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You're listening to the productive Muslim podcast season two episode 10

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Assalamu alaikum productive Muslims. Welcome to the show. I'm your host before marriage, and I am here with Episode 10 of the pre Ramadan boot camp. Now can you believe it's already been 10 days into this boot camp and that means, and that means we're just 20 days away from Ramadan. And so in saying that, I want to make sure that this boot camp is going in the right direction for you that you are benefiting from this. And so I want you to help us do this by answering a few questions that we have for you. You can post your answers on our show Notes for this episode. So that would be productive Muslim podcast.com slash s two e 10. So that stands for season two, Episode 10. And the

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question is, are we want to ask you first of all is what's going well, in the boot camp so fast? What do you like about it in particular? The second one is, what do you think needs improvement? And finally, what's one thing or topic that we could cover here that can make your bootcamp experience even more better? So let me know again, by going over to our show notes for this podcast, what's going well, how we can improve and what's one thing that can make this even better? And the shownotes URL again, is productive Muslim podcast.com slash s two eatin along with that let us know how your challenges are going. How did you go today on your challenge that you set for your your

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spiritual, physical and social part of your life so let us know how you went with that. That's all for me today. I'll speak to you all again tomorrow inshallah. Until then, remember, work hard and be sincere