Yasir Qadhi – The Parables of The Quran #07 – Surah Baqarah 265 – Charity As A Bountiful Garden

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The Bible provides examples of charity and parables that have been used to describe the benefits of giving money for charity. These examples include giving money to help grow a garden, researching charity for maximum return, choosing the right charity for maximum return, and reaffirming intentions. The importance of researching and choosing the right charity is emphasized.
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smilla hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah who Allah Allah, he was talking to a woman while I'm about. So we move on and we conclude certain Baccarat. And we're still upon the same section of parables regarding South Africa. And it is amazing that in this one page, Allah subhana wa Taala has four parables that he gives all of them about South Africa. And today we'll finish up these parables. And this is something that I want us to think about that in this one page, Allah Subhana. Allah has given so many different examples and encouragement and parables. And the concept is that Allah wants us to understand that giving charity is an investment that is going to return back to us

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in this world and in the next and if we give it properly, that we will be rich in this dunya and rich in the Hereafter, and if we don't give it properly, then it will be an investment that crashes to zero. So this is the whole point here. So in the next verse here, verse 265, Allah subhana wa tada says, methodology you know, even Foucault now one of them the similitude of the one who gives his money now notice here, Allah has already given a symbol tood three I artigo, Allah subhana wa tada mentions the example of the grain that gives for seven years, those ears have 100 so that gives 700 then literally a few verses down, verse 265, Allah gives another parable. Another example. And

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what is this example? The example of the one who gives his wealth for the sake of Allah is like that of a garden committee, Jen nuttin bureau buatan Rabo means it is at a high place, but not on the top of a mountain. The word rabwah means it is elevated, but not very elevated. Arabic is very beautiful. And you actually have a word that indicates moderate elevation, not too high. And that's Rob wah. So the agenda is that a rock wall? Why is it beneficial to have the agenda at a Rob work because and this is something all the farmers know that there are certain elevations where the soil and the water and the climate gives you the best crop and this is something that every farmer knows

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In fact, if you are into any type of specific you know, whether it's tea, whether it's honey, the best teas are found in plantations that are at Rob was okay the best honey is come from the honey that is harvested in the mountains. So there's certain types of

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blessings if you like or certain types of soils that will give you a superior crop. And so Allah is saying, the example of the one who gives his money for the sake of Allah is like the one who owns a garden that is at a rabwah committed agenda timbira buatan or saw the Hawa belong, lots of rain comes down. So Allah azza wa jal says the web is going to come and so for art at ocular how to feign its produce will be double what ilam usage how below on photon, even if it doesn't rain a lot, a little bit of rain will be sufficient for the garden to produce. Now, what is the example what is the parable somewhat rude I must say that this is another parable for your charity being like an

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investment that gives you more than what you put in. And that's valid. And if that were the case, then this is another example that is similar to the first one other odema say and this is very interesting that the parable here is that the one who gives his money for the sake of a lot It is as if he has a permanent source of income that is coming in extra It is as if as he's giving money he's got an investment which is the agenda adorable, and that Jana Dorado will continue to give him more and more and more. So it is as if when you give for the sake of Allah, your own money continually increases. And Allah subhanho wa Taala will provide for you from sources you never expected. And of

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course this is proven, as we know from the Hadith and other verses of the Quran, that when we give for the sake of Allah, Allah gives us from sources we never expected. So this is the metaphor or the similitude of the one who gives his money for the sake of Allah that Allah is saying, you will get in return a permanent source of investment and that investment will be much more than what you expected sometimes is going to be even double and even if certain circumstances the heavy rain don't come still you will get much more than what you put in will law will be my time Luna bossy and Allah is well aware of what you do. And then the final example is given an Eliza just says are you What do

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I have to come and takuna lagenda to mean a feeling. Once again we go to the other side, what is the other side the one who gives without a man in a lot, the one who gives for react. So notice here, we gave

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Two examples in the previous lessons, one who gives for Allah and one who gives for the sake of his own Ria over the or for the sake of boasting and for the sake of reminding in this section 265 and 266 the exact same two people number one who gives for the sake of Allah number two, the one who doesn't give for the sake of Allah and this once again underscores the importance of Nia the same deed when it is done properly. It will give us back a massive investment and when it is done improperly, it will bring back zero investment that's why in verse 265 method will lead you know you feel when and why the home EBT va amaravati law they give it for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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and what I forgot to mention what sb 10 min and forced him to phrases is there I forgot to mention it just beat him and force him It means it's very interesting phrase here. And by reaffirming what is in their own selves, just beaten men unfussy him, what does it mean they're reaffirming what is in themselves. When we give charity, what happens? We get doubts. We say, Are we really going to get more back? Is this something beneficial? does bita mean unforced to him means they're emaan reaffirms, yes, you're going to get for the sake of Allah. And so they battle their own doubts internally. That's what the determiner fuson means. It's a powerful phrase over here. Next time

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you're thinking about getting to a fundraiser next time, you're thinking about giving for a cause, remember this verse, what has to be 10 min and forcing him they give, and they affirm what is in their own hearts. Some of them also say, there's another type of death beat. So there's an internal type beat, and an external death beat the internal tooth beat, you are reaffirming your own intention. And what that means is you're making sure I'm doing this for the sake of Allah, and then you are overcoming your doubts. What is the doubt? Is this really beneficial? Will I really get my money back? I need this money. That's the doubt that weed comes and you say, No, this is for the

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sake of Allah, Allah will give me back more. That's the internal, what is the external test beat? Our scholars say the external test beat is that you verify and you think about the causes you're giving to you see, which cause is the best to give to you don't just give without thinking you give and use research, which charity Should I give to which person should I give to. And this is another reality of giving charity, that unfortunately, all too often, we don't really do our due diligence, we should think about the charities we give to and we should diversify our charities like we diversify our investments. And we should choose all different types of charities, local charities,

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international charities, friends and family that need our help and refugees across the globe. And we do our due diligence. And in that due diligence is also reward from Allah because you're finding out which one is the best charity. And there are so many stories from the Sahaba and the self that they will discreetly ask around who is the one deserving of charity, they will do their research. And in that research, it is another type of worship and it is an activity bada and that's what the speed of the external type means. So this verse has two types of death beat the internal which means you reaffirm your intention you make sure it is for the sake of Allah and then the external which is

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that you do your due diligence and you make sure that you're giving to the right causes and the most effective and if we do this, Allah subhana wa tada says, I'm guaranteeing you an investment that will continue to give you with minimal effort, it is a garden that is situated in the ideal location, you don't need to provide water for it because the water is coming upon the mountains and the water is going to rain down upon it and your investment is going to double back and even if for some reason it doesn't rain, still a little bit of water is enough for that area and you will still get your investment back and inshallah This is a beautiful metaphor for us that when we give for the

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sake of Allah, Allah continues to provide for us tomorrow inshallah we'll finish this metaphor and we'll move on to the final example of the one who does not give his charity who who gives his charity for the wrong reasons how Allah subhana wa tada describes him will continue tomorrow with saramonic maracas reliable

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