

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azza wa jal now

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the season of cursing, Allah is coming up soon.

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The season of cursing Allah is coming up soon. And every year I bring up the same story, that when someone as you have seen, Hadith in Bukhari 100% authentic that Allah subhanaw taala saying that when someone say I have a son, as if he has cursed me, and I go and tell him Merry Christmas, thank you so much for cursing Allah.

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Thank you so much for cursing Allah.

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If someone cursed your file

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others are cursed your mother

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would you go and congratulate him?

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How come when it comes to cursing Allah Allah said shatter many shatter means cursed.

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You go and tell him, enjoy your day of cursing Allah, please Yahoo and be very careful. This is actually the issue. This is actually the issue and don't don't feel like oh, they're going to be upset with me. They're No, no, no, no, just like sometimes Subhanallah you to go to a restaurant and the waiter tell you listen, you look like a Muslim, this might have some wine in it. So don't don't take it I know that you Muslims do not. Similarly, we Muslims do not congratulate anybody on on their holidays that are religious, which is against our belief. Similarly, there's nothing wrong with just like, I don't eat pork, I don't eat this, I don't go there. I don't listen that I don't do

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that also 100 a lot of data. I mean, I don't have too many, it's very clear Allah, what I please the people in front of me SubhanAllah. So

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you know, one of the slightly when his name, Rebecca will * Lani. Remember this name, Rebecca luckyland, the king of that era, he wants to humiliate him.

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And he was the name of Missouri in a very, very famous Harlem. So

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he invited them over his mansion.

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And usually when people come,

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they always make suit to this king.

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So he knew that he's not going to make suit for him. So what he did is he asked the people

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to lower the entrance door, where he's coming from. So he has to go down

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in a way that are scheduled to enter to see to see the King.

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So Abubaker very smart. He knew the trick, and is a very religious man is not going to make a man to human being. So what did he do?

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He entered backward.

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What is behind the king? So the king know that this man is, you know, so he said, we have our priests here. And they are to debate you about Islam.

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And they are here they are here to confirm that.

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Christianity is the real religion, and that Allah has a son and all that belief that they have. So he said, Okay, so he walked in, he saw the priest, like what we call now the Pope. He said, How are you?

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How you doing? How's your wife?

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How's your children?

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So everybody,

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shame on you.

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How could you

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attribute a wife and children to our Pope, you know that these people are pure from this. He said, You purify this man, and you don't purify your God, the debate is over.

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You felt that this is not appropriate for the human being. So it's appropriate for God. Allahu Akbar, and he left. This is the other map. These are the unimat Subhan Allah and these things, they do not have to prepare like us and said that this comes naturally because they are connected to Allah azza wa jal Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Subhan Allah, He said, Let

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us Barada ASAN yes man whom in Allah azza wa jal in who you should be he were you just had hula hula sama who you are a fee him while you're so calm Subhanallah he said there is none that Show More patients that Allah azza wa jal Rasulillah Salam said there's no one that showed more patients than Allah azza wa jal

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things are attributed to him. Partnership is associated to him. And he is called that he has a child, but in spite of all that, he protects them and provides for them. Allahu Akbar, you know, all day long. Every Sunday, every day, they attribute a son to Allah azza wa jal do they wake up find their children that their their business burned and their houses on fire. No, no, no, Allah subhanaw taala as a matter of fact, look, we are moving here. It's very peaceful and very clean and Subhanallah Look at this. Look, how great is Allah azza wa jal that even they are saying that he has a son which is the worst thing walk on.

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Locker G Tom Shea and the

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Can I do some to your tongue? I mean, what unshackle What zhiban Who had under man what other women are Youngberry many a year Turkey the word Allahu Akbar. I had to marry him. Yeah, Allah every time I decide him so I'm Allah. Allah has given us a short clip of what happens. What happens to the creation when when someone says Allah has a sun

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the sky asunder the mountains shake the earth split, just because they said Allah has a son.

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Allahu Akbar

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and Allah subhanaw taala if they say Allah forgive me, he will forgive everything they have done not only that a lamb and tada Ramadan Salah for Allah okay, you bet dear Allah who say to him has an Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. How great is Allah azza wa jal Jaquan. If someone had now non Muslim and he took shahada and he becomes a Muslim, not only Allah subhanaw taala will forgive all his sins, He will switch all that alcohol, drugs, whatever he has done, he will switch it into good happen to good deeds.

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And you go into court and you are in that I'm in that to be learned for 50,000 I get to the court and Bilal tells the judge, you know what, forget about the 50,000 and here's another 50 Go home. Wow. What a deal. Allahu Akbar Allah Allah, Allah, Allah. So in sha Allah Tala, let's make sure we stay in this right Aqeedah of never calling Allah, Allah or calling or cursing Allah azza wa jal by saying that the restriction will not take place or by attributing any son or daughter or anything so Allah azza wa jal May Allah subhanaw taala keep us steadfast on his Deen, may Allah keep our children steadfast on his Deen, may Allah subhanaw taala make our last words the Ilaha illa Allah

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Muhammad Rasul Allah. And as usual, I remind you and remind myself that tonight is the night of Friday, where Rasulillah Salam said, X 0x Zero, make a lot of solid on me Allahumma Salli ala Muhammad Ali Muhammad canasa later on Ebrahim Laila Ali Ibrahim in Naka Hamidah Majeed Allahumma barik ala Muhammad Ali Muhammad Kannada Dr. Ali Ibrahim Ibrahim in Naka Hamidah Majeed, please come to Fraser tomorrow at 615, the most beloved salatu Allah as though Joel Salatin Fajr of Juma in Jamar Subhana Allah Muhammad handshake, masha Allah Allah, Allah and Mr. Roker when a Tobik

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