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Al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah salam Allahu Allah Who are the early he was shocked he was certainly more back. We continue with the praise of Allah and sending our prayers of peace upon the messenger Mohammed Sai Selim. This is our third session in looking into the much more of an Imam and nawawi and into his introduction of the importance virtue of knowledge and scholarship. And he continues in his Fossella in his next chapter by saying,

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Yeah, lm have full knowledge have full awareness and another corner hoomin and probably the follow Believe me in NEMA, who are female and polar bear who Maria van de la hater either have full knowledge that everything that we have previously mentioned, all these verses, all these hudy about the ants and the fish making your art for the one seeking knowledge. All of these virtues that we have mentioned, is only specific to those who attain knowledge for the pleasure of Allah subhana wa tada

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Lally for the minute dunya not for any share from the worldly life, woman out there who live abroad dunya we the one who seeks this religious sacred knowledge, seeking it for a

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temporary worldly benefit.

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And he begins to list what these benefits could be common in terms of wealth, every asset or authority among CIP or position, our jahaz status, I will show her famous in Celebrity, alcohol manavi Marine or to show his his his ability to subdue those who debate him I will not with alika who Mr. Moon or anything of the sort, then let that person know. And let those categories of people who seek knowledge for these aims know that they have been humiliated by Allah subhanho wa Taala. In reality, a law says it no Hold on. Men. Can you read your huddle cell firo nasbla houfy Houthi The one who wishes to have a harvest and prosperity in the next slide, we will give him more than what

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he anticipates. When he when you read your huddle, set dunia but as for the one who wishes to cultivate and take his harvest, and take his reward in this worldly life, no t he minha he will have a share of it will matter who Phil filati minasi and nothing will be given to him in the next life. Also, we'll call it Allah, wa O'Meara inlandia de la mahallesi Bella Diem, and the word airfloss. means in this seeking that which is only for a law for him, and removing from it that which is given to other than Allah Subhana who wants to honor he then begins to narrate to us some terrifying Hadith such as the hadith of Abby hora de la tierra de la hora anhu,

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which is narrated, I'm sorry, Muslim and other books where the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says,

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in our men to sow will be human now, of the first types of people. The first person the first category of person, who Hellfire will be kindled upon who jahannam will blaze upon, meaning jahannam is dormant, but when you add this fuel to it, the first fuel it will blaze up into a fire. Who is that first type of person? Is it the person who's a lawyer or a teacher and are adulterer or this or that? No, Ella lumen The first of them are Julian Atta, hula, hula, in an individual whom Allah has blessed and shown and given the virtue of knowledge for eliminating our alhama and learning dividual acquired knowledge and was given a platform to teach it to others.

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What caught our eye on and became fluent in the reading and the memorization of the Quran for O'Meara v Yeoman, Kiana on the day of judgment from the oma of the Prophet Mohammed Sai, Selim, he will be the first person to be brought up. You're

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even without asking. That's wonderful. That's a hallway that's called ooh Nagi thinking together, well done. Alhamdulillah.

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So the one who has been given this virtue of knowledge and memorization of the Quran, and its understanding will be brought in front of Allah on the Day of Judgment, the outer of the hula hula on the hoof out off and Allah will display the virtue

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What he had Allah will say Look what I gave you look at what you have been blessed with look at the opportunities that you have to earn so much reward center I mean Steffi her What did you do with this knowledge so that individuals say call letter alum to our alum to my Lord, I learned and I talked well how to vehicle or an and I recite in the Quran for you Oh Allah colonic adept, it will be said You are a liar. In Nikita lentil eukarya alima you learned as a base reason the main reason was not the knowledge but so that people would value you for your knowledge.

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People will hold you in esteem because you were the person they could turn to you were the person they could ask help from you were the one that people gathered around. You were the one that people favored.

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For cut clean. It was said to you you are this and this and this

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was an and I read the Quran for you Allah know what Cora tell you Carla Korea, you recite it so that people will praise your citation. How wonderful he sounds, how great he he has knowledge is for God clearly was said to you for only a little bit meaning that was your reward. The reward was what you thought you thought you wanted people to acknowledge it You got it. You want it to be recognized. You were given it, you wanted people's praise so it was showered upon you peoples all of you it was given and that was the main aim of the reason for your acquiring and dispensing of knowledge for concrete. You've received it for only Robbie it's ordered that he be put on his face. was talking

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about Elon now Allah and drag to jahannam upon his face in humiliation. May Allah subhanho wa Taala save us from this. The messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam continues in other Hadith, where he says mentale Lama is the one who learns and values knowledge Edelman. It's something sacred

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mingma you've gotta be he was hula that should only be learned for seeking a loss phase and seeking a loss pleasure. Later I lemahieu in larly you see Bobby out of them in a dunya but an individual only learned it because there was some advantage he could gain in this worldly life. Let me get out of Elgin Yeoman qiyamah

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Jani re Haha, that man, that woman will not be able to smell the scent of Jenna won't even be able to smell it. It will be like they cannot recognize where it is or how to get there. And you know, the out of when they would talk about scent. They would refer it they would prefer it to vision they would say you can smell something even though it's obscured from you. You know you you draw you come home and you know you're someone's been cooking you can smell you know what's there before you get in. And it's like Jenna, you will smell it 40,000 years ahead of you entering it. You know, it's 1414 years distance before you get there. You can smell its scent, and its virtue. And there are

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those who smell Jenna before their departure. And there's narrated and so I had the insight and Bahati during the Battle of one of the Sahaba he came late and he came late to the Battle of Aurora. And this was after the turn the tide had turned and Khalid had encountered in circled the Sahaba and the prophets I send them and after the death of Hamza many of the Sahaba in cruelly including a bar below the Allahu anhu Elko maybe ID him they put down their c shields and swords because someone falsely had said Mohammed had been killed sallallahu wasallam he hadn't. But someone made this false claim and some of the Sahaba believed it. So they sat on the ground crying. And so blue are the

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Allahu anhu he comes up late from Medina running to catch up. And he says to the man, what happened to you? Why are you doing this? Cardinal Matta rasulillah we heard the Prophet is dead sorry seldom. He said one

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of the highest in the multi Rasulullah What are you going to do with a life after he's died? Kumu were moved to Allah Mamata la stand up and fight for what he died for us on the law and he was under. So they got their vigor and stood up and they brought back and pushed back then we should have Keane who began to encircle the prophets I send them as Ms. came close to El Medina. He said to the Sahaba one law he in Nila, as you do Riehle jannetty do not by Allah, I smell j

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near that mountain of blood, I can smell it.

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As he was going on his way and as he hurried up, he was martyred there. And they could not identify his body. Except be banana, the smallest finger, only a sister that you know the butchers. We know what they did two hands on the Allahu anhu and the other Sahaba they butchered him around the Allahu anhu to such a degree that there was nothing recognizable of him, except his sister could recognize him by his smallest finger and the ring he wore on it for the Allahu Allahu Akbar. Right. So there are those who smell it sent even from the dounia before the Oscar. So the prophets lie Selim said that these people who learn knowledge for other than the face of Allah even in the alcohol will not

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be able to smell it. Some of the Imams such as aluminum and nawawi. In another one of his books are hate Muslims explanation, he says that even in general, they will be forbidden from itself even after Allah allows them into gender. Due to the statement of the Prophet he interpreted that even in gender they are barred from some of its joy. May Allah Subhana Allah to Allah protect us. Another Hadith of the prophets, I send them to show the seriousness of this matter.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said

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montavilla email humanity be his sufa ha, the one who acquires knowledge so that he can show himself as being above the foolish, he wants to distinguish himself I know more than these people.

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Well, you can either be Hillary law, and so that he can come and sit amongst the scholars and pretend to be one of them. We asked her if he would do Hannah see LA or so that people instead of turning to one person will turn to Him in place of them.

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Forget about nakada hoomin and now let him be ready for a seat in his in Hellfire in gentlemen, may Allah protect us from this and this is from the statement of khabib ne Malik in in a telemovie.

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A final statement that at the moment now what we will look at is the statement of Allah Allah The Allahu anhu and I want you to make note of the precision of Allah or the Allahu anhu his words, he says, Yeah, hemella tell him all those who are the carriers of knowledge. Yeah, Malou Bhima alim to act in accordance to what you know.

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When you are fifth, mocha mama loco, and let your knowledge equate to deeds.

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What you know, put an equal sign moussaka with what you do.

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What's a coup acquirement because I worry of what I know will come, there shall definitely be groups of people Yami lunella, who are endowed with knowledge who have knowledge, who know a lot of theories, law, your job with your coffee him, but everything they speak with their mouth has never passed their throat. It's in their head, but it's not in their heart. It's in their mind and on their tongue, but not in their heart. What are their signs How do you know these people?

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You have if I'm a new home a new home, you will see that what they do is different to what they know where you hardly feel sorry or to whom Allah Ania to whom and what they are privately engaged in is different to what you witness publicly.

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Usually sooner Halo con they will sit in groups and teaching other people in a halaqaat

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you ba ba boom ba ba competing with others who teach similar to them. Had the inner Rajan lajas Babu Allah jellies he Ania Julissa Isla de

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they will be so coveting of attention that the one who sits with them and learns with them. If they learn from someone else, it angers them.

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How come you're listening to her? Why didn't you come to you went to his class instead of my class.

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It upsets them that they will learn from someone other than them.

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Law law

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pasado Amanda home,

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Isla Santa, no for searching, that this type of scholar, these type of people, their deeds will never rise up to the heaven meaning will not be accepted by Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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So those are serious words of this great Sahabi and the halifa of the Prophet Mohammed Salim Ali are the Allahu anhu. That there are traits that show that there are is a difference between those who learn for a law and those who learn for other than a lot. So the next chapter by an Imam, and nawawi

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He begins now to teach us what are the levels of knowledge? So this chapter that we begin that exam, Alain ashari,

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which is the levels of religious knowledge, many people always say, brother, yeah, I want to learn about Islam, what should I learn? What should I do? Where do I begin? What's most important? What's least important? What will I get the most reward for?

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Is there a difference of what I learned as a man in comparison to that as a woman? Do I need to learn FIFA first? Do I have to know what the Quran means? First, should I study audibly? First, let's hear what the aroma of the past said. So allow me now when he says he flf there are only three broad categories, three levels of religious instruction

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and oola

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the first of them

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is an obligation on everyone. Just because you're a Muslim you have to attain this knowledge so here's the answer to that question. What should I learn first brother what what do I need to know? What is compulsory? Well, here it is. This is formed I'm a personal obligation

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it is to learn

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what is tech leaf what is an obligation of worship?

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mela yet at Delaware gebouw Alevi to alayka Ellerbee it is to know that which without it, you cannot perform the job it is to know the things that if they are missing you cannot perform the obligations of your worship to Allah

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check atheists in we'll do the perfection of we'll do was Sala and the fulfillment of the prayers and I know you're gonna say brother Yeah, I will not make will do do we

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now i'm not saying that you haven't been making will do correctly. But do you make will do the way the Prophet made it? properly made it with the spirit he intended.

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Keeping in mind the hadith of Mohammed Madhya, although some scholars have said that it's the truth is it is a safiya. It is a correct idea. And it's been deemed authentic by contemporary scholars with the prophets I send them said, Don't waste water even if you're in the middle of a river.

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Don't waste water for will do even if you're in the middle of a river, even if a river is flowing by Do you know how much water the Prophet made his will do with? How much

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two handfuls of water his whole will do? So if you put water in my hands here, you filled it up once and you filled it up twice. That was the window of the Prophet Mohammed fly said, Can I have an assistant we just make a quick? We'll do. Can you pour water for me? All right.

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I'll stay in there and shut up.

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Now we're not going to none of this water is enough. You don't need more than that. Half a cup is enough.

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Now I'm not going to wash my feet if that's okay.

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All right.

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All right.

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Can you stand on this side in Sharma?

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Is it okay? If we make a little wetness? It won't be too much.

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Remember, we said to handful.

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That's it. That's it. This is too much.

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That's way too much. We're drifting too much. All right. Go.

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That's it.

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Little more. That's it.

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Now I'm just doing it one cycle instead of two or three, but you can do it more.

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Looks like I just come out of the shower.

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Just just a tad. That's it. It's only mess. That's it.

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All right, I'm not going to do the fee how much is left from that half cup of water?

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A lot lit still left, right. There's like a lot.

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Now, that is the intent.

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That is the intent of the widow of the Prophet Mohammed Salah. lahardee was seldom

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the widow of the Prophet so I sell them was one who lived in a desert, you understand? They didn't turn on water and watch Niagara Falls.

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And I know hamdulillah you I know it's Kuala Lumpur. You're blessed with rain. I know.

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But that there is a difference between making will do and making will do according to what the prophet wanted you to do.

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And therefore when we say to learn, we'll do it's not to learn what to do. But it's to learn why it was done the way he did it, how he did it the way it was sent. Can you see that it will do the proper will do of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. When you look at this, and you look at swala, and you look at the other things, you find that the necessary things that we should be teaching our children, our wives, our husbands, our communities are missing. There are essentials in our ibadah that is eliminated or has to be something we learn in our faith that is missing.

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And therefore the moment where we says it is a must for us to learn the proper sleep that why do we use the word sleep? description of the widow of the prophets I send them when the prophets I seldom made will do he didn't just make will do for himself. He would say Come let me teach you how jabril taught me to make what he would say to them. So Luca nowra. A to Mooney or suddenly pray the way you saw me pray.

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I so there is this history of sacred knowledge that we know in the books but does not translate into our deeds. We know we do but we don't know what to do. When you walk into a Masjid and you see someone turn on a tap and he's making Moodle you don't be upset now in Malaysia. Don't be upset with me. Every time I walk into a Masjid it's always wet. The place where we'll do an a play in and the restroom. Always wet. Why

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You're used to floods a lot protects us and you me know why is there water everywhere. This was not the way of the Prophet Mohammed advice and he would make his whole will do in less than four single scoops of one hand or two

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handfuls of water. This was the whole width of the Prophet Mohammed Pfizer, including his head and including his feet Salalah while he was

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and as you saw this half cup of water we only use maybe 100 200 mil of it. He would use at most sighs lm to 300 mil right for his whole will do.

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How much for hosts

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Allahu Akbar,

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let you know his whole we turn on the shower and say you know singing in the shower, right? That will do the Muslim the prophets I send them he and I he said they would use 111 pot of water. One little sister in the water, he and her that would both make their will do it.

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The widow of the Prophet by sell them no drops will touch the ground.

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Because the Sahaba they would take it

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anyone This is the widow of the Prophet sallallahu it was selling them right. Nothing would go empty from his widow peace and blessings be upon him. So it's important to understand when we talk about this we're not just talking about oh yeah, yeah, I know how to make will do. No, we're talking about learning that etiquette of will do.

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Learning how it's done, why it's done. What is the Spirit? What are the drama in it? Why do we say this drama and not this?

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What is authentically reported? What isn't? There is an importance in understanding the clarity

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You have this and it is this that we see that statement of the Prophet Mohammed I seldom follow Buddha in me for Eva. Allah Cooley Muslim seeking knowledge is formed obligatory upon every Muslim men and woman This is the knowledge he was speaking of someone lahardee who either early he was sloppy he was selling

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an amendment now where we continues

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with Bella Bella Imam Shafi rockmount, Allahu taala, fita hari malyshev Halle Berry, berry milk salami, and shut the move Allah. He says those essentials of worship and faith became the criteria of sacred knowledge. And all of the other talk Kalam, all of the other extra verdicts that are derived and the things that are additional to the basis that everyone should know, is something that is to be abstained from except from those who are experts in it. And in Lima, Michelle Farah, he says, was quite critical and has made to hareem upon a person diving into secondary matters when they don't understand the preliminary matters. What does that mean? It means my dear brother, my

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dear sister, if your will do is not done well, or you don't know how it's done well, or there's benefit that you can learn. If you haven't practiced masala of the Prophet Mohammed apply Selim, as he prayed it. No, it's evidence know that you aren't recited in it, know the meanings of them. You don't have any room now to go into things that are beyond those essentials. This is where you should be focused, don't get distracted. Now with secondary things. When this primary followed, the aim has not yet been met.

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He continues by saying

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an Imam Al ghazali Rahim Allah.

00:27:17--> 00:27:22

In the end of his life, he wrote his famous book

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where he spoke about why we should not get into frivolous debate. And the words of philosophers and philosophy and things of this nature. Why Becker anassa couldn't do him.

00:27:39--> 00:27:51

And he mammals as Ali's opinion, and not every man, the shaft and the shaft method is that everyone, you and I, all of us together are general in our knowledge of Islam.

00:27:53--> 00:28:02

In those issues that relate to the secondary principles, beyond those obligations that we must learn about

00:28:03--> 00:28:47

value on fuqaha. Other than those who have reached the level of fifth overland, some of the brothers are saying, probably Yeah, you know, can someone who teaches about Islam and stuff do we call them for cotton? The answer is no. I thought it is not. You're someone who teaches that I won. The four key is the one who teaches the fuqaha. Right. So if someone is sitting with the arm with the general public, like you and I, their level is not that of the *ery. That's the key is this is the teacher of the scholars, right? These are heavy, heavy, heavy places and heavy topics that we have in reserve in our stands as Muslim. So the first level is to know about the obligations

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in that is the most important obligation, which is a towhead, which is who is a law? And how is the law relevant to my life? And how is the loss of Hannah and what's Allah, a part of the, the fabric of everything that I am seeking, is that which brings me towards Allah Subhana, who want to honor and therefore when the Imams talk about that, which takes you away from a law and polemics and argumentation and debate and philosophy, they're not talking about things that are studied for knowledge and logic. They're talking about things that lead people away from that essential, which is the heat. He then speaks about something that I must share with you, and we'll end with this

00:29:34--> 00:29:35

before Salatu last.

00:29:37--> 00:29:59

He says when he is speaking, when he's saying that it is essential to know about Allah. He says, What tala fu fi yet is the fact that the scholars have disagreed about the the attributes of a law we know who is a law, but when a loss of Hannah went to it

00:30:00--> 00:30:09

describes himself in a way or the Prophet describes himself in a way the scholars have disputed in how this should be approached.

00:30:11--> 00:30:17

And he continued to say, for color or Elune, some said that

00:30:18--> 00:30:53

it should be interpreted and the attributes should be turned to show a particular meaning, where we have a shadow and this is the famous position of a mythical the mean of those who delved into the philosophical issues. Well, Harlan Harun, but the others, they said that that's a one. The words that describe Allah subhanho wa Taala should not be given an assigned meaning. While human Sacco Anil Kalam and everyone should keep their mouths closed female

00:30:55--> 00:31:44

in attributing a meaning when you work kallu at Mohan Illallah, and they should leave the matter to Allah. What Ilaha Allah while you're talking nada, Lika Tansy who subhanho wa Taala. And at the same time, they should assume that Allah is beyond this creation and different to his creation. He continues and says, ladies, secondly, he shaped a law, there is nothing from his creation that is similar to him. And he says we're happy he thought he had to sell. And this is the path of those who came before us. I will Gemma here him and the majority of them were here Aslam. And that is the correct of the two opinions, meaning that we do not assign an attribute we don't say a law said

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about himself such which means or could mean or it signifies this. So a quick example of this is that Allah in the Quran often refers to himself with an attribute so he will say, yeah, doula, he felt

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the hand of a law. And the scholars say teachers that we should put our hand away from the sight of those who we speak to about it, the hand of Allah, we hide our hands, the hand of a law is above their hands, and then we put our hands out is above the hands of the Sahaba. This is a statement in the Quran. Yeah, the law he fell for the human spirit and the hand of Allah is above their hands. No one ever understands that the hands of the Sahaba and the hand of Allah is the same. Although Allah uses the same word for both, right? Allah uses that word here and uses that word there. They do not mean the same thing. No one would say Oh, therefore a law. He's talking about his power or it's

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different. You have to make an interpretation and clear as an Imam and know what we hear says and others they say, you leave that matter to a lot you say yes to law, he you don't say the power of a lot you leave it. Allah said yet we don't know what it means. Now I want you to understand this. It doesn't just relate to Allah. Allah talks about the angels. He says in Surah, 14, the first

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job Illumina. Allah created the angels methanethiol Alpha one robot, they have two wings, three wings for wings, a junior high, only a junior high, they have many wings. Now, what are the wings of an angel? Is it like those cartoons like a dove wings? Is it like the wings of a plane? What wings? Are they? Is it the wings of a kite of wings of a bird? What does it mean? Those who fell into error in previous nations, in Judeo Christian tradition, what did they assume? They heard that jabril has wings, what did they draw? wings, they drew the wings of a bird. as Muslims, we don't assign any meaning like that. Why? Look at how Allah uses the word Gina Hinako on, he says Gina about birds

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that they flap their wings and it's a law that holds them in the heavens. Right? That's one. He talks about the angels that have wings. Then he talks about me and new where he says to us in the Koran. Well,

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Jenna has do liminal Rama for your mother and father, lower your wing of mercy. I don't have a wing.

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The word is the same but the meanings are different. Right? A law says to Moosa

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Put your hand PJ and I put it in your weed Moosa doesn't have a wing. It means your pocket that area between your arm and your underpinning, that becomes the wing it's attributed that meaning for musala is Salah. So we do not say wing, wing, wing wing, it's all the same, right? Words have different meanings. Finally, especially

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When it comes to the Sharia, we have a principle in our legal system that says, Al Kalam, your men, words should be carried to the meaning of the time and the place they are used. So my brother, he brought me some coffee, is that lahab? You will find some or Dima, in the early centuries of Islam, they said alcohol on coffee is haram

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What does that mean? Coffee is hot, Allahu Akbar. Really, it just took a drink. What did it mean at their time, at their time, in their place? Coffee was a lecouvreur it was fermented. So when you read a book, and it says alcohol,

00:35:49--> 00:35:54

right, it means something different to them than what it means to us.

00:35:56--> 00:36:38

And you find this problem emerging often in Miss translations. In the Quran, in Hadith, I opened up real solid Hello sending a message in with waiting for the comma. And we have real desire so I opened I was reading and it opened the book and it's an English translation. And it said the Prophet love to eat curry. I thought to myself curry, so I send them curry. Now let me read the Arabic to this turn the page. And what does it say? That the prophet SAW Selim can a bookmark. He used to love the stew that the meat was boiled in you know how the shorba the stew

00:36:39--> 00:37:05

Where do you think that translator was from? What country do you think is gonna be one country is gonna be India or Pakistan right? For him curry is the only explanation. The prophet like the stew of boiled meat that's curry brother. So he throat curry. Now if you were if you were a new Muslim and you really wow curries tuna, I gotta eat some curry, right?

00:37:06--> 00:37:30

That's what happens. So, the words are given a meaning other than what they imply in translations you have to be very careful. Right? We will continue with the intent with the second level and third level of knowledge that is spoken of by the Mammon nawawi after Salatu last subhanak Allahumma handicare Chateau en la Ilaha lanta Safarova to like Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.