Nouman Ali Khan – A Deeper Look – Surah Abasa – Are You Proud of Islam?

Nouman Ali Khan
AI: Summary © The importance of carrying out heavenly gifts and avoiding advertisements is emphasized. The use of "the same thing" to convey a message and the potential for it to become a distraction is also discussed. The transformation of people's lives due to Islam's message "the same thing" is also discussed, with a study showing that the deeper look of the Quran and other sources on Vienna can lead to a distraction.
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First of all, you have to carry yourself with dignity because you are people of Quran starting with the messenger, salallahu alayhi salam, he's carrying Quran which means he has to carry himself with dignity, not with desperation. You're not desperate for anybody can lie and not have Khilafah manchas ACARA then whoever wants they can, they can remember it. Whoever wants they can access it. It's an open invitation. Whoever wants to benefit from this heavenly gift they can. Whoever wants to dismiss it, their loss. See, Allah is different from messengers. Allah says, Take it or leave it. Messengers love their people, they care about their people, they're worried about their people and

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they begged the people please listen to what I'm saying. And they're merciful towards people. Allah is not Allah, Allah azza wa jal says, Here's the word and he does send me you know, loving, caring messengers that come in and concern themselves with their people when they start insulting his messengers and dismissing his word. So who do you think you are? I was kind to you when I kiss kindly sent you a Messenger and you're gonna act like that I'm gonna put you in your place. What do you think you're dealing with just some words. And so he says Furman Shah Zacchara. Actually, I want to read to you what you know as you said, to be handling maybe a lot of commerce alone and macabre t

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he was another he Dr. Muhammad evitable II, don't you dare messenger. It's like Allah is talking to his messenger saying to him, don't you worry about it, don't you for a second think that you will be asked why didn't they believe you don't have to sell anything to them? If they don't want to come? That's their problem. You've done your part. You did you did what you have to do. Whatever I commanded you to convey you did from insha Allah Corrado, whoever wants they may make an effort to remember it. And so does Kira. Actually, this is again even though I should Falfa woman when Joomla Talia Tiran I hear tons Kira laka Bill assala way interfere OB Harmon Shah and Yatta backup and a

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Huseby is Daddy meaning first and foremost. What this revelation is is admission to the Prophet size on your job is one thing and one thing only to remind by means of it. That's your mission. Read the reaction of people is not your concern. Your job is to say what needs to be said by the way didn't the prophesy Salam say the most uncomfortable ayat and the most awkward situation about Soweto Allah insha Allah Allah He said it right. You know, sometimes when you're about to speak, you look at who's in front of me. Should I say this? Is this gonna be politically correct or not? Am I gonna get in trouble for saying this? Then you maybe hold back from saying certain things given the audience

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Sometimes I come to a masjid to give a football and people come to me there's a non Muslim group visiting us please be careful.

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Like because they're here I should, you know, I was gonna say some stuff but now like, Oh, they're here. Oh, no.

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Peace as long as peace. You know.

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It's all good. We love everyone. You know, why do we there's no Quran something to hide? Is the Quran something to be embarrassed about other parts of the Quran that are more appropriate and other parts? Is that the attitude? Is that is that the mentality? If that's if we're embarrassed about the Word of God, that maybe we don't know what the word of God is? It's the only thing that brings us honor. Everything else is humiliation. This is the only honor. And so fie Sophie mocha Rama. And by the way, I didn't finish that commentary. The prophets mission is to remind and by extension, whoever gets to benefit while you're, you know, while you interfere Oberhelman Shah and yet taka,

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Hassabis, daddy, whoever wants to benefit as per their capacity as per their willingness, they'll benefit but that's not on you. Your part was to just deliver the message. You know, like, I tell you, even as great as the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi salam, he does not change hearts.

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The changer of hearts is one of the names of Allah Mckinleyville Kulu, the changer of hearts. When people come to me and people come to you, or people come to the Imam Orissa team and say, I've changed my life because of you know, not because of me at all. I was sitting at home sleeping when your life was changing up and doing nothing. There was a YouTube video. And that wasn't even me. You know, and my teacher explained it to me so beautifully. It's still stuck in my heart. And I remember that lesson from him from Dr. me when I was 19 years old. He told me you will speak in front of people and there'll be 100 people sitting in front of you used to be 100 used to be a big number,

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okay. 100 people sitting in front of 100 people. Really? Yeah. So he says 100 People will be sitting in front of you and you can talk for one hour. And one word from your entire speech will go in the ear of one person, except that one time Allah will say Quran.

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Allah will just say Khan, and for that one person his entire life or her entire life is going to change not because of your words, because everybody heard the same words. Everybody felt sad for the same amount of time but for

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At one moment, Allah decided to change that person's heart. Because they made an effort to come and listen to something. It's not because of you. It's because Allah said con. That's it, that needs to be internalized. Why? Because when you try to convince somebody or teach somebody, and then somebody acts the opposite way, you're like, I gave such an epic speech, and you're still behaving this way.

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So what should I do, I even reminded them that they shouldn't do this, and they still do it, learn something about your profits, they remind people their entire life and people still do what they do. You know, it's like my, my speech should have been so effective that everybody should have transformed my speech and your speech means nothing.

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Sincerity. And then the Quran from Allah the final decision from Allah, who will finally develop fear inside of their hearts. There are people who have not heard any speeches and he talks and he lectures not sat in any gurus nothing. And their their lives transformed from the most unfamiliar places. Somebody saw a car accident and their life changed. That was their football. That was their life transformation. Somebody attended a janazah. And their life changed. Somebody went to a graveyard for the first time in their life change. People change for different reasons. That's up to Allah azza wa jal. And sometimes in the most unsuspecting places, like my, one of my favorite

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stories is comes out of the Allahu Anhu he becomes Muslim because he was angry.

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He just he was just mad. You know, somebody hit his nephew, Rasul Allah. And he came down with a, you hit my nephew. Yeah, punch them on the head, now Muslim too, but you're going to

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have problems as well. Cool. Allah will guide in different and unique ways. And so when we, when we talk about the word of Allah, there's nothing missing in the word of Allah.

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Is that you know, because and this is, this is the key point that I want you to take away from this passage. There's a difference between decent people and wretched people.

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A decent person, when they don't see results. When they do work, and they don't see results, who do they blame?

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themselves? A wretched person doesn't do the work. And when they don't see results, what do they do? blame everybody else society, the weather, the economy, the stock market, you know, a bird flew into a tree. There are all these reasons why I failed, but not because me all these other reasons. There are students like that I've had to do not the wretched human beings, but they're terrible students. There are students who when they mess up, they are so hard on themselves so so hard on themselves, and then I tell them, Oh, actually, I give you the exam from next week. We haven't even studied this stuff yet. That's why you messed up. wasn't your fault, but they're blaming themselves. And then

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there are students who you tell them this is on the test, please study it here. You know what, I'm gonna give you a test study ahead of time go find the answers. And I'll even give you the answers. Maybe John just take it

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and then they fail. And then they say, I don't know the curriculum is just not effective. And

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the government you know, Trump administration is really getting to the that's that's why Arabic grammar is becoming hard.

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What do you think prophets do when they preach their message and people don't listen, who do they blame?

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They start blaming themselves. Because if you're trying to make to give an analogy, and the prophets deserve much better to give you a lower analogy, if you're trying to make a sale and you didn't make the sale, maybe there's something wrong with the salesman or there's something wrong with the product, one or two.

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Allah azza wa jal and these ayat, What does he do? First of all, you have the wrong customer. That money stolen all the wrong customer.

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And second of all, there's nothing wrong with this product. There's nothing superior to this product. This is from the highest of Heavens, color in the hearts Kira financial ACARA fee Sophie mocha Rama, more 14, more 14, elevated, high above and by the way, this is a strategic, every wording here is strategic, it's actually it's communicating a subtle message. If you go back first of all, it's reminding you, meaning the arrogant one also needs to be reminded where they came from. I think they've forgotten where they got how they got into this position of power. And what's the Quran gonna do in this surah it's gonna remind them where they came from. It's coming. Hey guys, you

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just watched a small clip of me explaining the Quran in depth as part of the deeper look series. Studying the Quran in depth can seem like a really intimidating thing that's only meant for scholars are Javed WBNS to make deeper study of the Quran, accessible and easy for all of you. So take us up on that challenge. Join us for this study the deeper look of the Quran for this surah and many other sources on Vienna under the deeper look section

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