A Deeper Look – Surah Al-Mutaffifin – What Happens When I Do Good

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He says good people are absolutely going to be surrounded or drowned in blessings, the scenery. What that means is wherever they look, there's something to be amazed about.

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Like you're just sitting there, and you're sitting with your friend and Janna one day. And your friend says, you see that and you're like, Wow, that's amazing movie, you'll see this. And everywhere you look, there's something to stare at, and some some new Nerima some new blessing that you never realized before. You're surrounded by them from all sides. The other beautiful thing about the word abroad is that a word abroad is what's called general Kala, it's a plural, that means not that many Bharara is many more. Quran uses Bara for the angels, like many, many good angels. But abroad is used for people every time few good people, this is actually words of hope. That doesn't

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mean there are only a few good people in the world. It means when you're around, and there's only a few of you that are not doing evil things. By the way, I should mention this, so you understand this better in sha Allah, Allah, there are good people, what makes them good? Allah didn't say, Allah didn't say here that they're truthful, or they prey? Are they fast? Or what makes them good? The only thing in the Surah that makes them good is they don't do what the first category did.

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What did they do to Thief, they cheat. They don't care about consequences. They shortchange other people. When you don't do those things, you become Abrar.

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And you're missing. And by the way, when you don't do those things, you're missing out on your profits, aren't you? They're making more profit than you because you didn't do it. You didn't cheat. And now Allah says, Those who didn't cheat those who are abroad, they're going to be surrounded and blessings. There's not going to be any shortage you didn't miss out on anything in the law bar on the fina. And look at the motivation Allah gives to those who hold on to their principles in algebra Latina, and don't do tough even on your resume. Don't even put you have this experience or that experience when you don't have it. Don't change two years into three years because it's going to

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sound better.

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Don't give fake references your friend, just if somebody calls, just say you're my manager, don't do that. That's not feve.

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And so when if you can hold on to that, then then the luxuries of generic coming around icky, young, maroon, and Iike in Arabic is a little bit different from other words for couches, or seating or classy and things like that. Yeah, Japan takuna Musa Yuna visa tool, what is even hotter to some Rica. It's actually something that's beautified, decorated, you know, like cushioned, well cushioned, something you can recline on, that's when it's called a deca, meaning a really expensive couch. It's not an Ikea sofa, looks like a really expensive couch that you sit on. That's called an Eddie kind of plural of it is ironic. He says you're surrounded by blessings. And you are leaning

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back on couches. Young Varun means you're staring novelize used when you look at something for a long time. And of course, if you're looking at something that's really beautiful, or something, you can take your eyes off of that, you're not just going to look at it and go like that if if a really amazing car drove by, or pulled up.

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You know, sometimes in airports around the world, they take a really fancy car, and they just kind of plop it in the middle. And you're just

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Nevada, you don't just glance at it and move away, you stare at it. Or if somebody's into watches, you go to those expensive watch stores and put them on on display so you can feel poor. Right? So you look at it.

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You know,

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what, what ladies do do outside of like expensive bag stores,

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coach or whatever. You know, like

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the idea though, is it's really cool that if you imagine this, if you're reclined back, your view is limited.

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If you really want to look at something you have to get uncomfortable and say, Look up, you know, if the kids are sitting in the backseat of the car, and they're sleeping and you say hey look a camel, they have to get up and look. But Allah has situated this Rica in a way that you're leaned back and you can still get the full view of all the blessings around you. That's the beauty of Jana. Maybe it's rotating? I don't know. We'll find out one day Mila.

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So now

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from there, you get it for free. Would you hear him now? Bratan name they're leaning back, getting this beautiful view. And you can tell from their face a freshness Nebra

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Nebra is used in Arabic for fresh food.

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Food that looks fresh, or otherwise used when somebody looks like a really well rested and they're really happy and like wow, you look different today. That's another okay. We're not going to have another offer while it's Ramadan. Now.

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You know, I remember back when I gave dos on this maybe 12 years ago I described

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I used to travel and I could only afford to fly southwest, you know, the bus in the air. So, when I used to go to California from New York, there was a stopover in Las Vegas. Okay. And in Las Vegas when so a lot of people are flying not to go to California like I am, they're going to Las Vegas.

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Their faces have not brought when they're heading there.

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I can't sleep. This is amazing. Oh my god, I can see the lights. This is what they look like. Then the there's a connecting flight from Las Vegas to Los Angeles. When you get on that flight, there's a lot of people who are done with Vegas on that flight. Then you have you know, would you who Yama in La Habra Taha Katara

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like there's a darkness of Allah would you whom was London, well, who are called leave, like maybe lost all their life savings or whatever, oh my god. So but the first case was Nebra. That's when you're like you're lit up. But there's an offer here number 10. Now aim,

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the lighting the face lit up, but the face lit up by name meaning they see one blessing. They turn one way they see one gift from Allah, and then face lights up. Then we look at another blessing and their face lights up all over again. Then look at something else and their face lights up all over again. Hey guys, you just watched a small clip of me explaining the Quran in depth as part of the deeper look Ceres. Studying the Quran in depth can seem like a really intimidating thing that's only meant for scholars our job at WBNS to make deeper study of the Quran, accessible and easy for all of you. So take us up on that challenge. Join us for this study the deeper look of the Quran for this

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surah and many other sources on Vienna tv.com under the deeper look section