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of the praising Allah subhanaw taala and sending immense greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa early was sending. We stopped in the previous series of courtship speaking about the prophets, we stopped on surah Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam, the 47th chapter of the Quran, whereby we mentioned that Surah that he mentioned the opposite traits or characteristics, or some element of harshness towards people who don't believe

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or in an environment of warfare, to show the other side the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, but the default position of the prophet or all of the Gambia is one of mercy and compassion. That's where Allah subhanaw taala gave them three,

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three main tasks inside their life to propagate and to teach and to live by an Iman Aloka at belief in Allah subhanaw taala what a Sharia law and legislation is given to each and every single prophet, what as luck, characteristics, and behavior and etiquette, these are three main stream tasks given to all of the profits, and regarding one of them, they may slightly begin to differ in terms of accounting rules and regulations, that So certain things may be slightly allowed or disallowed at certain times and certain moments. But as for the character and the behavior, it is impeccable, the mercy and the compassion and the concern that they have their followers around them, that even if we

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study those moments, where if we can use the word linguistically moments of frustration inside their life as human beings know how they Salam

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al Sunnah Ilham Cinerama and 1000 less 950 years, 950 years, he persevered his people then he lost heart with them, or began to ask Allah to try to destroy these people and no, people come from the generation of genealogy or lineage. Who's going to remember you? That's what it's called, amongst one of the first destruction the face of this ever wiping out the whole deal. A whole creation. unis Ali Salam when he left his people for now, their fifth Bulu met. He called out in the realms of darkness, his but he left his people how they been angry pointedly not responding to his call. Musa alayhis, Salam Kandahar, Dibben became angry when he returned back his people and he began to

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worship the angel. So at that moment, those human characteristics of anger and frustration came into them. But even then, if you look at it, it becomes justified that after so much effort of preaching to these people that now that they're still turning away from Allah Subhana Allah and many of us it have quick span of time. We lose we do lose frustration with people you mentioned many times that we will lose hope in people but the Gambia didn't. At the highest level of Mercy was the mercy of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam laka J. Solomon and fusi come as he's in Alabama I need to hurry soon ally compatible meaning in a row for him. There's come a message if amongst your own selves, it

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troubles him, it harms him. He's forever watching over you. They don't come towards a path of guidance. How do you soon na convinced many in a row for him? The end of so to Toba? And the reason why we begin by this is the concept of of mercy, of compassion, that the messengers came for a concern of the people. And so the Quran is full of mercy. Before the mercy of all of the messages in the prophets kept about a book of Allah and FC Rama. Allah has written it upon himself to be merciful. Does he find Quran begins by speak about our Rahmani Raheem, speak about the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate that's why throughout the Quran, it speaks about the Mercy of Allah

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Subhana Allah that is what comes for the believing so can a bit more me Nina Rahima. And towards believers he's Rahim because Rahman liquidly Hulk. Rahman is for for everyone. In Canada, Catherine are men and believer disbeliever if at the mercy of Allah Allah covers everything. But Rahim is something specific for the believing individuals that we find in a hadith of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam in his Hadith jallo Rama Mia to Jews, Allah made mercy to be divided to 100 pots.

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He kept 99 pots with himself subhanaw taala were unzila Jews were Haider, or Jews were hid. He said that just one part of Mercy without one part of mercies, Torah, Torah him couldn't help you find out all of the creation, it showed mercy to one another, had to adapt even the beast, the animal, the cattle. It has this natural inclination mercy that's placed inside it. It raises its foot over its beast over his child less it may crush it or may begin

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To Hamid, that is a natural mercy that Allah Allah has placed inside animals

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inside human beings, the soul will imagine the rest of the mercy that lies with Allah subhanaw taala and 99 other parts lie with Allah Subhana Allah, that he is the old mercy, almost merciful Subhana Allah. That's why many earlier mentioned that when you want to talk about mercy, it returns back to whom and I'm the mother. Because you find a Rahim, the womb cut to shoot is to permit or him or her man that you look at the derivative of linguistics of the Arabic language. They find that Rahim the word, Rahim, the womb of the mother is extracted from the Linguistics of Rahman Rahim because it is the place of mercy, the womb of the mother. That's what really matter for Sita mentioned that the

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surah inside the Quran, which is classified as Sutra of mercy, putting aside so to Rama and the 55th chapter of the Quran, by Clay visible mercy is Surah Maryam, the Ativ chapter of the Quran also in the 19 chapter Quran is full of mercy, the Mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala that's Allah Subhana Allah whenever inside the Quran, he speaks about mercy that we find or encourage your calling upon Allah subhanaw taala or before the reason why we chose sort of Marian because obviously it doesn't fit into the paradigm of suitors of the prophets. But it speaks about isa Ali Salam just defined Surah Al Casa speaks about Musa alayhis salam. But just to complete this so called festive period

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and celebration to help us to understand who isa Ali Salam was, who was his mother, Maria Maria salaam, what had they been hasm aviral Andalusi Avahi he got Seibel Mohalla. A great work of fit David, he goes to the view that Maria Kennett, Nebia she was a prophetess even though this this view is an incorrect view, but you can understand how we extracted that because of privilege that was given to Miriam and a Salam. So we find that inside the surah inside the Quran, calling imploring upon Allah Subhana Allah, the Quran mentions speak about Allah, Allah and how you assume that those places inside the Quran study them wherever Allah tells us to employ call upon Allah Subhana Allah

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or us and hey, you're a human that occurs three times inside the Quran.

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And it's something even more powerful than that, that Allah Allah mentions. Allah says in the Quran, Quran, Polly doula or the Rahman cool Allah. Oh cool Rama hmm Matadero follow a smell Hausner, whichever one of them that you use to implore and call upon Allah Subhana Allah Falola smell husana To Allah belong the most beautiful names, meaning that if you call upon Allah with the name Allah O R. Rahman does we find that inside the surah Rahman is mentioned some 15 times over and as for the derivatives or man, you can tell them many times over Ramadan Mina, Ramadan Hernan all these extracted out the whole surah the key message of the surah is about leaning towards coming towards

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the Mercy of Allah subhanho wa taala. And as we mentioned the Surah 19 Chapter Quran a makansutra, the 19 chapter Quran 98 verses, no other name of the surah except for surah. Miriam, there is no chapter inside the Bible called the chapter of Mary. There is no bad chapter called The chapter of Mary. And likewise when Christians speak about this so called animosity between Muslims and Christians between themselves, you know, you have animosity and hatred, you don't entitle a chapter of your book of your legacy towards them. You don't call their name isa inside the Quran 25 times. And the name Muhammad Ali says I'm sure he mentioned five times directly his name inside the Quran.

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So this the so called animosity that they try to breed in such society, that Islam is a devilish religion. It doesn't respect the Gambia doesn't respect the prophets. That's what a prophet is. And we mentioned that we are Ambia law alert on Maha tuna shutter, what do you know why he said that we are allowed to be manner that we come from different mothers? We are different we come from different mothers. But when I can didn't do you know why ahead, but our religion our way of life is one. And as we said Anna Dawa to Ibrahim were Bushra isa Ali Salaam. In other Hadith that we find. He said that I am the call of Abraham and Islam. And I am the Bushra the glad tiding that establish

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some spoke about that is going to come a messenger after me is smooth with the Quran documents is smooth 100 which the Quran documents that this person is going to come his message going to be accurate is the Prophet alayhi salatu salam. This is something for us to think about. It the society that we live in, who really professes the belief inside the message

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As a disciple, if you studied the Quran, you get Kulu a call about Allah. You don't need to do a deep study of the Quran refutes every single concept of Christianity, whether they believe that Maria is the Mother of God, or whether Miriam is God or His mother, if Mary is somebody special according to them that we worship or take as a saint, or if Jesus is God, or the Son of God or to be worshipped Kulu had an account with all these beliefs. The Quran rejects them.

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Read the Quran is quite simple. Just give it to a Christian friend just read the Quran. Because the Quran may not be Daya Illa Neha who read the Quran from the beginning to the end is nothing as we've mentioned, but beneath, believe in Allah subhanahu wa taala. And that's why we find that the main theme of the surah is acquired is belief is the Gambia and as Salah These are three main topics that reoccur inside the surah that we're going to focus upon about what is belief, what is the role of the messengers, and what is the concept of Salah, which has been highlighted inside the surah that we find among suburban azul, the reason of revelation and we call it reason revelation meaning the

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context that we're all a map spoken about the surah where does it occur inside the Sunnah of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, and you find that empathy, highlights and other aroma as well speak about that these verses were used when the Muslims made the Hegira to Abyssinia when they went to the land of Habesha went to Negus the king at that time the profession praised him and said go to this person that no one is oppressed inside this land. So I'm sure that many of us are familiar with the stories have Jaffa even the obi Talib was there to delegate the people. And the Quraysh came running to say these people speak ill of Jesus of Christianity, and their people have given up their

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way of life. But Nigeria, she was a fair man. Many lessons are learned from this because many of us are walked up with a mentality that every single calf is an evil person. That's almost a walk up to think in our mind. They are good people out there who may not be Muslims, but have good inclinations. Because here the prophet is I'm saying go to this individual, you will find protection. So you ask them tell me about your faith. What is your faith? I want to listen to you directly before the Quraysh I tried to tell me what what they've instilled inside my mind. So what did they do they recite to him the verses from Surah Mariam,

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and then a translator translates them what Nigeria she Bada and yet the key word will burn. He began to weep and all his priests around him, his clergymen, they all began to weep. They began to read the DISA powerful iron. And the story continue. Look at the Syrah. He said the difference between myself and yourself. It just is line in the sand. There's no distinction. This is the same weight and some aroma of Syrah speak about that when the Christians heard that he's given up his faith. They tried to question him and he wrote down on a parchment a shadow Allah Allahu Allah was one that Muhammad Rasulullah for what he saw the way he placed it inside his chest. He hid it inside his

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garment. And when that when the people came and he came out in front of people, he said, what is troubling you is it is troubling is that you've entered his faith of the Arabs, this Islam you've left the faith of Christianity. He placed his hand on his chest, he said, I believe, I believe what is inscribed here for Ashara Illa Sabri he, therefore he's referring to his belief of being a Christian, as some irlam of sera spoke about, but he was referring to the belief he had written inside his chest that I am a Muslim, I believe in Allah God. So the authentic view, as collected by Imam Bukhari and others that Naja, she died as a Muslim. He died as a Muslim, the prophet is I'm

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preyed upon him. So this is the context to understand the Sudan context is relevant aroma, Quran does speak, it helps us to live in environment that we live in. That sometimes we just pluck it out from here and there and just try to enforce it around the society around us. So Hebrew Quran a person, the Quran understands the language of the Quran, I will yet of course knows what verses concerned the people, the beer, the environment, the society, the troubles of people, what worries them what their beliefs are. That's what we address in a society that we live in, and what we engage inside. As for the fatherless for life, and so many verses speak about Taqwa Allah is the surah.

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Speaking about Jana as well that we find as for the surah why is this surah so marvelous, rather even before there's some random after fussy, they mentioned that prior to this is sort of to have the ATF chapter the Quran, as if it's a prelude towards other miracles that are going to come because that's suitable to have that we find a suitable calf. The young boys, the companions of the cave, who stepped for some 309 audience which is something strange, we find the journey of Musa and Heber whereby it's a journey of something which is strange a journey of the unseen there, isn't it?

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To find a journey of good karma in the refund to the end of the surah of 110 verses, this is a prelude to Surah Maryam that if you're going to marvel at all these strange things, now get ready to listen to even something more stranger about the Korea and A salaam, blessing him with a child who is more than 120 years old, and his wife is approximately something like 98 Close to 100 years old, and then marry him giving birth to a child without touching of any man. So this has some element of a seed begin to speak that the previous symbols of miracles are just a build up to get us ready for will begin to occur in South Sudan Madame Ali Salam qef Hi yah, I installed these five letters that

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we find that Surah Meriam it begins with there is no other five letters inside the Quran except for sort of Shura Hamin ANC in of the 42nd chapter of the Quran, these haruf Alma

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these 14 Odd letters that we find which are half of the Arabic alphabet, that you find some 29 suitors opened with these how to follow up with these broken letters. What do these letters what do they mean? Because some of them I try to extract there is there has to be a meaning towards these letters. What are Alif means hola hola la means hola PS meme means a ramen is some interpretation that we find. But if you mentioned the more classical view, a chef or B tambien is makhanda mafioso literacy he mentioned that these haruf At the head D or holdover Macaca these roofs are letters of challenging the era people that you're fluent inside the Arabic language use these letters to write

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something like the Quran. And the reason why this view is the most strongest view because if you look at all these letters, only Saudis 29 soldiers inside the Quran that begin with his letters. All of them speak about the Quran straight after his letters except for three sources Surah Mariam Surah Al uncovered and so to rule, but if it didn't really matter, facilite mentioned that towards the end of the surah and begin to speak about the Quran. So only sutras in a nutshell all speak about the Quran. So to begin with is that is to challenge people Imam Tabari he goes to some great extraction, calf beans kabhi al Karim, and this is by AIDS Imam.

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Abu Jared a tuber is a famous Mufasa Imam Mufasa read that no individual can rely on the facade except for returning back remember poverty, but he just makes young could have the viewer yet. He mentioned all these narration this is what it means as you can see how some people go into this mystical stance and making these extraction of what these letters they mean. He also said that these letters mean the name of the Quran, but eventually all this is buried far away. For the most closest interpretation. This Quran is marvelous. The focus on the on the theme of the Quran, and the message of the Quran has been mentioned. And as we find the Quran Matera beaker Abdullah Zakariya

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made the Zika remember there was some animals at the crew who are gonna be man and Quran the remembrance of Our servants zekeria at A salaam that we find. Imam Bukhari mentioned and Ocana Najarian Makana yet called when amellia de may fit in the genre. He's a he was a carpenter. And he's to eat from the earnings of his own hands. That's where you find out the prophet as I mentioned, most of the messengers, there were shepherds, they should tend to the flock because the tending of flock leads to patience leads to mercy with the with the with the with the sheep and the flock around you. Understanding compassion. That's what we began with this father. The prophets were full

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of this mercy, compassion, because many of them lived a natural life, a natural environment, natural surroundings that live in the Prophet smbd sera was brought up in a natural surrounding he wasn't brought up around the Kaaba with $1 tree and under pollution, the corruption there he was taken away and we find that that that the element that existed inside is inside his heart. That touch of of Ranko or the touch of shape on what happened to as a young as a young individual. Jabra ism came and he split open his chest and he plucked it out, plucked out of the pram and sealed his chest that His face became so wide we came running back and and so it's painless and his face read the desire to

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not be read him on blocky villa in Abuja, in eight volumes printed in four volumes. We have to read about the seed of the prophet Elijah to understand who really this individual words, Naka Jia kumara Suleman and fusi come as he is in Alabama, I need to hurry sooner, I mean in a row for him. That's the key goal inside our life. The benchmark is a Prophet alayhi salatu salam, to see how he engaged with people how he lives with people and the message you deliver towards the people. We find the message of the Gambia inside the surah that we find the courier lace or another Bonita and Harvia it nada rubble

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Nita and Sofia,

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remember to proceed mentioned as you began with the Arab making dua to Allah implausible Allah. Yes if I look through the Quran, older supplication Rabbana attina for dunya rockburn alumna Rob Ghana, Africa Elena, read those supplication people come and ask give me a weird give me some dua to read. The Quran is full of DHA at the ear. study those two hours inside the Quran of imploring asking upon us pantalla it now there are Bo NIDA and Coffea

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he employed call upon Allah NIDA and with a call her fear solten huffy. That's when the Sunnah isn't to raise your voice when making dua in Allah

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is to remain silent to whisper it because Allah subhanaw taala his own sounds

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you don't need to raise your voice is colorful Adam is against etickets to shout and scream to ask Allah Subhana Allah Allah, the way of the Gambia in Nam, can we add Runa Raghavan Raha? What can we learn Akash in these two cooler in the state of fear, hope, humbleness, humility. That's how the prophets used to call upon Allah subhanaw taala and that's how we should implore. We call upon Allah Subhana Allah in secrecy in a low voice because Allah He is the voice he knows the call it neither Bonita and Kofi he calls out to Allah Subhana Allah what is called out to him because he mentioned prior that you mentioned in the Yharnam call, but Tukey and Nucky while you're small, or so to

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huffy, Allah knows the heart which is pure, which is cleanse, which is full of Taqwa. Wiersma salt and huffy and here's the mild soft sound that's what you need to see right to study to see explain this call of the career and a set up that Allah knows his that knows this, the heart Jana mukha, edited out young woman took we swore Allah knows what the eyes what they conceal, and what exists inside the chest. Allah knows that so when you're imploring and asking upon the Lord's Prayer as we began with, ask him why the name Allah man, a young man who followed us not Rasta, whichever name that you use. He will respond. He will respond to the believer. And what is the Korea he pray for

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Cara be in the Whannell of momeni wished Allah ROTC Shaybah when a can be director of be Sharqiya he said oh my lord look look at my life. My hair become gray become silver. My bones have become weak. Well I'm I couldn't be director Rob Bishop here. I never become one who's wretched in the sense that I'm never always my daughter has been responded by you yell Rob. So it is no exception. Again, I'm going to call upon your why is he praying to Allah? At this age, does he want a son for just for the sake of having a son? The Quran document the reason Uri thuney to inherit from me to inherit what I'll meet Ross, wealth, property, whatever the Gambia they leave behind whatever inheritance they

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leave behind for what sadaqa is sadaqa profits don't leave behind inheritance. The only inheritance they leave behind is an n from an uncle who for academic health and welfare, they inheritance the Libyan is knowledge. Whoever graph takes that knowledge has grasped the immense treasure

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that's what Allah ma they taking the inheritance of the Gambia. So he's not worried about the wealth of this dunya that I need his son to carry on my lineage. He wants a son who's going to carry on what do you mean earlier? Who, who's going to carry on the journey of Yaqoob his predecessor the previous prophets that's what Allah mentioned. Yes, the Korea in new bazooka big Allah mini smooth yeah, here. We're going to give you bless you with a son with a name call Yahia which that name wasn't used before or limited versus mentioned either Allah gave this name they call him Yahia or be Magna yeah, here you are Dean. He's going to revive the Dean because of the Korea 820 There is no

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profit he's praying send a profit to come who's going to carry on with his message? So that's why we've been given the title of being cool yeah, here at A salaam that we find by Allah or by by his own father, Zachary Ali Salaam. Then Allah is trying to begin to speak about the journey of Miriam and a Salam was good Phil Kitabi Mariam, it didn't double that mean earlier for me dunya hijab and McLernon Sharqiya. Remember the story of Maria Maria inter alia mccannon Sharqiya that she went to a Eastern Region. She gave up a people and she went away, to faraway place to be in a state of seclusion for Tucker that mean duty him he Jabba and she took a barrier between them, some more than

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they are limited, fussy. They mentioned that using the linguistic

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of hijab

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that this is the natural dress of the woman. So if you look at the picture we spoke about Christianity How did they depict Maria Marie Salem what they call the the Madonna the Madonna is the real me and Madonna is referring back in the Italian to referring back to the or the Latin to the to the praised woman the praise lady is muddy mess up they did to picked her wearing hijab with a gown with a cloak. Why did they depict her in this in this image? Whether the image is correct or not, we can see that there's certain similarities that exist about certain characteristics that existed of the solid Hina existed properly before us. And as we know that when you bring pain to give her to

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give it a glad tidings of a sun. And before he even approaches it to him, call it in narrow debris rock many men get in contact takia she says seek refuge of Mara man in contact takia you're one who face Allah, another modern day extraction. Madame Ali Salam wasn't known to be speaking to the opposite gender unnecessarily.

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That's what you said when you saw a strange man. She said, Why are you why are you here? Why are you here to speak to me? So firstly, find a lesson for our sisters, our hijab, the hijab of the Muslim Mara. The Hijab on Muslim woman isn't what the Western world teaches you, that teaches us what becomes fitting or the fashion in such a society that hijab is not a fashion status. The Hijab, as folk I mentioned, is a symbol of chastity,

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a woman it's a symbol of chastity, purity, that's to that hijab, a symbol is is not a fashion model

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is not a design, is chastity. Second, we find that to speak to the opposite gender without any necessity. That's the natural default position of a woman that we find. Then it mentioned Well, I'm certainly butchering, while I'm aku Bahia, no man has ever touched me. And I was never an immoral woman.

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That's the third lesson in morality that we find that exists inside our society that people find it a common norm to have loose relationships, external relationships in this relation is common. Even amongst Muslims. We think nothing of it. Well, I'm seriously Bashar on. No man has ever touched me. And I never been a if we can use this excuse to use that language, language us job like I lose woman. But here, immoral woman, I've never been a woman of such characteristics. How's it going to be? Then Allah highlights the biological concept

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that this is going to be something exception to the norm that you're going to be born or you're going to give birth to the sun is always exceptional to you. I do I'm sure at least have seen he mentioned. Adam Alayhis Salam is born without the use of a man and a woman. However, the use only for man is of the use of only a woman was Sir it will butcher

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and the rest of humanity is by the use of a male and a female. That's it. That's biology chapter close. You don't need only there's a man and a man and a woman and a woman. One simple question. How did you come into existence? Whether the use of a man and a man or a woman and a woman? Or whatever else these genders and pronouns they want to use? Or is it just a man and a woman that said, the book of Genesis the Bible, it begins was speaking about what is the essence of creation of human beings. The story of Adam and Hawa is there inside the Bible is the man and a woman. And then Allah mentioned that the normality of she has to carry the child inside the stomach, a majority element of

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acid go to review, she carried it for the full term of nine months. For the full term, she carried it and then she made the statement yell at me to Kubla Khan to nurse your man see, if all your died before this hardship of delivering of a child, what our mothers that they go through the pangs and a difficulty of that is with the Quran, the documents to help us to understand that this journey of Maria Mattie Saddam and her and her son and a son he Salesianum and you find that she was told to hold the cross the tree drink from the stream. And Ruben Guinea and fresh dates will drop from you. Let's read about the Quran. They they highlight that Reuben geneia Don't come down on the 25th of

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according to learn of Philistine and Beit lambat, basically him that we find that dates don't grow in December, dates go there in the end to the middle of the end of March. So the whole day belief is is a fallacy that this is the day that Christ was born a day of his birth that we find is when a fallacy corruption is instilled in society and in the Surah continue to speak about other prophets what's called Phil

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Kitab Ibrahim, the story of Ibrahim Ali salaam, who again is imploring his father? Yeah, Bertie. He's calling out to his father. His father was a disbeliever. He used to make the idols look at his characteristics, how he's speaking to his father. Yeah, Bertie, four times on my beloved father, his father's a mushrik. A disbelieving individual, that's an lesson for us. How do we speak to our parents, and a Muslims, for most of us and even the non Muslim, we don't use repulsive language towards them. We don't curse them, we don't rely on them. There's no good data to say you're just a carefree you're just this you just that maybe sometimes we might be loose and attempt to use such

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words too far and Kelvin for certain contexts. But that's not how a Muslim should be.

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You don't full of Chateau Mala and cursing, it's full of mercy and compassion, and especially towards their parents. And Ibrahim as a makes the same dog while dura biasa Laguna Beach, Robbie Shakti same as a career that I've made during my life, I'm never going to be I'm blessed. Allah will respond to my dua. Then Allah mentions of 10 different prophets was called Phil Kitabi. Musa Ismail Idris and the message the prophet has mentioned it then the second theme, as you mentioned, is a Salah the prayer you know it's quite strange Allah on the inside this Surah Maryam begins to speak about salah inside the surah Allah mentioned firstly about zekeria for Khaled you Allah called me

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mineral Mojave. He came out to his people from the mera mera is the niche in the world. Here tinea and McCann salah is a media of the place of prayer came out of his place of prayer. So the kriya was indulged in prayer. Maria Mati said, I'm wonderful Kitabi Miriam in Tibet, Leah mccannon Sharpie

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remember Marie Marie Assam she went away from a people to an Eastern area eastern province or an asset for what reason is you move away from my family this Salah for Ibadah for worship, so you're gonna get disturbed recently Saddam while Sunni Bisola he was the karate madam to Hey,

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look at the commandments Allah gave to us to East LA Salam. While Sani be solid he was the karate Makhdoom to hire Allah gave me the legacy that advice that to establish the prayer to give this a Karma Doom to Hey as long as I live

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prayer is never lifted. Prayers never abolished. Prayer is never exempt. You can find a gym what taxied you combine and to shorten but prayer is never lifted off a man in his life unless he loses his senses before the deep sleep at that moment in time that's it there's no excuse and then again I'm gonna mention speak about Ismail Magana yep Moo Moo Bismillah RP was the karate is my alias to command his family members with the prayer and does occur again in Allah mentioned Fabu was to be really bad at Be patient was to be really badly remain revenue legally bear duty and the highest level of a better is a solid that we find. And then comes our state. Our Alma Allah they mentioned

00:33:15 --> 00:33:48

for Halal farming but in California Allah or salata whatever or shouty for so for your owner right here. They came after my people for Halloween, colorful Abba. They wasted their prayer. What terrible shall wet they follow the lust and the desires. That's what I'm chunky. These are the top seed or his idea. He writes, some are current and maybe that puts up 50 pages or so speaking about importance of a Salah based upon this idea, and also we find a shower desires lead to abandoning the prayer,

00:33:50 --> 00:34:36

not the good showered of eating and drinking which is other desires and temptations of Moon karate Alpha Hush, they slowly slowly chip a person away until they abandon a Salah. That's why the couture to shape on leading a person to enter into Chawan what are the shower the taste temptations that were surrounded by? How did the person drift away from being a good wholesome, young individual? How do you drift away will be showered I'll Hummer and Mahabharat drugs, alcohol and Nisha women, those showered What did they lead the person towards to delay their prayer, abandon their prayers to not pray forget about their prayers. For so for your corner I hear you know harsh warnings that you find

00:34:36 --> 00:34:43

that if there's something that we need to warn the people about they'll say a Sahaba mentioned the most concrete thing that we're united upon

00:34:44 --> 00:34:45

is Turku, Salah.

00:34:47 --> 00:34:50

Whoever leaves the prayer for her caffeine

00:34:51 --> 00:34:59

is a display of other things they will dispute but they will dispute well amongst a companion discussion exists amongst them, but as Shala that we find

00:35:00 --> 00:35:14

As the person who leaves the prayer, the fine line distinction between a man and puffer isn't this dress sense? Isn't this behavior is a Salah from an terracotta cover whoever leaves the prayer, he's a disbeliever

00:35:15 --> 00:35:31

the Hadith of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam that we find we find these will become stepping stones Sherawat but as we mentioned the surah is full of mercy. Allah mentioned element tab on our amela Solomon for all aka janitor while the Munna chi

00:35:33 --> 00:35:45

look at the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala in them and turbo Amana, Amina salah, and that if we have missed out praise, or we never prayed or never knew about the importance of prayer, it's not all lost.

00:35:46 --> 00:36:01

It's not the end of the world. The Allah has awoken many people. You may read some of the suit of some of the Redeemer. Some of them are robbers highway robbers. They will feeds they read the state of America what type of person will read his life how he entered into Islam?

00:36:02 --> 00:36:38

You know, he's just remarkable the person weep when they see that this strong personalities individual, such a character. How did you become so softened by the Quran? The impact of the Quran? Ta man's analogical Quran and Hitesh call surah Taha the 20 of Chapter Quran until a verse number 14 In Nany, and Allah Allah Allah in the NFR, Buddha knew Aki salata is a curry. These are the iron the kebab was reading. And he heard this is Reed Quinn tried to enter into the house of his of his sister Fatima, trying to storm into the house. That How dare you enter into Islam?

00:36:39 --> 00:36:46

But when he heard the Quran, it penetrated into his heart and his mind that I don't know we should not feed upon any individual.

00:36:47 --> 00:37:25

That whenever we fail inside alive when you when a soul awakens what is Asana? That becomes a closest bond for the believer, between himself and Allah Subhana Allah is a spiritual highness, that they know Highness in this dunya will give that peace, that tranquility when a person goes down onto the floor onto the ground. That's what Allah makes us go down to ground and place our faces down on the ground. Easily. Somebody says bow down and pray. He used to pray with me I used to pray to bow down the ground. Why do we go to the ground because the most beloved thing to the human beings his face, but we rub it down on the ground.

00:37:26 --> 00:37:30

And what we say subhanallah BL Allah.

00:37:31 --> 00:38:18

We rub it down in the ground that remained there. In the sweet dude. submission to Allah that is human made his caucus this flesh, this blood, this poses nothing. They all need to submit to the highest level of obedience. So I sent her Florida fill Jana. That's why prayer wasn't given me this dunya prayer wasn't given to this dunya the professor had to make the ascension. You have to make ascension to the heavens. And then Allah gifted him with a Salah and gift him with the final two that are suited Bacara gave it to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam that's what a Salah is. That miraj the weapon of the believer, the vision of the believer, every time it's something troubling inside

00:38:18 --> 00:38:30

his life. What did the Prophet do inside his life? Your Janus Salah will return back to the prayer focus inside the prayer. That's what life is the believer is only worried these troubles

00:38:32 --> 00:39:00

that's what even medication that we find that sometimes this is justified by overuse is of merit medication and fine, it will timeout Josie and his optiboot Never we he said I was in Makkah and I fell ill and I was trying to find a doctor not says hold on the wrong tool for doctors trying to find a doctor. I didn't find a doctor. For her to match them. They took the water of zamzam what caught up to Allah He Murat, suitor fatty, I read through the 30 or many times over and then I drank it and I was healed.

00:39:01 --> 00:39:38

You know sometimes the spiritual side we don't want to go towards I'm not saying don't take medication, but take medication do. Those things that are unfair to her is the most ultimate Rukia person can read upon the onset of the seventh I adversities of Allah subhanho wa Taala then we find the content of Jana that Allah mentioned is that the surah Jannetty I didn't let the other man with a bamboo below him. This is the unseen paradise we promised the believers so we mentioned is not all doom and gloom. There's going to be part of her believing individuals typical agenda to let in order to make a bed in a Montana takia. This is the inheritance of gender we give to our seven who are

00:39:38 --> 00:39:58

Tolkien who are pious individuals. Yo Maya Shura mattina Rahmani Werth the we're going to bring the pious individuals in groups on that day and day of judgment in Alladhina airmen huamu solidarity, so you're the only man who would all in paradise. Those who believe in Allah subhana who placed love

00:39:59 --> 00:40:00


00:40:00 --> 00:40:37

Just inside this dunya but love inside of Africa for the believers are the third main theme. Well actually we should be the first main theme what is sort of you mentioned is the concept of belief. The belief of all of these messages the amount of times that Allah has pronto speaks about the belief of the believing individual, whatever the beginning with acla some highlights call it in Abdullah the I am the servant of Allah Subhana Allah. When Madame Ali Salam ashadha Elaine, she points towards the baby points towards the child does it how can we speak to a baby inside the cradle? That's why easily some he never spoke and spoke about the innocence of his mother, as well

00:40:37 --> 00:41:15

am I dimensioned the first thing highlight color in the Abdullah the I am the servant of Allah Subhana Allah image mentor Obadiah to be cool a servant of Allah Subhana Allah is the highest MACOM inside the Quran. When Allah praises the MBM praises the prophets. Allah Subhanallah mentioned in the Laura be what a book and fat boo hoo my Lord and your Lord is only Allah Subhana Allah so worship him all alone, but I BUSA my work will not do my by now Houma, fat boo, the Lord of the heavens and the EPS of worship only Him Subhanallah Anna will coulomb at him Yeoman pa Mati further and all lemon come in a day judgment in their own identity or individual they'll come on on

00:41:15 --> 00:41:55

themselves on the day of judgment. And also Allah speaks about the unseen about Jana, about nerd and a haven side this surah as well. But the most important thing about inside the surah about belief is that as we mentioned the rebuttal of the Christian belief, what do they believe the Quran documents clearly we're in the beginning of Surah Maryam Allah mentioned mechanically lay and yet tuck it I mean wallet in Subhana who is not befitting that Allah Allah Allah takes a son takes a child SubhanaHu glorified His Allah, Allah feeds Allah from any imperfection or any need of any human being. Then Allah is trying to begin to speak about in detail what these individuals do what they're

00:41:55 --> 00:42:03

saying. We're called taka Rama. Walder. They say the man has taken a son Naka GTAm che and if

00:42:04 --> 00:42:06

you've come with something evil,

00:42:07 --> 00:42:53

that you attribute a Santa Allah's crime to Antarctica, do summer work with a photographer Minwoo you find that the heavens are about to cleft asunder what unshackled or do an F is about to break apart what the head will GBL who had an amount is about to turn into dust, to break into pieces. For what under only Rahmani Wallander for what reason? For what you attribute to Allah Subhana Allah. You know, as we mentioned later, we get so frustrated about living small things, small things around us, especially other Muslims, we get so frustrated with Muslims around us. This is a frustration that should be frustrating us. Undoubtedly, many wonder, they attribute a son to Allah subhanaw

00:42:53 --> 00:42:53


00:42:55 --> 00:43:08

The head was about to rip asunder. The Earth is about to break apart mount is about to collapse. This is what the attributes of a wonder young billionaire Romania Turkey that Wallander is not befitting to attribute a son to Allah subhanaw taala.

00:43:10 --> 00:43:19

So this verse that it speaks about in John 316, For God so loved the world, he said, he's his begotten Son, even Christian clerics, they don't know what the meaning of begotten son is.

00:43:21 --> 00:44:00

What does it mean? That some version of the Bible is taken out, placed back in again, they don't know themselves? What does it mean? It just is just a form of speech. But most Christians do believe that Jesus is literally the Son of God. He is God does they believe there may be some Christian exceptions to that, but a massive and they believe that that's their belief. So the difference between us and them is this is the difference that you attribute a son to God. This what we should be frustrated about in a society that we live in. The Muslim doesn't do that. So these cliches that exist inside our society that we do with defending the Creed and the belief, defending the Creed and

00:44:00 --> 00:44:39

a belief is every time he or she wrote a job will say Lehman, Bundler. dienen Mercy, the Creekstone by the people who changed the way of life of Isa Ali salaam, were the only ones who uphold that belief. The author's belief or ISA lay some he believed him in khulumani vistamar What will be the Romany? Abda everything in the heavens and earth will come as a servant in front of Allah Subhana Allah Lakota somewhere at the home of Allah is counted every single thing. Nothing is hidden from Allah subhanho wa taala. And maybe because of the Mercy of Allah Subhana Allah, that he hasn't destroyed the heavens and the earth for what they attributed, has let the statement go by

00:44:40 --> 00:44:56

what Montana bukanlah see as it means is that his Surah your Lord is not forgetful. That's a read through the Bible. Not encourage you to read the Bible. Have you studied the Bible those people Christian, you find so many discrepancies. They say God forgot God last Adam, God rested with Abraham. God got drunk.

00:44:58 --> 00:44:59

Hash our color. This is what the Bible

00:45:00 --> 00:45:39

speaks about. This is supposed to be the book revelation given to them. So we believe Muslims that it's been made tarries it's been changed. That's why even Christian scholars have compiled the Bible. It's called a red lettered Version Bible. And they say every time the words of Jesus are mentioned, they're highlighted in red. How much of it is in red 10% 10%, the red netted Version Bible not compiled by Muslims, but Christian scholars, that these are the words are could be the words of Jesus the rest of the words of poor Mark, Mark, Matthew, Luke, John man whom out like Who are they? Who's mark, who's Matthew, who's Luke, who's John, no one knows.

00:45:41 --> 00:46:19

No one knows the genealogy, the history, Amanda, Hannah, and Muslimeen, any Sahabi any companion, any individual that you find, you find a full lineage kooberi via that we find books of Hadith that you find Elwood jerawat Deal. scholarly research of every single individual is documented, whether it be the works that have been inherited as Kalani, every single person, you could study the lineage and genealogy, who they study where they learn from, it's all there. It's all preserved. As for them, these fables and myths that we find that they're surrounded by, and that's fine in conclusion in the London Avenue while I'm going to solidarity so yes, hello, Rama would

00:46:20 --> 00:47:00

Allah we place mercy love between the believing individuals and that's what this this this Quran that we were sent down what to do to be calmer luda. This Quran we began with, as you mentioned to me sort of speaks about the Quran to warn people, people who are continuously quarrelsome people rejecting the truth to warn them with a message of the Quran. Welcome Alekna Kubla min Kernan. How many generations we destroyed before helped so many I mean, I had an outer speculum Rick's Do you hear anything about these previous nations that were destroyed? Or do you hear any recordings of that mountain of salt and huffy you hear even a whisper of these people? The people who reject Allah

00:47:00 --> 00:47:34

subhanaw taala read through the Quran, how Allah destroyed those nations, those tribes those people who rebelled against Allah subhanaw taala. And the only reason why we're saved is because the daughter of the Prophet Allah is not designed to not destroy this ummah, that this is the last ummah. May Allah Hunter make us amongst those individuals who pioneer and champion the cause of all the prophets and specifically the prophets, Allah Salam in Dawa to the people to die with or he the Oneness of Allah Subhana Allah with the essence of belief is to cool people to the belief in Allah subhanaw taala no intermediaries now individuals, this concept inside of society of personality

00:47:34 --> 00:47:53

worship that we find we should not worship, as mentioned many times don't raise any man beyond his rank, except for the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, other not every person is in equilibrium, that we become so full of certain people and we rely upon human beings don't rely on human beings rely only upon what a worker and Allah rely only upon Allah subhanaw taala

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