Minute with a Muslim #367 – Put Your Trust in Allah

Tom Facchine


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AI: Summary © The speaker advises the audience to get out and experience life in real time, not just labeling and reassuring people. They also discuss a recent trip where they were stuck in mud and had a bad experience. They encourage the audience to trust in others and restore their faith in a law.
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sometimes help comes from places that you don't expect, you know. And I believe that you really need to just sometimes get out there and interact with people on a real level, get away from the labels and the politics, etc, etc. And just get out there and experience life. And you'll be surprised at what you find.

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We were on a trip the other day in the in the middle of nowhere, or in the woods out of range or any cell phone reception, right. And our car got stuck in the mud. And the closest house I think, was a 40 minute walk away. And so we're, we're walking, we're walking, and we could have had different attitudes towards it, right? We could have been nervous, we could have been scared, like, we're Muslims. We're out in rural America, what's going to happen to us like whatever. Or we can be like,

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okay, like, Bismillah, let's, let's trust an ally, and let's see what happens. And sure enough, there was somebody that was home and, you know, they were like, the nicest person. And everybody that we ran across was, like, stumbling over themselves throwing themselves into the situation to try to help us out. And so we ended up he ended up firing up the tractor, he had a tractor, and we rode on his tractor wasn't very safe. But we rode on his tractor all the way back to to our car, and

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he had changed and he eventually pulled us out. And we were laughing, and we were having a good time, we were just kind of connecting on that, that human level. So if I just sat home in my, you know, in my room, or my house or my masjid, I might have thought, oh, you know, these people are like this, or these people are like that. But sometimes you just need to get out there. And even put yourself in a vulnerable situation. Sometimes being in a vulnerable situation. You come to realize

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that there's a lot of different people out there, and that there's a lot of good out there. And sometimes, you need to go out and experience that good to kind of restore your your faith, not only humanity, but to restore your faith in a law and your trust in a law