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Well, the word revert it refers to the idea that if you were to study the crown, you would realize that you had all you were a Muslim all your life and you didn't realize it as salaam alaikum greetings of peace. By now, you've probably all heard the news of the sad passing of sinead o'connor magotteaux. Might Allah have mercy on her got her Jana. A few years ago as you know, Sinead O'Connor accepted Islam and Islam you don't call it conversion. You call it reversion. The idea is that you were born Muslim in the first place that if you know any, any person with any logic would realize they were Muslim all along. So that's actually what happened to me, being a theologian all my life

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studying theology, but I never thought that I would join any particular religion. But because I grew up in a theocracy, I was very interested in theology. So I studied all the different religions and I actually left Islam to last because I had such a huge amount of prejudice about it, actually. So I started reading the scriptures when I was very young child. And then I started studying scriptures from different religions trying to find you know the truth about God as such. And I left Islam on two laughed because I never thought I would join a religion I left Islam to last because I had so much prejudice about Islam. Yes. And then when I started reading, I read just Chapter Two alone of

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the Quran, I realized, oh my god, I'm home. I've been there me all my life, and I didn't realize it and share her story here first with us here on the deen show. And also, I made a promise that I would only talk to you that when I was ready to talk about it, I would only talk to you. But now we've come to the question. Will she be given will her decision to accept Islam be respected enough to give her an A slip proper Islamic burial as requested by the Muslim community? Because as we are coming to see reading from the current news, current Norse news sources are saying son de world sinead o'connor will be laid to rest in her native Ireland following her tragic death in London last

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month. It had been widely reported that the singer would be given a Muslim burial after she converted to the religion in 2018. It continues to say however, a source was told the Sunday world sources told us in a world that this wouldn't be the case with the funeral date yet to be confirmed. So now to get more into this story. My next guest estado Lorraine, who resides in the UK and teaches English law at the University. She converted. She is a she used to be a former devout Christian leader, a Catholic just like Sinead O'Connor, and she went on to study many of the Islamic sciences she has said I feel very sad at the fact that it seems like she will not be given an Islamic burial

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so to discuss and to go into this deeper, let's bring out Lorraine here on the show.

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To talk about

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the faith of Islam show Welcome to the show that the show

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salami greens, peas, how are you system? Well they can salam ala with I record you I'm very well Brother, how are you? Good, good. 100 Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim and that we are so glad and so so. So, you know, overjoyed really, that a person of the stature of sinead o'connor embraced Islam because her soul was a pure soul. And as she searched all her life, like many of us do, as reverts on this journey. Many of us have searched for many years and become a she said, in her own words, we come home. So she came home in 2018. And I think she said that on your show. And we really, we really would love her to be able to rest eternally in her home, it will be the most beautiful thing

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that could happen for her. And in fact, it is her right as a Muslim woman. So you know, I just thought we could talk a little bit about what it means to have a Muslim burial because I think maybe her family might not know.

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It doesn't mean that the family is excluded. It means that just the rights and unnecessary parts of the funeral like the washing, and the prayer and the actual burial are done. Islamically but the rest of the funeral is can be run by the by the person's family. It's in fact it's often done when we have burials for reverts the family is the is the is the main participant and arranger of the whole affair. You see, so I think we just want that to be made really clear.

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Yeah, this is this was her decision in 2018 when she was searching, and I had a chance to talk with her. She was very delighted, very static, and she was proud of her decision coming to Islam and she

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I made that clear. I feel so passionately about Islam, and passionately about defending it against stigma. And I probably will talk a lot about telling me this. Now we're reading in the news that it was out there that she was going to have some Muslim people were led to believe that okay, she's going to have a Muslim burial. But then sources now are saying that this is not the case. So is there anything else that we know? Well, that's all we seem to know at the moment. There's one newspaper, the one that you mentioned, that says it doesn't appear that she's having a Muslim burial. And then all the other reports of today, because today is when the family released the news

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that they will be having the funeral on Tuesday, with a procession starting at 10:30am in Dublin.

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Yes, so this is very, very time sensitive. So you guys are watching this now. And Tuesday is right around the corner. So what can people do? I mean, the thing is like, okay, reaching out to maybe the has the masjid there, we don't know, if they were able to even establish contact with the family to explain what you were just explaining of the simplicity, and how easy it is. And they're not just they're not to be disconnected that is, but there'll be a part of it is quite a simple, easy process. But it's her right, though. And the thing is, Will Will people respect her right now, she made that decision to become a Muslim one who has submitted to the will of the Creator, not the

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creation, and trying to give her the proper funeral as a Muslim woman.

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And it's very important, I think that there is the from what I've been able to gauge, which obviously is just looking at the news reports like everyone else is that the two there have been two mustards the first one, where she made her Shahada. There was a new there was interview with the imam who is Chef, Chef Omar, el padre. And he was saying he'd be you know, it'd be really pleased to do it, that she will be buried in a Muslim burial. But I don't think they've made any contact with the family. I don't think it's possible for them perhaps. And then the other one was another the Islamic cultural center of Dublin, who had also said that they would be happy to do a funeral for

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Sinead but they made a public plea, but I don't think they've contacted the family. You know, I don't know it's positive as possible for us to contact the family. That's why it's really important. If anybody knows of any way that we could possibly contact the family, we'd be really, really grateful for that information. I know, obviously, it's very difficult because she's such a famous person, but for the sake of Allah, if we could possibly just have a some words with her family, you know, because we found in the past when sorry, I wanted to say we found in the past when we are burying other reverts that just talking to the family, and it changes everything. Yeah, so

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establishing the connection, first and foremost. And we've we've heard, I mean, you probably have also horror stories where now people end up dying in this state, and they don't go ahead and make it in their will or they don't prepare for this day, as far as how the funeral burial position, maybe they are not in a state where they can explain things to their family and the family takes over. And now what happens is, now sometimes they even go to cremate the body. And or they'll end up you know, doing things obviously, according to their customers, their their ways. There's been cases where a sister not too long ago, here where I'm from, she was actually a Muslim river for many years. And

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then she ends up, she passed away. And in her family, the Muslim community was trying to connect with them, and they got to talk with him, but they were kind of like, No, we're gonna go ahead and bury her how we want. And then when they actually saw the bill, and they saw the bill, then they actually, they said, Hey, can you help us? So that's another thing that maybe this is probably not the case with them. But this is not something that the Muslim community would also probably cover this cover this expense of the funeral. What do you think? Yes, they will definitely we have Muslim burial funds here that are willing very much to cover all the costs of a burial cost is not the

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issue at all. We Yes, we have also had those experiences here where we've had sisters where, you know, in the beginning, the the family was adamant that they were going to have a cremation and then we're going to have a Christian burial, even I'm sorry, a Christian service and the cremation even though they everybody knew she was Muslim, but we after having mediated with the family, and we actually had a beautiful, beautiful muslim burial in which the family participated and they cry

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wide and then they found it very touching and very moving. Yeah.

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Yeah. So you got the washing of the body, preparing the body by women. Yes. So the body is treated respectfully. And then you have the prayer she's wrapped in the shrouds, the white shrouds, and then from there, can you explain that process and how long it takes?

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Once it's, well, it's quite simple, really. So she has she's, she's washed by women, she's then she's put in a coffin, which, which is the she has some white robes put around her. And then she's placed in there like English, it's called a beer Bei, er, you know, it's an open it's basically an open casket. And people then are able to kind of pay their respects to her, and they see her face and then after that the the the she will be carried to the wherever it doesn't have to be a mosque it can be, you know, one of my one of the sisters she was at her funeral took place in a beautiful garden, you know, the Imam came to the garden and it was lovely so it doesn't have to be a mosque,

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it can be anywhere, anywhere at all, the Imam will come and they will and we will pray what is called this falafel janazah upon her, which is to cause illness done in a specific way. And of course the family members are most welcome to participate that you know, we don't eat this a local judge now that doesn't involve prostrating doesn't you don't go into record into Jude you just you stand so that the family is absolutely welcome to join the Muslims in Salafi janazah there's no worry about that, you know, we'll be welcomed, they'd be most welcome. And then after that, what would happen is that the the casket would then be taken to the, to the, to the cemetery, and into,

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you know, the the hole will be opened and then we'll be prayer said upon her as she as she she goes in, you know, we don't use a coffin in the same way we use it. It's it's wrappings. Yeah, this is very, very important. So hopefully this gets to the family, the friends and the community there. Because we often even someone who is and I don't know, if I make this comparison, somebody who is going to their living, but they know they're going to die. And you would give them their last request. What is your request now. And the person says, I want this meal, I want this I want people go out of their ways to grant their requests to living person. But now this person obviously made a

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decision to accept Islam, the pure monotheism, the way of all the prophets, the worship of one and only one God. And now there are Muslim. So obviously, it's obvious their request is if they're Muslim, to go ahead and be buried as a Muslim. And are we going to respect that? Are we going to go ahead and just put our feelings and desires of our and what we want above? What Sinead O'Connor? Yeah, yeah. Would want as a Muslim woman. Yeah, yes. That's very true. Yes, I mean, also, you know, she was she was I managed, I happen to see her in a live interview on she, I think she's it was Piers Morgan is one of the presenters here in England. And she was wearing hijab a couple of weeks

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before she passed away. She's wearing a hijab, and she looks, you know, very, very happy as a Muslim.

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Yeah. Can you also fill us in because you come from a similar background? You are a devout Christian, later Catholic, just like Sinead O'Connor,

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did you go through some struggles with your family when you decided to accept Islam, and

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I did have a struggle. But, you know, I think I didn't have as much I don't, I wouldn't know if she's had a struggle or not with her family. But I didn't, I had some difficulties with my family. But I found that actually, my father, my mother had passed away by then. But my father, it quickly accepted the fact that I was Muslim. And, you know, he was happy. I looked after him when he was old, and he was very happy. Because if one brings the beauty of Islam to a person, and we bring it with our heart, you know, dispels all these media distortions of what Islam is. And it's actually a such a beautiful thing that everybody's responds very positively and even my father, who was, you

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know, adamant that Islam was wrong, he was very responsive. In the end, what do you advise you all you teach English law at the University there? And you know, the law what is your advice to prevent others from going through something similar where they don't have their right now taken away by their family or someone else who's in charge and the danger of getting cremated or they get very good? The problem is this yes, this is the problem. The problem is that the law does not the English law

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On this I also checked this afternoon in the in Irish law as the same. It even if a person expressly states in their will that they want to be buried according to a specific religious rights like Islam, it is still open to the family to disrespect that if they choose because, yes, in English law, the family has the final say and only say, as regards the eldest, it doesn't mean the family as a whole, it's the next of kin, the one who's next the closest family member has the final say, unfortunately, that is the case. But we also have a we have the right to religious freedom in which is the in the in the European Convention, which binds us here and we bind Ireland as well. And we,

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you know, it is it's something that one can work with work, you know, the courts have the law hasn't officially changed, but they we have found you know, they are willing to be much softer in that regard because of the rights and religious freedom. So what, so a couple so what what can people do? What can people because Islam continues to be the fastest growing way of life and you have these situations happening?

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Often, what do you advise? What do you advise people to what can they do to protect themselves, I advise an individual revert to establish very strong and firm relationships with the Muslim community. Sometimes that can be hard for a revert. But you know, with the help of Allah, it's possible so that when it comes to the point, you know, where the person is passing away, and and if they've made it, they must also make it clear, they must make a will and make it clear. But if they've they've, they're very well grounded in the Muslim community, what will happen in sha Allah is that is that if there's any conflict, the Muslim community will take it on. I have had that

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experience here where a sister was well grounded and had firm connections in the community and the community went all out. And we raised the money, and we got everything sorted. And in the end, we had a beautiful muslim burial. Because, you know, it is our duty as Muslims, and we must not forget, it's fun to fire, which means it's a communal obligation on all Muslims to bury the disease Islamically. So if you make strong connections with the Muslim community as a revert, it is the duty of the Muslims to do the burying. And so I would add as well, that the Muslim community has to stand up. I'm not sure what it's like in the United States. But here sometimes, the Muslim community is a

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bit slow to act.

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So I encourage that not yet. Now's not the time to act slow, actually. So ending with this. So we're creating some awareness, we're doing our part to hopefully

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get some media attention. And what else can they do you talked about for the person? They're the one who gave her the shahada and the community there's I believe in Dublin, if I'm not mistaken, what can they do? And what do you suggest now within the law, what can they do to I mean, I suggest I really call I'm sure that the you know, the chef, Omer el padre, he is a very well, it looks like I've had a look at his biography. He's a well respected member of the community in Dublin. And if he had all his able to make, you know, make an A reach out to the family and find them, you know, an aid and talk to them, I'm sure that there will be I think her family loves her so much her children

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really love her. So that if he's he and his community, at the, at the at the mosque where he is, if they can reach out to the family, if at all possible. And, and and, and gently persuade them also, to make it I would urge them also to contact you, they may contact you, and also I'm quite happy to be contacted myself.

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Yes, we can help in any way will be most willing. And just now people watching us secrete more awareness to go ahead and everyone is an individual to if they have some contact to somebody that knows their family or somebody that's connected to them to share this with them. Because I also strongly believe that the some of the people behind the scenes may not be your family are connected to there will be forces because this is Islam on a global stage with this with this funeral and there are satanic forces all the forces who will try to prevent this who are trying to prevent this also from from happening, because you will have now her going and being Muslims being there and more

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worried about her becoming a muslim and Islam has the spotlight once again. So what are your thoughts on that? Yes, I think it's important that we stand firm, because I think that I'm sure you can you can

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Don't get into the Muslim community when they are afraid. And in the I don't know about America, but here they're afraid a lot of our community here are afraid of the authorities and afraid of standing up because of Islamophobia and or other things, all sorts of other things. But if you stand up in courage and it will reliance on Allah, you know, shaytan is a very weak enemy. And we don't have we are those who stand with Allah will be will overcome it. So there's no problem with that.

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Because they don't want this but Shala we can go ahead and do our small part. And yes, we can hopefully make this happen for our sister give her the proper give her her right to a proper Islamic burial. Oh, yes, yes. And also I want to add just by way of I know, this is I don't know if this is relevant, but from my

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because she was a pure soul. And she had so much pain in her life, through her struggles in the Catholic Church, which I can identify with, and that you know, it will be so beautiful for her and that it will be able to light all the souls in paradise, if she is received, you know, in full after having had her full Islamic rites performed upon her. And all those who allow her her family will get great reward from Allah, may Allah bless them and guide them and show his mercy upon them. I mean, thank you very much, sister. I said I want to

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walaikum salam aleikum wa rahmatullah a live but I can't do Hello, I'm Dr. Daniela and I'm so excited to be here at the Dean center, mashallah which is under renovation. And I can't wait to see what's going to come and cello there's going to be a data center. There's a masjid, there's a school and Islamic school, a gym and what we hope Inshallah, we'll also have a mental health part of this center as well in sha Allah. So I'm asking you to please make sure that you support this effort in sha Allah, I really hope that it spreads and really the knowledge of established people get to know more about Muslims and Islam through this effort.

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Leave Without giving you a gift if you're not yet Muslim, and you tune in and see what these Muslims are talking about, and you'd like a free copy of the Quran, go and visit the deen We'll take care of the postage and everything and get it delivered to you. And if you still have some questions about Islam, call us at 1-800-662-4752 We'll see you next time until then, Peace be with you as salaam alaikum

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