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Quran Tafsir/Explanation – Juz Amma


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The history and meaning of the title "theorical antays" in Arabic is discussed, which refers to worship and slavery. The speakers emphasize the importance of understanding the meaning of " Easter" in the context of " Easter" in the Arabic language and emphasize the importance of respecting laws and community. The segment also touches on the history and meaning of the Henny fee and its use in various cultural and political settings, including immigration, citizenship, and housing. The speakers stress the importance of achieving stability and happiness in life and not fearing the future.

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publish it so grievous in the world all of that melissani poco de Waal hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam O Allah savion ambia masa de la de la he was a humanist and division that he lived within Allahumma dynamin home amin alladhina amanu, Amina saw the hot water was open up, whatever sub sub me Nana banana mean, we reached the fifth ayah of Sultan Vienna the first four ayat as I mentioned at the beginning, are some of the toughest ions in Tafseer studies. novolin What of Ceylon as Mr. miletti says in terms of their sequence and structure, and also in terms of their interpretation, we dealt with some of those difficult issues before but now we're moving on to the

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latter half of the surah and inshallah tada making a logical connection with what already proceeded first and foremost, we said in the last I will matter,

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the majority will be unit or

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judgment. Rather, the people who are given the book didn't fall into disagreement until after the clearest proof came to them. We talked about the reasons of falling into disagreement being insincerity, arrogance, the urge to dominate as a less as bohemian by you know, home. Now, how do you What's the opposite of this corruption that's on the inside what was supposed to be on the inside instead, Allah azza wa jal in the next ayah gives us an essential summary of the entire thing. And this is one of the beauties of this surah You know, its name is absolutely crystal clear, but the enemies that were just crystal clear, and one of the things this book this surah does, it

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summarizes the teachings of the Quran, the mission of the messenger, Allah, Hassan, Hassan, and the entire purpose of the book into one small statement, and that's the statement we're about to study. Well now, and what, if any, if anything, were they commanded in larly under the law, except that they fall into worship of Allah. That's number one. Before we go any further, I know I've talked about this sometimes before, but this is something that deserves attention and should be discussed thoroughly. So we're going to spend a little bit of time on it. The concept of Riba from a linguistic point of view, we're not even going into the full, you know, discussion, one of the most

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beautiful discussions on Ibiza is actually compiled by a Miata Hema hula who talks about the five conditions of being a slave of Allah, I'll at least highlight those five things, but for now inshallah Allah some some other issues, commonly a bad idea Buddha law so that they worship Allah, the English translation says worship, the key term is worship, we have to address the gap between the Arabic word Leah Abu or Avada, or Yabu or even in the Fatiha ear canal, boo, the gap between that and the English word worship because there is a gap. And if we don't understand that gap, sometimes there's a gap in our understanding, you know, if we don't truly fill that void, then

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there's something missing in what we're, we're reading from the Quran. The word worship in the English language is very specific. It's used for particular acts of worship offered at particular times. And worship is specific to specific religions. So for example, the Christian has his own mode of worship. The Muslims have our own mode of worship, Jews may have their own mode of worship. Hindus may have their own mode of worship. But if you ask somebody who speaks the English language, what comes to your mind when you think of worship, what images pop in your mind, the images that will pop in their mind of somebody kneeling, somebody falling down somebody, you know, at a church

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at a synagogue, these are the kinds of images that crop in the mind right and because

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translating from Arabic to English, we have to be careful about the words we choose. And the images they conjure up in the minds of the people who speak that language, right? The word Allah in Arabic includes the meaning of worship, but it has another distinctly separate connotation also, and that is that of slavery. So what is a, you know, a rabbit is a worshipper, but it is actually a slave. What's the difference between a worshipper and a slave? And actually, if you you know, in English, actually, at least there's a huge difference. They may not have anything to do with each other. Somebody who's worshiping may not be a slave and somebody who's a slave may not be worshiping, they

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could they could be two mutually exclusive things. But when we use the word ibadah, in Arabic, we actually combine two concepts together that of worship, and also that of slavery, these are together. So when we say about when we translate the IRC in India, the Abdullah, what were they commanded? Except that they should worship Allah? Then we're missing the other hand, we're missing the other half. That's that's implied. That's meant, but we didn't capture it. Okay. Now, what's the opposite of odd? In Arabic? It is about the antonym the linguistic antonyms it is. But um, there's two things right. It could be one who is a slave and the one who what worships Also, I've been in a

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larger sense of great worship. Or, if you think of it in the mean of meaning of slave, right, then the opposite in Arabic is,

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if you think of it in the meaning of worship, or than the opposite of Abbot is in a. So there's two antonyms, one from the meaning of worship and other from the meaning of slavery to separate up antonyms. But both are implied when a light uses the word in verbal form in nominal form as a noun as a verb, both of those meanings are meant. So the first thing I want to do, I think everybody here is pretty clear about what worship means. I want to clarify some things about what slavery means. So that we have a little bit more comprehensive view of the end of the term as it occurs in Nepal, and in general, because I am taking the time to explain this because, as I said, this ayah represents a

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summary of the entire Quran. What were they told to do except, and then Allah says, Li Abdullah, so they may become a BA de la so they may enter into slavery of align worship. The first thing is slavery is different from worship, because slavery has no time associated with it. Worship is at a certain time, at a certain place, a certain activity but a slave, when is he a slave?

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When he's sleeping, he's asleep. When he's awake, he's asleep. When he's eating, when he's not eating, when he's changing his clothes. When he's working when he's on vacation. He's always asleep, asleep. So slavery is a state of being. While worship is an act itself. You understand? Someone can be a worshipper at certain times, but they're not always a worshiper. But a slave is what always say, they're always the same. That's one huge difference between the two. The other thing sometimes to be politically correct, some people translate instead of slave, they use the word servant, or humble servants, I'm translations off of the word, servant, which of course comes from the English

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word service. Right? And even service is, is you know, you're a servant at your company. If you're an accountant, you serve your company, you're a servant for them. Servant could be a janitor, a servant could be somebody working a job. But in any of those scenarios, service is a given take. It's an exchange. It's getting louder and louder.

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Hello, oh, wait.

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Thank you. Okay. So service is an exchange, I provide a service, what do I expect in return to be paid a service and also services specified if your services, you're an accountant, you cannot be asked to wash the windows, unless the economy's really bad, right. But usually, if your service is one thing, you know, you're not asked for anything else. But in slavery, what do you ask to do?

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Everything that the Master says, everything that the Master says you have to do, right? So it's totally different from the idea of service, and significantly different also, from the idea of worship, both of those things are separate. That's the first issue with slavery. The second issue is slavery is as it is understood. In the world. Slavery is never something you want to enter into. Slavery is usually something forced upon you. Worship is something you do voluntarily but slavery is never voluntary. It's always involuntary. No, but you could apply for a job as you know, in a service, you could be in a certain service industry and apply to become part of that service. But

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you don't apply to become what you don't apply to become a you don't apply. Give me an application and see I love taking beatings and I love change around my neck. And you know, you don't do that doesn't make any sense. The one who is in slavery would want nothing more to be free of that slavery. That's the nature of slavery in human history. So it does conjure up negative images. Because of those negative images. Though, we cannot abandon the term and stop being true to the text. We have to still

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The truth of the text while still fully explaining the concept. The thing is in this slavery who's the master Allah, and Allah is nothing like his creations, he's far above his creations. In every other slavery, another human being is the master. Right? another human being is the master. But in this slavery, Allah is the master. And since Allah is completely different from all of his creations, when he is the master, he's a different kind of Master, a kind of master that no other master can be like. Even in the Fatiha before we call him Rob, what do we say Alhamdulillah. Here, Rob, we say Alhamdulillah first, which means we praise Him, and we show him gratitude first, no

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slave, no master is praised. No master is shown gratitude, except a lot. Every other master is cursed. Every other master is complained about but a lot before he even tells us he's master. What does he tell us? and humble enough? Right? It's a different kinds of master. Which means if he's a different kind of Master, we must be a different kind of slave, you understand so far? So now what is this concept of slavery that we're getting it? Every other slavery is coerced, it's forced, but this slavery is willing.

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You walk into this slavery, you accept the slavery yourself, even in fact, yeah, he didn't say or

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enslave yourselves, worship and enslave yourselves. We said, EOC Anambra we declared it we we enter into the slavery and worship you have you only. That's essentially

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what we said. So now this is the uniqueness of Allah mastery is that we enter into this slavery willingly, and we enter into it willingly. And secondly, that this slavery instead of being based on anything else, the primary drive, the primary driver of this slavery, instead of the master, being hated is that the master is loved. It's a different kind of slavery. What were those five conditions that I was referring to before, the first of them is actually love that to be a slave of Allah, you have to love the law. You can't be considered his slave until you love him. And what that love means is everything else you love, must be less than the love you have for Allah. And every other thing

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you love must be dictated by the love you have for Allah. So you cannot love your wife or your children or your family or your whatever. Unless that love is stubborn. It's underneath. It's in submission to the love you have for a lot. That's the first condition of slavery. The second is obedience. You know, another attorney must look and female, certain harlot like the messengers so solemn, there's no obedience to the creation

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in wild disobeying the Creator, basically, okay. In other words, we can obey them, you have to obey your boss, you have to obey traffic laws, yes, you have to obey other things. But none of those obedience is can exist while you are in disobedience to a law that obedience comes first. That's the second consideration, consideration of the law, slavery. So the first one was love. And the second one is obedience. The third one is sincerity. And what what that means is, everything you do is you do it as a slave now, it's not some things you do as a slave. You know, if you're a worshiper, only Salah is for a lot, everything else is for you. Right? But if you're a slave, what is everything

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for? Or who is everything, everything's for Allah, everything. Your job is for the sake of Allah, your families, for the sake of Allah, Your Worship is for the simple everything for the sake of Allah. But when you just think of yourself as a worshipper, you only give one part of your life to Allah. You don't give the whole thing to Allah. So Allah teaches us in no four on in solidarity or new Suki, Rama, Rama Murthy, Linda, Delilah me again, my prayer belongs to Allah. It's for his sake, my sacrifices for his sake. My life and my death are also for his sake. You know what that means? Practically? it practically means that when I make career goals, when I make family goals, when I

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make business goals, what is my ultimate agenda? What's my, what is what are these things for? They are for the service of my master. It's a change of attitude. So even most Muslims today, when we look at the IRS, when a lawyer calls us to become his slave, what do we reduce it to most of the time, we reduce it to worship, he's asking for something way more and something huge. It's something tremendous. So we've got we've got three conditions so far, what do you have? We have love, obedience, sincerity, our motives are now directed by Allah sincerely for the sake of Allah. And that's going to come up in this ayah. Then two more. The next condition is trust. The lucquin we

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have to have trust in our master. By the way, these five conditions which scholar did I say? It means I mean, this these five conditions of slavery, right? You have to have absolute trust in this master. Whatever he does, you have to trust is good for you.

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Whatever he gives you is good for you. Whatever he didn't give you he didn't give you because it's good for you. If you've got something, it's from Allah, it's a gift. If

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You didn't get something. There's also good in that you have absolute trust Whatever may happen, whatever may occur. It is because of a loss decree in Luffy, kitanomine, camellia Nevada, Nicoletta Salama Fattah con la Franco, Nevada, simple,

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you know, whatever he may give you so you don't become sad over what you lose, you don't become overjoyed over what you gain everything is from Allah, your telecoil is placed your complete reliance and trust is placed in Allah. So this man, this slave does not put his trust in means you don't trust your car, because it's a reliable, reliable company. You don't trust your family, your trust in them comes from who, from trust your expectations come from Allah, not from your family. When you place your trust in creation, you will always be disappointed. When you place your trust in Allah, nothing will disappoint you, nothing will disappoint you. So this is trust our code. And

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finally, it's the terms of slavery, which is a very interesting concept. The terms of slavery means you know, in every relationship, there are terms, the teacher and the student, there's a relationship, there's a relationship. And in that relationship, both parties have certain responsibilities. In a parent and child relationship, again, both sides have certain responsibilities, don't they? employer, employee, both sides have certain understanding, you have to come to work at this time you have to leave at this time, you'll be paid on this day, this is how much you will be paid. Do this Don't do this. There's terms, we understand that the terms of the

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slavery are not dictated by us. We understand that the terms of the slavery are dictated by him the master? In other words, what does it mean to be a good slave? that definition doesn't come from me that those standards don't come from me. I cannot think for myself, I think I'm pretty good slave. I think I'm doing all right. From your own assumption. You can't do that. Those standards of what makes you a slave and what makes you a rebel. those standards are dictated by him and you have no hand in them. You have no say in them. This is the problem of most people and their relationship with God even if they'll tell you I love God to man you Muslims you love God, we love him too. I

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love God. Well, how do you please him? Whatever my heart tells my heart tells me this is good. That's why I do it. That concept doesn't exist for us. Why not? Because who's dictating what's good and what's bad? allows already put the fitrah inside of us Yes, but what's dictated is it comes from the master these are the conditions of slavery. And this is the essence of this Deen in the end what is this guidance about you become slave you accept Him as master. That's the essence of Quran in the end that is the the juice of the matter. And it is this concept that is nowadays being separated or not being understood in line with worship. These are two separate things. So in my recommended

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translation of Allahu Tada, Adam, they were not commanded except that they may fall into slavery and worship of Allah. That's that would be at the very least what I would have to translate the ABA law with. Now we come to the next part. mostly seen Allah has been making the religion the deen sincerely for his sake. what that implies is and level is McAdams is Jarrah materialism Hakata which means only and only for him, that they would make this Deen sincere. It implies that there are those who do worship Allah who do become slaves of Allah. But they don't make the religion sincere only for him. They do some things for him some things for themselves. And this is what the previous is

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talking about the previous previous I talked about people who were given the book, they had knowledge, but they fell into disagreement. Why? Because there was some EIB worship Allah we pray to him, but there should be some of our ego in there too. I deserve some some things to and this again, I want to put it in practical terms. What are the implications of of this, especially those who serve a lesbian people who volunteered massage, or MSA or Islamic organizations or organizations or things like that, when we when we volunteer our services for the sake of Allah, then oftentimes headline makes us lose our sincerity and makes us fight each other. And when we fight each other,

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you know what gets challenged our egos. And when you start disagreeing with others based on the elevation of your ego, your sincerity is gone. You're not doing it for online anymore. Who are you doing for you doing it for yourself? And even when you leave? You know, a lot of times what happens is your worship you're doing it for the sake of Allah you're helping out you're volunteering, you're doing this and that nobody appreciates you. Nobody appreciate it. Nobody says a word of thanks to you. Or they even insult you at the meeting or they're mean to you and you say I don't want to be at this machine anymore. I don't want to be at that organization anymore because they don't appreciate

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me because they were mean to me because this or because of that. Why were you there to be appreciated?

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Did you join this did you put these hours in Who are you expecting to get paid from were you expecting that your salary is going to be people will say Mashallah really nice guy. Where your well your expectations from people or your expectations from a lot. Right? These are a pretty good pretty good gauge. This actually happens to people who take the mic This is very scary for myself and you know for all doorknobs and speakers.

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And scholars, when you take the mic enough times and you speak publicly a lot, most of the time people appreciate what you have to say. But sometimes people don't. Somebody comes up and says, I think you're wrong. I think you didn't do say this, right? This is absolutely incorrect. You're misguided, you're deviant, you're this, you're that and the other. When you get used to being praised all the time, and somebody comes up and starts going at you, especially publicly, you know what, forget it. I'm never speaking again. These people don't appreciate me. You know, Who does he think he is? Etc, etc. Listen, the when the messenger spoke earlier, his thought was around the

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ultimate dining. When he spoke most of the time, he wasn't praised. Most of the time he was criticized.

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Most of the time he was ridiculed, and not some light criticism that I respectfully disagree with you. I don't think that the seed is this. I don't think that Have you finished this way? The things people would say was, you're insane. You're a liar. Right? They poke fun at him. These are the kinds of insults that are hurled at a messenger and look at his sincerity he doesn't expect from them. He expects from the law. He expects from the law. So well now let me know in any applicable law allowed in this very hard it's easy to recite and say yeah, sincere for the making the deen completely sincere to him. Allah, even look at the story of it, please. It's crazy. This kind of worship to

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love for how long you know, you read the narrations. He worship the love for a very long time. And even when he disobeyed a lot over what Allah said in the diamond from the halifa is not the case. Allah was going to send a slave on the earth, who was going to basically obey Allah azza wa jal. He's fighting for religious recognition. He wasn't gonna get paid money. Why did you refuse this? This honor? What this What was this? What did this honor have to do with wealth? power? What did it have to do with all it was was an honor Allah had given what are called carbon atom? And what's this acronym? What's this the cream of any atom that they get to be alas leaves on this earth? That's it.

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And he's fighting over that. So religion can be a fight for recognition. And that happens sometimes within the religious ranks. This was a disease of bunnies are in and unfortunately, that virus has made its way like the H one n one into our community to it's coming to the Colossus is challenged, and the people of knowledge are the people that fall into disagreement. And so the cure the disease mentioned in the fourth ayah, the cure mentioned in the fifth one that American Latino tokita the people who were given the book didn't fall into this agreement until after I came and then the next I a woman in the Lucha meclizine Allah de una

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una de la beautiful, a word of luggages, an adjective to these meclizine calling them Jennifer and Hannah, who are made an anabolic state comma, one of the root word means to incline away from misguidance towards uprightness, and being straight and remaining committed and not being distracted by any other distraction. Another word related to it in Arabic When you manipulate root letters, then similar meanings are created. There's the word Hana and there's the word jennife. So what's the only thing that changed how to gene right? That's the opposite who are making a comma in the colon. That's that's when you inclined towards deviation, walking away from the straight path walking away

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from good goodness. The word Hanif is used in in many, many it's been interpreted in many, many a hadith will just suffice by narrating a Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam birth to be Hanafi at a sign that is somehow I have been appointed with the religion that is solely dedicated and it's straight and forward and it's easy and it's easy to follow. Right and this is this is the attribute given to Ibrahim alayhis salaam because he was solely dedicated to Allah nothing would distract him and his dedication to Allah which May Allah give us this this Henny fee and make us money?

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Will you be able to Zika and that they should establish the salon and give the Zika so this is basically this is the essence of the deen that's always been there from the from the very earliest revelations to now what is the core of the deen become a less leaves established prayer gives? That's it and the way the other might look at that is that nominate Mr. That is gonna nominate as the Gonzaga is given to those who need right so when is your service to align the other service to people all sincerely for the sake of Allah in the end. So it's it's summarizes the entire religion and then Allah concludes with Luca De Luca Yama and that is now Dino Kima literally would be

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translated the religion of the way of life of Ultima de establish the firm. There's an oven between them there's an lafa but sometimes in the Arabic language when there's a law like this, there there's actually in an adjective situations it's actually muscle cifa in the face of antibodies I know if you don't know Arabic grammar this sounds a little confusing, but that's the point make you feel bad a little so you start studying some Arabic inshallah. That's the agenda.

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Anyway, the you know, the the the truly established religion that's one interpretation. Other scholars say there's the word Milla implied here as much. So what are the cardinal military kashima so the middle is understood, this is the religion of the established nation and by saying that Allah azza wa jal is implying that this the this Deen will have victory in the end it will be and those who do this, those who fulfill this will be on top if not in this world definitely in the next, definitely in the next they will be the ones that will remain and be they have something firm, same route Allah azza wa jal makes a challenge to people of the book from karma and karma, right? Less

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than Allah shake it up. Let's demolish a heterotopia metadata linji are people of the book you have no basis you have no justification for your existence until you establish seem to be able to establish this is the established religion had the theme autodata when indeed until you establish it a lot and the revelations that were given to you.

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Before we move on inshallah tala Another thing I mean a beautiful thing about this ayah which is a summary of the religion. It begins with what's going on inside his laws, and moves to what is outside Adama to Salah Ito was aka our entire Deen is that cleanse you clean yourself on the inside and it naturally manifests in what is on the outside. Remember before this law we talked about different kinds of people and they have different things inside. Right this Deen what it does is make sure the inside is clean. And then the outside behavior manifests a dino cold environment in a Latina woman as well. kitabi will mushy kena Finnerty Johanna McCauley de la ecohome, Sharon Berea,

00:26:44--> 00:27:22

we're coming to the conclusion of the solar and the solar is tying itself with what it began with. It began with lemmya Cooney Latina Kapha Roman Kitab well mushrikeen It began with the discussion of those people and how they weren't going to separate among themselves that discussion we had. Now for those who even after elvina came they want to stay the way they are. They want to stay in their Cofer whether they belong to the people of the work or they belong to the people who did chip. What's their fate fee knotty Johanna they are and will be in the fire of hell. jahannam is a Persian word. It comes from the origin of it is Jonathan which means torture chamber. Okay, and because it's

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some elements brought from another language, that's why it doesn't take us forever in Arabic. Anyhow, phenology ohana mahalo, Vina fee ha they will remain in it. Hold in Arabic is to remain permanently somewhere. So they will remain permanently in it. hula ecohome chavon Berea those in fact are the ones that are the worst and the most vicious and the most the nastiest shadow. Anybody Yeah, barrier comes from Bara in Arabic, which literally means to bring something into existence, but here anything that exists would be counted under buddy. So Allah is saying those who disbelieve whether they belong to the people of the book, or they were from the machinery of the Arabs,

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they are going to be in the fire of hell and why so because they are the worst of all existence. They are the worst worst of all existence. Why what would make them the worst of all existence? It is because Allah had given them and bayona Allah gave them no such a proof from which you cannot counter you have no justification for leaving it. And they still left in their cover. Even after the clearest light, clearest proof came to them. after the tsunami De La Jolla, Tucson hamata hurricane to them. They still wanted to end up in Cofer. Nobody could be worse than these people. So these are Sharon Berea, on the other hand in the Latina airmen who want to study hard, without a doubt those

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who believe where is the man inside, while I'm evil saw the heart and acted righteously? Where's that? On the outside? First the inside than the outside? Isn't that in the previous discussion too? There was a clause first and then it comes to light as the same concept again. So now, Elon is in Imola, Xena. homina, homina Sani hot hula ecohome. Hi Ron Berea, by the way, in the beginning of the ayah, sometimes Allah says enter, sometimes he doesn't, in as a good indication of the audience in nine Arabic is used, of course, perfecto QID. It's used when the audience at hand is in some confusion, they're not sure. They're not sure. So they have to be given certainty. So you know,

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Allah speaks with the audience in mind, you know, and you get a good insight into the audience, by the kind of language Allah uses. So the audience here is those who needs to hear this is for sure going to happen. This is not some, you know, some casual thing. Get the doubts out of your head is an utter shock. Get it out of your mind, this for sure will happen. These are the worst of people and they will be in hellfire. These are the best of people will not ecohydrology Yeah, those are the best of all existence, jazz, and r&b him their pay their award with their Lord with their master from the beginning of the ayah. We already learned the slave of a lie does not

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expect to get paid until with a law. Okay? They don't expect pay here they expected with a large surgeon he they know already in the law has taught me meaning and for some while on the unknown agenda, the reward isn't here, the pay isn't here the pay is there. And they're happy with that. They're happy with getting paid there. They'd rather not just enjoy it a little here and then nothing there. They'd rather get it all there. So their expectations historically one of the conditions of slavery that even taymiyah Rahim Allah mentioned that's being applied here will

00:30:36--> 00:31:20

be him. Gen two is an integer at the gardens of either one of the higher places in Paradise, tragedy min duck the head and heart at the foot of which rivers are flowing. This even this description comes so many times in the Koran right doesn't even touch the head and heart Jannat all the time in the Quran. But we don't stop and think about it. When to stop and reflect? What is the law offering us? You know, to this day, I've traveled so much of the United States. And I've seen the same thing the richest households, the most expensive houses the most prime real estate, guess what? a swimming pool, a nice lawn, gardens and water. beachfront properties, Riverfront properties. It's an it's a

00:31:20--> 00:31:57

human obsession, or manor house like that. When you go on vacation, where do you go, you go somewhere that has a lot of nature, a lot of jetnet and you'd really love to go somewhere there's a waterfall, or there's a river flowing, or there's an ocean. The water is an obsession, people go to vacation to go see water, people see Niagara Falls water falling, right? It's an obsession in the human mind. olara xojo tells us things you know, I bring this up because some intellectuals who think they're intellectuals claim the Quran, you know, gives motivates people towards things that are primitive it was talking to a bunch of desert people, of course, he told them what gardens and

00:31:57--> 00:32:17

water because that's what they didn't have, right? They didn't have gardens and they didn't have water. So it's just talking to these primitive Arabs. It's not really talking to the sophisticated philosophical mind, because we would require something higher. You know, if they're that sophisticated, then how can we even in the most modern of times our obsessions are still garden and water to this day, to this day.

00:32:19--> 00:32:57

So Allah gives us he's offering us what we wanted all along. You know, and as you get older I've noticed this as people get older, they really get into gardening right they love taking care of their garden there's this thing of older maturity to enjoy you know nice nature to take a walk in a park and enjoy the garden and you know, serene environment around you. And this is this is a desire that builds inside people no matter what culture what religion, Allah knows who he created, and he offers them this but he can't have it yet. You gotta wait. Right and not to touch it even touch the hand and half. This time he says Holly vena cava they will remain in it permanently, but then

00:32:57--> 00:33:07

without end permanently. The word abandoned was not used for hellfire. But it is used for gentlemen. This has led to some confusion with some people

00:33:08--> 00:33:28

to places in the Koran this happens that for Jelena we get a burden and for now we don't get it and this is one of those places the other places so tabon surah number 64 there are very few scholars in our history that had a certain sharp opinion. It's only fair to mention it because it includes heavyweights like even taymiyah himself Rahim Allah

00:33:29--> 00:33:33

who actually believed that the Hellfire it will eventually come to an end

00:33:34--> 00:34:13

and eventually we won't be there anymore. Chennai is permanent but not is not permanent. This is a very rare opinion. This is not the majority opinion of course, but it does exist so it's only honest to mention that opinion that exists what was that opinion based on? It was based on these two citations in which Allah mentions Abba done with with with Jenna, but doesn't mention it with now so this is a very rare opinion but it does exist. How did the majority of scholars understand it though? First of all, in the entire Koran has other than being used for Hellfire to Yes, but then has been used for Hellfire also, but from a rhetorical point of view, the purpose the way the style

00:34:13--> 00:34:38

of speech is something else is telling us something else. You see in the Quran sometimes Allah explains Hellfire more and paradise less. Sometimes he explains paradise more and Hellfire less, there's different proportions. When they're equal proportions, they both get over them or they neither get equal. When one is given more information than the other than the wording is more elaborate than the other.

00:34:39--> 00:34:59

This is the case here. If you look at the first is in Mendocino cattlemen as in kitabi well machete kena phenol Johanna McCauley, Deena ecohome sorry. But yeah, what if other people have hellfire. If you look at the the, the seventh and the eighth, I have the slot in the livina amanu. I'm gonna study hard with ecohome syberia when I A ga

00:35:00--> 00:35:04

Be Here, Jonathan, Jonathan, even tactile and our caldina fee.

00:35:08--> 00:35:39

And then ABA is in there too much more detail given to the people of Paradise, when more detail is given to one group more wording is used for that group. This is part of the style of the Quran. Okay, so that's that's the justification of Avada. Here. Nonetheless, we acknowledge that that that that opinion does exist. Anyhow. Now we're up to the part Holly Dena fee, how about that they will remain in it permanently, again, something that speaks to human nature? Why does it speak to human nature? We want nothing more than permanent residents.

00:35:40--> 00:36:18

Right? And so I'm not talking about immigration, but that's included. Right, or, you know, citizenship, or you don't want to rent What do you want to do? You want to own you don't wanna just own you want to pay it off. So generations from now, it's in your family, it's not just yours, it's for yours. For generations, there's this desire to want to have what's called stability. You want stability, you don't want to be if you're a young man or woman, or you know, especially young men, they have a good job, they're living in an apartment. salary is good. What do your parents always telling you, buy a house, buy a house, buy a house, settle down, they're telling you to settle down.

00:36:18--> 00:36:20

Allah says here, you can settle down highly enough, you

00:36:21--> 00:36:52

can remain in it permanent. And this is amazing housing. Because there are no bills. There's no maintenance, there's no plumbing, there's no electrical problems, right? There's no HOA dues, nothing. How did you know that without any of the strings attached. And this is this allows gift to us. And you know, when you compare it, whatever Allah has to offer an agenda. When you compare it to whatever you have in dunya, you will see how the Nia fails. How it feels the most beautiful home, it gets dirty.

00:36:54--> 00:37:33

Right? It has to be maintained, it starts falling apart, it starts getting boring. It starts to crack starts showing up. Things happen. But those homes have been a fee ha Avada the most expensive house you are living in it financial troubles came you couldn't pay property tax now the government steps in. Right? Something's always there. It's never totally yours. It's never totally but like saying, This is totally yours. What an incredible motivational luggages. So it's the, the essence of the dean in one ayah. And the essential motivation, I'm giving you a house, the essential motivation in the other eye, which is at the at the heart of every human beings desire. At the heart of every

00:37:33--> 00:37:42

human beings desire. there's a there's a desire for a nice house, every one of us has it, it's pre programmed, we can't even find it. And those of you that are younger, don't think we'll have it I'll talk to you in a couple of years.

00:37:43--> 00:37:59

See, same if it's not there before it kicks in later, but it kicks in and you can't even help yourself. So a lot so it just speaks to our nature. Then he says the ultimate gift this was the small gift by the way. The ayah is going to get bigger the bigger gift is coming out of the Allahu anhu

00:38:00--> 00:38:04

Allah will be satisfied with them. Allah will be pleased with them

00:38:05--> 00:38:46

this is the this is almost promised to those who simply did what Yeah, the Abdullah Hamas Messina Lucha de fauna up masala, musica one ayah basically a transformational if you fulfilled that Allah is happy with you, the master is happy with the slave and all the Allahu I'm home. And unlike any other slave, what I'll do and who and they will be completely satisfied and pleased with him to the law in Arabic means to be pleased with someone to the point where you have no complaints. You have no issues, everything, you're totally happy with them. You wouldn't want it any other way. There's no room for improvement. I wish you did this to know it's less completely happy with them. And they

00:38:46--> 00:38:47

are completely happy with

00:38:49--> 00:39:05

your kids even are never completely happy with you. Even when you buy them stuff. Right? There's always something more you could have bought for them. Your wife is never completely happy with you. their husband's never completely happy with you. Your parents are definitely never completely happy with you. Right?

00:39:06--> 00:39:45

But this alliance Allah will be completely happy it's an incredible gift. This gift makes you forget about the house and agenda and the gardens because a lot you know you've built it up you're thinking about this nice house Let me tell you about even a bigger gift. And then imagine the way a lot will be gift you you will be so happy no other thought will come into your mind even the most wealthy person when they get everything they want. There's always something empty man what I want I want something more. I'm bored. Lou I'm completely satisfied with him. And then at the end of this surah is something that ties to the beginning and we conclude that he can Eamon hashirama who that is for

00:39:45--> 00:39:59

the one who truly feared haha haha is in Arabic, the fear of something greater than yourself. That's what he has different from South Korea is the fear of something greater than yourself. That is for the one who truly feared his

00:40:00--> 00:40:01

Master fascia,

00:40:02--> 00:40:39

the one he worships and the one he is a slave to the sutra began with a discussion of how the world was fragmented moon fokin. They were not going to the world was not going to be brought, you know, these lines were not going to be drawn until elvina came, we started in the beginning talking about how when this revelation came, this revelation that came down in the night of power, how powerful the revelation itself was that the world was divided into the people of that in a halo line, everybody else. The world was divided. But who are these people who truly feared their master? We said this in the beginning, I'll just reiterate it and I'm done. The you know, the word one fokina

00:40:39--> 00:41:19

and the first ayah let me aqualine Latina cafaro mean as well. Kita kena Moon Sakina heterotopia one Vina inficon in Arabic, in fact, all of them, like I said, when when you're when your bone is in the place in your shoulder, and it's this located, that's called in, in fact, lavon the bone is dislocated because of weakness, it's a painful dislocation. This is the image given of people who said that ilaha illAllah, and disconnected themselves from their ways of Cofer and shift before Islam. It wasn't easy because their families were doing and their society was doing the same thing for 1000s of years, sometimes hundreds of 1000s of years. their citizenship, their respect, their

00:41:19--> 00:41:52

dignity depended on their religious identity, and they walked away, they dislocated themselves from their religious identity. When Vienna came when this true reproved completely undeniable proof came. This is because they did not fear what's going to happen in that society. They did not fear that they're going to get ridiculed, whether they were Muslims from Persia, whether they were Muslims from India later on in Islamic history or the Sahaba themselves in the prophets like they didn't fear when they disconnect themselves from the Society of Kufa what will happen because who did they fear more? If they didn't fear the society who were they fearing that they did that? Then you can

00:41:52--> 00:41:53

even haha.

00:41:54--> 00:42:13

So it's connected with what came in the beginning, that in peacock would never have happened, that separation would never have happened, unless by people who truly truly feared their master. May Allah azza wa jal makers of those who fear they're masters of panic alarmed Moby Dick, the Chateau de la ilaha illa Anta Mustapha local and to avoid echo Samadhi