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Quran Tafsir/Explanation – Juz Amma

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lemmya Cooney levina. co founder amin kita be well mushrikeen mo. Fact kena had to moon benina also known

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law yet

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he had

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one that I thought was called levena una kita. But in

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the man

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mukbang Nina

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in boom, la hermosa. Nice Nina, Deena una

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when you think

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like a caddy, you know.

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Naveen I mean, I mean kita b1, mushy kina fi.

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fi feanor region Mr. Ford, Eb nafi.

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In Calhoun, Sheldon Beringia

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in Edina.

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E Calhoun.

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Rob b hingegen.

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g, d,

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f, d and

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f d and how often enough we have

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all the young law who I know whom well although and then can even fashion yarrabah

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from Bishop, SLE, MD, Dr. Missoni Hokulea Welcome to the lay of the land I mean, was salatu salam, O, Allah Ashraf al anbiya evil mousseline while early he was happy when minister Nebuchadnezzar he will be Dean from Nevada. salaam aleikum wa Taala. Here we are after a couple of weeks of break, engaged in the study of social begginer the two previous solar social ilok dealt with the subject matter of how revelation began, the very first is a corrupt Bismillah beacon levy hanoch how revelation began SoTL kata right after that dealt with the subject matter of when it began in Zanna houfy, later to this is the third surah in that series, and now we're going to study what is the

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essence of revolution? What is revolution itself? What impact does it have? Yes, it came down in length on color, but What impact did it have? Once it came down? What is its essence was, what's its central message? What is it in and of itself? And what power what what reaction happens? Once the revelation comes, the first three or four out of this surah are considered some of the most difficult so as I add, intercede, according to many, many more facilities, and we'll actually read some commentary of them of assuming about the complexity of the first part of this little, I pray that I'm able to clarify some of these issues, and walk you through them and myself, inshallah,

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tada, you know, it's good. We had two weeks off, because I was perplexed for two weeks just studying the first ayah. So it takes a long time to grasp some of the content concepts that are here, they're very deep, and the questions that arise from them are also very deep. But once we do understand them, or at least understand some of the central issues in them, the benefits are profound. The benefits are really a, you know, they're very, they're, they're full of wisdom and insight, just these few words of a large religion. And that's the nature of Quran you know, the IOD can be very, very simple, very easy to understand, anybody can get benefit from them. And at the same time, this

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book has IR that can, you know, perplex Mufasa known for generations, and there could be debate about just a word or just an idea. So it's very simple at the same time, and it's very complex at the same time, and that's the miraculous nature of this book. So first, I'll walk you through a rough translation of the first ayah and then inshallah inshallah we'll get into some issues in to see, let me actually let the NACA for Roman as well. kitabi will machete kena Sakina, Tatia who will be the people the people who disbelieved belonging to one of two groups mean Al Khattab from the people of the book, those who disbelieved from the people of the book, while mushrikeen and from

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those who did share

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They would not have or they would never become separated when fokina. One fokina is really the word in this ayah. That makes it difficult. That's the word that that gives it complexity. And that's the word that comes under lots and lots and lots of discussion. There are essentially two ways of understanding that one word, one is those who disbelieve from the people of the book, and the people who are associated with a lot of the people who do * would not have associated separated themselves, when *ing to separate, to cut oneself off. That's one meaning. The other meaning is to discontinue doing something, you know how you say to somebody cut it out, stop doing it, they

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wouldn't have stopped doing something until had to humble Vienna until the clearest proof came to them. I'm using a simplistic translation of albena saying the clearest proof, we'll get into a linguistic analysis of that in a little bit. So the two possible meanings of an element fokina is the people who cut themselves off the people who separate themselves. And the other meaning is those the people who stopped doing something that they were continuously doing. You're constantly doing something and you stopped doing it, and you'd never do it again. You quit it. They weren't about to quit it until albena came. But the question is, Allah didn't mention what they quit. What is it that

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they stopped doing? Until the revelation came? And that's the question that you don't have grappled with until this revelation came those who disbelieved from the people of the book and the people who committed ship. What is it that they were not going to quit until this revelation came? What what are they going to separate themselves from until this revolution came? So this is the question the first major question we're going to grapple with inshallah Tada. Just a little bit of the meanings of In fact, according to Mattila de facto Quran by Abdul Rahman and Killarney, he says, It is similar in meaning from into to stop doing something. So that's similar to the meaning I told you

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before, then *in a car, this is used the same route for calf and calf is used for separately freeing a slave, you know, a slave is caught in a relationship with their master or in prison, even a prisoner and they're set free, they're there, they're separated, they're cut off, right? So that's another meaning of infotrac. Then in fact, callosum is used, that's a very interesting word to be painfully separated, meaning you know, when a every bone is in its joint, but because of weakness or because of an impact when it gets moved from its place, it's not an easy removal, it's a painful removal, but it's separated from where it used to be. Right a dislocated shoulder for example, would

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be in fact album in Arabic, okay, so they it's painfully separated from what it used to be. These are the linguistic meanings of moon fossil, Moon kata. Other similar words in Arabic moon awesome, to be separated from to be cut away from to be divided up to be chopped up. These are the implications of the word. In regards to the surah there's a strong difference of opinion of them of a Citroen, whether this is Madani or Maki, one group of one group, one person will actually comment in their commentary that the majority says it's Maki. Another group says the majority says it's funny. So it leaves the reader really confused. If the majority says it's Makita How can the

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majority say it's more than you but some of us you know, they comment on either side. So we're kind of left in the middle. When we turn to the opinions of the Sahaba. We also find similar confusion. We find for example, two conflicting narrations coming from the same Sahabi ignore bustle the Allahu taala and Houma. He in one narration says it's murky in another he says it's maddening. But interestingly, the one when he says it's McKee is the one that's mostly taken. That's the one that's mostly accepted. So the other one, perhaps there's some weakness in the narration, Shadow the Allahu taala and has very, very strong in her opinion that it is murky. And really, that's that's in the

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end. My personal slant is on that because the thought from the Sahaba seem to indicate that the surah itself is mucky. The reason some scholars say it's maddening is because it's taught it's talking about the people of the book. And you all know that the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam came into real interaction with the people of the book, not in the mucky Sierra, but in the Madani life, right in the mothering time of the prophets life, some of them. So it's because of that a lot of scholars have pine that this is, in fact another nice flora. But from the language we can also conclude not necessarily that it's money, but even from the language it could also be late

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McKee in the later McCann period, there was also a lot of interaction with the people of the book. So right so does like circle Esra so to have to deal with the people of the book or monkey surahs right. And they come up later on in the monkey Sierra before the before the migration. Also.

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Then in regards to that, that comment I wanted to share with you about how difficult the first I are Collin, what do you forget, I've been busy. This is I'm quoting from Emma, Lucy, and many other norethisterone commented on reiterated this quote from shekhawati has the hill Iam in SRB mapping or analog EME novolin. What I've seen this ayah is the most difficult of what is found in the noble Corrado, the great Quran, in terms of its sequence and structure and also in terms of its interpretation will cut the Hubba coffee hockey borromean for that matter.

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It has caused a lot of great confusion to a lot of greats heavy hitters, heavy scholars are great among the scholars. So what is this complication that we're talking about? What makes it so complicated? It doesn't seem like it's all that complicated when I translated it to you, the people who disbelieved that belonged to either the People of the Book, or the people who did ship the idolaters. in Makkah, they were not to separate themselves until albina came, they were not to cut themselves off until and be in a cane, right? Or they weren't going to stop doing what they were doing whatever that is, we're going to mention in a second, until Albion I came so what is it that's

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so complicated about it? Let's look at it. First thing, most profesyonel comment that they weren't going to stop their ship until the revelation came

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in for kena and cofra him and shakey him and bollati him that they were not going to discontinue their practices of association with a law of disbelief of ignorance of misguidance until the revelation came and corrected them. But then the problem that occurs is the word hepta. The word hatten Arabic is used much like English, but it's a little stronger than it is used in English. For something that was not the case until a certain point and then it was the case. For example, if I say to you, in simple language, if I say to you, I didn't eat until five o'clock until I had that, okay, and I didn't eat until until being the Arabic word that I didn't eat until five o'clock. You

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know what that means? I did eat after five o'clock. So if the ayah is saying they didn't disbelieve until revelation came, they didn't stop their practices they didn't abandon their ship can recover. Until revelation came, it wouldn't necessarily imply that after revelation came, what? They abandoned those practices, they didn't practice those things anymore. They left them but when we study this era, the revelation did come but did they stop? Many of them stopped, many of them didn't. So then how do we understand this? Ayah when Allah said they stopped, Allah says they stopped when we look at history, we say that they didn't stop, they didn't stop. So that's the first

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major problem that Mufasa don't have grappled with in this ayah that's the one we're going to deal with first inshallah Tyler.

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First and foremost, we're going to look at a comment made by a machete, who, again, I always mentioned his his belief system is a little different from the other sanella jamara. He's a more fuzzy scholar, but his linguistic analysis is still taken by us and no one tomorrow and it's almost a gold standard in the grammatical and syntactical and linguistic analysis of the Quran. his take on it is something very, very powerful. And it's something very different from a lot of other Mufasa rune when understanding the complexity of this ayah but let's hear what he has to say. He says that a lot as origin in the first ayah is HCA and McAfee him meaning that he Allah is actually

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elaborating the stance of those who disbelieve Allah is not speaking from his point of view. He is elaborating the point of view of the kuffar in the first time. Now, how do we understand that? What he's saying is these disbelievers are they're saying that until a very clear proof comes to them they will never leave what they're doing. Is that what they're saying? It's almost as though the first is put in the form of a question. Let me akuna novena, follow me Nikita, when we should Akina one *in had to who will be here until this billionaire comes they're not gonna abandon their shirt and not gonna abandon their practices. Is that the case? And he cites as evidence other places

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in the Quran where this challenge is made by the people of the book and also by illusionary code. Let's look at those challenges in sort of Allah Emraan. The people of the book that came to the messenger and said, I live in a condo in Omaha, Elena and Minelli, Ross hulan had di T and Abby Corbin into coluna. We are not going to believe in a messenger until he took a promise from us. We should never believe in a messenger until he brings to us a sacrificial animal. He sacrifices an animal and then a fire comes and takes that animal away from the sky. A fire comes and eats up that animal that will be a sign that Allah accepted that sacrifice. Okay, until that happens we're not

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going to accept as a messenger that will be our proof. So when Allah says in the beginning that we're not going to leave their gopher until they saw a proof. The machete says perhaps they were demanding a proof like the one day demanded and sold on Amazon. But Allah didn't just mention this demand from the people of the book the ISS mean lol kitabi will Misha Misha de kena mushrikeen also when you look at certain slot you find a cannula numina locker Hata to laminate on the ambu

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we're not gonna accept what you're saying until a spring comes out of there sand a water you know water spring just gushes out of the sand in the middle of the desert. If that happens, you're definitely a messenger. Then they added out akuna lock agenda to Mina feelin whiner when you keep offering agenda in the next life, how about this if you can produce a garden in the middle of the desert

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Made of palm trees and all these things, then yeah, I guess you are a messenger. That's what the most frequent challenge would to the messenger slice on them. But to find zero and how rafina lahat of JIRA, then how come you just don't make rivers upon rivers flow in the midst of this desert, it's pretty hard life it will become easier for us and it will become easy for us to accept that you're a messenger also. And then you keep talking about how you know a level defense descend from the sky and this revelation comes from the sky and the sky is gonna crack open. How about this alto status? sama kamasan Tanaka seven How can we just how about this you just chop cut off a piece of the sky

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and bring it down? How about that? So these are the kinds of demands that Michigan had made and this in their thought was big enough this to them by no means approve that you cannot argue with a proof that is so clear that there's no room for argument left. So as Alex said, his opinion is that the first idea is not actually a like giving a statement of fact, but Allah azza wa jal narrating the point of view of the kuffaar that's what he that's the way he was looking at the first time. Then the second IRR sudo min Allah here to sort of Amata hora is Allah's response, you're not gonna believe until this clear proof which you cannot argue it until that comes you're not going to leave

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your ways. But if that that way has come What is that clear proof or assume in Allah, a magnificent messenger sent from Allah. Yet loser Hoover Mata hora, that recites purified scriptures v Hakuna Yama, in which there are established books established laws good that can be understood as soon as here also as laws in this ayah. And we'll get into those a little bit later. But first, the opinion of them actually, overall, what he's saying, what what point is he trying to get across, others didn't accept this opinion, other had a different take on these ideas. Now let's understand what that other take is. Basically the word min is also a key here. The word mean in grammatical

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grammatical studies can be called min Ilya with BOD like bounds and also mean by a knee. And this makes a huge difference. Those who disbelieved from the People of the Book. Now that from could mean that those who disbelieve the law all the people of the book disbelieved only a small portion of them disbelieve the rest of them believed. So by men, we're learning that are not all the people of the book were disbelievers. That's one way of looking at it. This is called the idea that's only talking about a fraction. But though the other is men could be an elaboration. Those who disbelieve that belong to the People of the Book. In other words, all the people of the book disbelieved,

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though some scholars took this opinion and others that opinion. In the end, Lucy and others who did elaborate research on the subject, in the end concluded the stability the In other words, we can't say about all the people of the book that they all disbelieved. This was talking about a small group from among them. So the IRA as a whole isn't also talking about everyone. It's talking about a huge group of people in the world that were so committed to their tradition, but something Something has to be very, very powerful to take these people who are in their coffin, and to take them away from that gopher, right. You know, so the way Mohammed Al ghazali explains this opinion and history of

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seed, and also what's been translated into English, you should get your hands on it's very nice writing, it's called thematic study of the Quran. And he explains the following. He says that, look, you have people that were in their tradition of sharing, and you know, idol worship and the misguidance is of the People of the Book for generations, centuries, if not millennia, they've been doing the same thing for a very, very, very long time. So it's easily understandable that they're set in their ways, right? They're very, very set in their ways. When people are really set in their ways, something very powerful has to take them away from that. You can't just take it away, remember

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the word in fact, I told you like a bone in its place. And it's a very painful thing to move it from its place. It's people are set in their ways like that. So a lot is over that says they would never have left their shirt and their cover and they deviation, those who disbelieved in these two groups, they would never have left until something really powerful. What does that really powerful thing.

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Until that came, they would not have left that tradition. And so kinda like if you, if you study the seal of the messenger, sallallahu alayhi, salam, and even early Islam we see this ayah come true. In the seat of the messenger Elisa Tucson, there are people who have been wishing the moon for generations, and then they left it, they left they immediately left it and they left it for good. It's not even like they were going through a phase they left it for good. And on the other hand, as soon as Islam spread spreads to the Persian Empire, the Roman Empire, these are also nations that have held on to their false religion for many generations. But all of you know the the impact of

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this video this proof was so powerful that it was enough for them to be separated from their own legacy from their own tradition from their own nation. They were separated and separated in a way that could never be reconciled. Again. There was this conclusive separation that happened, and it could never have happened until something so powerful that can cause such a separation. Can Can can do that. So the previous law says in that and

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I now feel a little closer and one of the meanings of others power, the night of power in which this Quran was revealed. And in this sort of the power of this, but on that it's separated entire nations, nations that were one way people that were one way it made them separate from those ways. And this happened, this became a global phenomenon. And you know, as Islam spread, this ayah becomes more and more and more true. So you, for example, when Islam spreads to the subcontinent, in India, right, and in sub spreads in that region there people have been Hindus for 1000s of years. And then there's the incomes and they're separated and they're separated in the way that they will never go

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back. They will never go back to those other ways. They completely got separated from those ways of cooking. So this is the second way in which this has been interpreted, but then there are some other minority opinions and we'll go through them also inshallah Tada. Some, actually an elaboration of what we just already studied for sada de la mikuni La Cienega for one month Akina and gouffre him. Hatha Yoga Shakti says, Yes, the meaning would be they would never have walked away from their gopher until Bina came, they would never have abandoned and separated themselves from their gopher until bayona came so that from their COVID is the part that's not mentioned in the ayah. But

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understood. Similarly savani says, he says and so forth, he says Amen. For Selena woman, the woman tahina, Allahu Allah, human akufo to human cajetan wahiba the above the Harada he explains albena as a Pooja Allah, He says they would never have distanced themselves from their tradition, their legacy, their coffin, until something absolutely clear approved, that was absolutely clear that couldn't they could not they could not contest with came. But then even kisaan has a very interesting unique defeat of this ayah Lakota Ireland with a very unique take take on this ayah you know how Allah says they would not have left but he doesn't say what they would not have left that

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part what they would not have left. He attributed this to the people of the book and says they were very committed to their book, and they claimed it to be true. And they used to when they used to fight with the machinery, they used to say to them, we have a messenger promised in our books and when he comes you will find out because Allah has promised him victory. Okay, so the mission This is mentioned in sort of Bukhara by the way that they would fight against the Missouri cone and they would lose people of the book would lose against fighting against Michigan are much tougher fighters. So they would lose when they would lose they would say we have a prophecy in our books

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that a final messenger is coming and when he comes victory is guaranteed. Right? What can we expect the hoonah Allah Latina cafaro Those are the words in Baccarat they used to impose that they will have victory against the disbelievers because the promised messenger is coming for them nyjah Morocco, then what they already recognized the one thing they used to boast about was what this messenger when he came to be here they just believed in him. So he's saying they were very they were holding on to even their own book, and they would not have let him go until ironically until after the clearest proof came to them. This was the time to hold on to their book. This was the time that

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they abandoned even their own book. This is the opinion of Eben key sound very interesting take on the ayah then finally inshallah Tada. Now we get to the heart of the matter is very heavy stuff. You know the word Allah Xena cafaro those who disbelieved Lamia, Quran, Latina cafaro Allah, Xena Kuru is not used just for anybody. It's used for someone who rejects the truth. Go for in the Arabic language means to deny, it means to reject. So what did they reject? Allah is calling them alexina cafaro even before the revelation came, usually Allah The NACA for those who disbelieved is used after the revelation comes, the revolution comes then you accept it or then you rejected if you

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accept it alladhina amanu if you reject it, Allah Zina cafaro. But interestingly, in the ayah and livina, the terminology of Allah Zina cafaro is used even before you had data to Vienna that that happens later until the clearest proof came to them. But even before that, they are called alladhina cafaro. So we have to understand that in a little bit more depth, what gopher is this? That happens even before they were in, they were exposed to the revelation. You see the word Kapha in Arabic also means to bury a seed deep into the ground. It also means to bury a seed deep and put it in the dark to put it in the dark. Every society until the revelation comes and gives them light they are in the

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dark. They are in the dark with the blue mat and in the darkness is of you know how Allah says you've reached your home in Abu lumati in a know he brings them out of darkness into light. What darkness is that? It's the darkness of comfort it's the darkness of denial of not knowing the truth Okay. Now, what I want to share with you in light of this is an interesting reality about you know, all societies.

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in every sense, no society is all bad and no society is all good. Right? Even the worst society has some good things in it. You could say this the the period before the messengers arrival some a lot more and even send them the the time of the the

00:25:00--> 00:25:37

machete Koon they had a lot of bad habits but they had some good ones too. There was some good in them also. And even among criminals like a Buddha hub and Abuja had horrible people like that. On the other hand, at the same time you have people like Abu Bakr Siddiq living in the same society, or Piven, nofal, who didn't take much time in recognizing that Mohammed Salim is a messenger, in fact, right? These people were there too. So there's good and bad mixed in every society. The first thing I'd like to do to help you understand the concept of the surah is to help you by means of dividing people up into categories. We're going to make four categories of people, there are four kinds of

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people in a society. When it comes to a call for any man, we're talking about a society in which revelation hasn't come yet, no messenger has come yet, they're just on their own. But there are four kinds of people. There are people that have goodness on the inside, and it also shows on the outside, there are decent inside there. They're kind, loving, humble, honest people on the inside. And their honesty also shows on the outside. That's one kind of people, even before Islam, abubaker said the formula is a great person on the inside on the outside. Another example, like I just mentioned, what type of NOFA even before Islam.

00:26:12--> 00:26:45

Another example in there kind of people are people that may have good on the inside, but it's covered with a lot of layers, they got a lot of baggage, because of the Society of ignorance in which they live, some of that rubs off on them. So when you look at them on the outside, you don't see a good person, or you wouldn't think there's any good on the inside. But actually there is an example of that are a couple of examples of that would have to be people like comes out of the Longhorn, who are rhodiola han who is good inside. But if you see them before Islam, you wouldn't think there's anything inside, you wouldn't think this is a nice person. But there's still some good

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on the inside. So there are two kinds of good, you know, people that have caring and good on the inside, people whose good you can clearly see and people whose good, you cannot see, that's two categories. Now, here's the third category. The third category are people that everybody likes them.

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People think they're great. But actually inside them is arrogance and greed. And they have they're very corrupt on the inside. But on the outside, they show the world that they're very, very good. And an example of that in the seal of the prophets, selection of them is Abu jihad. People love this guy. They call them mobile hacker. They used to take his advice, they thought he was a wise leader. He was just he was fairly they give and he was very brave. He was brave in battle, he was known for a chivalry. So they thought it was good on the outside. But we know what was on the inside. Right? It was corruption on the inside. So now we have three categories of people making it simple, good

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inside and outside both. That's one good on the inside, but not so good on the outside, that's true, then there's good on the outside, but not a lot of good on the inside. That's three, and then there's the worst of the worst. There's no good inside, and there's no good outside. And the easy example of that in the seal of the Prophet selection is Abu lahab is filthy and corrupt on the inside and filthy and corrupt on the outside, right. So you've got these four categories of people. And they're all living together. They're all in the same society. Right? These different categories of people, I'm simplifying here, they're all living together, they're not separated from each other.

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They're all together. When bayona comes Alva, you know, when the revolution comes, when this messenger comes, this messenger is forceful enough, and this message is forceful enough to now separate between these people. And it makes it very, very, very clear who is actually good and who is actually bad. So people like Luba, Casa de Colombia, Allahu anhu, and honorable hottub are on one side. Why? Because they had goodness, we're on the inside. And people even if they looked like they were very good, they look like they were very good like Buddha, or may have a lot of power like Abu lahab they became separated and cut off and they were on the other side. Because like supposes that

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there was no good we're on the inside. This is something nobody could have known. Nobody could know what's going on inside. The only thing that comes in clarifies that in in that society is the revelation that was given to Mohammed Rasulullah sallallahu sallam. So when fokina the fact that they weren't, they weren't separated. T In fact, in Arabic comes from NCI which means a verb that is intransitive, the action happens to itself. So within themselves, they became separated. With in and of themselves, they got cut off, that society got compartmentalised who caused what caused that compartmentalization. It's this revelation, it's separated people into camps. Now to understand this

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powerful concept even more or less as insightful and fan he says the your head can haka.

00:29:35--> 00:29:59

So truth can come forward as truth and falsehood can come forward as false, it should become clear. So it should become absolutely clear that as bad as it looks on the outside, there is good inside him, let it come out. Let it become clear that he's actually good. And as impressive as a Buddha had maybe let it become clear that there's no good on the inside, it may become clear. So les has an another explanation of the same concept, Leah alikom. And how

00:30:00--> 00:30:04

Like I'm the same word. While you're here, man, hey andina are in

00:30:06--> 00:30:47

Panama. So the one who gets destroyed should get destroyed on account of on the basis of the clear proof. He truly deserved to be destroyed. And the one who gets to live and enjoy blissful life gets delivered based on the clear proof and bayona. And so this, this revelation came, and it distinguished and clarified people, the other importance of separate what's the importance of separating people? Why can't they just live right along alongside each other? First of all, every other religion? many religions have coexisted. The biggest example of that is the Arabs, so many different gods right, in the same era, and everybody's got their own God, are they all they don't

00:30:47--> 00:31:19

all worship the same God, they all got their own idols, but they're all hanging out with each other. Everything's all good. It's a pluralistic society in which what you could call there's freedom of religion, you worship whatever you want, I worship whatever I want. It's all good. Right? That's, that was the idea. And we're not gonna say that your religion is wrong, and mine is right. You do whatever you want, I do whatever I want. And I won't even say anything about your religion. That was the idea very much like our society today. But a lot didn't just send a heritage or a family tradition or a culture, a lesson to truth. And be and that is the truth. And when you have

00:31:19--> 00:31:54

convincing evidence, when your side has evidence that shows that the other side does not have evidence, it starts becoming offensive to all the other religions. Because a lot of them just say you can become Muslim and everybody else don't say anything about them. Allah starts attacking chick, Allah starts attacking people of the book for hiding the truth. Allah starts going after them, because the truth doesn't get scared. It's offended by falsehood. It comes after it, though Koran is very uncompromising, very unforgiving. Right. It's very even offensive to the people who were holding on the ship, though, it is extremely offensive to ship. It's very offensive to ship. It

00:31:54--> 00:32:28

goes after them, even calls them stupid Monaco, and how do you make your decisions? ufological Why don't you think? What kind of why don't why can't you even think you know how you humiliation ship How humiliating chick is, so this baby and I came, and it's separated people, and it's separated, because whoever accepts this truth cannot live alongside just quietly live alongside falsehood. They just can't do that anymore. They may have been able to do that before. I'm a good person. He's not such a good person, but it's all good. I won't even say anything. But once this revelation comes, they have to open their mouth and separate themselves, just like the messenger himself had to

00:32:28--> 00:32:31

separate himself. Well, yeah, you know,

00:32:32--> 00:33:13

he had to separate himself, Allah commanded him to. So now if you go further, you find what the benefit of the separation is. A lot of destruction will fall upon those who don't accept this truth and allows help will be in the favor of those who accept this truth. But Allah does not set Allah does not punish until the those who hold on to the truth are separated. He destroys the one who are on falsehood, but if they're all mixed together, then you can destroy them. So you find this in the Quran, Allah azza wa jal says, Mama couldn't do more IDB nahata never Asada. We will never wants to destroy until we sent a messenger because when a messenger comes, people get separated. Similarly

00:33:13--> 00:33:15

even to the messenger he says, Well makine Allahu

00:33:17--> 00:33:36

Allah would never be destroying them alone would never be one to destroy them while you are among them as you are a member because you're the one to separate them once you're gone now the filthy are truly exposed and they deserve to be destroyed. One final idea just to make this concept clear, again that belongs to sootel and fan. Allah says the Amiga Liam is a local hobby

00:33:37--> 00:33:38


00:33:39--> 00:33:42

for your Kuma who Jamie on fire, Gianna. houfy Johanna.

00:33:44--> 00:34:18

So let me distinguish the the filthy from the good, like the filthy people from the good people even right, and then he may pile all the evil up in one place. They may have different evils, but a lot piles them separately. Like the messenger says, I'll go through militant wahida this belief is one nation they can have different faces. It could be communists Zionist, this that the other could have all these different phases. But in the end COVID is one thing it's just one falsehood. So Allah says young Kuma Who is he piles it up you mix all pile of just prefer on one side. It's like you know, when you're cleaning and you pile all the filth on one side, you groom it to one side, that's the

00:34:18--> 00:34:56

verb that's used here. Right? So this is one fokina had data to human beings. They were completely cut off separated within the within their own ranks. They were just flourish anymore. They were alladhina amanu. And under the NACA photo, they weren't just the Arabs anymore. They were the tribal lines disappeared, family lines disappeared. The only line that was there now is La ilaha illAllah Muhammadan rasul Allah, either you're on this side of it or on that side of it. That's that's what the unit did. That's the falkon. That's the criterion, the separator that came. Interestingly, the word Bina comes from Bana ubu which actually means to put distance between two things literally, and

00:34:56--> 00:35:00

bayona. It came clearly the separate two groups clearly for me.

00:35:00--> 00:35:36

Other clearly separate them from each other. Then interestingly the word you know something about the Arabic language the root letters of Arabic, the letters have features. So, when a word in Arabic begins with the letter fat it usually has the meaning of separation and cutting up fat to open it up 5g Falak right. So similarly you have words like 5g, right these these open pathway 5g 5g open pathways cut it cuts two sides of the valley apart, right so the letter in and of itself implies this separation and this cutting up from within

00:35:38--> 00:35:40

now we get to the next the second

00:35:41--> 00:36:22

you know Allah says invasion of the clear proof what's the what's the explanation of what that clear proof is? And assuming Allah he had to suffer from Mata Hara we're gonna read emammal illusio Hola. Hola. Well, the ina to Allah Allah, Allah Allah Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. The Allahu fene fc Heba unitron Raja when he della casa Maharaja Manila, pocket foster Allahu soprano who had the hibino l Joomla, pico de la jolla, pico de oro Suleiman Allah He, for so this ayah itself is proof. Allah says until the clearest evidence didn't come, they would not be wants to separate themselves. And what is that clear, clear evidence the messenger himself but the ISS two things, one

00:36:22--> 00:37:04

is aluminium lahi yakusoku fan, a messenger from Allah. And by the way, dasun has been weaned This is for MFI to lasma instead of seeing the Rasulullah we normally say Rasulullah, right. This is also we don't mean Allah, it separates and puts it in vinos food. This is mofetil Alma, okay, magnificent messenger from Allah, you would have to translate an awesome messenger from Allah. Yet Lu that reads on to people suffer from low taharah purified scriptures, this is, so this two part thing, the messenger and the message, when these two come together, then you have beginner, then you have albena This is a very important concept in Islam. Islam is not just theory.

00:37:05--> 00:37:10

You know, you can have a theory of philosophical theory and idea and you say this is the truth.

00:37:11--> 00:37:20

And we say in Islam, that's not enough to have an idea is not enough. If the idea is actually truth, and there's good in it, then it should be something you can implement.

00:37:22--> 00:37:27

But in and of itself, a theory or concept isn't good enough, unless you see it in action.

00:37:28--> 00:38:03

And this is the biggest obstacle to the Dharma of Islam in our time. You can show people the proofs of Islam, you can show people the wisdom of Islam. But when you look at the practice of the Muslims, it undoes all your power. And it's undermining all the data of the Muslims, their behavior, their behavior, or if the book is saying all of this and if your religion is so good, how can your own people don't follow it? How can your own people don't live by it? How can you people aren't as honest in business as you your books as you should be? How come you don't treat your women the way your book and the Sunnah of your messenger says you should treat them right. But in the end, the

00:38:03--> 00:38:45

point of the heart, the heart of the matter is a clear proof. a clear message is one that in theory sounds convincing, and in practice, it can be observed. Now that's absolute proof. So Allah xojo says the absolute proof isn't just for on it's sort of tsunami, Allah here blue. It's some magnificent messenger from Allah who is reading onto you, or who's reciting circle fermata Hara purified scrolls in scriptures. That's what he's doing. So this is the first thing combining the messenger and the message into one. And this again, this is the ultimate hurdle to the dogma of Islam in our time. We invite people in theory, we give them a pamphlet, we give them a book, we tell

00:38:45--> 00:39:22

them listen to a speech, watch this video, all of that is what all that's theory, all of that theory that is empty unless you have what practice until they see the behavior of the Muslims until they see the honesty of the Muslims until they see how the Muslim treats their neighbor. Until they see how the Muslim deals in business until they see that then this is just one side of the picture. That's not enough. That's not real dharma. So Allah azza wa jal makes it clear that you can not separate the messenger from the message. The carrier of the message should reflect the teachings of that message, being good good orator, a speaker or writer. That's not enough. That's just one side

00:39:22--> 00:40:00

of the coin. The other side, our speech must match our action. Lima taco Luna Matata alone. Why do you say what you don't do? When accidental call Amanda in Allah wa Mila Sally, who could be better in speech who calls to Allah and acts righteously? Allah combines the two as he does in this amazing IRA. And of course it was also Allah her name send them his character is exalted in another places for Susan column Allah says, Allah Allahu lukin. His character itself is you are committed to an incredibly ethical character. That's an that's an exaltation Allah gives to his messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. The next riddle in this is really beautiful and powerful.

00:40:00--> 00:40:44

Is the words yes Lu SoCal fermata hora. He reads, he was Delilah to read, to narrate and to read and to follow along. Literally the lava also means to follow because the reader follows the line on a page. You know your eyes follow the words, right? That's why the word Tila is used. The same word is used for the sun following the moon. Okay? So this is this is, you know, what Shamsi comedy that tenaha, right? The same verb is used. I swear by the moon as it follows the sun, just like our eyes follow text on a page. But the riddle is the messenger didn't read. Allah says he's reading. But we know that messenger Allah Sato Salam did not read. He did not read he did not know how to read. He

00:40:44--> 00:40:53

was narrating onto people. yokoso Alico Yokozuna Anaconda messengers they narrate onto them the ayah so how do we understand this? This is a profound reality of our Deen

00:40:54--> 00:41:40

the Quran I say this often but it's good to repeat it. The Quran has a three step journey. The Quran has a three step journey. The first part of the Quran journey isn't no one muffle. It is in writing. It is with a lot in writing. Then from there, a lot of xojo tells us about this in South Africa, he says Kenda in Kela Mencia coffee so coffee mocha Rama Murthy, Mahara ba visa, Kira member, Allah, these this revelation that is coming to you this reminder that is coming to you is actually it started its journey starts over there is Sophie Mata Mata Rama in purified and noble ennobled scriptures that are with Allah that are in the company of the most the highest ranked angels and by

00:41:40--> 00:42:21

the way, those scriptures are very high metaphor I think mocha hora be at Sephora and the in the hands of the scribes and later on, we learned about them. They are also Kathy Veen they're writing they're writing. So this this revelation gets written down by the angels, that is given to jabril on a salon, then he travels down with it and brings it to the messenger sallallahu Sallam he brings them they bring the certified copy of the original law from the angel Gabriel brings it down to be read on to Jabulani arisa tomamos isonem by Gymkhana, his salon. And when this happens, we find in seductiveness haka, very beautiful explanation of the Prophet himself. He gave this explanation

00:42:21--> 00:42:35

himself, he says, to buena Calvi. It is as though when the revelation comes, it gets written on my heart, as though the revelation gets written on my heart. So when the messenger in this ayah is reading, where's he reading from?

00:42:36--> 00:43:14

He's reading from his heart. He's reading these purified scriptures that traveled all the way down, and they came were on to his heart can be carried Hakuna mean, meaning it came on your heart. So you may be from those who were convinced first. So from those, and by the way, we learn in different narrations, the heart of the messenger was purified, right? It was purified because the scriptures that we're going to be written on his heart after all, we're also purified. What are the words we find here, several fun tahara scriptures that are purified cleansed, the heart was cleansed. And the revelation that was put in it was also a cleansed revelation, a pure revelation. Now, beyond that,

00:43:14--> 00:43:59

Allah xodus sp how kotoba Yama in them in those scriptures were good books. But the word khudobin Arabic actually means gun laws, rulings, the word book, more often than not, is used in Arabic literature for law. It's not really used for book as much as it is used for law. And we'll look at some commentary of the Mufasa role. we'll highlight here the commentary, commentary of a show county of novela. Well, Murat, Elliott will come and mokuba so the the meaning is the scriptures came, and within the scriptures, there are laws. In other words, what it implies is there is more to the scripture than law. Law is in it. But law is not all there is there's more to the Scripture. There's

00:43:59--> 00:44:40

other wisdom in the scripture too. So you know how sometimes believers Muslims we do this, we reduce our Deen to just halal and haram. That's all Islam is is don't do this and don't do this. And that's it. That's all there is to it. But Allah says no fee Huck was in then there are laws in those scriptures that were given to the messenger RNAs latos law, there are laws but there's more to it than that too. Okay, but he's highlighting the laws and we'll see why in a little bit. inshallah Tada, Sophie Hakuna, Hema, then the word by Hema as a description of established firm, upright laws, laws that stand on their own pygame actually means that which stands right and that's something that

00:44:40--> 00:44:59

was crooked, it sets it straight to something was crooked and it sets it straight. And this is shown as the wisdom of the laws of Allah. The laws of a law in and of themselves are clearly upright. They are good. But their establishment doesn't just in and of itself isn't good. It takes all the crookedness in a society and it sets it straight.

00:45:00--> 00:45:40

These are the these are the benefits of the law of law. It sets society straight. So comerciais what is esto? Osaka in Arabic? You know Kojima from karma. When you make something stand when you make it right and you corrected you get rid of its fluff its laws. This word keytab just to show you more clearly that it's used in the sense of law. Allah says Khattab Allahu Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah Allah, Allah has mandated I and my messengers will dominate. In a hadith in Sahih Hadith we find the messenger saying, No, we ended up buying Akuma Nikita villa in the in the narration of rajim. The Messenger of Allah says, I am declaring, I'm making a declaration of over you, by the book of Allah

00:45:41--> 00:46:21

be Kitab in law, but here the book of Allah doesn't mean Quran the book of Allah means the law of Allah because legend isn't in the Quran. Right? So he used the phrase Kitab Allah to talk about the law of Allah. That's how we understand it. Similarly, for Allah says, Kitab Allahu Allah can the book of Allah meaning the law of Allah binding upon you. Similarly again, in Bukhara, when Allah azza wa jal talks about fasting and Chris loss, he says quotevalet como Seon, quotevalet communica sauce, right gudivada communicaton we translate that literally sometimes saying fasting was written on you. But what that actually means is fasting was made law binding law upon you. And this is

00:46:21--> 00:46:54

actually not that far from English literature. In English. Also, we say things like, you know, the judge threw the book at them. What does that mean? That means you use the full extent of the law against him. Okay, so I'm going by the book, I'm abiding by the law, right? I'm driving by the book, meaning I'm observing the laws of driving as I'm driving. So the word book implies legal jargon, even in English literature. Now we come to the next I this is absolutely beautiful. Well, the hora de la Vina ooh tokita 11 badie moja will buy ina but you know, in the beginning

00:46:55--> 00:47:35

let me akula Xena cafaro Vanessa kita well, machinery kena Monica kina Tata to Oman. Bina they were in the first ayah. Now in the third or the fourth, again, what matter for Kala Xena otaku Kitab in Lambada, Mangia Atomos. Well, Diana, this is a remarkable contrast a lot isolated by the way in the first I mentioned People of the Book and wish recall, he mentioned two groups, but in this I only mentioned people of the book he did not mention elementary school. So this is a special case in the middle of the surah. Okay, now what is this? What is Allah talking about roughly translated, those who were given the those who are given the book didn't fall into division among themselves, until

00:47:35--> 00:48:01

even after the clearest proofs came to them. The key words are main body, even after even after the clearest proofs came, they did no result happened except they fell into division among themselves. Most professors will comment that this is talking about the people of the book, especially the Jews and the Christians among themselves. And this beginner in this ayah is a previous messenger esala his center.

00:48:02--> 00:48:42

Allah is giving an example of historical event when he saw an Instagram came when Jesus comes, what happens to the people of the book that were one unity, they got separated, and they only became separated. Only after this messenger came, even after this messenger came, who was supposed to unite them, but what ended up happening was they became separated, they become separated among each other. So this is the first implication of the text. The second though, is an amazing contrast in this ayah it's a beautiful, beautiful contrast and this is, if you look at the first ayah Allah azza wa jal was talking about a journey from darkness to light. They used to be in Cofer until Bina came now

00:48:42--> 00:49:21

they are in light, blue mat in a no. In this ayah there is the opposite journey from light to darkness. It's the contrast, these people had knowledge they were given the book already. They were accepting of the truth. And when the messenger came when the clearest proofs came, they rejected it they fell into division. In other words, they fell into darkness. So in the first I was talking about the journey from darkness to light, this is talking about a journey from light into darkness. And this darkness you fell into this darkness even though you had knowledge. This is a very important and dangerous concept for the Muslims to understand. This occurs many times in the Quran,

00:49:22--> 00:49:24

well metaphorical inland in the magic

00:49:25--> 00:49:56

Valley and by no mean by any member of the major automobile overload so to shut us with REM runs with a Baccarat many places in the Quran, the same concept comes up. They didn't fall into disagreement until after knowledge came. They didn't fall into disagreement among each other until after until after the the clearest proof came. And sometimes plurals but not the clearest proofs, the plural of Vienna. Okay, so what is this disagreement? Allah is telling us as a social reality. religious knowledge is a weapon.

00:49:58--> 00:50:00

religious knowledge is a means of empowering

00:50:00--> 00:50:16

meant when somebody has a lot of religious knowledge, especially in older societies not so much thing, even to some extent, the cases the same as the case today. Don't even think of other religions just think of Islam. When someone has a lot of religious knowledge, they have a certain respect in that society. They have a certain status.

00:50:17--> 00:50:53

And we know when they have that status, they're in this public place people listen to them. People listen to them. And you know that knowledge is not a safeguard against character or having bad character, you could be very knowledgeable and still be corrupt. Just because you're a scholar, just because you know a lot doesn't mean that you're safe from corruption. Now, when people come to the person of knowledge, and they constantly praise them, and they put them up on a pedestal, is it possible their ego might start getting a little inflated? That's possible. And sometimes this happens. On the outside, it's the scholar, but on the inside, there's a there's a very arrogant

00:50:53--> 00:51:06

person brewing inside. But on the outside there is the facade of someone knowledgeable. And what happens to this person who's knowledgeable is when somebody else comes up, who has more knowledge, somebody else comes up that people started listening to,

00:51:07--> 00:51:40

they start taking attention away from himself. So what does he do? He starts attacking me the other, Don't listen to him, he's deviant. Don't listen to him. He's wrong. He's a liar. I'm telling you the truth. He's not telling you the truth. And the reason isn't that they want to promote the truth. The reason is, they want to inflate their own ego, they saw that this guy is like competition. The other scholar, the other, the other one is like competition. This actually happened to the amount of money in the scholars of Venezuela very powerful people used to listen to them all the time, we used to go to them for a fatwa, then Allah sends a Salah Hassan.

00:51:41--> 00:52:15

And he's honest, he knows the book better than they do. And he's calling out their corruption. He's calling them out on it. Now, the humble thing to do is accept your mistakes and go out and accept him as the messenger. But what did they do to protect their ego and to protect their status? What did they do? They came after him. And they fell into disagreement among each other. So Larissa was talking about the ones who supposedly have knowledge. The first I was talking about people have the book and wish raccoon Even though bouchercon don't have any knowledge. So the fact that they're fighting the truth, okay, at least they're, they're ignorant. But two people have the book, even

00:52:15--> 00:52:51

after the proofs came to them, even after knowledge came to them, because the preservation of the eagle, the urge to dominate, the other was so strong, they fell into disagreement. And by the way, we see elements of that even in the Muslim community. We see elements and fragmentation within the Muslim community, sometimes, this one bashing that one, this speaker going against that speaker, this group going against that group, and sometimes the agenda isn't holding on to the truth, the deeply rooted agenda that they're hiding inside his ego, and Allah knows, Allah knows a lot. So dimensions, so to show the very, that very reason that that motive on the inside, or metaphorical

00:52:51--> 00:52:54

element by the magic atomic unit does

00:52:55--> 00:53:31

have an urge to dominate one another for no other reason, but that they disagreed with each other and even after the truth, even after the proofs came to them. So here again, I'm not the Huracan Latina Udo keytab. The people of the book didn't fall into disagreement, until after the clears proofs came. That's ironic, the clearest proofs should make you want to lose your disagreements. The clearest proofs come so you get rid of the disagreements. But when the finished proofs King, they fell into the worst disagreements. Why? Because their motives were not to find the truth, their motive was power, their motive was ego. Their motive was other than this, other than since they

00:53:31--> 00:53:49

weren't sincere. If they were sincere, when the proof comes, their disagreements go away. But if you're not sincere, then disagreements come in handy they come into play. And now Now that you understand this, if you look at the next I will find sincerity. Well not entirely under the law, mostly seen

00:53:51--> 00:54:13

very next ayah talks about sincerity, because the root problem of disagreement among people of knowledge, vicious disagreement, not accepting is actually this lack of sincerity. Here's the final thing about this we already studied in the surah that they Hina is two things. The unit is the messenger and the message. But you know yasumi Novaya

00:54:14--> 00:54:48

this aura has taught us that the concept of the clear proof is two things combined, that cannot be separated. It is the messenger and the message. So when they fell into disagreement, they had to humble themselves to two things. They had to humble themselves before a messenger and they had to humble themselves before a message to things they were not able to do so so they fell into disagreement. Now, here's the thing, humbling before yourself, humbling yourself before a messenger of the law of the old law. So this is humbling yourself before a messenger. Doing that is very difficult when you see him as just a man.

00:54:50--> 00:54:59

He's just a man in life. Generally, it's hard for us to obey people that have authority over us it's hard. People generally don't like their boss. Nobody likes the police officer.

00:55:00--> 00:55:40

Right. People don't like government, it's whoever has power over you. You have this tendency not to see why should I listen to him. Even kids in college don't don't like their professor, man, he gives me 20 term papers. Whoever has authority over you, you have a natural tendency to not like that authority over you want to be free. But this messenger from a law comes, and he demands absolute authority. Unless you're truly sincere to Allah, you will not be able to overcome your ego, you will end up saying Why should I listen to him? He's just a man. I don't have to listen to him. I'll just I'll just obey the revelation. I won't obey Him. I'll take her on, but I won't take some that have

00:55:40--> 00:56:15

you heard that from people before? I will take her on. But I don't have to take the Hadith of the messengers. I won't take the Sunnah. You know what that is? That's in the ego. Why should I listen to this man? I'll Okay, I'll take the message for myself. What What are you doing? You're separating and Vienna. And Vienna, according to a lies both together. It is the messenger and the message. So on the one hand, they refuse to humble their ego before a man and on the other hand, these are the same these people have the book, when they got the messenger out of the picture, they found it easy to make changes in the book themselves. Right. So on the one hand, is not listening to the

00:56:15--> 00:56:28

messenger, on the other hand, that corrupting the message, the whole barrier is gone. The whole clear proof is gone. You know, but you know, there's a hadith about the word but you know, just so you become clear of what this powerful word means. And they you know, to identify

00:56:29--> 00:56:33

the clear proof is a responsibility of the one making the claim.

00:56:34--> 00:56:57

Well, you mean no other modality. And the oath is the one who a claim is made against I'll put it to you in simple terms. So you understand this, it is very important to understand this concept of albina. Imagine you and I garden garden in agreement, you borrowed $10 from me, okay, you borrowed $10 from me, and then you denied it. Two weeks later, you said no, I didn't take any money from it. What are you talking about?

00:56:58--> 00:57:38

The messenger says, if the one who had who has to produce the proof, I'm making a claim that you will meet $10 right. So who has to produce the proof? I do. Admit that I'm the one making the claim has to produce proof that you borrow $10. If I cannot produce the proof, then the one who who took it, took it and refuses it. At least he has to swear I swear he didn't take $10 because if he swears the curse of a lies on him if he's lying, right. Now what if I take out a video recording? I take out a video camera show recording Look, I made a tape of when you borrow $10 from me, it's all on tape. If I bring a proof like that, if I produce a proof like that, is there any room for argument

00:57:38--> 00:58:24

left? No. Case closed. Now I have clear irrefutable proof after which the case is finished. There is no counter argument left. Because the tape speaks for itself you understand? That is what revelation combined with the messenger is it is a kind of proof after which there can be no counter argument. That's what the union means. That's what that means. So now this is the essential if if even if it's that clear, you will still fall into disagreement because there's something else going on there's a lack of sincerity. one more comment about this ayah inshallah Allah and we'll take a short break and reconvene and that comment has to do with the usage of the word ooh, tokita in the in this surah

00:58:24--> 00:58:39

autumn Kitab came a couple of times. And then we are going into the NACA forum and I will kitabi will mistaken and now actually, I think that came first altogether this time. Well matter for Rocco Tanaka Latina, ooh, tokita. In the Quran, in many places, Allah says at a now homolka tab.

00:58:41--> 00:59:24

We gave them the book, those who we gave the book to, that's the English rendition of it. Those who we gave the book to. and other places Allah says those who were given the book, I'll say the English versions again, those who we gave the book. That's one way of saying it, those who we gave the book of course, we referring to a lot, those who we gave the book, and the other one, those who were given the book. Now in the latter one which is passive, you know, mob niada manhood in Arabic and passive voice in English grammar. You don't find mention of Allah. When you say those who were given the book I didn't mention a lot. When I say those who we gave the book to. Now you see the mention

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of a lion what word we, whenever Allah mentions those who were given the book, meaning he doesn't mention his name, it's usually something negative. In the entire Koran. Whenever we find the prayed phrase, those who were given the book, there's a negative context. Whenever you find we gave them the book. Allah mentions himself. There's always something positive, that is consistent across the entire Koran. And it's part of it's miraculous consistency actually, because full on is not it wasn't, you know, written down, except on the heart of the messenger was spoken. And when it's spoken

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To maintain this kind of sensitive consistency is very very difficult. Look at these few

01:00:05--> 01:00:23

number Federico minella Xena kita kita la hora hora him. The people who were given the book through the book behind their backs, as though they didn't even know that was a book negative. They were given the book hotel kita a negative thing. Then we find whether in our title the dino will kitabi Cooney I attend.

01:00:25--> 01:01:03

If you were to show all the miraculous proofs to those who were given the book, they would not follow your Kibler anyway against something negative, those who were given the book. Then we find into theory communality now, ooh, tokita bio to combat the Monica feeling. If you are to obey those who were given the book, if you were to listen to them, pay attention to them. They will turn you back after you have after you have found faith and reduce you to disbelievers. And then Tara Illa Latina una ceiba middle kitabi estar una Bala. Didn't you see the one who were given a portion from the book selling or purchasing misguidance? Will you do not until they lose Sabine and they want

01:01:03--> 01:01:34

that you should be misled from the path and Latina now look at the other side, and Latina Latina who will keytab those who we gave the book now this is what Allah mentions himself, right? And Latina Latina who will get kicked out those who we gave the book yet Luna who have Atilla tea, they read it like it deserves to be read something positive. Then Allah says would I can Latina Latina Makita Baba Pokemon boo boo those are the ones who we gave the book and have and strength and Prophethood something positive with Athena Athena homolka for

01:01:35--> 01:02:13

those who we gave the book are overjoyed because of what we have sent to you. And levena Athena who will kita woman company whom he may know those who gave the book much before this they have true belief in it work as alika Angela Nagel kita for Latina Latina who Makita nunobiki those who we gave the book have real Eman in it. So when the when the passive is used, we find something negative and when the active is used, we gave the book we find something positive. And this is found consistently in the entire Quran. At this point in sha Allah tala, we'll take a short break. What time is the shot prayer nowadays? It's 30 Okay, so this is a good time to take a break. Anyway, we'll reconvene

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after that short prayer and finish the study of social media. So Chronicle Moby Dick. The Shadow Allah Allah into Mr. Winnick