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Santa Monica, I pray this finds you well, I'm blessed. Today I'm in a cutlery kitchen. It occurred to me that the Khatri women are invisible from their own story. And they choose it that way. And that is something really hard for us Westerners to get our heads around, some sisters have given me permission to meet them. And for them to tell you their stories and their way of life, share some of that with you.

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I'm going to try not to turn into David Attenborough here, because there is a propensity for Western, even a Muslim like myself to come in and go here today, we examine the lessers, 14 cancer every woman in her natural environment, and be really patronizing. So what I'm going to try and do is let these incredible talented women tell their own stories in the hope that you will have a flavor of something different, and a new way of looking at them or some way of life as a catering and adding value to our country. By the way, my. My field is, I'm working as an commercial analyst, so we can do whatever we want. I think that we have our freedom.

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For us, I go with the Abrahamic books, you know, the people of Abrahamic faith, okay? That

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a homosexual relationship to women, a man and a man and a woman and a woman is sinful.

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Is the society free from sin? No, there are sins similar to you know, alcohol,

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drugs, murder. However, for us, as Muslim society, and I think my sister zero degree, Islam looks at the well being of the society, if the individual will harm the society, that individual needs to be called out. Okay? I don't think the modern Western society had that value. Being a Muslim, being different. Being a Christian, I think if we're going to go by the book, this is prone upon, and it's a big sin

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is there's no way that we can lead

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the Christianity being a Jew, or being a Muslim, right, or a man or a woman or any given pay.

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Now, what this putter asked out of them, they simply said,

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he cannot show public affection, that's about it, they're free to do whatever they please behind closed doors, and we're not here to say that we don't have some of them within our community. It is there it is, we will have some of them, Allah knows best. But if this is happening behind closed doors, the private business and it's not up for us to do

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they uphold the individualized, the individual, right, and even if that led to the destruction of the, of the society, and we are seeing now, you know, I think the West has the glass home, they don't start throwing stones at others, you know, you know, broken families, homelessness, homelessness, I think, and you know, that whoever you are, with a man and a man, when a man or a woman or whatever, it's illegal to stop, it's a law for us. And our laws are derived from our religion. This is the source of our laws. And they came for laid the football not to do any advertisement. And so the XFL was a you know, he had a statement, I think, for legitimate reason, or

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oppress people. And he was, you know, prosecuted very hardly by the media and he was under scrutiny for quite some time Yeah.

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However, we are humans, you know, we love humor, we love love, it's part of our religion, you know, it's, you know, smiling on each other face is an act of charity. So, for us, we are very laid back very,

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you know, easygoing people and I think everybody who visited Tata, and I'm seeing loads of YouTube videos, people are expressing their gratitude, and they were surprised, you know, like, they had different perception from the media, the horrible media coverage that done over many, many years. And I think, you know, I don't know throw this out in the media. Try

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To scare people.

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I had no accommodation, I had to check out at the fan, the fan village, and I had to

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check out the fan village and I can't get into the next apartment with my mate Louis in two or 3pm tomorrow. And I had a beautiful Qatari man reaching out to me.

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His father and himself, kind of pick me up from the metro station and forth tonight, I am camping out in the Qatari desert.

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I've never just by a stranger

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what this Western media about Qatar, and also many need, and these people put me up. So it's one of the kindest gestures it's ever happened to me. I can't believe it. I think once anybody came and so how the country is and how the people are, they will go back home with a very amazing, it's been an amazing morning while Sharla

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with my Qatari sisters, unless you're married to a Muslim woman, or you're the child of a Muslim woman you won't get to know us. We have our laughter and our dancing and our tears and our joy in our private spaces with those we love and who love us. And today's video is a small taste of the personality of some people who are happy and if it frustrates you can't see us, then I hope you'll look at that into yourself and think about really what privacy means love your message

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that there

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is a real cultural moment of our culture there. Where are my shoes?