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Allah has not Left You

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And if you keep that background in mind, and perhaps you'll understand these two ayat in a different light, the first who I bought the morning, and the night that is still in lifeless, the morning and the soothing light felt like when the revelation used to come, the comfort that it used to bring the brilliance that you used to enjoy of it. And now all of a sudden, it's like a night that just won't end. And it's still and it's lifeless, where's the day? Where's the brightness? Where did it go? And Allah is referencing both of those experiences for the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam in these first two ayat, the coming of the revolution, and then the gap and Revelation and him being left in

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the dark. Now, what does that mean for the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, when people are saying to him, that you know, he led Of course he doesn't believe it. shaytaan but even if he takes it to heart, maybe Allah is upset with me. Maybe I have done something wrong. Maybe I was worthy of the Quran that Allah was giving me. But now I'm not anymore. And that's why Allah is not giving it to me. And so he's all these thoughts are coming to him. Because now the gift of revelation has been discontinued, maybe it'll never continue again. He doesn't know that. He has no idea. And so when the solar came, Allah azza wa jal gave him this beautiful beautiful, you know, constellation, he

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said Mala dakara Buka Ma is used, they say in Arabic for rad, which means to correct somebody, you know, when you say no to something, but let me translate this first. So you appreciate what I'm saying. Your your master did not say goodbye to you is English. Your master didn't say goodbye to you. But the word didn't say goodbye. That's a negative, right? There are lots of ways to do negatives in the Arabic language lum Lum, you are their current book. You could say that way too. You could say my word that ACARA book, you know, lace or Abu Dhabi word, there are many ways to say it. But this way of saying it using Maher to say it is actually a way of saying no, you're wrong.

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Allah hasn't said farewell to you. This is to correct somebody, that's when you use Ma. Like, you know, we say La ilaha illAllah. When we say La ilaha illallah we're making a statement, as a matter of fact, lie rhetorically means you're answering the question. Is there anyone besides Allah? No, not in our heilala. But if somebody says the wrong thing, somebody says there are gods besides Allah, then you have to correct them, then the answer is not La ilaha illallah then it's momming ilaha illAllah. That's actually the other phrase in the Quran, ma Manila in Illa, to correct the wrong notion. So here the wrong notion of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that may be

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brewing in his mind, in his heart, the sadness that maybe Allah isn't happy revelation is coming is corrected and alleviated first by the word Ma. Then he says My word dakara book and what the weather in Arabic is used for the inside of the pit of a date is called whether a grave site is called with the or if they would build walls around somebody's grave and never go inside it, you know, like a tomb tomb area, and they build a wall around it, and they just never gonna go to it again, this is actually called a Awadhi are also similarly the word weather was used for, you know, as an expression of saying goodbye, meaning something you never come back to, like this is going to be

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it's walled off, you're never going to come back to it this inside of the pit of a date, nobody's ever going to know what's in there. It's just going to be left alone. Allah did not abandon you, Allah did not leave you alone. That's the idea of Malwa dakara Buka. Don't get that wrong. Now, let's talk this is about the Rasul of Allah salAllahu Alaihe Salam. But understand that even for ourselves, there are times where we feel the intensity of iman, there are times where it's easy for the tears to roll down your eyes for you to feel like you. You have repented before Allah and you feel a closeness to him and such that you don't want to get your head up from this idea that there

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are times when you're standing in prayer, and you have an experience that only you know, nobody else except Allah knows, there are those experiences. There are times in which you are crying before Allah, confessing before Allah admitting your faults before Allah. And those are some of the most beautiful moments of your life. And when those moments go away, and maybe sometimes you wander off, and you've you go so far from that closeness to Allah, and you're done in a place. Thank you so much. Oh, man.

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So when you're so far from that place, now, you're like, Man, I wish I've I can never feel that again. I used to be a good person. I used to be close to alive. I can barely remember what that felt like, but I'm in the dark now. i There's no way that I'm that's ever gonna come back. I've made too many mistakes. See with the Rasul of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he's assuming that he might have made a mistake. He doesn't know what it is. And he of course, he didn't make a mistake. But in our case, we know what mistakes we've made. We know the mishaps we've done. We know what we've done to us harden our hearts and get away from Allah azza wa jal, but even to us, Allah azza wa jal is

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giving hope, that just like the messenger, this is why the messenger Allah of ALLAH SubhanA, Allah had to experience this gap. One of its benefits was this Omar and his followers are going to experience a gap. They're going to experience times where they're close to Allah, and their hearts are touched by the Quran, and then they're going to feel like they're just in this night that just won't end. They're going to feel that way. And you have to be able to relate to that experience, because you're going to give them hope that we'll even know

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Oh, you're so far away, you'll be able to bring them back and say, Look, I know what that feels like. I know what that's like, I've been there to wonder maybe If Allah doesn't like me anymore, or Allah doesn't love me anymore, or Allah is angry with me. And the correction comes to every one of us. And it first and foremost comes to the messenger of allah sallallahu sallam, the most worthy of it. And that is my word. dakara Buka. And then he adds one more color, which some have translated, neither is he upset, neither is Allah upset, or neither is Allah disappointed. But let's dig into the word color. Another interesting Arabic word alquiler, or shade. When you talk about lumen

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harrietville Hum Yosa, Looby Thea, basically, they used to call it a kind of acid, I can describe it as detergent, detergent, the old back in the day was used to you know, Rob and scrub the cloth, but you don't when you're done with it, what do you do with the detergent, you want to wash it off and be readily rid of it and let it disappear. It's not something of value once you're done using it, right? It's, that's the air the original image associated with the word color, something you use, and then when its usefulness is done, you get rid of it and it's worthless to you. And it has no meaning to you anymore is Allah to rasa fill ethna they say that to remove something that's kept

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within the folds, like the your clothes, you know, your folds, your clothes are folded up, like back in the day you have people like at the edge of a little lake or a river or something washing their clothes, and the soap or whatever is inside the cloth and they're squeezing it out like this and beating it out. Right so something that was deeply penetrated inside but now you just want to get rid of it. The idea that you've had someone very close and now you want to get rid of them or throw them out this is also used by the way when you fry something and butcher who Phil Mikela will color when you fry something like nowadays if you're DC you'll fry population will say whatever you fry

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for Iftar you know, because it's so nice to eat unhealthy. So and then you know the leftover organic matter you just kind of toss that's also McCullough is the stuff you toss away, right? So he Allah says Allah did not dismiss you, as if you're you've outlived your usefulness, that you're no longer any good to him. That is not the case. This is another two sides of it. Allah is upset. And the hour Allah says Allah said farewell, and the other Allah says You worthless and therefore he's disappointed in you, you're not worthy of Him anymore. These are the feelings that a believer can get towards towards Allah, Allah thinks that I'm worthless. Allah thinks that I have I have no good

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left in me. You know, again, I tell you, people around you can make you feel that way. And you start taking the opinions of people and start projecting that that might be the opinion of Allah and you also, that's a very common mistake that we make. And that's something that's that's highlighted in the Surah Maota, aka rabuka or Makala was to read I feel it lil moussaka Baddeley, discitis be handy FIRA kill Mustafa Finn fintiba is Scylla Hey, Sasha Bahal in Chabahar, and Peter acidotic. Callum, being Peter is a little karma. It's actually the imagery of farewell. And leaving off and never seen, again, is the imagery of a traveler that's gone, and it's not going to come back. It's like

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this revelation came and visited you and now it's gone, and it's never going to come back. That is certainly not the case. Some have argued that color, neither is he upset, neither did he dismiss or disregard you that word Allah did not say you Kanaka right. So some derived from that, that perhaps that word is so harsh, that Allah out of love did not mention the Prophet next to it. So he said, your Lord, your master did not, did not say goodbye to you. Nor is he upset instead of saying nor is he upset with you. So he didn't add the with you, as if the words with you would have been too harsh for the Prophet to hear next to the word upset. So he just said nor is he upset, nor is he angry

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about anything, nor is he disappointed nor is he dismissive, like out of honor for the messenger Allah subtle Salam, others say no, this is a common style of the Quran. Like what that Kadena Allah Hackathon was accurate. Those who remember Allah Allah, and the males who remember Allah, Allah and the females, it doesn't say and the females who remember Allah Allah, Allah was not mentioned the second time, but it's understood it's obvious. And so the same way here it may be obvious in any case, now we move along with an Hara to hydro laka.

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And I swear to you, I will add I swear to you because the lamb is there is called normal person. law allow me to fiddle Java Belkacem or to fiddle custom Gallic Islam used for the oath and use to respond to an oath here you can argue that it's an all new statement, and I swear to you what is at the very end, Alok era, is better for you and is better for your sake, than what is at the very beginning mean alula What is at the very end is better for you. I swear to it that what is at the very beginning, this is the essential meaning of what an al Qaeda to highroller Kameena. Lula, from this, some have described that perhaps things are going to get better boron will start coming and

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it's not going to discontinue anymore. I personally don't find that a very convincing argument because

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In Qatar, and what happened again, like the gaps in Revelation took place even later on, like, for example, in what is associated with so little gap, for instance, people came and asked a question, the prophesy said and said, I'll get you an answer, but it didn't come for a few days that happened. Similarly, in the case of the revelation of scrutiny, over a month went by no Quran came down. And that's maybe even parallel with the amount of time that was spent here of no revelation. So that may not be the strongest way of viewing this idea. Others have said this is talking about the agenda itself.

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What is waiting for you at the very end of Jannah and whatever you're going through right now can't compare. That's one way of looking at this I of course, in on the Day of Judgment, Allah azza wa jal will give, Laval hummed to Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam, the flag of hunt, Allah will Allah's Messenger will praise Allah with a kind of praise that we've never heard before. And he doesn't even have it yet. He told us and He will praise Allah with that praise on that day when Allah says lie attack Allah Munna, 1118 Allahu Rahman, nobody will be talking except the one man gives permission to and that one will be Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, that's when he'll make the

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case for this OMA, that's when he's going to stand and make a plea for Shiva. For every single believer. This is the this is what's better for you that's coming for you. Then everything that's happening right now, Min alula. Similarly, he's given Alcocer and Natalina. Can cosa that's far better than anything you have now. And then your own Maya is going to be by you by Alcocer. May Allah grant us that gift that we get to drink from our co authored by the hotel held in Jana, by our messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So these are the things that are promised to him. And so he says, The Afterlife what is coming in the end is better for you. That's also maybe somewhat

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reinforced by the previous surah in Allah and Allah irata. When Allah same phrasing, we adhere also when an al Qaeda to highroller Kameena Lula. But there is another way of looking at these ayat, and I find that argument even more compelling. And that argument is that things that are coming, the what how this is going to play out by the end of your career. Right now you think this revelation isn't coming, and this is the end, this isn't the end, there's a lot more to go. And by the time you reach the end of this mission, you will see things are going to be so much better than what happened just now. In the beginning. Things are going to change. You're going to have followers, you're going

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to be leaving behind and this is going to be you know what I feel is one of the strongest ways of looking at this idea is Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam did not leave behind buildings. He didn't leave behind roadways and structures he didn't leave behind massive amounts of wealth. You know, like when great kings die when the Pharaoh died? Come Takumin Jonathan whoa Yun was ruined well not common. I mean, when that might encounter if you have Harkey when they left behind pyramids and statues and monuments that are still there. Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was born in a desert, died in a desert and left the place a desert. He didn't turn into the towers and massive

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structures and monuments and libraries and universities. He didn't. What did he leave behind? He left behind human beings whose hearts were filled with the word of Allah. That's what he left behind. And that is better than anything else you can leave behind is but Greek a greater gift than anything else. And those hearts changed the entire map of the planet. The world as we know it now is is the way it is because of what Rasul Allah left behind. sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, you he was Ronnie Aretha, he will kuffaar the prophet compares him to a farmer who when the crop grows tall is so happy with how much it grew. Let's the maturity of the Sahaba he's happy with these are the

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people that will carry a sum. So one day you and I can say La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam will you be dedicating

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our time here today he had the hill Morocco, Romania louder, and let the Saba cut a ticket for the kind of Kafala who be unknown? And who knows who will where he embarked? Don't you ever think revelation will stop until the mission will come to an end? Allah will see it through. This is what Allah Allah was going to make sure that the reason for which you were chosen, and this gift that's been given to you is not just a phase, you were chosen for the right reason Allah, we will make sure you get all the way to the end of this mission with an al Qaeda to hydrolock. I mean, and Allah. And so And if that wasn't enough, Allah said even more, he said, Well, so far, you're a three car Abu

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Qatada and absolutely I swear to it soon, very soon, your master is going to grant to you, your theaker your Rob is going to grant you for Tada. And then you're going to be pleased. In other words, the data that's coming that are the conclusion of this mission that's coming. By the time you leave this world, you're going to be pleased with Allah. You're going to be happy with what you've been given in this world. And now you're ready to go before Allah azza wa jal. You see a messenger of Allah and the Messenger of Allah alayhi salam is very concerned whether or not he fulfilled his mission. Because the biggest responsibility on a messenger of Allah is to fulfill the obligation

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Allah has given him. This is their metok with Allah, their covenant with God. Now our messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when time

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Then came and the if you if you study the Hadith, maybe insha Allah Tala will start the next session tomorrow with that hadith of the parting of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam, the last moments of his life. When the angel Jibreel actually came he asked permission can I come and come in I come and take you. And he gave him the option. And at that time if the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was not pleased with what has been accomplished, he wouldn't want to leave until he can say before Allah, I did what I was supposed to do. But he when he says Allahumma rafiqul, Allah, when he chose the highest companion, meaning Allah, I can go now I can go now I can go now, that actually means

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he's happy with the mission as it has been accomplished. That's one of its meanings. It's not just that he longs for the company of Allah. But it actually also means that Allah has given him contentment with with fulfilling the mission that Allah had charged him with. This is what an asset to Cairo laka Mina Lulu, well so far your thicker book Allah will give you Yes, Allah will give you the river and Jana, Allah will give you a shofar on Yom Okayama Allah will give you my karma muda but Allah will also give you the RO er when he can't even get out of bed and he'll just move the curtain and he will see Abu Bakr Siddiq or the Allahu Taala and who are leading the prayer and the

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Muslims praying and he's going to be contented this is this always going to be okay. They're going to be fine. This Islam will live on that is a contentment Allah will give him for Tada. Then you shall be pleased. This is the same Tada. You find when the Qibla was changed Fulani when Leanna Catlett and Dada like the pleasure making sure the Prophet himself is happy and content is a great priority of Allah. Allah doesn't just Allah to Allah rasool Allah Azza wa Jalla is a slave is a servant. He's He's, he's a messenger, he has a mission, but also he's a close, intimate friend. And in that friendship and that love he has for his messenger Salallahu Alaihe Salam, he is actually

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Allah is compassionate to the notion that our messenger feels sad and abandoned. And Allah comes to him and says, first of all, I didn't leave you, and I'm not upset. Things are gonna get better than authenticator. Look, I'm gonna Luna and I'm gonna make you so happy. Just watch. Who says that when you you say that to someone you truly love, and you want to make sure they're never sad again. It's like these ayat removed the sadness from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam these are the kinds of ayat of love and intimacy that exists between Allah and His messenger. SallAllahu Allison, so many places in the Quran Welaka Allahu Allah. julio de cosa Kusatsu cabbie, Maya Kowloon, we know

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how your heart becomes tight, your chest becomes tight because of the things they say. You know, you actually know Galleria Kowloon, it makes you sad the things they say, we know we know that you're you become sad. And I'm giving you Quran on little occasion at a time, one occasion at a time to strengthen your heart. My teacher, one of my teachers used to say actually about this idea of Quran coming down little by little by little, if you were in a prison, and they had the lights on all the time, that would be a form of torture to like you actually need time to relief from the light and then more and then relief and then more if night if light of or daylight never went away, then plant

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life would burn. Like it needs the night to recuperate and to regenerate and then the daytime it's they both they're both necessary. So even this gap and revelation was necessary for you. You can't handle it taking all the Quran at once. If the Quran was given to a mountain you couldn't handle it if it was given at once. Now how the Quran Allah Jabba the writer who Kashi and Mutasa, Daniel Hachette, Allah, you this is just for us to understand Quran had to come little at a time and Allah says I only give you enough so that it can make your heart firm. In other words, sometimes the prophets like Selim would hear terrible things being said, and he didn't know who to talk to about

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it. And then Allah will talk to him about it. And Allah would say, Listen, you're not the first one to go through this. Musa went through this. Let me tell you what happened with Musa. You're not the first one to go through this. Ibrahim heard this too. Let me tell you what happened with Abraham and Isa. So he would tell him all these different Stories of the Prophets lead with abitibi for ADEQ. You know, Allah says, I tell you the stories of previous previous prophets to make your heart stronger. That's what he told the prophet is not to Sudan, you know, so this love relationship with between Allah and His Messenger is as was one of the central subject matters of the study of the

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Quran will now move you only he laka normally the sauce I hate on most person because well who are Shah Milan liquidly Mala who the Alacant been absent the V sallallahu alayhi salam fee that he will be Dini here with the Almighty, this goodness that Allah gave to the prophet that the end is going to be better? Is everything related to the Prophet his person his religion, his ummah? Well haha I don't mean Allah, Hebei, onion Shura, DEEN al Islam. This is the Promise of Allah that Islam itself will spread. When you machina Mata whom Allah hayati Moo ha Nabi sallallahu alayhi salam ala home and Allah will stabilize and spread and you know, he will he will remove uncertainty from the Ummah

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and the goodness of the OMA that the Prophet was hoping for what God Roberto Bharani will be happy delighted.

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Naboo Abbas Abbas narrates certain sources, the Messenger of Allah said already there either Yeah. Now who am I to humbly Almighty badly for Sarani for under Allah who will ask Allah to how you look, I mean Allah I was shown everything that has been opened for my ummah, the doors that have been opened for my followers, and it made me happy, and then he recited the end is better for you than what is in the beginning. With an Arca to credo look, I mean alula, the sulfa and this is also means continuity, meaning Allah won't just give you in your own lifetime, even past your lifetime, Allah will keep giving you and you'll be happy because so long as there are people of Islam around when we

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say sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, then Allah and Allah Kazakh Rock has mentioned is elevated and he is that sort of what reaches him. When we say Salah Latin Salam upon the prophesy shalom, it reaches him. He acknowledges it. And it makes him happy that we as followers with all of our mistakes and all of our shortcomings are still there, and we're still holding on and we're still carrying the banner of Islam. May Allah make us worthy of that banner