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Salam alikoum but now you know recently our brother Andrew Tate was arrested and left many of us wondering what's going on

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that condition

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Trix has attacked

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the matrix.

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This is the dijo

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we're ready to talk about this. I would only talk to your spouse explaining how much respect I have for the faith of Islam. Show. Welcome to today's show. That the show

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to help shed some light on the situation, we decided to bring out a very close associate of agitator 15 years a close friend and brother, Tam con A salaam alaikum. Brother.

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How you doing? Good. hamdullah tam con How you been? How's everything going? Oh, hamdulillah brother alive and kickin so hamdulillah for this. So tell us what happened? Where were you? When What were you thinking? What was your immediate reaction when you heard the news?

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Obviously, my immediate reaction was a bit of a shock as well as

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angry upset because another brother Well, I was taken aback but

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I was also disappointed. I was a bit frustrated. Why did you even go back to Romania? Not because you're guilty, but we know you're so despised in the West. They don't like your ideas.

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They don't like what you're promoting. It's against their agenda, since you become Muslim, that's added more fuel to the fire. So I mean, of course, it's, it's he's got a home there. So he went back to

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work, do some things, check on his house, whatever, you know, the usual. And we were talking he was supposed to be in Dubai, the 30th. Actually, he was coming back. We spoke a little bit before regarding some projects and something in the sport world. And everything was good. He had a good podcast with Piers Morgan that week, which was successful, he started with slam alaikum. He

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he apologized for past remarks on Islam, which was amazing was the first time he'd ever seen on tape probably apologized on podcast where he corrected himself regarding comments of Islam in his previous time saying that was when I was atheist and Muslim. So the whole world got to see his promotional Islam in a positive ways promotion of the Middle East, GCC Dubai.

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And I sent them to a friend I said, you know, they're not gonna like this. There's one thing wherever he said, But

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Islam this that I never expected this to be honest. And it's upsetting because it's such a frame job. It's such a,

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like a hit on the brother because I know him personally. And there's a lot of things I know, a lot of people see as podcasts, the image of sunglasses, they're very aggressive delivery, but he's a very sincere brother. He's a very good guy.

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Very loving. I mean, I'm a father, husband, and I've got two daughters. And if if I thought as a Muslim in any way, he was sneaky, using Islam for the false reasons or threat, I would myself, you know, I'll be the first to call him up. So it's unfortunate in the same old case, from April, which they had no evidence of they acquitted. I feel in my opinion.

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Allahu Allah. I'm not, I'm just saying My opinion is it's being pushed from the west or maybe us, because she's a US citizen. There's no

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evidence for I can see so far there's nothing but obviously, Romania has laws hence why it's a 30 day sentence, because they're probably trying to collect evidence to

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present cases of prosecution. But again, I understand what they'd be half why they did the arrest of 30 days because for example, if someone was telling the truth, you have to go through due diligence and as a call or as a prosecutor, you'd have to arrest the person so you know better but unfortunately, in this society, we have many people cry wolf for clout for money to assassinate characters. We saw it with Michael Jackson and previous series years or other people who get too powerful for their own, like, you know, popular so that's my opinion on the whole situation. I mean, it's upsetting because he's a brother and he doesn't deserve this, you know?

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Yeah, we were just actually planning we had some set for to bring him back on you know, we had him on the program before he was supposed to actually come on, on the on the program back on the deen show this month, and then this just happened. So I was very sad. Tell me this.

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Um, I want to ask you, I want to show you something I want to make this very lucidly clear. As I've spoken about this in the past, you know, obviously human trafficking is something evil, it's beyond disgusting is demonic and any persons of all such a crime should be dealt with. And in this Islamic society, it'd be something non existent, unlike what you have. And you see happening in own backyards. United States of America is one of the largest consumers of human trafficking. You know, it's not much talk about it, you know, but it's something that's daily happening here. And I've spoken about this in the past and the media is dead silent on this another another note, before I

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show you this term, is many people are also asking about this Epstein and all the elites that are on that plane, you know, on the island who are involved recently, JP Morgan lawsuit, you know, ating this, and it's kind of just went dead silent, you know. So I want to ask you this. So that's kind of just a intro. But now, going off of what you said, Do you think it has anything and now I'm going to show you something, this is what people in Romania

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you know, who live in Romania, this is, many of them are saying this, but this person lives in Romania came. He said, he has been connected with the Romanian elite, who is the elite and Romania, the Orthodox Church, to politicians to police. He made huge donations to the Orthodox Church. However, he recently converted to Islam. Romania is one of the most Christian countries in the world, and he may have pissed off the wrong people. His conversion to Islam was a slap in the face to many high profile religious persons in Romania. This is just my own insight. Okay, well, good. Yeah, good opinion. That's one that was said the now another one that just came in right now saying,

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I think you made a great point here, because I'm just going back to the interview we had the reason that he lives in Romania is because it has traditional values. He was Christian at the time, and he says that it's like the most Christian place in Europe, and they value, you know, Judeo Christian values and everything like that. So what you said about the fact that he did convert to Islam, I don't know, about 3060 days ago, that I can under I can appreciate why the Orthodox Church of Romania views that as a slap in the face. Is that what the guy basically said in the tweet? Yeah. Because he said that the minute you said the Christian, they're running the show over there. Yeah.

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When he gets out, you know, he's moving Dubai on. So why are Sweden he's no, I don't know about sweet. But yeah, he's moving to Dubai. What do you think? What's your reaction to this?

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It's hard, you know?

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I honestly, I mean, we can obviously pick it off every everything there. But look, look, yeah, for sure. Look, he was hated as it was. But coming to Islam, maybe that kind of support from that kind of

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demographic may have changed, but a true Orthodox Christian would still support and because

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the Old Testament

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is obvious course we believe the Quran is a truth. And it's the final revelation that everything was tampered with, but they're not as different as you think compared to New Testament, they kind of believe in the same things. same value. I see what you're saying. I see what you're saying. I don't think I don't think this I think these big tech companies, I honestly believe

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they agenda against other things like LGBTQ in his stance on these kinds of things.

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I think the Orthodox Christians also are supporters of this. So I don't think

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they would sorry about that. They would go against that. But you don't know. It's hard to say I don't know how Romania is countries ruled. I don't know who has the biggest kind of influence and whether it's that but it didn't help obviously, becoming a muslim didn't help. And he's very outspoken. He promotes Islam. He says, He doesn't does Christianity too bad, but he kind of says he's lost respect for it, how they accept everything in Islam is

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makes him feel at peace. I mean, I'm sure you saw social media content of us in the most matches on Friday. He's also Henrion, strong Catholic, sort of a cave, reading a clip as an English so it's not like he's doing it for people salaries for fame, knowing cancer. morskie comes here. We pray here.

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Other things I can't say. But I mean, the brothers are Muslim. Now, of course, we're not saying he's a Dalit. He's a scholar that takes time, from one extreme to the other, but he's a Muslim. So I want to put these allegations to delve brothers and sisters, who are mocking in saying he does deserve what he did. I mean, as a Muslim in general, that's a sinful thing to say. We should support our brother. There's no evidence he's been accused of like, we had many brothers so far in the 2000s getting arrested in Guantanamo Bay for no reason. For no reason, you know, just for filming a Muslim yet we defend what's the difference between these just because of the term they've used? Of course,

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I don't agree and I'll put my hands up to what his past was and his weapons. I hate this whole thing. I'm not focusing on alcohol. I think it's haram and I say clearly, that his past whatever it is, is disgusting, but I truly do not believe these allegations. I do not. Like I said I made a video a few days ago. I

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Unless I saw clear cut proof or video evidence or pure evidence of this, I will never believe it. Because I know how much the media portray things. Brother today, I saw the press in UK tabloids and some of the Daily Mail. A lady speaking saying how she was being lured by him on social media to come to Romania. She's so happy she didn't it could have been very dangerous for her. Then the same lady, I she came over to us a boxing fight a month ago with Floyd Mayweather in Dubai. She was a Ringle she approached him he was sitting there looking over she walked over willingly to him smiling. I mean, if you're a fear of someone's you approached them in the first place. If I fear

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some I'm not gonna go say hello. So first of all, already, that's the floor. And I'm sitting on my phone, the video is going viral, and I'm just head down and I can listen. He's been very, like, stiff, saying, Look, I'm watching the fight. And you can hear her saying what you're doing tonight, bla bla bla, like, just talk in general nothing wrong on her behalf. She's just talking in general, being nice. asking him what his plans are. And then he goes, Look, I'm watching the box. And he does this like this. And she gets a bit shy and walks off. Today she's an all the tabloids saying

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he's this and that. So I'm thinking of who? And these are the people in this feminist saying, oh, good on you. You fought him off. But I'm all for like, I don't like if it's a *, human trafficker that is sinful. Like you said, it's disgusting. And there's real victims out there. And they deserve all the sympathy and protection because as an evil, he heinous crime, and I'm all for punish evil. But if this is the case, if this is the case, and

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this person is supposed to be a victim yet comes and approaches him. And there's videos of this and he's saying, I mean, come on. And these tabloids are selling newspapers today, you see, you see, look at a story. You're so lucky you got away. So that's what you're dealing with. And I think people with any kind of like logic or open heart and mind will look into it deeply. Like I said, Why would you go back to Romania if you had any inkling you're guilty? Or that investigation still pending you know about this, he knew was a dead investigation, Pete No, like you would not go whether you're guilty or not, you think you don't want to be saved on the stadium, at least.

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It's all there to ruin his kind of tempo. The same way many other influential people in history have been I'm not saying he's a Malcolm X. I'm not saying this. I'm just saying when you get to a certain level, where you're kind of your fame just hits the roof you're following, especially for that younger generation is dangerous to them. And

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I feel bad because I know the good brother genuinely away from things personally. He's a very loving good guy as well, good heart. Like yourself, he was gonna be in your podcast and other brothers have three or four Muslim Islamic channel podcasts were booked for this channel. And we were gonna go to a few tours and many things in a

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small things like

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I cannot say but he was like, you know, when I people are saying about my tattoos, what do you think? So I covered like, he was asking these questions, and he's all good. He even says like, you know, many things I did my past I'm not happy with it doesn't mean it's illegal. Just saying. I'm ashamed of it. And there was days when I was I think this was cool, but I hate it now. So again, you know, as Muslims, we believe, as a test anyway, trial.

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I liked the part where you mentioned actually spoke about this on Piers Morgan, where he came out. He was an atheist at the time. And he said some things. And obviously, he did a lot of things at that time. You're an atheist, you know what I mean? You don't you're not God conscious. And that that time he was talking about some things about Islam, he said, Look, I came out, he came out on Piers Morgan, and he apologized for these things. And you realize that religion is actually the cure for most of the problems in the world, and God lessness is the problem in the world. So that is something I will apologize for, that I was wrong about because I was atheistic. And now as a Muslim,

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I understand that's absolutely not the case. You regret saying that? Yeah. Because you learn and you grow, and you evolve. As I said, at the time, I believed it, because I didn't believe in God at the time. It was a very long time ago, it's actually kind of a testament to your peers, you managed to find the oldest possible videos of me that have ever existed. He also was on his way I think the best decision a human being can make in their life is to come to Islam curious, because you have recently converted to Islam. Correct. So these questions, I think are pertinent to your conversion? Absolutely. As to what you actually believe as a practicing Muslim now. i Yeah, I believe that Islam

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is beautiful. I believe it's the last true religion on earth. It's certainly the last respected religion on earth. And I felt differently inside since I've converted. And I think it has the solutions to a lot of the problems we're facing in the world today is to come to Islam to the submission of the Creator, not the creation. And obviously, the more you're in Islam, the more that's going to develop your character, you're going to come a better human being all around. He was I believe he also quit drinking. It's been hard. I've quit alcohol hasn't been difficult, but I've always had insane willpower so I can I can do anything I want. I just feel like it's a journey.

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There's a lot to learn. It can be quite daunting. Oh,

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You know, like even even the language even, it's like it's very hard to learn. So I'm just on a journey like everyone else and I'm trying to, you know, if you want a person, you know, pretty soon gambling, all of these things, all these vices that are out there one by one, because Islam calls you to everything pristine, everything beautiful, everything that God Almighty loves, and it takes time, like you were saying gives, it takes some time, right? So this is very important. There's a brother who used that analogy wants to meet he said, If I bring you a whole cake, you don't eat it once Do you feel sick?

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That's like Islam. Look, he even said to me, because I'm involved in some casinos. I'm trying to strip away from them slowly by slowly because I don't like it. He genuinely doesn't drink. He's even. I mean, you find me one podcast, one interview where Andrew has ever apologized for a past remark but that Oh, that is something I will apologize for him that I was wrong about because I was atheistic and now as a Muslim I understand that's absolutely not the case. You will never fine yeah, that's the that's that's a test you know,

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that shows that shows a lot and no one's

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Yeah, I caught that. Yeah, this is

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yeah, innocent till proven guilty. We forget about this. You know, just I just want to point just because someone's been arrested. And even tomorrow, if they're charged doesn't automatically don't automatically assume that they are guilty. You had a very famous case just recently out of you know, if our brother Tim calm, we had a brother here and on site, and this happens a lot. Yeah, right. But this is one famous case, Adnan Saeed was sentenced to life in prison plus 30. And a judge deemed the ruling illegitimate, citing unreliable evidence and the other shady things that were happening, you know, after around two decades, the brother was in jail two decades he was finally released.

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He has been the subject of a popular podcast for decades. It's waking up a free man this morning a judge overturned a non say Ed's murder conviction, citing unreliable evidence. Now yesterday that Baltimore judge ruled that the state violated its legal obligation to share new brand new evidence that could have bolstered side's defense well, that captured the attention of millions in 2014. Through that podcast, which focused on the killing and raised doubts about some of the evidence that prosecutors had used since then, Sid, has had a slew of supporters backing him. Now, what do we learn from cases like this, that people in law enforcement Szalai governments lie people often live

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for their own interests? Have you heard of this case with?

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It was it was released recently? Yeah. Just recently, yes. And two decades in jail, and the brother, you know, after being charged, convicted, and he finally got, he finally got released to the point of the matter there is that you have people for their own interests, like many of these police officers at the time, they did things shady things and finally was uncovered. So we can't be naive, you know, like you said, Yeah, on this as well. It's not even about evidence about the lawyers, what they can present to the court and the judge to, like, half the time, there's not evidence, it's about whose law is better than the other

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one she says to me is whoever can prove to a jury or a court, I'm not sure how Romania works. So it might not be no evidence, it might say, you know, what, how you speak on your podcast, or how you've made terms like he's made some delivery I don't like but I understand that. What kind of angles is using?

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Women belong to men? Is that Oh, what did you mean by that? That means you Oh, you can take anything out of context and build a case. That's how the West works. So unfortunately, that's why should we last perfect. That is why Sharia law is perfect. You don't get these situations. So again, we go back to why the perfection of Islam, the holiness is not being around non Muharram not being in these situations, haram vices. So again, it comes down to the view of Islam, this one have happened but unfortunately, our brothers in need. And I want to say one thing to all the Muslims out there, brothers and sisters, there's many sisters, unfortunately.

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Feminists and pushing this Listen, the guys revert his clean slate, if Allah subhanaw taala. And the prophets are guaranteed as clean. Who are we to question Who are you to question this? And as any Muslim, whoever is a victim of something you should support until like I said, I put my hand up if there was proof, clear cut, without a doubt that he did it, I'd be the first to hands up and say look at rolling sociate and say, this is a this is a crime. But I don't believe there isn't. I know there isn't. And I know it's just going to be hearsay. In my opinion, so for a lot of pain, girls and girls who

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money to make stories, kissing tails, and who's whose words you go by them, whose words you go by? You know, it comes to this Oh, he said this, how much you're gonna pay or can you set out of court and sometimes then what happens and stuff like he has to settle out of court? He's guilty either way. You can't win. So unfortunately, it's annoying. But as brothers like Muslims, we learn to understand Backbiting is a sin,

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not trusting suspicion. And as Muslims we should back up brother, and then that he's new to the team. And what's the worst thing you

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Isn't Muslims going against him? Come on, what kind of example is that for us? Which is sick by that? And let's say we're all putting our hands I'd like you said the beginning. Human trafficking is a sin and disgusting, *, sexual assault weapons, I don't like any of these sexuality is a sin is disgusting. Any culture and the real victims of this deserve all the sympathy and help they can get. And I really believe that but I don't believe in and what would be the most harshest against this, you know the strongest deterrence and the way of life Islam that comes down the hardest on this and criminalize it is actually God's law is Sharia, it's, you know, comes down to hardest. Then

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there's a verse in the Quran going off what you were saying that when an evildoer comes to you, you know, verify it, check it up, you know, and we know that the media have been the ones not only lying to you, but lying about you, you know how much stuff just in general, just speaking about Muslims in general. So just being naive to this fact that everything now the media tells you? What were you going to say? Yeah, you've seen it with a World Cup in Qatar coming. If that, for example, media bias, you're saying they're going to be neutral with him. And yet we don't. Some of us it frustrates me they don't understand this and see this that we saw in Guantanamo Bay. We saw the war in Iraq. We

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see the war in Israel, we see the bias in France media, you know, yet again, no, the media said it like come on the media portray whatever they want. And a lot of these are tabloids is no neutral, respected media outlets, I mean, tabloid rapists, most of the terms they're using is so derogatory. A real media outlet should say, Andrew Tate has been caught, held and arrested, detained for the investigation of this, because they know that he hasn't been convicted of a crime. Now again, it's frustrating, but the problem is like, like you said, Sharia law has an answer to all this, the punishments are worthy to the people who will do it. That's why it's a deterrent, because the fear

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of the punishments, but yet, the testimony of a witness and the proof and everything is is the most fair system to man. And unfortunately, God knows how they haven't got a warrant. They've obviously got people and it's unfortunate, and I honestly saw one Muslim, post a video actually, it's a guy called Tommy Robinson, who is anti Muslim, a guy we don't agree with, I've seen for years, he's a right wing, Englishman, but he made a good point. He said, what you expect when you have a business where you pay women to take their clothes off? Do you not think you can pay those same women to go against you? And I was like, subhanAllah he's fun. You know, it was like he said, This is the

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business you're in, you are doing that business before you should have learned that. You're going to pay someone to be in this kind of sinful world and you pay them taking clothes off and stuff for law. The same women of course, you can pay to say go against this man, because you'll sell the soul unfortunately, and it's just a 30 year old and I hope inshallah the truth comes out. He's released and I hope also he takes us a big test and tribulation to learn from as well. And it will be I mean, Allah tests us in a way we learn from it and whether we learn to go away from God and say, Why me? Why me Oh, come closer to Allah read the Quran understand Prophet I use Stories of the Prophets who

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really suffered and went from hardships and so you know what, it's another trial to see how close I am to see my faith and inshallah inshallah here he will. So I'm just as my brother like a friend a long time, I just don't want to see him suffer for something unfortunate that, again, like you said, clearly, if someone's guilty of that, I'm all for it. Show me proof. I'm all for it. But they won't be. It'll be witness testimonies, and I don't trust. We've seen a lot of people who are obviously against some of the things that he's said, who've come out and said, Look, we don't believe this story. Here's what you should believe about this story. Nothing.

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Can we start off by saying that if you believe that I believe anything about the story, you don't know me? Of course, I don't believe it. Am I going to have fun with it? And pretend as though it's true? Oh, yes, I am. Of course I am. Do I believe is true? Very unlikely. Hugely unlikely.

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Have you seen that you've seen you just mentioned Tommy, Tommy Robinson also who's obviously an opponent of Islam. And he's somebody who's testifying on he mentioned as a story interesting about Mother's Day that you know, because a lot of times our brother Andrew will say certain things to get a reaction and did you hear the story about even coming from this person talking about Mother's Day? How he do you know about the story.

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He mentioned how he said, you know, the people who are out there wishing Happy Mother's Day, you know, maybe by getting their card or rolls, you know, and he calls him some derogatory name. He goes, this is a real man loser. He got he said, You know, I thought I said, Mom, how much June this year 25,000 pounds. There's 10 years wages, you don't have to work again. That's what a real son does. A son that loves his mom as a son. Okay. And he

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My oldest stuff and I used to watch him and I see everyone go mad like literally go mad him like he knows what he's doing

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he asked his mother he says Do you have any debt or anything he paid off everything for four years. So this is how you take care of your mother you know this is coming from you know this is coming from someone who you would expect coming from so this is very interesting when people who are I would say are your your enemies who are coming say we don't believe this story.

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And these are people who who you know you heard the whole thing with a pizza box right? Yeah, this is like another frustrating I mean,

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I mean in Romanian Romania are gonna take such disrespect that you you can fly into a country everyone knows where you can go to the most the poorest country yet anybody have stopped with immigration you're stopped by someone you got to show ID papers they knew look at a camera crew brother Look at the camera crew that picture is that clear? High HD. It was a Hollywood movie. Why did they want to present this what for what reason this was all staged in plan they could have

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our closer look I'm speaking to people around Andrew and his lawyers and the last time it happened they could have quality come in and we wouldn't have willingly gone to police station ask any answer any questions as respectful he is. You could have easily invited coming when I speak to you or privately this was a show

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all the signs of it. It's just something fishy. And I mean, I'm not a conspiracy theorist. But sometimes you've got to say, look, this is this coincidence, after Piers Morgan after he's reverted, even on the podcast since he revived he's a much calmer person. He tends to not get into certain conflicts, he's rhetorics Calm down a lot people don't see this there are he's this that give the brother time. It's only been a couple of months max. And now this has happened but so far.

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I'm hoping this is going to I mean, a lot of these so called friends influencers, YouTubers upset me as well, because many use him want for the cloud one the likes one of us want to make money off. And yet, as of right now, they're afraid they're afraid to sign up. I stood up personally privately. I mean, it could it could be back five, who knows? You never know. But I don't care. Because I'm thinking someone has to speak up and say, Look, this is a Muslim Brother, please have sub our patients and let's support him because he's in need now, wherever other Islam is, I mean, we're one brotherhood, and sisterhood. We're all together. So if you see a brother or a need or a sister as we

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help, whether it's a car charity, it was on this is a brother, this is an issue. So what you're going to do is go against him, but he's a Muslim. Now we don't want to help. No, I'm not going to start up and try and support my brother. So this is the unfortunate thing we have. Yes, yes, this is

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Eric from cheat sheet shims.

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For modern data from mortar Jaydon for more than you guys want to say place yeah hamdullah they came to the dowel table today, my brother Almighty undertake five. I'm gonna

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you guys three stages the first stage. The second stage, they try

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to see treffry Now, the first stage

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is innocent here.

00:28:22 --> 00:28:27

Today, Jaden to the SHA, Allah hamdulillah Brava. 16. And he accepted Islam.

00:28:29 --> 00:28:30

And he's the messenger and our Prophet Muhammad.

00:28:36 --> 00:28:36


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wedding job, I need

00:28:41 --> 00:28:58

your thought you reaction my brother to this young brother accepting Islam. Yeah, beautiful. This I actually shared this story on social media. It was beautiful. And it's kind of emotional to watch because it's innocent kids. And Brother You should I've got an inbox full. Unfortunately, sometimes.

00:28:59 --> 00:29:15

I don't really see a lot of it. But sometimes I reply, and many people said to me, I used to hate Islam before. Since I've seen Andrew, I've got into it. What do I do to revert? Brother many, you'll be shocked. And of course, I like to post it or share it because I want their privacy. I want them to feel you know.

00:29:17 --> 00:29:27

It's a special thing. But somehow like the dog and he promoted Islam for the last five years plus don't know how many years he's been on socials promoting the

00:29:29 --> 00:29:59

benefits of Islam before Islam and now he does it as a Muslim. Yeah, we're still against his brother. I mean, come on. His platform is huge to reach the wall. So again, I don't understand why the Muslims are not totally backing him. Here's what I say my brother Tim. As long as our brother Andrew he keeps learning and growing in Islam, and establishing his connection with his creator and salah. He'll continue to evolve to be a better Muslim which means a better all around human being. And a real top Muslim, not a top G forget about this dunya stuff.

00:30:00 --> 00:30:37

At a top servant to the one Creator God Almighty Allah, our brothers and sisters let's give our brother the benefit of the doubt. Let's make dua for him that he comes out even more committed to the deen and that Allah subhanaw taala makes it easy for him to leave off any haram dealings from the past so this could be difficult this is a jihad This is a struggle and that Allah the Almighty uses him to spread this Deen this way of life and puts the love of Dawa in his heart and inshallah hopefully the truth comes out and inshallah Allah I look forward to seeing brother Andrew on your show as soon as his eyes shut up, then we can relax. Yes inshallah. My brother JazakAllah Haida was

00:30:37 --> 00:31:03

nice having you on again inshallah we'll connect soon in the future cannot leave without giving you a gift if you're not yet Muslim and you tune in and see what these Muslims are talking about. And you'd like a free copy of the Quran. Go and visit the deen We'll take care of the postage and everything and get it delivered to you. And if you still have some questions about Islam, call us at 1-800-662-4752 We'll see you next time until then, Peace be with you as salaam alaikum

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