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Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan gives an interesting lecture when Allah asks a loan from us twice in the Qur’an which is impossible to comprehend. The basic understanding is that a loan is needed for someone in need, which is definitely not the case with Allah SWT. How do u give someone who has everything? Hence, it is essential that we understand the language of the Qur’an.

Allah appeals to our intellect but more so, our hearts. How so? Listen intently and unravel the mystery behind the concept of the loan mystery.

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu wa salam O Allah Ashraf will be it will Muslim while early he was a minister nabeshima t elomi Deen aloha maganda main home Amina Xena Amano Romulus sunny hot water was COVID happy whatever so be sobre Amira by the mean

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rubella him in a ton of regime

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when the Lizzie ukoliko la corbon Hashanah for your reefer hula who will who join Kareem?

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Probably shortly surgery we assume the Emory looked at a melissani of Coco de la Mata Bittner Engel Moti de la ilaha illa Allah, Allah maganda Mina Latina Amina Amina, sorry hurt, whatever. So Bill Huggy, what are some of the sub mineable Allah mean?

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Allah azza wa jal in the Quran talks multiple times about spending

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charity and he uses different terms to describe or motivate believers to spend. For instance, he says what and Kofi sebelah spend in the path of Allah, wa he dubium Polycom one fusi can struggle with yourself with your monies and yourselves, different terminologies are used but one of the most unique phrases that allow uses and he uses this call twice, once in certain Baqara and once in certain headin is almost impossible to understand at first what his origin says is Mandela ukoliko Maha carbon Hashanah who is out there that is going to give Allah a good loan. That's what the law says, Who is out there calling on anybody out there, willing to give Allah a good loan. And that's

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actually what I wanted to speak with you about today and remind myself of what this ayah means. But in order to start, I want to share something with you about the Arabic word carved, which is the word used in this ayah. Allah says who will give a lot of courage, then I translated that as a loan. The Arabic language has lots of different words for loaning or borrowing and lending. And this is one of them. And it actually comes from the word kurata, which is, you know, it's a footballer, it's, it's the left over originally of what a mouse might take from bread, or what you know, if a mouse gets into clothes, and it bites a little bit off, it can't take the entire outfit, it can only

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take a little bit of a chip away from the clothes, or a little bit of chip away from a piece of bread, that little piece that's missing is called a Kaurava. And from a developed the term current meaning you have, and you're not being asked for most of what you have, or all of what you have, you're being asked for a tiny little bit of a slice of what you have you possess. And that's actually called the core of the idea being the one asking you may be it may be a big deal to them, somebody asks you, let's say, for a sum of money for a month, they want to borrow it for a month, and you have more than you have 10 times that much in your bank. So it's not that hard for you to

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give, but it might change their life entirely. They might be very desperate for it. It's actually maybe an entire day's sustenance for the mouse. But it's nothing for the one who owns the bread, you can just chop that part of the dirty bread off and he still has plenty left. There's plenty of cloth left. So the idea being that the one who asks for a car, the one who asks for a loan, using the term cloud is actually desperate. And they're not asking for a lot. And the one being asked has a lot. And even if they give it away, it's not going to hurt them. It's not much of a loss. It's not like they were asked to make a terrible sacrifice. This is the term Allah uses. When he asks believers

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anybody out there if they're willing to give a la carte which is impossible to understand because Allah azza wa jal all of you know and I know when he learned he will Kusama wa T was out of Allah alone, owns all kingdom and all ownership within the skies in the earth, there's nothing that Allah does not own. As a matter of fact, the one being asked you and me are owned by Allah, when our bodies are not actually our own, these bodies this the the blood flowing in our veins is not flowing in our veins because we make it flow, the heart isn't beating because we control and tell our heart to beat that is happening because Allah makes you do so because he owns it. As a matter of fact,

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even the guidance that you and I can enjoy in life is something alar gives and a lot can take away your mckinleyville kulu a bit cobia Allah denecke the one who turns the hearts meaning I don't even turn my own heart. I'm not even control in complete control over my own guidance. That's Allah. And he's the one asking me for a loan, it becomes impossible to understand impossible, because in any other conventional sense, when somebody asks for a loan, they are the one that's in need. They're the ones that are in need. And Allah says will law honey, one tool for Cora, Allah is the one who doesn't need you're the ones that are bankrupt. You're the ones that have nothing, and yet Allah is

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asking you and me for a loan, which is why I'm

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argue that this term that Allah has used twice in the Quran is one of the most unique phrases, asking believers to spend, or to give and to give him. How do you give someone who has everything? How do you give someone who has everything, so how long what are the and so if we take a couple of steps back and understand something about the language of the Quran, you know, some or the amount would describe that the language of the Quran, like Allah himself says some problem with either in the field, early karate, karate, when Candela who called in sort of he says, in it, there's a powerful reminder for anybody who has a heart. Now, let me put it to you this way, if you're reading

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a science textbook, if you're reading a science textbook, or an accounting book, or a mathematics book, or a history book, it's not a book for your heart. It'll hurt your brain, it's not going to hurt your heart, you're not gonna read a science book about physics and start tearing, it's not gonna happen because those words are not written for your heart. They're written for your mind. Allah says about the Quran, that this is a reminder for hearts. And when someone speaks to your heart, it's very different when someone speaks to your mind. Allah azzawajal does appeal to our intellect. But actually, he does so in a way that appeals to our hearts first. So I'm going to start

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with an analogy to help us grasp some of the benefits of this phrase that Allah says, Give me a loan.

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You know, all of us have, you know, many of us Alhamdulillah still have the blessing of parents. And may Allah xojo, preserve our parents and guide our parents overlook their mistakes and protect them. But imagine if one of you has a mother who's extremely sick, and you know, the father has passed away, and she's she's the only one left and she's very, very old, she can barely get out of bed herself. She's that old, she can't even speak properly, that old woman. Now there was a time when you and I were helpless. Now she's helpless. She's in completely a helpless state. And then she comes to you one day or she, she somehow communicates to you. Can I borrow 100 from you? I promise

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how paid back? She says that to you? Can I borrow 100? I promise I'll pay it back soon. I'm not sure when I can do it. But I will, I promise. And when she says that to you? What would that make you feel?

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That would make you feel and me feel you're my mother? Why did you have to ask me for a loan? You could have just said, What? And why didn't I know that you needed something that it came to the point where you had to ask. And even the way in which you asked tells me what you think of me. You think of me as someone who would not just give you out of my heart. But after after I give you in my heart? I'd be thinking when am I gonna get this back? As you're gonna pay me back or what? My mother is thinking I'm so greedy. My mother thinks I'm so obsessed with money, that her what she needs and what she wants is not even in the picture. My biggest concern will be When am I going to get paid?

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What am I going to get returned? Now this is actually an insult to us, you know, a sense of humiliating to a son or a daughter to hear why? because now they're getting an impression. What does mom think of me? mom thinks he thinks of me as someone greedy man thinks of me as someone that would, he wouldn't just give it to me, the best I can hope for is he'll let me borrow it. And then he'll expect it back. That's a commentary on your mother and how greedy you think she thinks you are. That's what that becomes. When Allah azzawajal tells a believer, give me a loan.

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The one who gave you and me everything says give me a loan. He knows how human beings become I'll give you a small experiment that I've conducted many times with my children, especially when they're younger. I know which ones like which kind of ice cream. So I'll get their favorite kind of ice cream and start eating it myself. And so I'm sorry, I'm eating it, eating it eating it. And the three year old comes and says, Ah, can I have that? I said no, you can't have that. Can please have a little bit? Okay, you can have two bites, but then give it back. So I give him the ice cream. And guess what happens next? They run away.

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And if I do catch them and say where's my ice cream, you know what they say? Mine.

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Immediately they forgot that this wasn't theirs. This was mine. I just let you hold it for a couple of seconds. And all of a sudden now it's yours. And before I can get to it the biggest bites they can ever take in their life. Because they just want to get as much as they can. Human beings. When they hit get possession of something even temporarily, we tend to forget that it's not ours and logins and a luggages and a luggages. And then sometimes he says give me back spend and what's the first thought that crosses in my mind in your mind. It's mine

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mean to give from my money you want me to give you from my savings, I worked hard for these savings. You want me to give up this? This is my favorite one, you'll need to give up this car. I can't do that, that you're asking too much. And so a lot as always acknowledges the inherent greed when you can kind of see he, Allah says whoever can be protected from the deep greed they have inside themselves are the ones that have reached success. So look halls and agreements as you and I would love to hold on to our things for less as you know what you really even if you give it you're thinking, What am I going to get it back? So Allah says, Why don't I? Why don't you give it to me,

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let me borrow it. And it's not going to hurt you much. That's a love guarantee, because it's just a card. It's just a slice from what you have. And that's confirming the promise of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam manaka sama, lumen sadhaka when you give charity, your wealth doesn't go down. When you give up something for a law, your money does not go down. And so it's just a slice like that melts a little bit, it's not gonna hurt you, you think it's gonna hurt you? Why do you and I think it's gonna hurt you. Because shaitaan comes to you and me and says a shaytani r into kumal *er, where maruchan will fracture? Quran tells the shaitaan comes to you and says, If you give

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this how are you going to, you're going to go bankrupt you crazy. You have to be more responsible. You have to spend more carefully. What are you doing? You know, that same money if you went to a restaurant, and you wanted to get some extra, you don't even look at the price on the menu. Yeah, bring it bring it. And one 10th of that amount. Somebody says give put $5 in the donation box, put 10 Rand in here. I don't know, if I have enough for the bus. Or if I have enough for the electricity bill, you start becoming an accountant in your head. But you're not an accountant when you're at a restaurant and where you're entertaining yourself or we forget. But immediately when it comes to

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spending when Allah wants us to. Then immediately all of us we become financially very responsible. And we say I don't know if this is a good decision. You know, this is one piece of the puzzle when the law says give me a loan. But the other part of this is carbon Hashanah. The difference between a car and a courtesan conventionally is a code hazard means I'm gonna borrow some money from you. But I don't know when I can pay you back. I'm not sure if it's going to be tomorrow. I'm not sure if it's going to be 10 years from now. And you are so generous to me, you say you know what, pay me back whenever you can. Just whenever you can. You're not going to hound me. Every time you see me,

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Hey, where's my money? You're not gonna do that. You're just gonna let it go? whenever you can. It's okay. And if you can't, it's okay. That's the kind of trust you have generosity. Allah says, I want you to trust me. Give me what you have. Give me this loan that I'm asking for. And I haven't even described what that loan is. I know, as you're listening to me, you're thinking about is asking for our money, or was asking for our wealth and allies asking for us to give sadaqa that's one part of In fact, inshallah, as we see today, in this same pseudo uncertain, headin, it's actually much bigger than that. And I hope to describe that as we approach the month of Ramadan, because all of us

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need to really keep this loan to ally in mind as we approach this month, that is supposed to connect us back with a love.

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Now, when we when Allah azzawajal tells us to give us this loan to give, you know, for his sake, Mandela de la Coburn Hashanah means how am I going to get it back? When am I going to get it back? I don't know. Your answer might be I'm only going to get it back after I die in the market. I'm going to give sadaqa now, I'll give charity now I'll spend now and Allah will give me after Judgment Day. But Allah did not say that. Allah did not limit the return to the Acela to the next life. Unless simply says for you, but if a hula hoop, Allah will multiplied for him, whoever will give a lot of Slone he won't pay you back in full, he'll pay you back multiple times What You gave. Now this is

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what it basically is called Riba. It's called what Riba and Riba between human beings is haram. If you borrowed from me 100 and then you you know, and I want 200 back, that's three by a can, I'm not allowed to do that. But Allah says, you know, young, you have this other car. Allah says, Well, you will miss socket. Allah does Riba of charity. Human beings can do River. Allah does the bulk of what of charity meaning he multiplies it and he grows it when you give. For Allah sake, Allah will multiply it the best way to increase your wealth. The best way to increase whatever you have in this life in this life and in the next life is to give that's the best way to do it. I love promises he

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will multiply He did not say when. So you don't hear this goodbye and say, you know, some woman said give for the sake of Allah and give him a loan. So I gave him a loan. And it's been a whole week. No returns yet. Allah said he will multiply on

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Wait all over Ramadan I waited, no returns coming. It's been a couple of years now low returns coming. That's not our faith. Islam doesn't work that way. Islam doesn't work that Allah says carbon Hashanah, meaning it's up to Allah, when he's going to give, and you have complete trust that he will give. And not only that he will give, he'll give you way more than what you gave. So you never ever feel a sense of loss. Never do you feel a sense of loss. You know, we understand business. Many people here are in business. In business. First, you have to spend money before you make money. That's what you have to do. And when you spend money, there's always a risk. The risk is maybe I'll

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get the same amount of money back, but I'm hoping I make a little bit extra. Or maybe I'll lose all of it. Or I'll lose 50% that happens to people are sitting with the entire warehouse full of merchandise they couldn't sell. When the Lord says give me his guaranteeing there's a return on your investment. It's absolutely guaranteed. But the only challenge he's not telling you when. And he's not telling you how.

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He's not telling you when and he's not telling you how because when you and I give, maybe we gave money. But maybe Allah gives you back his health.

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Maybe he gave you gave money, maybe what Allah gives you back as peace in the family.

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Maybe you gave one thing and a lot gives you back something so much more valuable. Something you could never buy something you could never pay for something you were always wishing for. You know, sometimes people hold on to money. And because of holding on to money, they have all of these problems in their life, that they can't get rid of problems with people who are the closest people to them, hurting them the most. You know, no peace of mind can't go to sleep, blood pressure increasing all of these problems that we cannot you go to the doctor, they'll try to give you medication, but medication wasn't the source of the problem. That was just the final symptom. You're

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just suppressing the symptoms. Where did the source come from? Where did the stress come from? Where did the anxiety come from? What took your piece away? Allah azzawajal says Angela Sakina kulu will move in he is the one who puts tranquility into the hearts of believers. He's the one who sends it down. So when we give what we get back in return may not be material maybe something worth way more than material. Maybe protection, maybe guidance may even be money. But what is money worth when you when you compare it to what Allah has to offer for your body for hula, hula dolphin kathira in crisis or dolphin kathira. But here he adds one more piece and to share this final piece with you.

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As I come to the you know, near the conclusion of this football. Let's talk about what it is that we have to spend and tie that in with this coming incredible month.

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A lot has always been in the same sort of says what and fuchal Mim gyla Khun mustafina fee,

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spend out of what ever Allah has left you behind with. Let me explain that to you in simple terms is death. Love, means I'll give you a stiff laugh in my family. If I was leaving the house, I had to go get gas in my car. And I left my two sons in the house and I said, boys, you take care of the house. Make sure you don't let anybody else in, make sure you do this dirty, I give some instructions and I leave.

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Now these boys have basically for those 20 minutes, they have complete control over this house. If they burn it down.

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Or when I come back, I don't recognize my address anymore. That's all up to them. I have trusted them. I don't have any security cameras or anything I have left less than behind to their devices, whatever they do with it. Whatever they do with it. Sometimes it's not just leaving you with your to your own devices. Sometimes somebody gives you something. Somebody says hey, I'm traveling, can you keep my car, just take care of my car for me and they give you the car. Now the keys are with you. You can drive it you can do whatever you want with it. You've been left behind with this car, doing whatever you want. A lot of says I want you to spend from without of anything that I have given you

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and left you in charge of.

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Now what is he giving me and left me in charge of he gave me a tongue. He gave me eyes. He gave me this body. He didn't just give me wealth. He gave me a mind.

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He gave me time. He gave me so much. And he's asking out of all of that I want you to give me back.

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If he's giving you energy, he wants your energy. If he's giving you talent, he wants your talent. If he's given you intellect, he wants you to use your intellect. Use your sharp mind, spend out of it spend out of what Allah has given you give it to him, give it to him and give it to him. Some of you Mashallah men and women have very sharp tongues for example. You know, if somebody if somebody says something to you, you can say something nuclear in response and silence them for generations. You know how

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Do it. The words come rushing from your gut up your throat into your, you know and out of your mouth. They're they're ready to come out and you say to yourself, you know what my anger and my response, I'm going to put it back in, I'm going to swallow it. I'm going to give this as a loan to Allah. I'm going to give it to and I've brought a lot of promises he will give me much back more in return.

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I'm loaning my anger over I don't want to know.

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When impulses come in this Ramadan What does it lead to Allah teaches us this entire concept of delayed gratification when fasting begins, and by the time fasting ends, you and I are going to feel hunger, we're going to feel thirst. As a matter of fact, our messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam even told us that fasting extends beyond food and food and drink and you know intimacy it goes beyond that our tongues are fasting, our eyes or fasting or ears or fasting or limbs or fasting why in that time, in those hours I've decided that I'm going to be extra cautious I'm going to be more aware of what my eyes fall on. I'm going to be more aware of what comes out of my mouth some the

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people that are annoying to you before Ramadan are still annoying to you during Ramadan the people who make you angry before Amazon started still make you angry when Ramadan has started. The things that agitate you the things that you know are the things that we you know, you're you're drawn to, like you'd like to waste your time with them entertainment some people lose themselves in entertainment for hours and hours. Some people lose themselves in social media for the day goes on Sun goes up and down. They're scrolling screens, that's what they're doing whatever that is in Ramadan, it's not gonna go away you start thinking oh no that shape on and shaitaan is chained. So

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as soon as you know Ramadan starts with a coup in Burundi, he Coleman Salah him, after shaitan is gone, you're going to be good, you're cute, great. No, it doesn't work that way. He's done pretty good training for 11 months. And now you're on your own, and you're still conditioned to do what he's he's been conditioning you to do. This month is actually a time for us to understand what it means to give Allah alone. What it means to give up before Allah. And by the way, the idea of alone is in the case of Allah, Allah azza wa jal is promising, guaranteeing that he's going to give you back just like he says, Okay, why don't you hold off on eating and drinking? Why don't you hold off

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on intimacy hold off on it for these hours for me, and a lot of promises, you guarantees you rewards and benefits. And those rewards and benefits are not on the table.

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They're much more rewards and benefits than what's sitting at the table is that what you're getting out of this this month, is so valuable, that it's actually going to be the only thing of value when we come in front of Allah.

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You know, that's the last thing I want to share with you about Allah's returns.

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What is actually valuable?

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You know, in this life, money is valuable. Houses valuable, clothes are valuable. jewelry is valuable. These things are valuable, health is valuable. Your body is valuable. You know, these are things that we value, good food is valuable. These are things that we value in life. You wouldn't want to wear dirty clothes. You wouldn't want to live in a you know, in a bad neighborhood or in a in an ugly house. You want to be in a place that has more value, because you value yourself.

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But one day comes a day is coming where none of this has any value. None of it

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You know, when people used to work their entire life in the Arabian Desert, they worked their entire life. One day I can buy a camel

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you know, young men today like they have a poster of a Ferrari or a Mercedes in their room like one day Yeah. They had if they had posters back then there would have been a camel poster. Yeah, that's gonna be my you know, it's gonna be awesome. That's what was going on in there. And then Allah says judgment day comes in has no value. It's gone. What's the only thing that matters on day on that day in laminata? law hobby Calvin Selim. The only exception is the one who comes before a law with a sound heart. What do you get out of Ramadan? What do you get out of giving a lot alone? What does he give you? He gives you a sound heart. He gives you a Mita coin our hearts he gives us gives us

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tranquility and peace in our hearts. And when we can have that there's nothing more valuable. You can lose everything else. This is overpowering everything every other loss, no losses any more loss than this gaining our hearts back. That's what we're struggling to do this Ramadan. That's what we're trying to do. May Allah azza wa jal regained give us give us a cleansed heart this Ramadan and reconnect ourselves to Him. That will really make us contemplate what it means to give him a profile him Allah azza wa jal, a good loan that he can multiply for us and dignify us by means of it. Well, when can you before I conclude, I will

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I was asked to make this announcement I was going to make it after tomorrow. But I don't know if you're like any other Muslim in the Muslim world. And as soon as tomorrow is over, there's a stampede. So people want to leave quickly. So I'll make a very quick announcement. Just a show of hands, I'd like to see how many people can read the Quran in Arabic, even though for the most part, they don't understand what they're reading.

00:25:21--> 00:25:57

You can read the Quran in Arabic, but for the most part, you don't understand what you're reading, okay, I was like you. I'm not a scholar, I'm not ashamed. I know that was the word. Those words were used for me that I'm none of those things. I felt a disconnect between myself and what I was reading in the Arabic Quran. And when I tried to read the translation of the Quran, I found that even more confusing, and I knew there's something in the laws own words that I'm missing. And so I decided to study the Arabic language myself and allow open that door for me. And I became a teacher of the Arabic language. And I developed a method of teaching those who were in my place, meaning they were

00:25:57--> 00:26:31

reading in Arabic, but they were not understanding what they were reading. How do you make for those people as a program, that they can easily start to understand the language of the Quran. I don't teach as a teacher I teach as someone who sat in your seat as a student. And that's a program that I developed. I taught it many years in the United States, I've had 1000s and 1000s of students in this Quranic Arabic program called the dream program, because it was a dream of mine to learn this language. And I'm sure it's a dream of so many other countless Muslims. That's actually a course that I'm starting here at this mustard and shallow gala this Wednesday. And it's going to be for 10

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straight days, it's in the morning time. I know that work for some of you. But for 10, straight days at 9am. This Wednesday, we're going to start and it's going to be three hours every single day. And my hope is that many of you can come and attend. There is a tuition for the course. But actually, if anybody cannot afford the course it's completely free for them. No questions asked. The point is, Ramadan is already here. Let's show Allah some commitment that we want to journey towards his book. And let me if I if you can honor me with the opportunity to help you do that. I'd be honored by it. If you can come in, it's open to men, women and even children. The last chorus I taught was in St.

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Louis in the United States. I just came from there. And we had about 230 students there that were studying. And about 70 of them were kids that were nine, between nine and 12 years old, so even children are attending along with retired teachers along with and I would also invite Arabic teachers to come to see the method of teaching because I'd like you to take that and use it in your schools and in your classes in courses as well. So that's the brief announcement that I have for this Wednesday at 9am. Giacomo located in barakallahu li walakum glucuronic Hakeem when a fan you will combine it with the cooking