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Because it's one of these,

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it's coming from something that's essential to the human nature.

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If you look at the brain,

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the way the brain has been made, right,

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they call the human brain a triune brain,

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because it has three dominant centers. And this is also not so modern. I mean, this is actually a moment Azadi does mention that.

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The the lowest brain they call to our brain, which is really out of evolutionary theory, the reptilian brain, and this is the applicative center of the brain, it functions, the basic functions that drive the urges of the human being the food or the sex, or all these urges. And then then there's the midbrain. So this would be

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relate to the applicative. And then the midbrain is where the emotions are centered. And from this model, that the root emotion is rabab. And this is why children, the real first emotions that they display, are probably they get angry.

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And they express anger through crying. And as they get older, through, you know, tantrum, or

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they always learn that before they learn. They learn No, before they learn. Yes. And you can see it rooted in that, that. So this, this brain is related to the emotions.

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And this is why there's a beautiful hobby in a mom,

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Academy in western province that bid Max bobeck hone in that

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I saw on your corner above you back, yo man, man, what do you bet hone in,

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on your corner, ball back, young man.

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He said, he said,

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Mark, love the one you love up to a point. Because one day he might hate you.

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And the wisdom here is if you tell somebody all your secrets. And then one day they turn on you, which is a human experience, it occurs quite often. And people are often devastated by that. And also,

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don't hate people extremely. Because one day that you might end up being people that love each other. So be balanced in your love and in your hate. And so this is again an indication of having a balance of emotions. And when they get out of balance, people become you know, if you have too much love the one of the Arabs, he said, That's according to Karen Tobler Don't be Flipkart and get eaten up, what ethicon humbleth atoma. And don't be color sense and get thrown away. You know, don't be too sweet. Because they'll eat you alive. And don't be too bitter because you won't have any friends. Right? So be balanced. And that's the idea. And then finally, what they call the new brain

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is the neocortex.

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Which is where this would be the the oldest and the rational when these three are functioning properly.

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The human being is either

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write in other words, and see this is part of the human condition. You have people that are excessively cerebral, they're completely in their head. And it's everything's theoretical to them. There's nothing practical, they go to this extreme. Then you have other people that are like reptiles out there. They're literally living like reptiles. And I explained this once in a prison and some of these people that Muslim inmates really responded to this and one came up to me afterwards he said, You know that thing about the reptilian brain? He said there's a lot of reptiles here. He said these guys are like snakes just waiting to you know, to to attack you.

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Right It's an interesting phenomenon, this idea of people in that really completely reactionary

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mode, but there's no humanity there. And then you have people that are obviously you see them overly emotional

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right the either angry right they become

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That's the more common one to get people that are very angry. So now, I just brought all of that in there. To put this into perspective, anger is one of the excesses of the human condition, which is why he calls it the ocean. Because it really is the big one. And there's basically three reasons why people get angry.

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One of them relates to primal needs,

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throat type thing, that's that that's the first type of now this is

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a human being if he doesn't get angry for this considered.

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He goes under the category of stupid stupidity, because this is it, this is a survival if somebody's threatening your life, you have to respond to it. Right?

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Need to respond to it. If somebody is threatening your family, you need to respond to that. That is a ba, ba, ba, ba ba. And

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what else your capacity

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even in killing a snake.

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And also the problems the license said, no matter no matter the matter shahida anyone that dies defending as well, geyser Shaheed.

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So that

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because part of it is you don't want people to think it's easy. In a society to rob people,

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you know, you're acting, doing that as a type, it's the ultimate models.

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And if you die doing it, you dive into jihad, because

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it's a type of.

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the second type

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is also and this is common to human beings. The second type is also common to humans. But this relates to position.

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Or it relates to,

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to things that have to do with

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seeing yourself, right, in other words, I have dignity, you can't do this to me, right? I'm a human being. And this kind of anger that people get angry about that relates to a sense of

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somebody is belittling them, somebody is treating them with disdain, somebody is treating them less than what they want. And they could be right, they could be wrong, it just depends. Because some people have a completely

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they have a

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complete delusion, about who they are

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a delusion of the grandeur of their own soul. And so they actually, and then finally, the third one

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relates to specific people.

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This is a specific one.

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And this relates to, for instance,

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if he sees a book, mistreated will get angry.

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But the farmer was illiterate, he won't get angry. Because he doesn't really understand, you know, what's what's, what's the big deal? He sat on a book. So what was the island sees it? That's wrong, because it's related to

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now the farmer will get angry if you throw the pitchfork. You know, cuz this is cool. What are you doing, you know that you're gonna break that and he'll get upset at that. So this is a type of anger that relates to specific people. Right? So and these three are why people get angry. Now. It says the first one is, is healthy, unless it's taken to an extreme where you go and oppress people, take their food, take their shelter, do things like that, that's oppressive. But the next one, he says, it can be healthy up to a point. But the higher way is to stop seeing yourself and not get angry about these things.

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And the danger of it is you go to an extreme which is called Baba and he'll deal with that it's a disease, which is where you, you become so humbled that you become humiliated.

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And the province Eliason says at

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the moment does not

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humiliate himself and Allah says that the

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to hammer avena home they have when it comes to the non Muslim, you're not all humble and meek and Uriah heep obsequiousness.

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With the Casio

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didn't see you as being humble and, and weak like that we in the face of him.

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Whereas with the moment you said you should give up your those things.

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And even according to see

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if the copier says something to you,

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that does not relate to your dean like not making fun of your dean or something that used to just ignore it.

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When you hear people speak to them, they just they sit on, you shouldn't get angry, for things that really does, there's no benefit in getting angry, because all they're doing is pushing buttons. And

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just be patient about what they're saying. And then leave them in a good way.

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So just turn away from it, don't don't obsess yourself with it, and let it go. Because it's not there's no benefit in it. No benefit.

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and then finally, the fourth one, again,

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is something that God

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was mentioning about the wife

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and said, We're lucky have I found a man with my wife.

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And the political license said

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I have more than

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has more than I do.

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In other words, that is a good sign is a good thing. And they say sometimes it is jealousy.

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It's an idea of something that that that you are in protection of or that you know, something that's yours, that not letting somebody else do harm to

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you. So this is why when a Muslim sees the non Muslim threatening has been,

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he becomes

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he wants to defend. And that's a good thing. That's an anger that's positive. And this is why allows me to be a part of the human nature to protect NASA. Because if men didn't have data for their women, they would lose NASA.

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People would go and commit adultery with their women, and then you would have a mixture of the message is a healthy thing for a man to have to be jealous of his wife is a good thing. As long as it doesn't go too obviously in excess where he oppresses her and becomes suspicious.

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And it's also a natural thing for the woman to have that.

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You know, laws made MOBA he permitted the

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the marriage of more than one wife, but the actual experience of a woman towards the man of her hair is natural, it's part of human nature, and very few women are free from that person is not considered a fault.

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Now, he says here,

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he says that this disease has to

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one of them will remove the anger when it comes right so that you prevent it from coming. And the second will suppress the anger. Now Allah says in the Quran, he praises

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those who suppress their anger.

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And those who forgive people, a bit of money. And that's the famous story of capital playoffs, when one of his servants was pouring and spilled water on him. He became angry. And the servant immediately said, Would calling me a liar. And he said Columbo, you know, I suppressed it. And he said, Well, I'm a mess. And he said that, you know, I forgive you. And he said,

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and he said,

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You said you're free for the sake of Allah.

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And that's the that's the way the moment should be what

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he should be.

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In other words, if somebody is backbiting and somebody says yes,

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you should immediately

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get angry at the person that he reminded him. And I was once told a story

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that a man was with him in a gathering. And he said one of his qualities using rock and he said one of his qualities was he never spoke about anybody

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This is also something that I was told by several people who have been with us for over 70 years. And they said, they never heard him once too badly of a person ever. And these are people that lived with him every day of his life, see him every day, in 70 years. They said, they never heard him say anything bad about anybody, ever.

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And, you know, somebody wrote me a letter not that long ago and said, and he's somebody that I think has a lot of coupler, but he wrote me a letter. And he said, that you mentioned me in another letter to somebody, and you think maybe there was some behavior in it. So he sent the letter with the things that if you find any haven in it, please tell me so that I can tell them.

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And he was questioning what what he said. And it was, it was just some disagreements between his understanding that it wasn't a problem with me at all. But that type of even though you don't have to do that,

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you don't have to go to a person and say, the government says it's better not to, unless you know that there are people that aren't gonna, you know, cuz most a lot of people are just making hate.

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They'll get angry with other people, you know, it's not a big deal. So like, the problem is that I do African

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American in the middle of your bum, bum, bum bum, does one of you is are you unable to be like this man of a bum bum. He used to get up every morning and cubby LBD, I don't know, he used to give his own good name as a couple people.

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In other words, he would just say out loud, anybody says anything bad about me, I give the SMS that they gave me back to them.

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And so he said, just do that, you know,

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in the end of the day, you start thinking about the grades and questioning and the grade, the yomo piano, if you really think about these things, you're not going to care. I mean, once the moment you die, you could care less a song. So, you know, said one day that

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he gets angry too much. Or he said to you one day, something

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completely irrelevant.

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So the two diseases, he said, the first one.

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And then he said, five liters.

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He said, Remember, in order to be ornamented with this quality of the thing that removes anger, remember, the praise of

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because no one gets angry,

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who doesn't get angry?

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Somebody who's humbled, they will not get angry for themselves, they might get angry for a loss, but they won't get angry for themselves.

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the only reason people get angry is because they're seeing themselves.

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And it's not there to see.

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Then why get angry?

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When somebody says, Yeah, I can. And it's like the public when when they called him with a meme. Right? They called him the opposite of his name. He said, it's amazing how Allah took the tones of

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that wanted to condemn me and they condemn some guy named with them.

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And I'm

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not talking about me we're talking about.

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So that's that idea of just letting go. If you don't see yourself, there's no, there's no self to get angry. And that's pelada. And when you say is, in order to get this quality, remember how much humility and forbearance

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right? In other words, every culture praises traditional this culture, no longer that they used to.

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That I know still people that will do that. But those definitely one of the things that certain Eastern European elements that immigrated here introduced into the culture was a concept of chutzpah, right, this idea of overweening pride, where you literally you know, if you've got it, flaunt it,

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type thing, and this has become something which is actually alien to traditional American culture. Traditionally, Americans actually did appreciate the quality of humility. And

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generally, I mean, it's obviously you're going to get a lot of different people but

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What you'll find is humility is praised by all the stages, even outside of the religion of the song. Right and the photos are licensed admin.

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The one that is humble for a lot of stake a lot raises him up.

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And whoever raises himself up,

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lot a lot.

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Lower him down and

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the camera.

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It used to raise out when all of the candles are the Arab and what and the Sahaba really liked that because it was the father's candle. But one day it lost a race to a better one. And they all got really upset and the Prophet laughed. And he said, Don't you know that nothing ever gets elevated except a lot has to bring it down.

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So it's the neatest

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creation and if you understand the sooner you can laugh and things like that.

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You don't get upset. So he's saying you really reflect on on the place where the quality of

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the problem was the most forbearing of people. He forgave people who did not get angry. He was very forbearing