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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Allen was silent Omar haven't become Welcome to another edition of Sahaba profiles we continue taking a look at the life of usma Binti Abu Bakr radi Allahu Allah and a quick recap. She was the daughter of Abu Bakar of the lava and she was born when he was only 21 years old. Her mother was platinum.

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At the time her father after she was born, when her father accepted Islam at a later stage and mother refused to accept Islam. And that led to divorce. Her mother accepted Islam much later, as my accepted Islamic her initial years on the teaching of a father abubaker the loved one. She played a very big part in at the time of HRM was she was the one who would take the food to Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam and abubaker the loved one in the cave of Hira.

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Then, also, she was the one who told her waistband into to, to cover the bag carrying the pack cost the food for the hater journey, and that's when they'll be said a lot It was sent him gave her the title of that 2013 and said that in lieu of this belt of her she would get to engender meaning. A lot of articles Allah would reward her with gender. She took a beating on the hands of Abuja hell, but she did not divulge the name, the destiny and the route that her father Abubakar and Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he taken for the heat of the journey. She was married to the great Sahabi was part of the actual mo Bashara, suburban hombre de la and he was a friend of Rasulullah

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sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And he was a friend of Abu Bakar de la Juan. And when she made herself when she came to Cuba, she went into labor and she gave birth to a son who became very famous later on Abdullah bin Zubair rhodiola. Han, and there was great delight and there was great happiness at the time. Now the reason why there was great delight and great happiness taking the discussion further is that up till that point, whoever had made hegira no one had given birth to any boys and the mushrikeen. And those were not accepted Islam. These other two thought that you know, these people, maybe the weather of Medina does not suit them, they cannot have any male offspring. If they

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continue like this, only girls are born, then they won't be the you know, they will run they will become extinct after a period of time because you need both males and females to keep the generations and to keep the the the bloodline and the offspring going. And others say that no children were born at all up to that particular point since the Hitler and Abdullah disobeyed the law and was the very first that was born. Now there's an interesting incident with regards to smoking tobacco, the law and it is mentioned that one day initially, she and her husband Zubair found things to be very, very difficult economically It was very tough. And she used to make great

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sacrifices to walk at a great distance a good few kilometers every day, to get water to look after his horse and the livestock to to carry the hay for the animals. And one day she was she was walking home with a bundle of hay on her head when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam saw him and he immediately made these camels sit down so that he could let her ride but she was embarrassed and she thought that her husband Zubair who was a very possessive man, he would take offense and and she refused the offense we prefer to walk to walk. And later on when she told her husband Zubaydah, the loved one about what happened. He told her that it would have been better for her to get onto the

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camera to accept the offer. It was less shameful than her actually having to walk with abundance of hay. And later on in life lottomatica with Allah then blessed suburban hombre de la and with with wealth, and life became more comfortable, but she she still remained very grounded, very, very dedicated to her Ibadan worship it is mentioned in one day, Superman, a woman of the law and came home and he found a totally engrossed in Salah totaling grace, so he decided I'm not going to disturb and he went away to the marketplace for a while and then he came back and he found that she was still engrossed in a bar dine in serum. Now her son Abdullah bin Zubaydah de la when he grew up,

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he became a very distinguished personality, a great companion of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam. He was known for his knowledge for his forbearance for his leadership qualities. And later on in the time of Abdulmalik, baignoire, Marwan there was a difference that broke out between Abdullah bin Zubair and as the leadership and he felt that they had no legitimate claim over the region of Hijaz, and he was the leader and they felt that everyone needed to unify under one leader, and it led to physical warfare, and he took refuge in muckety muck, karma and catapults were being shot into Makkah by the tyrant ruler who was the governor of the Mulligan marwen and that was a judgment use

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of McAfee. And Zubair bin Abdullah bin Zubair went to see his mother at the time. And by then she had become very old and she was already blind. And he wanted to make Matura with her and he told the CMM I am totally surrounded, I'm totally outnumbered. They have sent people to negotiate with me, they are prepared to give me a lot, but I need to lie down my arms and I need to give up and I need to surrender. So his mother asked him that are you on? Are you on Huck? Are you on the truth? He said, Yes, I have no doubt on it. So she told him that then there is no shame in in fighting till your death if you are in truth and if

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What you are fighting for is the truth. He said, Yes, I'm not fear, I'm not fearful of death. The only thing I fear is that they would mutilate my body after I've passed away. So his mother told him that look, after you slow the sheep, then you do to the body what you want, the sheep feels no pain, what they do to your body is irrespective is it's irrelevant. She told him go out there and and fight with with with everything that you have. If you are victorious, it will make me proud. If you pass on, I will know that you fought, you fought and you died with dignity, rather than to be subjugated to a life of, of being downgraded, and a life of humiliation. Even though your life may

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have been spent. When when he was killed, his body was hung up, and the mother went there. And even though she was blind, she was trying to take down the body. So he could be given a decent burial. And her judgment used to send somebody to seminar and with a great degree of authority and confidence. She said clearly, I do not go to such a wretched people, I won't go to him. He issued a warning. And he said to the lohana, if you don't come to me, I would have you dragged by your hair. She said you can do to me whatever you want, I'm not going to come. And finally her judgment, Yusuf was forced to come himself. And he tried to, you know, make her understand from his perspective that

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her son was wrong, but she was having nothing of it. And she gave him you know, a full tank lashing as we would see that the details are there in the book of history, and she put him on his place in front of everyone. And she had such an aura about her that no one could say anything whatsoever. No one could say anything whatsoever. as smart as the low and high schoolers tell us she had a great memory she had memorized many a hadith like a sister I shall have the love on her and Omar Salam and others. She narrated many a hadith from Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, many of the Sahaba in the tambourine would come to her for lessons, they would come to her so she could teach them the

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dean. She died in the year 73. After age 73 years after he died, she passed away. By then she was almost 100 years old. But even at that very advanced age, her memory right up till her final breath was totally intact, very, very powerful. And she still had a full set of teeth, even though she had lost her eyesight. But at that very old age, she had a full set of teeth. We a lot of articles Allah grant us the ability to take inspiration from these great luminaries Sahaba profiles for myself, slim and Robert until we meet again. Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh