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Women feel safer and more respected

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Again, utter hypocrisy you're talking about the opening with Morgan Freeman. Correct? Yeah, uh, Johan Nasser in Kalapana come in declaring war on women are treated with so much more respect. I'm from Texas when I go places here I feel safer 100% I think for what we Europeans have been doing in the last 3000 years

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around the world we should be apologizing for next 3000 years before starting to give moral lessons is fraught with hypocrisy. You know the ones like I heard that

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sound like a kitchen?

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And his final messengers, Muhammad peace be upon him. This is our religion, Islam. This is the dijo

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how much respect I have for the faith of Islam show Welcome to the deen show. The Deen show

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salam ala Rasulillah Salam Allahu alayhi wa salam Salam alikoum I feel like I was here yesterday.

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I love coming to this community I really feel at home thank you guys for having me again me and Hassan you know my father's I used to come here with my father I can even remember his name is Hassan also now

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I got my brother here.

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So humbler, we're gonna go ahead and and you guys are seeing some of the other episodes that we filled and we air it and I'm dilla we make it some history again here filming another episode of the D show at the Boca Raton Masjid here in Florida. Now, let's get into some exciting news. You know, guys, there's a country

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in the world that doesn't allow gum sale chewing gum, you guys know that? It's been illegal since 1992. They want to make their country as clean as possible. If you go to that country, you know, you can't be chewing gum and putting it you know, under the train seats or on the seat or whatnot. We got to respect that. But it doesn't seem now like people, you know, you're an expert in the area. And you guys know, this is a civil rights attorney, someone who's the former executive of care. And you have been on the frontline dealing with many of the most of the challenges that are out there to Islamophobia. But it seems like it just creeps his head out. Now at the World Cup. There's a lot of

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Islamophobia becoming very visible, I think that what's happening with the World Cup is a great you almost like a canary in the coal mine, you know, giving off the alert to sift through and expose the utter hypocrisy and Islamophobia that is deeply entrenched in a lot of the European media, European government. And when I say European that includes sort of a Greater Western Europe, you know, the US and Canada and many of the Western nations our birth bar product of the European heritage and it's becoming extremely evident to the point where it's extremely frustrating. I want your comments on this there was the president of the Soccer, FIFA, Gianni Infantino, I believe it is, and where he's

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defending the stance here he's talking about that he's European, and he's saying that US European, we should be apologizing for what we've done over the past 3000 years for the next 3000 years. And before we go ahead and give him moral advice, that's the hypocrisy is on the other side,

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when you pretend to have immoral

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and give moral lessons to others,

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but in reality, your situation is maybe not that good either. I think for what we Europeans have been doing in the last 3000 years.

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Around the world, we should be apologizing for next 3000 years before starting to give more lessons to people don't criticize Qatar don't criticize the players. Don't criticize anyone, criticize FIFA, criticize me? What do you think about? Absolutely, I mean, we're seeing a lot of basically Western white supremacy, where they want to impose their culture, their beliefs, their practices upon the world, and really belittle and ridicule those who don't adopt their ways, whatever the those ways are. That's unfortunately, what's happening and the reality is what you see with the World Cup being in Qatar, I mean, mashallah, Qatar is a state that is known historically for standing by a lot of

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beautiful muslim causes beautiful, philanthropic causes, and it's showing the best Oh,

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What the Muslim community has to offer me they've invested heavily in Dawa programs and Dawa campaigns, they had an eye of Quran recited actually in the World Cup opening ceremony. So it's very different to the kind of the Middle East, the kind of Islam and Muslims that the Western world has promoted. So if you look at how the Western world has promoted the Muslim community over the last several decades, they've showed us as backward, ignorant, you know, dangerous, violent, nasty people. And they're, and then you have the very strong contrast of what's being presented through the beautiful displays of the World Cup. And so I think that's enraging them. So they're finding

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every excuse to condemn Qatar to condemn the Muslim faith to condemn the Muslim culture. And they'll say they're not doing that. But for example, as Muslims, we believe Our Lord created us from a man and a woman. We believe that men marry women, women marry men, that is the natural God given way for humanity. And if somebody desires other than that we don't hate them as an individual. But we certainly believe as God revealed in the Quran, in the Injeel, the Gospel given to Jesus peace be upon him and in the Torah, given to Musa alayhis, salaam to Moses, peace upon all of God's messengers taught that to deviate from a permissible relationship that is only to be found between a

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husband and wife to seek sexual fulfillment to other than that is to destroy one soul is to destroy one's body is to destroy one's community. So of course, the Muslim faith does not condone endorsing those lifestyles that are considered deviant all of the faith religions. So the point is, they want to impose that, you know, you have some of the European teams wanting to wear flags that support that kind of lifestyle, and SubhanAllah. It's like, we're not coming into your countries and imposing our way of life and saying, you have to, you have to go to the mosque and pray, we don't go to Europeans and Americans say you have to come to the mosque and pray, we don't go to them and say

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you have to, you know, wear a flag that has the Kalama on it. You know what I'm saying? We're not imposing your way of life. Why are you trying to impose your way of life on us, and it isn't just an attack against popular bits in attack against, I would say, Muslim beliefs, but really traditional Abrahamic beliefs as a whole. It's an attack against, you know, the divine message that Allah sent to all humanity. And it's very, very hypocritical. Sorry, one more point, Eddie. I mean, you see, the German tea, you know, last year or whenever it was, one of the Muslim players on the German teams will count for the oppression and injustice that are weaker brothers and sisters who are going

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what did the Germans do? Did they support him? They punish them? Did they endorse him? No, they punished him to the point where he was forced off the team. He was punished for speaking his voice, and his hypocritical teammates now when they're uncomfortable, they want to cover their mouths, you know, trying to shame Qatar, trying to shame the Muslim world, you know, for certain for certain reasons. But okay, why didn't you cover your mouths when your own teammate was punished for speaking about the slaughter of Muslims that is happening in China. The BBC is another example. The BBC, they aired the opening ceremonies of the Olympics, they had no problem airing. Even though China was

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persecuting and slaughtering and torturing and enslaving our Uighur Muslim brothers and sisters, but of Muslim blood is being shed, it's okay to turn a blind eye it's okay to support the state.

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But that same BBC One copper had an opening ceremony with a powerful message that if you don't didn't watch, I urge you to google it and watch it that showed that Allah created us from different nations and tribes that we can learn from each other. It had a message of peace of unity of love. They didn't want to erupt. Again, utter hypocrisy, you're talking about the opening with Morgan Freeman. Correct. UBC did not erudite in their their they didn't hear that. But they didn't have a problem airing. The Chinese are opening ceremony for the Olympics. Wow. Yeah, that's amazing. They didn't open it. They didn't air it. Wow. Subhanallah you even had Piers Morgan did he also point out

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some of the appears to see Yes, talking about the abortion and talking about the illegal occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan, I'm going to catch up. And also I gotta say, I find a lot of this sports washing debate laced with rank hypocrisy. And I mean, for example, eight of the countries in the last 32 That's a quarter of the countries in the World Cup finals, outlaw homosexuality. So if you're going to use that, as the stick to beat Qatar with, you have to then beat the other seven countries, you don't have a World Cup. And if you don't have it in Qatar, which is the first Middle Eastern country to have it, where do you have the World Cup? Do you go to Africa, where many

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countries it's illegal to be homosexual? Do you go there? So that rules out that continent? Do you go to America which has rather draconian laws about abortion, which play very badly, for example, in the UK? In other words, once you start putting on moral moral Halo, right, where does this where does it stop and who is morally clean enough to actually host a world so are we are we the country that illegally invaded Iraq?

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Up, are we morally clean enough to host okay companies it is fraught with hypocrisy. And that's the other point is since when did the political games become such a political event? Now look, I spent my life in politics speaking truth to power challenging and justice. Generally, you know, there is a benefit to certain functions like the World Cup if they're done right, you know, which is to bring global communities together. And as people gather you can use that for trade for business for dollar. Now, what are did what was incredible, by the way, in banning alcohol sales, you had people saying, We've never seen games like this because people are less rowdy, less angry, less

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destructive. Without that, because you even have you have many not just Piers Morgan, but other people who are also seeing the hypocrisy. He was one of them that was pointing this out. And he mentioned some of these things like, Who are you now to be the moral police, right? wants to be the moral police 100%. And this is the ironic thing,

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No Middle Eastern country has done a fraction of the global harms that some of the Western nations have done. And this is a statistical fact. You can't debate it. I mean, I'm an American, we're Americans and America happens to be the only country that's used nuclear weapons to incinerate hundreds of 1000s of human beings. And we justify it. Literally, we burned to the death hundreds of 1000s of babies, woman children in the nuclear bombing of Japan.

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It illegal invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan. How many millions were killed or injured or displaced. ISIS was created as a result of the illegal invasion Hassan Allah one ml were killed. You know, it reminds you that as with the Quran, and if they are told do not cause corruption on earth, they say we are only peacemakers, but rather, they are the corrupt ones. So Subhanallah This is the truth, Britain. I mean, they colonized like a third of the world. You know, I was just watching a brief clip of the great Shahid and scholar May Allah subhanaw, taala, elevated status, Amara mater of Libya, who was a Quran teacher teaching children in the desert. But as the Italians were

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persecuting, and oppressing his people, he took up arms to resist and he fought for freedom and liberty and justice until he was illegally captured and hung and executed. May Allah subhanaw taala accept amongst us sure that so the point here is if you look at Italy, you look at the United Kingdom. You look at the United States, I mean, literally, they've killed so many civilians across the world, and yet they're still hosting these kinds of events and tournaments. And nobody's condemning them. And you know, it's all good. But when a Muslim country does it, okay, now they have to find every single flaw. It's utter hypocrisy. It's shameful. And it's time I think as Muslims, we

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stand up and are proud of our faith and our heritage. And you know, we take ownership of our identity as part of these countries. So I'm a proud American, but I'm gonna tell you what my fellow Americans, it's time we stop worshipping a human being. If you call yourself Christian and you want to follow Jesus Christ, follow the One who created Jesus and his mother. Don't follow. Don't worship a human being. Follow Jesus, follow Jesus Christ. by worshiping the Lord, he worshiped Allah, the Creator of the heavens and the earth. It's time we as Muslims, stop being shy about this. Like I'm embarrassed man, I see a CEO making eight figures, you know, whatever it is, and a three piece suit,

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and he's praying to a little statue, or he's praying to a man, even though he knows that man used to call upon the greater one. It's time we start, listen, we got kids, we raised them. Men are, are to be men. Women are to be woman. Men are to marry women, women are to marry men. And if you feel like you want to do other than that, my brothers and sisters, we ought to teach it. That's not the right way. We have to be good examples. If you feel like you want to sleep around and have dozens of sexual partners, that's not the right way. If you want to get wasted every weekend and destroy your brain cells and kill your liver by joining the party, culture and drink, you're destroying

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yourselves. Islam came to save you from being a slave to your desires. See, Islam says do not be a slave to your desires be a slave to your Lord.

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Modern Western culture teaches you to worship yourself, worship your desires, whatever the selves says, do. You say obey until the self destroys you. And this has been proven psychologically those who obey their desires who do whatever they want every single time they don't find peace or happiness or growth. In every spiritual path. It is those who resist the desires of the self, who acquired discipline who strive for a greater good for what's right, what's more, what's ethical, they are the ones that grow. So my simple point, my dear brothers as an American, I want to say I'm proud to be American because it gives me freedom to practice my faith. I'm gonna use that freedom to

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say listen, I don't want you to stop hating me. I don't want you to stop discriminate against me. I don't want you to stop attacking me. Yeah, that's all fine and dandy, but I want you understand it.

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I have to be Muslim. My faith is something beautiful to offer all humanity, that we stop worshipping men and women. We stop worshipping gods of wood and stone and dollar bills, we stop worshiping our own desires, and we start turning to the One who created us because we will meet him and then we will know what mattered most. Well, I hope you guys can feel I can feel it. I hope you can feel it out there this love this passion, you know, and it's coming your way. That's why we're doing this pointing out some of the hypocrisy here just to go on. You had and I think you mentioned one of the names. And there's so many examples. You have a cricket master who was by the name of mine, Ali, who

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was just banned from the soccer from cricket for wearing a wristband protesting what was happening in Palestine. You also mentioned the one soccer player who was punished for standing up and wearing something or speaking out at a game for the oppression of Muslims in China, you just had in Palestine just just happened right now a young boy was shot dead on his way to school by Israeli forces. And it seems like the West is more in a rage because someone couldn't enter the game because with they denied him because he had a rainbow shirt. This is what's presented to us. This is what blows our minds as American Muslims. Literally we see Palestinian children being killed in cold

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blood by bullets paid for by our tax dollars in Palestine by the Israelis an utter silence from the so called Human Rights world leaders with their nose up and their arrogance. But as a Muslim society, if we say hey, you know what we don't think people should be identity should be identified by their sexuality that shouldn't be the forefront. That's what's what's what's for the bedroom is for the bedroom. It's not something to be discussed in public than others all the outrage in the world. What utter hypocrisy, which shows that for these people, I mean, really, the Muslim blood is cheaper than even people's sexual identity. It's a shame when the West can start lecturing us on

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human rights when they actually start valuing the blood of all humanity equally.

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There's one more couple more points. One thing that has not hit mainstream news, if you don't see any of the many people here probably don't even know about it. Most people haven't heard about it. But there's a famous blend Santiago, it's a clothing brand, that just recently had a young baby girl in dressed in bondage and promoting what would be, you know, as far as like, none at the celebrity. So this just shows you all celebrities are control. You know, see no celebrities talking about the Valencia Yaga situation. Right. So that just shows you all of these celebrities out here. Don't let them influence you in any way because they're controlled by the people who really influenced the

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world. And this is something very sad. There's a lot of Christians who are outraged. There are a lot of people who are speaking out against this, but you don't see any of the soccer players Any closing of the mouth. You don't see any protests for this exploitation of children that's happening to this this push you know about this? You know what it is? Yes, I saw that. I mean, very disturbing, right? You have little kids holding teddy bears of montages and bondage items scattered around the room and a Supreme Court case that makes room for pedophilia. Yeah, there's right in why this is like Setup System. Why is that on the table there in the air? And what kind of subliminal messages are they

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sending? And how the heck did that get approved, but I'm not surprised. I mean, this is, you know, out of the blue, one of the popular songs that's out right now.

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Talks about liquor bottles, and a Berlin, a new Valencia and these things. The reason I mentioned this is we have a community and a culture that promotes all sorts of indecency,

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and then is surprised at the result of that, you know, promotes all sorts of sexual indecency. I'm not even talking about homosexual, I'm talking about heterosexual but, you know, having relationships without respect without responsibilities, Islam says, Before you enjoy the company of a woman, dedicate yourself to her, honor her, respect her, commit to her. This is how you honor do not take substances like alcohol that destroy your judgment. You know, respect your body, respect the opposite gender, be a person of honor. You have the Western culture that says do what you feel like, but they're going to draw arbitrary moral lines. And if you cross one of those arbitrary moral

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lines, you they create this, this fabricated outrage. It's hypocritical, you have a culture that really struggles with even issues of rape and consent, and what is right and what is wrong, and that is why you have so much unreported rapes in this country. You have just complete breakdown of families in this country. When are we going to realize that our own desires cannot be our Lord we have to find guidance from the Divine. That's what

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It all comes down to not finding our moral compass from the Divine. When we leave it to ourselves, we lead ourselves to ruin when we submit, that's what some means you submit, you realize your weakness and God's greatness, and you submit his way. That is when you find the peace and the guidance and security. And all of the stuff we're finding is from a total deviance from having that pure, divinely oriented moral compass, we're gonna wrap up. But it's really amazing to see Americans who are living in this area of the world who are actually they're not Muslim, but they're stepping up there was a woman who was complaining about being in an all woman's line, and then a woman steps

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up, say, hey, you know, I want to be in that line, this girl is shocked about the ladies only line, she doesn't think it makes her feel very special. It's a security line. That's only for women, that they're separated by men and women, not because women are mistreated because they are better treated. As an American female living in the Middle East, myself, I prefer these lines, when I go places I am moved either. If there's not a women's only line, I'm typically moved to the front of the line. Especially if I have my children. There's also parking that's just for women, and it's usually the closest to the door. And as well as the metro lines, there's a women's only cart,

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everything over here on this side of the world. In the Middle East, I'm in Dubai, women are treated with so much more respect. I'm from Texas, when I go places here, I feel safer. 100% live in that country, which is welcoming and accepting and living with a lot of different nationalities or living together. It's a very safe environment. I've never felt so safe. But it's not as bad as what people say. We've had a great time here. Uh, we've had a life that we wouldn't have had in England, then other people who are coming up and talking about, you know, another one was like, I heard that

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sound like a kujan?

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this reporter and he's like, you know, wow, it's like, you know, so amazing. So, my point is, when people are going to that, because there's been this push, like, if you go over there, they're gonna chop your head off all this outlandish, crazy stuff. But people who actually get out of the box out of their neighborhood, and they go, and they fly, they connect with Muslims. Have you yourself seen, you know, a chain like we're seeing? We're seeing this? Hello. We're seeing it a lot. And you know what, even here in the US, I mean, why is it that so many women, who a few years ago may have been going out to clubs and drinking whatever they want and sleeping around and in the bikinis? Why are

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they choosing every day to leave that lifestyle? To say La ilaha illa there is no God but Allah alone, having their sins purified dressing and hijab and modesty, praying five times a day giving up those kinds of lifestyles, why are they giving up that so called freedom and embracing Islam, by the 1000s, they regularly it's their choice, because they realize a hedonistic way of worshipping your desires will never give that peace will never give that success, and certainly will not benefit us when we breathe or less. They people are thirsty to know their Lord, to know where they came from, to know where they're going to know the One who created them, and who provides for them and who

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loves them. And the rules of Islam. It isn't about punishment. It isn't about harshness, it's just simply your instruction manual, you buy a car, it comes in the manual, what to do what not to do, so you don't wreck it. Same way Allah created us, He gave us a manual for how we can have that peace, that tranquility, that success, and that happiness. And there's a reason for choosing to leave the deviant lifestyles and embracing something other than men or woman by choice because they realized a life of drinking of alcohol or drugs, of open relationships. It doesn't bring that peace of mind that the honor and the guidance and the modesty and dignity that Islam brings to humanity gives them

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and that's why they're choosing and that's what we're grateful to be Muslim. And that's what we invite everybody watching to say, you know, get to know more about Islam, if you're Muslim, appreciate it. Don't take it for granted. Invest in learning your faith. And if you're not Muslim, yet, we're waiting for you remember, we all have one Creator, and he says Abraham Moses, Jesus said Muhammad is the best role models peace be upon them all, to guide us to him. Let us learn their way and follow their footsteps, that we can be sources of mercy and guidance for humanity. And that's ultimately what Islam will make you Islam doesn't make you hateful, you're not gonna look at any one

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person who's engaging in any form of sin and hate them. Rather, you're going to feel sympathy that you want them to find that peace that they're looking for at the bottom of a liquor bottle, but that you know, they will never find it. You want them to be the best version of themselves. That is what Islam makes. It brings up the best in people and that's what we want to do together to build the best society for humanity. Thank you my brother, thank you for being with us again here on the show. May God Almighty Allah bless you. I mean, it's always a pleasure brother Eddie, love you. May Allah accept your efforts, and I hope everybody's supports the great work you're doing

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exactly fit here and thank you guys for tuning in. And if you'd like to learn more, go ahead and pick up it's a gift from us to free copy of the Quran, go to the D We'll get one mailed out to you and make sure you tune in here every week to the D show until next time, peace be with you as salam ala go from Boca Raton, Florida. Salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. My brothers and sisters, I'm here today to appeal to you to support the deen center, a data center first of its kind in the United States, perhaps in the globe, to support Dawa, to non Muslims who are interested in Islam. My dear brother, Eddie, from the Dean show is championing this cause the building is

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secured, there's a contract on it. It's 35,000 square feet, it has plenty of room to run excellent programs, and we just need your help and support no matter how little in making this center become a reality and you will have a reward from Allah for it until the Day of Judgment, Allah Solomonic.

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