Blessing and Favour Is From Allah

Assim Al-Hakeem


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Every Single Blessing & Favour Is From Allah

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I met a Saudi gentleman, once he prays in the masjid. He's a pilot airline pilots. And I was speaking to him. And he was saying to me, I don't love Allah.

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He's westernized. You know, he goes and travels places. What am I? This is what he said.

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And I said, Fear Allah. How do you say this? Don't you pray? Surely I pray five times a day. I find someone but I'm afraid of his Hellfire, but I don't love him.

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Such a person is stupid. Because he did not think of Allah favors and blessing if someone while you're walking says hey, you've dropped your wallet and are in it. Your salary and your ID cards and everything you need. How would you feel?

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You would like to give him a gift. You're so happy with him. Okay, Allah is not giving you the wallet. Allah is giving you everything you have will be coming NEMA Amina law. Every single favor and blessing is from Allah. Take off your glasses. If you have glasses and put your hands on your eyes and enter the toilet when it's dark and try to like my friend urinate.

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You will make a mess and this is the best thing of sight. The blessing of hearing the blessing. Yeah, say when you eat something bad and your stomach hurts. How would you feel when you get influenza flu

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and your for five days? bedridden, shivering, Allah is giving you so much but you're not grateful. You use what Allah is giving you in sin. And this is why you have to love Allah.