Muhammad Alshareef – Two Dua that Encompass Everything#shorts

Muhammad Alshareef
AI: Summary © The speaker gives a tip on how to make sure all the goodness comes to you when making dog offers. They suggest making sure all the good things come to you, such as giving a house or family member, and also mention a prophecy from the Bible that says "goodness" in the future.
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When you make dua Do you sometimes feel like maybe there's some goodness out there that I'm missing out on? Especially if you're making dog for very specific things? Well here's a tip on how to make sure that all the goodness comes to you. So if you're making the offer very specific things like oh Allah give me a house Oh Allah give me a home in paradise are very specific. But what about so many other good things like charity and so on, or family members are asking to offer you? So here's a tip one is from the Quran. One is from the Sunnah. The first dog that you can say is a dog that all Muslims know. Or abana attina Dunya Hasina or Phil Filati Hassan our Kannada ba na, O Allah give us

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our LORD give us goodness in this life and give us goodness in the hereafter and protect us from hellfire. The other dog that you can say is a dua from the Sunnah the prophets of Allah He said I'm taught us Allahumma inni as a Luca min. Heidi Massa Aloka minha

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