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Milan de la salatu salam ala alihi wa sahbihi Omen What about today was supposed to be continued with the class, we only have to had it left in our chapter. But I, today I hope to do my talks about a topic that I felt it's important for me to

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maybe go farther in details tonight to share some of the points that I believe it's very important in regard to the tricks of the share pot. And I said earlier today that the shaman repeats his tricks a lot. You know, it's the, you know, the oldest, the oldest tricks in the book. The problem is that his persistence is consistent he is he doesn't get the ship on doesn't give up, you know, always try one time, two time three times, and he will be happy with whatever results he can get from you

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or from us.

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And that will remain me make him effective, knowing you have access to you using your weakness. And he has made tracks and many things that basically, we've seen people falling for it. generations after generations, one time after another. And one of the point that I ended my talk today about was the issue of when a person always feel the T his or she is perfect. And I don't need anybody to advise you. I don't need to learn. I don't need to read I don't need this. You know, I don't need counselors. I don't need advice, because I'm perfect. You know, you tell her how about if we go to me and do we go to counseling now I don't need it. I know everything. How about brother? Why don't

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you talk about your problem marriage problem to cancel out? What are you going to tell me? I know everything they gonna say. You see? How about if you consulting consultant, somebody specialized in this area? In business? No, I know business very well.

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That's one of the tricks of the shavon and make the person in this case not able to evolve, not able to grow.

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attend the class. I know this topic very well, you know, what your Khalid will say about this issue. I know this issue already. You see. So this is one of the thing that that I noticed that a ship on us a lot against us.

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And one of the things also related to this topic that the person think that everything is perfect. So that's why there is no need for any work to be done. So for example, so you you come to the mustard and you say, Hey, how about donating to the mustard now Mashallah they have so much money. You see, there is other people will donate for them. There is all these rich people in the mustard who would pay for it. I don't need them, you know? How about if we do this? No, Mashallah, everything is good, everything is perfect, everything is excellent, my kids are perfect, my kids are excellent, there is no need for any effort to be put. So a lot of time would happen. We keep saying

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at Mashallah The country is great, you know, the group that the organization is perfect, the institute is just excellent, you know, our, that some dollar movement, we believe that they are perfect, there is no even a space or a room for improvement. I will never forget, I was talking to one of the leaders of one of the famous dow movement in the modern days. And I don't think the movement necessarily

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carry the burden of this man's ignorant, but just an example. So you know what I'm talking about. So this brother is one of the leaders and I'm talking about even a national leader

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tabley of movement demanded to believe moment. So I said to him, one of the things that a project I would love to take on, on itself, the issue of, you know, reviewing a book like hava mall, and a book, some of the books that you know,

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taught and is widely spread to be reviewed by specialists in Hadith and take out the a Hadith of the very weak handed them

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rejected a hadith or sometimes a hadith attributed to the wrong resources. Stories are fabricated and reference as you know, authentic and stuff like that. So I said there is some, some work need to be done. And I show I told him, I'm kind of and he was not very happy with the conversation where it's going. And they said one of the things that is very interesting to me that most

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Still the dollar movements evolved over the years. That is reformers look at the homeless the mean look at the any movement that has always reformers and people comes in AD and you know, they seek advice from people outside. Like in Atlanta for example, at one point they asked for help from shadow Bani Rahim Allah to work on some of the products that they have to their followers, I know that they use some of the leader of unsolicited mohammedia, to teach them and so forth. But this is not something I noticed in geometric debris as a whole. And what that's the type of discussion in that level with someone considered one of the national leader of the organization

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worldwide? And the answer was very disappointing. I'll tell you the truth. So the answer was he told me, oh, you know why there is no reform reform in our movement, because it's perfect.

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There is no need for it.

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to somehow law that's so dangerous, this attitude is so wrong. And it's so as unacceptable for the person to feel that why you know that you know, what my movement might people might shift us perfect, never going to be wrong,

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and led to us to be extremists.

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You know, tell people, hey, we have a blood drive, how is going to be my blood that's needed. I'm the law that has a lot of blood, there's no need for it. So he always feel that everything is excellent. There's no need for me, you know, to put in any effort, and in the reality is just an excuse for him or her to be lazy not to contribute not to give because the reality is the point should be about you not about the need of

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this organization or that project.

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For foresight,

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like another trick from the sheer time. And it's all people saying I don't want to be hypocrites.

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So what that means, it means I come and only do the sins

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What? You know what, then why would you put it in your Facebook, you went to some place which is how long you've been to a club and you put it in your Facebook? You know, you don't wear hijab in public and you are very revealing clothes as a sister and you put it proudly in your face. I'm not gonna be hypocrites. Yeah, but now you're adding another problem to your problem which is you basically not only committing a sin now you're adding another sandwiches you doing it openly careless about it. You feel no pain inside you.

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No, I'm not going to be hypocrites. I'm going to come to the mustard with for example, wearing this type of cloth now the message should be respected there's no hypocrisy here. There's a respect for the master for the community for the people that master that's why I dressed the slide I just modest

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and that's one of the tricks of that shape and also somebody said you know what, I don't want to be hypocrite Okay, don't well that means it means you know what, I'm continuing going to do the wrong thing.

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Is that is that what it means not to be a hypocrite? He said yes. Because what I do I come to the mercenary pray but you know chef, I have a problem I go gamble I watch pornography. I do I watch how ROM thing you know, I you know the all these sins that people do alone masturbate, I listen to music, I smoke drugs, you know, use drugs, all this one thing that people do, which is struggling with

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so for the person who would say I'm going to be hypocrites the shaitaan tell him Don't come to the mustard and and pray in front of your parents you pray in front of the community you pray, and in you know alone, you do this and so what's the result? and stood up and instead of instead of

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instead of, you know, going and fixing yourself know the chiffon make you leave the at least the good thing that you do? So understood if you have one good and one bad now what you have one bad and no good.

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It makes no sense. It's a very, you know, it's very interesting how people can fall for that. Another one.

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I don't want to be murai I don't want to show off.

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I don't want to be a person who's showing up. So what are you going to do? I'm not going to do it.

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You know, I'm not going to pray. I'm not going to go I'm not gonna give soda, um, because I'm worried about you know, being showing off.

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You know, I'm not sure if I'm doing this for a last panel data so you know what, I'm not going to give hope. I'm not gonna

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give a talk. I'm not going to publish the book, I'm not going to participate. I'm not going to be there. I'm not going to speak because I'm worried about you know Ria Ministry of knowledge and many people like that and what happened a ship on when twice

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Okay, he went one by making you you know,

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feeling bad about self or doubting yourself and when by not letting you do the good deeds

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a same thing somebody committed a sin, then like how the shaitaan when twice become committed to sin, then when the person come to repent, okay, then he commit the sin again. Then when he come to repent, he said, I'm not gonna when I'm gonna be hypocrites, I'm gonna be not even doing it correct for Allah. No, you committing a sin. It's a mistake. you repented. That's why but you can make that mistake. Again. That's another sin. You repent did wipe it. But you don't make the Toba with the intention of never quitting. That's not over. There's no repentance here.

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You're sincere in what you're doing. You know, remember, doing things for people as Helen

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and not allowed and showing off. But also leaving the act of worship for people is hard.

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You don't fast you don't pray you don't do the right thing. You don't speak you didn't give nausea just because of people. Yes, if you have a very big struggle at one point, you remain silent. You don't want to talk. I understand that. Allah, you know, there is an interesting stories like this.

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But Roger, for example, Rahim Allah, He answers so many questions except one. When he was asked about him and know him, Allah also mentioned that she did something similar to that. And when he was asked, and this happened to me scholar, he said, for the first issues, I was speaking with very pure intention. And after I spoke for a while, I felt so proud of my answers and how deep my answers are. So when it comes to this point, I wasn't sure if I'm doing it for Allah, or I'm doing it for myself to shop. That's why I remain silent.

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Yeah, that's one issue. But you know, the previous one, he did it. But what is not acceptable for somebody to quit completely, because he's worried about real worry about showing up.

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And another one, which is, when you think less of yourself, we supposed to think less about ourselves, but not less of ourselves, as the difference between the two, we should not look down upon ourselves, we should not look ourselves as nothing or not worthy. We should have self worthiness, we should value ourselves, we should have high self esteem, we should have trust in ourselves that that's something we should have. And maybe someone said like

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don't look down upon yourself.

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It is so important for you to have that sense of confidence. And it is important because this is one of the tricks of the ship and he always say, you know, worthy. So what do you do? You leave, you're not worthy, you're not worthy. And what happened? You missed so many opportunities just because you think I'm not worthy. I'm not worthy of it. I'm not, I'm not good for it. I'm not qualified for it. So what happened, you lose religiously, you sometimes you lose opportunities for earning a lot of good deeds.

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Yeah, I will never be able to memorize the Quran, you know, I don't understand. So he will never learn, he would never study the Sharia. He will never learn Arabic, he will never start memorizing the Quran, he will never give the cause give the hope one he missed the opportunity to get and one of the goal of worship and make you miss the opportunity to increase your good deeds.

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Okay. And also,

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when you keep saying this, and you miss opportunities in dunya, as well because one of the goals worship on not only to ruin your Ashura, but to ruin your worldly life as well. When you keep yourself you're not worthy and unworthy and earth you never going to be able to discover new talents. You're never going to be discovered new areas in your life.

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In order for you have to have the trust in yourself.

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I give you an example in the in the Battle of motor

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in the Battle of motor. We know that the Muslim were fighting the Romans. The Romans were hundreds of 1000s and the Muslims were few 1000.

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The Muslim defeated so badly and the three leaders of the Muslim world all of them killed in the battlefield. Muslim scattered

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In that critical moment, the Muslim were very close to be wiped out.

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The one of the Mujahideen, one of the soldiers, his bedri witnessed the Battle of better dissolve low hurdle, the ally, his name is sabot Eben Akram

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sure many of you never heard maybe of his name before Rajan and he picked the flag, he raised it up, and he start calling upon people. Can you imagine the three that the leaders one after another killed three of them now there is no leader for the Muslim, Muslim to start scatter the flag and the banner on the ground, he picked it up. And he called a Muslim moon, La La Muslims come to me Come to me.

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So they all gather around him.

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Then he said to them, choose a leader among you to lead the battle. They said you since she gathered us, he said, No, that's not my strength. I'm not good at that. I don't know I don't have a strategy. I don't know how to lead in a battlefield.

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I only picked the banner and called you so we can pick someone.

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So the gather and the the agreed to appoint harder

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and harder bring the broad the victory, as you'll know, or you can read the rest of the story. And in me, so sometimes it is a pharmacy Villa, one of the songs of a lot took the banner, and a lot of fetter. Howdy Allah give him success. The point is the third bit of an acronym, he took the initiative, he didn't say he knows that he is not a leader. But he did not say thinks less of himself.

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He still know that he can contribute, or the alarm Anwar Alba, I want each and every one of us to be a bit of an opera knows that you have a role and you have a spot to guard.

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Humility is requested. Humility is a good thing. But again, it's all about you think less about yourself, not off yourself. There's a big difference between the two.

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I don't know why some people have this, you know, low self esteem. I can teach you how I teach. I can teach. I don't know any Koran. I don't know how to give up. I don't know how to talk. I don't know how to write I don't know how to do this. I don't know how to do that. Even though he does or she does. But always think of themselves very, very low.

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And that's very easy. I don't know, where's those people from what a law said? Yeah. And if we met Allah, he told me, he wrote our own capital, Allah criticize the farm, the day recognize a loss blessing upon them, and they reject it, and they don't recognize it. don't appreciate it. I'm worried that we have so many blessings from Allah who don't appreciate it.

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being humble does not prevent you from taking initiative and proving yourself a lesson, the general opinion and make us a map to the pain of being a boss, who is very humble. Kryon see himself, you know, as someone who is any

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not that worthy. But still, he would say, and I mean aerocity Anna, from the people who have a solid foundation of knowledge. Also, another trick quickly, we ended this if you don't, number one, do you think that you are responsible for something and in reality, you're not you and what happened when you think that this is your responsibility, it drag you to area where you can make a lot of problems, and create a lot of problems for you in your life. Give you an example. I say don't come to you, you have a friend, this friend is so bad.

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He is doing drugs, dating player, you name it, you know,

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all kinds of problems. This person and very far away, you feel it is my responsibility to save that person. So what happened is still hanging out with him all around him and he dragged you with him. You ended up like him. It is my responsibility to hang to save this person. Sometimes it's no yeah, it's not the responsibility. You can give the advice and stay Keep your distance. But if you feel I'm responsible to be always around that person, and that person keep dragging you down. You're gonna drown with that person. Some people think that I am responsible for every action my family member do, or my sister do or my brother do. It's not your responsibility, not necessarily you. You

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have to understand Where's your advice comes your responsibility comes and imagining that this is your

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Permanent responsibility. So delusion sometimes some people think that they are responsible to give fatwah and comments and ruling over every issue happen in the world.

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This psycho psychology or this? Yeah Nice personality awesome fight words with itself and with others another one from the hairpin keep you distracted with the thing that has lists adger from the thing that have more either. You know what? You see me playing? I'm working. I'm studying. I'm spending half a double work. Yeah, but what about Salah? What about? What about did

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any you have to keep a little bit for the alcohol? Not a little bit you have to keep a little bit for the dunya and the majority for the alpha that's what

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you see people do you see me doing Hara these me doing drugs? Yeah, but that doesn't mean you don't do drugs. But you know what, you're wasting your time watching movies, and you never record and you never read books, you never benefit yourself.

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You know, I wasn't doing something bad last night hours, you know, doing social work. Yeah, but you miss fragile.

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You didn't do that. Some people focus a lot on how to pronounce the puranam blah, blah, blah. And he doesn't understand it, he doesn't memorize it, he doesn't read it. Some sort of knowledge focus on the L mooches. tools like mastana

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he never understand the end MX itself, which is different than the Quran and the Hadith.

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Another trick also, which is, Oh, don't worry about this, this is just a cover. This is not the main issue in Islam. You know, this is not important.

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There is nothing in our religion not important. We have important and less important, but nothing is

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unimportant. We didn't have that in religion. Another trick from the ship and later on shala I will make the sin that later on, I would repent. When I get older, I would repent let me go ahead, I will change

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you know, this is also another old trick of the Shabbat book to Lucifer our throat grew out of the yellow to become film at ekonomi by the comments on him, kill us and later on you can change and you become inshallah righteous.

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Also, everybody doing this another trick of Shabbat.

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So, first of all, not everybody doing this only bad people doing this

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only corruptible doing that.

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generalization which is not true. Another trick that should one always play with it. Everybody doing it. Not everybody doing it not doing the harm. I remember one person was telling it to one of my friend once. Why you guys everything you talk about it's hard on your people, everything around me is not the problem is not me the problem you everything. Maybe you want this, how long doesn't make everything we talked about is hot.

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So going back to the point, everybody doing that, it doesn't mean it's correct, I will first of all, and it's not something that really everybody doing that.

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And I will end with these two quickly, I will tell them is one of the tools that cheban use a lot to trick you make you angry. Anger is one letter away from danger.

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Okay, so anger can be very dangerous because he can pull your legs to an area of Harlem and shivang can get a lot out of you through anger.

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He can make you say do things which is unbelievable. So that's one of the trick that he used. You know, I give it to him. Yeah, you're proud of yourself. You give it to him like Canada, I divorced her I ended up that's not that's not smart. That's a problem. He got you. Whoever anger you conquer you.

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The last one, which is also very common trick from the ship. And when you advise someone, he will tell you, what about yourself. What about you? Why didn't you say this to yourself? you advise someone give them advice. And I and by the way, since you're advising me, I have another advice for you, too. You do 123 as well. He can do that? Because that means when I'm talking to you think about how you're going to refute me How are you going to defend yourself? How are you that's that's from the ship on strike that blocked you from benefiting from nausea. Whenever somebody's advising you don't advise them back. And when somebody advise you, you didn't say and by the way, you're doing it

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And you know, the whole point it became about or sometimes when somebody's advising he tells you and no but you know what? The way you saying it to me is unacceptable. So I'm not going to take it but forget about the way he's saying it. Focus on the issue itself.

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I'm not justifying the bad way of giving advice, but the trick is the shape I'm making focus on the style. And you forget about the essence of the nasiha the essence of the issue.

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So this also another common problem that I see a trick that they ship on us on people, as you see, and if we want to go so there's so many to be said, and do this. And if we even want to say, a ship on tricks in the area of naziha, the area of Alibaba the area of you know, salt personalities and self improvement the area of interactions with people in the area of family relations, the area of public you know, interactions with people, in every every area, we can have lectures.

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So I hope that this is something make us aware and think of, you know, how we can be easily tricked and deceived by an old trick. Unfortunately, a simple tricks makes no sense sometimes when you think about it, and you just take step what can help me to see it that way? What can help me to do that, go back to what we talked about in the previous hope was about how to protect yourself the ship on and how to weaken your ship on the InfoSphere ship on, but at least I can say, always remember when you feel that kind of language novel gene, make the most out of data, and always make every day and night allow me to diminish your time as a nurse I'm used to say, Lama de nimisha or shallaki and

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YOLO protect us from Bashir time and his tricks, Sharky tricks his net the metaphor which means you any his because he cast his net to see who he can catch. So

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my last one was solid Lhasa novena Muhammad Ali. Wasabi