Nouman Ali Khan – 090 Balad A

Nouman Ali Khan
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The Masada Yeti

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu wa salam O Allah say dmba evil mousseline. By the early he was actually he when he met Dean Allahumma Janda mean home woman and Latina I'm sorry what what I was hoping what I was of the sub emini, urban. I mean, once again, Sarah monokuma rahmatullah wa barakato. And sha Allah tala, we're beginning our study of the 90th sora soulful ballad, and we'll begin by understanding its connection to the solar that came before it.

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Allows origin begins as a mammal, Lucy Rahim Allah says Allah Subhana who will validate Heaven, meaning when he when the Lazarus has no rough translation, no, I take an oath or I swear by this city, I take an oath by this city, that that city is referring to the sacred city meaning the city of Mecca. Now, just some things about the city of Mecca. What is the first feeling a believer gets when they get to that city? You know, there's a different kind of feeling you get when you go to a tourist resort, or you go to some place you want to visit that you mean visiting family or a wedding or something like that. But when you go for any reason to the house of allowing the city in which

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the house of Allah is built, the unanimous feeling of a believer that they are overwhelmed with at first is this tranquility, this calmness that overtakes them. And there's this sense of all your troubles almost disappearing at the sight of the House of Lords or within the previous solar according to amendment but the current era Kamala ended on the note. Yeah, he had to hang up so much in the last passage of pseudoephedrine was the tranquil person, the knifes that has reached tranquility, and what is the center of tranquility on all of this earth? And what is the place from which this it may none will begin and transfer to all of the lands on this earth. That is the house

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that about him, either his salon had built and made. That's the house of a large village. And so it begins with that city from that same place for which tranquility begins in the previous solar. The second thing that we found in the previous solar at the end again, in our big return to your Lord, and what is it that the person is doing when they're going to Hajj or Tama they're returning to their Lord? And what is it a mimicking of the hedges, as many of us who don't have commented, the hedge and the actions at the hedge and the clothing that we wear are a symbolic representation of human piano. When we come before a lot with nothing, become before a lot with basically nothing. And

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really the clothes which emulate the clothes that we're going to wear in our day. We're wearing them at that point. So we returned to our Lord. And so the previous owner had literally said to return to your Lord, and Allah swears by the city in which we, on a yearly basis at least engage in the act of returning to our Lord. Then it said

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Are we at end of the year, this is the highlight of the the state of the person who returns to their Lord. Allah says olalia, meaning the person themselves is content, they're happy, they're satisfied. And that is again, one of the greatest joys in the life of a believer is to get to see the house of Allah. Many you know the, in our times, it's so much easier because it involves some paperwork and a few hours of sitting, you know, on a cushion seat, right and on a chair that's flying through the air at hundreds of miles an hour. But there are people that came before as generations upon generations that traveled for months, if not a year, if not two years on end, traveling halfway

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across the earth on like animals to get to the house. And with all that trouble, when they get there, they finally become happy. That's like the greatest joy of their life of all the 10 and one part of that joy is that Allah has now cleansed your your, your your sins, so the Hajj that is accepted, the Hajj that is accepted, is an indication in and of itself, according to the messengers, promise, some alojar do some of the cleansing of our sins. So Allah is pleased with you, which is the word model the meaning of lies himself, content with you. So this and then, the next statement we found at the end of Soto project, was further fully theory by the enter in the midst of my

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servants enter into the midst of slaves, what are we doing at the occasion of going to the house of Allah, at that city, what happens there we enter into the company of a luxury bed that are all engaged in one thing to slavery to Allah. Then he says what the Holy jannetty enter My Paradise right entered he tells the enough's, that tranquil neffs to enter the paradise what is the closest thing to gender on the earth, and which part of the Earth has a piece of gender in it actually, this is the house of a large village and how beautifully the previous lessons have been now brought back to mind by a lot beginning this surah by swearing by that this this city. Another note that is

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important to mention that I'll be currently talks about Rahim Allah, He says in Surah, 13 we find what has and when I didn't mean Allah swears by the city there also. But he says I mean, this, this safe city, this, this peaceful city. So there are other there's an adjective added to a ballad, which is I mean, we don't find that word here. And this is according to the principle of liquidity. Kelly method Seok every word has a situation and every word in the Quran has a place and it cannot be moved from its place. The the element that is being highlighted in sort of the theme, when we get to that sort of we will see is the miraculous gifts of a lot of certain regions, and the ambience of

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the city, the safety of the city of Mecca is one of the miraculous gifts Allah has given that city. But that is not what is being highlighted in this surah. Actually rather the opposite what is being highlighted in this surah is the conflict that is already brewing and is reaching some sort of a boiling point already in Mexican times between the call of the messenger sallallahu alayhi, wasallam, and those who chose to follow him against those who are now standing right against it. So the piece is actually disrupted. So the word I mean isn't used, and we'll see other manifestations of that. The other difference is, there are different ways in which an oath is taken in Arabic. You

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can use the heart of the preposition wha like when Arthur watin was a tunic cetera right? Or even what happened ballad that was used, but then you can also use for example, b. d is also used. It's not used commonly in the Quran. But you could say for example, in Arabic, you could say well, llahi I swear by Allah, you can also say builder, he I swear by Allah, it's a different usage of the word in terms of taking an oath, but then rather another usage is to spell it out. See movie ly

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see movie hasn't been and I swear by this city, actually spelling it out with a verb I swear by not just saying by this city by saying I swear by the city. Now this is not normal usage. First and foremost. Most understanding in the Quran. Allah never says oxymoron. He never says oxymoron he says law. So law

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fellow sim Obamacare in New Jersey. Hello, Rob. Because I mean, even then, what law first law first, but chemo by itself doesn't occur for oximetry shafique. We read in a previous Sora. Right. So this law, its significance is something that is talked greatly amongst the linguists and grammarians and theologians, and Maupassant, actually scholars of exegesis of Quran the significance of that, and here are a few things that we should know about that law. First and foremost, it is not to be taken literally, or in connection with oxymoron. For the most part, most scholars say that's not the case. Meaning if you said no, and you transmitted it, I don't swear by the city. That wouldn't make sense.

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Some scholars have actually even tried to make sense of that. Some of them in our past have said, for example, with the fanola money Bunny, but he wrote have seen Mati talked about the benefit of just connecting it together, saying that this oath, and it's the statement I'm about to make is so powerful that I don't even need to take an oath. That's what a lie saying, but that's not the majority opinion. Let's look at what the

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majority opinion is in the stronger position really is on the use of the word law. law actually underscores the existence of a counter argument. Allah is about to say something that people believe something to the contrary, and alive before he teaches them what the right thing is, he says no to everything they believe.

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So it's basically a lot of nonsense is being said. And before you say the right thing, you have to silence them, right? So the way to silence them is why no.

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And now you start with your statement, this is a common usage in language, not some not something very technical, something even we use today, right? So in our times, you could do something like stop? I'll tell you, no, no, no, no, no, let me tell you, etc. Right. So this is law of negating all other ideas. Others have commented actually, that this law refers to the false attitudes that were highlighted in the previous surah

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Insan. His amygdala, the two times when the human being is thoroughly tested. You recall last week, when the human being is tested with benefits and prestige, and gifts in this world, or they are tested when a law calculates their risk and puts a strain puts a limit on how much they're going to earn. And they will they thought that this or this, this is ease and this is difficulty. And we will see why allies negating that idea and how it was negating that idea as the sort of proceeds. So now let's look at the words behind the ballot. So he swears by this city, the word ballot also came up before in the previous surah. We found for example, and let me luck Miss Lucia will be lad, we found

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a Latina, powerful dealer that came up before in the previous surah. But it was talking about other cities, the cities in which corruption was rampant in the time of odd the mood Iran around these are the nations which cause disruption in the cities. But now after giving them a historical lesson, it needs to be said that those cities are not just lessons for the past these lessons you're supposed to learn from which city now, this one, so there's a transition made from the mention of those cities to the current event. And this will be a continuous style of this this section of the Quran, Allah will mention something in the general or in the past, and then bring it to current events,

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meaning the life of the Prophet himself Salallahu alaihe salam and the events that surround his struggle. So it begins now. He hasn't ballad.

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This, by the way, Allah azza wa jal, when by swearing by something, there are two ways we've talked about this whenever a sort of oaths comes up, but it's important to review I think, pretty much every time number one an oath has been considered a means by which something is elevated and honored. So by Allah swearing by the city, it is an honoring of the city. Another is that it is a means by which people's attention has been grabbed for something that's about to be said. But what is about to be said has necessarily to do with what you swore by. So for example, if you're swearing by an emergency, or something like that, you swear by something that I swear by fire, there's an

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emergency, right? So you swear by something that will catch the people's attention. So the jawaban cousin or the maxim Allah, he was called what's coming later on the Laughlin in Santa Fe covered that that necessarily has to do with this city and what's going on in this city. Okay, so now, we haven't valid

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while I'm in Vienna who lioness Evo sia sia como Shaka be hella Matthew 18 this is what lucila him Allah commented, he said, the word I mean, like I said, was not mentioned here, because it doesn't appropriate in this surah because the solar is all about conflict and not about peace, and not about tranquility, as is the case in sort of thing. Okay. Now what am the hilum be handled by that? I'll be Akari wrote something very beautiful. He said for carvaka Custom disable, beloved, was a bad, he said the oath occurred first with the leader of all cities, the chief of all cities, and then the chief of all the slaves of Allah, so And you, meaning the Messenger of Allah and the hilang, behind

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al Balad, the word * is a little difficult to translate, we're gonna take it step by step approach I'll just use the Arabic word for now you are Hill it in this city, you are Hill in this city. So we're gonna have to understand this word Hill, in a little bit of depth in shallow tyla. First and foremost, this is a continuation of the style of the previous surah. Why? Because in the previous surah, Allah spoke to his messenger also sallallahu sallam, and then Tara cave of Allah buka beyond even at the end, the first estimate the first application of Yeah, a year two handcuffs is who is the Messenger of Allah Himself first, so Lola, her name's Adam. And when you talk about

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our tranquil nuts, who's the most tranquil of the new fools, it is the Messenger of Allah. So the first person mentioned here is the Messenger of Allah Himself, some Allah Han Heusen. Now, Allah says you are hidden in this city you are in this city. Now the word Hill comes from many, many origins. And the amazing thing about the word Hill is its variations

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All single meaning that this version of it can have a multitude of meanings. So for example, one of the synonyms of Hill is Mr. Hill, almost 100 even that has been commented on to see what that would mean is you have become permissible in this city, meaning the people of the city, even the machine akun they, they enjoy the peace of Makkah, and they respect it so much so they don't even hunt animals inside maca. They don't just kill a bird, or an animal or you know, something like that for fun in the city of Mecca, they go outside to hunt, because they consider this a secret city. But when it comes to you, all of a sudden, they've they've considered it halaal to try to kill you.

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Meaning the messenger is being told a time is coming, where this secret law of the mccanns they're gonna make it halaal on themselves, this which has been haram on them for so long, they're gonna make it * on themselves, even they called it, I haven't even they called it a place in which killing is forbidden. It's it's not it's not something that's allowed, but you are about to become a holiday for them literally, you're about to become Hillel for them. So what this illustrates is one very important principle, this the forces of the forces of disbelief that are against the forces of truth. Even the forces of disbelief have certain principles. Even they have a constitution, a law,

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certain ethics, certain lifestyles, what are often called ecological Musleh. In one place, when they talk to each other, they say your exemplary lifestyle, meaning they uphold and take pride in their lifestyle. But when it comes to opposition with the Muslims, and especially with the messengers, or the Masato Salaam, or any who stand by their mission, then they are willing to break even their own rules, the rules that they pride themselves in, they're willing to break them, they're willing to forego them for the sake of opposition to Islam. So their hypocrisy when they say we're standing by our principles, and that's why we're fighting you, those very principles they break when it comes to

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fighting against the Muslims. So for example, in a nation where you will have this idea of, you know, due process, or everybody's equal before the law, etc, etc, etc, when it comes to something, some antagonism against a Muslim, all of those things will be put to the side, right in the in the, in the time of fidelity, and the time of fit on one of their own was not attacked. One of the, you know, someone who was in had that citizenship of the foreigner their family, they were off limits, Musa alayhis salam was raised in that house, so he was supposed to be off limits he was supposed to be, but his patients ran out the rounds, patients ran out, and he broke one of his own rules when he

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went after musasa. The same is the case with the Arabs, you would attack anyone in the world but not one of your own tribe. You will not attack one of your own tribe. But did they and they had to come up with a way to get around that problem. So what did they do the scam was the scheme rather was to get one member of each tribe and to anonymously attempt to kill so that the blame is, you know, directed in every direction, and therefore there is no blame at all. So even they were even willing to break their own principles and antagonism against the sun. Why is this important for us to note when we do the work of Islam and when we spread the message of Islam and give Dawa and we talk about

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the forces that are against this Deen that are struggling against this Deen. And then we expect from them justice, you're doing this and you're doing an injustice against Muslims, etc, etc. Ally's mentally preparing us to expect injustice, even by their standards, he's expecting us to expect or telling us to expect injustice even by the standards of those who oppose us. They will break their own standards in opposition to those who believe and this is the history of the nature of history and the history of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam certainly the history of the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, this is the first thing. The second thing about the word Hill is that

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you something will be made permissible for you, especially for you. sallallahu alayhi wasallam that has been never been made permissible for you. And this again from Allah Hello, and Helen. What this implies is that the conquest of Makkah, for one day in one day only, it was permissible for the messenger under his Soto Salaam, to to order the execution of certain war criminals. There were certain words, for the most part, there was forgiveness on the day of the conquest of Makkah, but there were certain war criminals who had to go punished who had to be punished. So for example, in some narrations, we find some, you know, kuffar mentioned by name like even Halliwell for example,

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is mentioned by name that the messenger commanded some of the hardest and he's execution. Now on that day also the Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam said, in the Lucha Allah have Rama Mecca, Yama Hala personality when he says no doubt it is Allah who made makaha meaning haram for fighting and killing, the day on which he created the heavens and the earth. For here Hara Manila and Illa. illa Anta masa, it will remain until the hour is established when there will be chaos in every land. There will be chaos there also, not the Hindu Lee I had in common. He wasn't a hillbilly I had in baggy

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It has never been made hallel for anyone before me, nor will it be made halaal for anyone after me when the Hilah Lee enlasa 10 min. And has never been made halaal for me except for an hour within a day, meaning that certain point at the day of the conquest of Mecca was made, Helen. Now this is by by pretty much consensus, monkey Sora. And by the by Allah telling his messengers, Allah, Allah said the second thing, the first was they have made, you become halaal for them to attack, but you will be, it will be helpful for you to also execute punishment on them. This doesn't make sense in the McCain context, it only makes sense at the context of victory. So in that statement already is a

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guarantee of the victory of Islam. When the messenger is being told sallallahu Sallam it will be permissible upon you to execute these kofod. And this is one of the interpretations that exists even among the Sahaba his time of this is so you have people like Qatar, the Allahu anhu, hustle bustle, Allah, etc, holding very strongly to this opinion. So this is the second thing on the one hand, their conflict is being illustrated on the other the victor and this conflict has also been illustrated in what enter Helen we have urban and here's the third meaning which is also very beautiful and powerful. The word hidden also comes in the meaning of arriving or descending. And

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actually in this meaning, we find certain certain expressions of the Arabs, for example, mesin to hidden behind albula the Arabs would have an expression that I am going to remain situated in the city, I've landed in this city I've gotten here and I'm going to stay here I'm not going to move, so they would say Maslin to Helen. But by this the messenger is being told you are a permanent fixture of this city, you are to remain in this city. In other words, even when they expel you what's going to happen, you will be coming back, you will be coming back and establish your rule in the city, another means by which the guarantee of victory has been given to the messenger sallallahu sallam.

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But again, this dissent literally the word holla means to untie. Literally the word predator the root origin of him hella means to untie something. For example, the daughter of Musa alayhis salaam, aka melissani, untie the knot in my tongue, right same word is used. Now in this. One of the expressions we find among the Arabs is Helen, Amal and the newzoo. Why did they talk about descending or coming into a city? Because when a traveler lands into the city comes down from the mountain into the city and gets there, what does he do? He unties his bags. So the word Hill was used for arrival because it symbolizes untangling or unpacking your bags. Basically, what this

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illustrates actually is it's an implication what's captured in the languages the messenger RNA Sato Salah went up to the Mount, he received revelation there and now he came down into the city has now arrived in the city. And this is why this is the second honoring of Mecca. Mecca was already a blessing place. But Allah has given a second reason for which Mecca is blessing which is what that the messenger himself has descended upon the city from after after, after having received revelation sallallahu sallam. So Lucy Rahim Allah like I commented before, says yes, the Luna ecologic rocket like that, and the hilum be habitable, it means it has become halal for them, to expel you or they

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even kill you which is something that was not permissible for them to do for one of their own ever before. The other thing we find is an interesting Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam narrated in the theater even kathina in the context of this ayah Matthew the villa Hema odit the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam nobody has ever been tortured or given pain for the sake of Allah alone, the way in which I have been what I have suffered for the sake of Allah, no one has before me, so Allah Harney, who said them, so, this difficulty and struggle and this you know, the word Hill has a lot of heavy context in it, all of it implying struggle, but the very beginning of the the ending of

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the previous surah talked about this, it may not this tranquility, right, this will only be attained by the one who is struggling for the sake of Allah azza wa jal alaric xojo goes on to say well, I live in your mountain, which is an interesting parallel with the previous surah. In the previous lecture, we found forefathers and ancestors mentioned but of wrongdoers. So, we found a lemtrada can be added to a bad mood of your own right. So, you have these this idea of lineage and an entire ancestries of wrongdoers, or entire you know, progenies of kings and rulers that did wrong one after another. But then Allah chose the other side and the other side of it is one of us swears well while

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he didn't want my with it, which is at the from the first oath, and I also swear by the Father, and how and what he gave birth to and what he fathered. And Matt here I'm translating is what but really, I don't know, God job. It's used what an amazing son he fathered the father and what an amazing son he had. Okay.

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The father according compendium of assumed refers to Adam and Eve he said I'm in wedded to all of the children, but in the context of the surah more so them have a sibling commented that the Father refers to Abraham either his son and the son to his smile and through his lineage Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu sallam. Why is that particularly a stronger that seed of the ayah because it began specifically with this city. The oats began with this city in particular, and in this city, the father of the city would be a smile on his father Ibrahim alayhi salam, and through his lineage. Finally, the son also lost all alone. And he said, Why are multiple implications possible for one

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word, because there's no Elif lamb on it. Remember, when I showed in the previous surah, and there were multiple interpretations possible that are simultaneously carried because there's no oil on it? Same is the case here? Well, while it in wamalwa, while it doesn't have it's not when the word is no Elif lamb on it, so it could refer to multiple so now, by making a mention of Weiland, they the the Arab will think of it as Ibrahim alayhis salam, they will think back and we will think about Ibrahim on his Sunnah. By the way, we find the three prophets that are mentioned very often in the discourse of Dawa, especially in looking for on everyone. Hey, musasa like, for example, in salt assura masina

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behave rahima Moosa, right. Why Ibrahim Musa, and he said the mccanns? Who did they consider their ancestry tied to Ibrahim alesana? Who are the other audiences of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, it's the Jews and the Christians who did the user affiliate with no sorry, Sam, and the Christians recharge a serum. So the three Rick occurred the most, because these are the three that capture the ear of the audience of the Prophet salallahu alaihe. Salam the most anyhow. So while he's in warmer weather, by referring to it allies making, making mention of the father who started this legacy, who inaugurated this city, who built the house of a lion made, once that situated in Santa Clara, the

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other time in South Abraham, and finally the son who is the fulfillment of his law, when he says ba, ba, ba, ba, ba masuleh, men whom our Lord appoint from them a messenger who is from among themselves, so those two are captured. Now, the other thing while now while it includes all the children also whatever he whoever he fathered, so it includes Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, but it also includes the children of a smiling Peninsula, the vast majority of them who are doing schicke. So actually, in saying this one thing Ally's saying, What an amazing father you come from, and how you the Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam are being true to the legacy of your father, and how

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shocking it is that the vast majority of his children are rebelling against the legacy of their own father by rebelling against you. You've become halon Haven't they forgotten that you are not doing what your father had done? The reviving what your father had done either his ceram right. So let's tying those arguments together by saying the same will be handled valid, entitled on behalf of all valid while in one hour. Now at the end of these oats we find what's called jawaban Casa What are these oats leading up to? What is the central subject of the surah it is the jawaban Casa Allah says located in Santa Fe cabin located in Santa Monica, but this is the subject of the oath. For example,

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again, what I mean by subject of the oath is as follows when I say I swear, or I swear to you, then you're expecting me to say something more. Right? You swear to me what what is it? So what is so important that you have to say I swear to you first. So when the law is that takes an oath, what is it that he's taking an oath about? That's called yo blossom the response of the oath and that's what this ayah is conducted in Santa Fe cabin. No doubt we already created the human being as a matter of fact, or actually law for Tolkien here. We have already created the human being in an another heavy word, the word cupboard. Some of them have Assyrian commented I should the shaida bhamashah Katana

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vema more hippocampi how to work with my roof. This is you know cupboard means this intense, intense labor some difficult toil, that is overwhelming you from every direction, the one in it is like air all around you. Unless there's the human being has no doubt been created in endless and exhausting struggle, exhausting, endless labor, some struggle. That's what he says about the human being. Now remember this what I began with law, law, because the human being incorrectly thought when Allah gives him prestige and honor that his troubles are over, and he's been honored. And when the risk goes away, then he feels like his Lord has humiliated him for Abu Dhabi. Hannon he says, My Lord has

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humiliated me. But now we are learning No no no, that's not true at all. Na Proxima be handled by law and the hidden behind the

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law called Harlequin in Santa Monica implies, no matter what your financial situation, no matter no matter what people think of you, whether people think you have an easy life or hard life or whether you think you have an easy

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Life or hard life, each and every human being is created and in intense struggle in intense struggle. And the way Mufti Muhammad Shafi Rahim Allah commented on this is very beautiful. He said, no matter where you come from human beings never stopped worrying. Human beings are never ever, ever free of worry, the richest one is worried about what how their relationship is with their wife, or their child or their parents or something or the other. Maybe it's something trivial to you. But it's something that bothers them and increases their blood pressure, and they have to take pills for it. And it's laugh, you know, the things that stress people in different parts of the world are

00:30:35 --> 00:31:08

drastically different. Right? Somebody is stressed out that their curtains don't match their carpet. And they're stressed out about that, somebody stressed out that they don't have a blu ray, DVD player versus the old school, you know, they're stressed out about that, what's gonna happen to their old collection, and it's stressing them. And in some other part of the world, somebody stressed out that their child doesn't have food to eat tomorrow, or there's going to be like, you know, the Muslims in China today, whether or not their families is just going to be attacked and destroyed overnight, because of the chaos that's going on among the weaker people to help the

00:31:08 --> 00:31:44

Muslims there. Right. So you know, different levels of stress, somebody sitting in their bedroom, stressing, right in an air conditioning room and stressing about their 401k, which has gone down from 800,000 to 700,000. Oh, boohoo, right, you would say boohoo, but they're losing sleep over it. They're gone. They've gone crazy over it. The idea is, is it still something that's stressing the human being keeping them from being relaxed? keeping them from finally being tranquil? You think the one who doesn't have it things when I get it, I will have tranquility, right? And the one who has it says man, you know, there's a lot of stress, it's a lot of stress. So let's you know, no matter what

00:31:44 --> 00:32:21

your situation you are in Gabon, you are in enormous struggle. Now, the other thing that's really important to note here is there are two kinds of two paths that are going to be talked about in this sort of the path of Allah, the right way, right and the path of other than Allah. You could follow a path which you follow a life dictates and that's going to be a struggle, or you could follow what you want to do. But guess what, both of them are a struggle. Neither of them is easy. You think one is easy, and one is hard, but in both of them there's trouble. Both of them will lead you to stress and difficulty and labor etc. Right? None of these pads are easy. So might as well struggle for

00:32:21 --> 00:32:55

something that will lead you to something better in the end, right? People run away from the commandments have a lot of thinking it's gonna bring difficulty to life, even Muslims today, even you know non Muslims for sure. For example, we find non Muslims making comments that are close to Islam that are close to Islam, making comments like, Hey, I really like your religion. It makes a lot of sense, but it asks too much of me. It's asking me to change too many things, right? It's too hard. So the way they're doing things they feel this is ease and the way Islam is telling them to do things is difficulty a lot commandments are difficulty. And certainly Southwest says you read the

00:32:55 --> 00:33:18

law when you have a fine comb. Allah intends to lighten your burden from you. Meaning Your life is full of burdens, you follow His commandments and it will become light and this is in the context of rulings that Allah passes in the surah. Allah knows what's better for you the medicine tastes sour, but it's good for you. It brings ease and comfort and relaxation to you. So we'll talk more about that as the soda continues inshallah Tyler

00:33:19 --> 00:33:54

in Santa Fe covered. The word covered means the middle of the day, which for the heirs is the toughest part of the day. It also means to be immersed in the middle of a sand dune, meaning it's the hardest for you to walk when your feet are ingrained in the sand and trouble walking, toil calamity exhaustion. The word covered also actually means refers to liver and give it was actually used when your liver gets injured when your liver gets injured. And it's it has the meanings of toughness and intensity and struggle. Some of them have a zero in common and even among the Sahaba there was the opinion that the word covered refers to the fact that human being struggles to come

00:33:54 --> 00:34:32

out of the womb of the mother struggles to drink the milk from the mother struggles to learn to walk struggle all across life. And these are the struggles others had no these are the struggles that all creatures share with us. So why would Allah say knock on California in Santa Monica but there's some other heavy burden heavy exhaustion that the human being suffers from. And for example, we find Fenella tiny Bertie commenting in the cinema. He says also Mufti Mohammed chef, he said this, he said perhaps that this labor is the covenant that a lot put upon every human being before they even got here to acknowledge a lie as their as their rub, that that responsibility that burden is upon

00:34:32 --> 00:34:51

them. And as long as they deny that responsibility, they have troubles in life. And when they accept their responsibility, they have troubles, but the kinds of troubles that will elevate their status that will elevate their status. So along with honor, honor, other children have said that the word insan here refers specifically to a gaffer, who went by the title.

00:34:52 --> 00:35:00

And he was one of the great, strong of the kuffaar who used to make bets like, you know, he's going to take this piece of leather and he's going to step on it and

00:35:00 --> 00:35:32

I'll give you all kinds of wealth if you can pull it out of my foot. So you have multiple people trying to yank this piece of leather from under his foot, and they couldn't do it until the leather would rip, but his foot wouldn't move. And some of the Sahaba said, this is referring to him, because it also means strength. So he Allah created that human being with enormous kinds of strength, and he was very well wealthy. And he spent a lot of money in opposition to the Muslims. So some refer to that, but the majority of the Mufasa don't say, really, when on the inside is used. It's a commentary on the entire human race, and it's really lamina gins, right all human beings are

00:35:32 --> 00:36:15

created in this toil and this struggle. Finally, Lucy Rahim, Allah And rukmani says something really beautiful and powerful about this ayah he says, What feed that key. Conal insanity cabbage will cause him to be only Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, by Allah emphasizing in this oath that human beings are meant for struggle, they can't escape it. In it, there is a strengthening, and in it there is a confirming and a padding on the back of the Messenger of Allah sallallahu sallam, he's being told you are struggling for this cause, but you're not the only one struggle is going on all around. So the fact that struggle is taking place isn't something unique to you, it is part of human

00:36:15 --> 00:36:31

legacy. So be you know, it's okay, they're going through a struggle to you're not the only one. And this is this is what's meant to happen, this is the color of Allah. And when he learned some of the law, it was seldom, that something is from the color of Allah, He is satisfied, he which is that it may not that we spoke about in the very beginning.

00:36:32 --> 00:36:34

So now, as origin says,

00:36:36 --> 00:37:13

this human being is created in struggle, and this Allah mentions the psychological conflict of the human being, probably many of you can identify with the psychological conflict. On the on the inside, there is the stress. And this worry, maybe this worry about is about your finances, maybe this worries about you know, your your reputation among people, maybe disrupt, you know, it's about your education, etc, whatever it may be, but the human being is stressed out. And he's discovered in this labor, constantly exhausted in this labor. But at the same time, he has to maintain this reputation of strength. And you know, I'm not weak, I don't need any help. And nobody's like, I'm

00:37:13 --> 00:37:46

number one, that sort of thing. On the outside, you have a lot of this, it's manifest in our society most clearly amongst celebrities, like musicians and artists and things like that, you know, on the outside, I'm number one, and you know, this and that, and on the inside, they're overdosing on pills and killing themselves in like, and they're depressed, and they have suffered from severe psychological trauma. But on the outside, these are the most confident people and they want you know, everybody should be like me, and everybody wants to be like me sort of thing. So there's this conflict. Now, look at this, the other side, on the one hand, the human being is created in

00:37:46 --> 00:38:24

struggle, and on the other at the same time, I said, well, Allah He has he assumed that no one will have control over him whatsoever It is only upon him Allah He admits, right, this the Java's root, this prepositional phrase has been put early, which means it is only upon him that not a single one will have any control over. He's special, he's going to be above the law, he's never going to get caught. He thinks he's the one who's above everything else. And this attitude we find in in little ways, in big ways among human beings. There could be you know, the the arrogant ruler who thinks nobody will, who's going to come after me? Right? You have these people, many genocidal maniacs who

00:38:24 --> 00:39:01

will command you know, war and give bring death to 1000s of people, and what's going on in their mind? Who's gonna stop me anyway? What are they going to do about it? Right? Similarly, the abuse of power sort of thing. Similarly, this idea of being invincible can come as in something as small or something as miniscule as the attitude of a young man or young woman, you don't drive carefully on, nothing's gonna, I know what I'm doing. You know, nobody's gonna, I'm not gonna get caught, right. So this, this idea of nobody will have control over him. And then he had another one word I had, is interesting because it connects this surah to the previous surah. In the previous what have we

00:39:01 --> 00:39:45

learned for Yama, even the Boo Isaiah who had when you say Kawasaki, who had and there had a love of saying, on that day, his punishment will be like the punishment of no one else. And his wrapping up and tying up and caging will be like the caging and wrapping up and tying up of no one else. So here he says, no one will have control over him. And the word I had here implies even Allah, he's not concerned that even the level ever have exercises control over him. Notice that the word Len refers to negative in the future, so will not have control. He's thinking in the future that he will remain independent. He's not concerned about the future. Now understand the surah so far alluded to things

00:39:45 --> 00:39:59

in the past, while while he didn't want the installation of the city, right, the creation of the human being and heartless reference to the past, but now there's this attitude that is carefree about the future, meaning the one who doesn't reflect on the past doesn't develop

00:40:00 --> 00:40:39

concern on the future and and reflection on the past. What does it do for you? It prepares you for the future. That's the idea of learning lessons from history. So yeah, kudos to melaleuca. So we were going from Yes. Sabu to your Kudo. Yeah. So he assumes he thinks nobody will have control. This is something going on in his head. But yaku he says, He says something, which means his assumptions, the when they get strong enough, and he gets arrogant enough and full of himself enough and obnoxious enough, he actually says it out loud. He says some things out loud. So what are what are the manifestations of his arrogance, he says, to melaleuca First of all, he thinks nobody will have

00:40:39 --> 00:41:21

control over him. This is an illustration of power and strength. The second is an illustration of wealth. This person has a lot of money. And there's a lot of ways in this in which this idea has been interpreted and all of them fit together. First of all, he says I have destroyed literally destroyed, you know, completely wrecked enormous amounts of wealth. lewbert lewbert, in Arabic comes from loved or lived lived, which is you know, something that's liquid and sticky. And you can pile things on top like glue to stick things together. And Luma is used for a huge pile that is stuck together. So pile of wealth that is not that's a mobile, right. So when he says melaleuca, he says I

00:41:21 --> 00:41:59

have just destroyed enormous amounts of wealth, which is kind of similar to the English expression, man, I blew a lot of money on that stereo system or whatever. Right? A lot of blue, a lot of money on those rims, right blowing up money. I like to Milan, I destroy wealth. It is a means by which an arrogance is illustrated. He doesn't even say an Fox to Milan, I spent a lot of money. He says I blew a lot of money. Like I don't even care. I killed that, you know, I've killed so much cash on this thing. I destroyed so much money in that thing. The way of the Arab saying that is I don't even care what I do with my money. And it's his way of saying, you know, there are a few things going on

00:41:59 --> 00:42:38

here. One, he wants to tell people how much he spends. You know, he knows what he spent, and nobody cares. But he wants to make sure people know what he spends. This is directly connected to the previous sorta remember when his money goes away, he feels his humiliated. Like sakara horoscope. horoscope for your coonara B 101 is a risk is when Allah collects taxes, and calculates he says my lord is humiliated me. Why? Because his idea of prestige is showing off his work. Now he's literally showing off as well. He can't even hold it in his head. He says yaku he says, Man, I've blown a lot of money. So you know, he's outside with you in the parking lot. And you're just talking about you

00:42:38 --> 00:42:41

know, when time is salon, you know how much I spent on this car.

00:42:42 --> 00:43:20

He just feels the urge to tell you, he can't help himself. Right? He can't help himself. Man, that's a big house I bought I got a really good deal. Only 2 million. Right? And he wants to see the reaction on your face. Because he wants to hear you go. Right. And people, people get a kick out of that people get a kick out of people staring at them and looking at them. Why is it you know, for a lot of people that are not mature in their thinking, and they think wealth or status. These sorts of things that symbolize wealth, will bring them status, What kinds of things do they do? They'll, for example, you know, a lot of people will will deck out their car, right? One, you'll get a really

00:43:20 --> 00:43:54

expensive nice card, which maybe there's nothing wrong with but you get like spinner rims, and you get all kinds of funny like add ons. So when you pull over at the red light, somebody will look at your car, and you'll you can't look at your car, when you're driving, you're inside, right? You can only look at other people. What are you looking at, you're enjoying other people looking at you. That's all it's about. Right? So the decor in your life is not about you as much as it is about what other people will say when they walk into a nice place. Ah, mission accomplished. Somebody said nice place. Right? So this idea of showing off to others, which in SoTL Hadith is captured in the words

00:43:54 --> 00:44:30

were tougher for Romania. But here this Arabic arrogant person says I like to Milan Luba man, I spent a lot of money, oh my god, I can't I don't know where else to spend money on. So he's showing this off. The other way this is interpreted is that, you know, when the call is made to do in fact, to spend for the orphan to spend for the needy to spend for a good cause. And these are the causes early on that we talked about when we talk about in fact PCB dilla which was you know, to gathering for the for battle man and for the struggle of the messenger and a subtle Salaam in the battles that's later on early. In fact, in makansutra, what is what is the Quran talking about? Taking care

00:44:30 --> 00:44:59

of the orphan? Right, the needy, these are the things that are talked about more. So now when it comes to this kind of call, what is the man I've already bought all my money? I've already destroyed my Well, I don't have anything left. So before even the fundraiser begins, you know, what does he come and say, Man, I spent so much on the extension of the house. You know how much it costs me, like $40,000. Now, you know why he's saying that because, you know, he's people know that he's wealthy. So when the fundraising begins, they might go to him and say, Hey, what do you have to offer?

00:45:00 --> 00:45:19

So before they even get to come down, what's he gonna say, Man that spent a lot of money, so they don't even bother. They think, man, he spent so much money on that other thing. So he probably doesn't have anything left. So he's psychologically defending himself from having to say no. When the time comes, he just blew all my money. Yeah, Hola. Hola, como la la vida. That's how I mean so Miss la himolla comments on this ayah. Until

00:45:21 --> 00:45:45

then, another way in which if this this insane is referring to the the most adamant of the kuffaar against Islam, some have interpreted this to mean that you know, in the struggle against the messenger sallallahu sallam, they were also spending money and struggling against the Messenger of Allah Azza wa sallam. And some say this guy says you should consider me the leader because I've spent the most in opposition of Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam

00:45:46 --> 00:46:27

referring to specifically that I've spent the most so you should consider me the leader of this, this cause against the Messenger of Allah sallallahu sallam. So I like to melaleuca and this is an interesting contrast with what the you the same human being the same and insan says in the previous over here, we find him saying, Man, I've blown my money. I've talked to my cashier through my cash, they're destroyed my wealth, right? I've got money to spare. What is he saying in the previous solar? kulu? Yeah, a tiny cut down to the hayati. Oh, if only I had invested for my life, put some investment where in this world so I can enjoy it in the next. And now look. So he gave us the view

00:46:27 --> 00:47:06

of what's he going to be saying in the future? But how did he get to that point in this or he tells What's he doing now with his money. And he's bragging about it, too. He's bragging that I'm just blowing my money in every direction. And ally has already given us in the previous pseudo picture of what he is going to be saying because of this. And then when he stands before Allah, he'll be saying, Oh, if only I had invested Pamela Sabu alum Yahoo ahead. Now none was of the future, right? He doesn't think anyone will will have control over him. Then Allah says, Does he assume that no one saw him? No one saw him is in the past lamella, who Lam forces the madora into the past tense, that

00:47:06 --> 00:47:44

no one ever see him? Is that what he assumes? In other words, now Ally's asking him if you're not willing to reflect on the legacy of your father, and the legacy of legacies of the previous nations, right? that were mentioned in the previous or at least reflect on your own life? Do you think nobody saw what you've been doing all this time? Do you not know how Allah doesn't know how you acquired your wealth? You see, the police started thinking that they have this, you know, natural born right to the city and to the wealth and to prestige. This is in their blood? And Allah says no, this city was you know, why didn't add that. And this was a valley with no cultivation. This was nothing a lot

00:47:44 --> 00:48:27

produced by the DA Rahim Allah, Allah, Allah gave the city life, Allah provided its citizens risk, made it safe, you're not entitled to it. Haven't you looked in your own life of the things you've enjoyed because of these provisions? Allah has given me Allah who had, as he as he, as he assumed that no one ever saw him holla. And now, Eliza, which I mentioned the very right after saying that nobody see him. He says, didn't we give him eyes alumna Allah Who? Didn't we give him eyes, meaning the one who gave you the ability to see, don't you think he saw you to begin with? Right? He gave you the ability to see you don't think he saw you along the line. The other thing is, you've

00:48:27 --> 00:49:05

destroyed so much wealth. How much wealth Are you willing to pay for your eyes? Right? How did you pay for your eyes? Didn't we give you the eyes? You know, you got the camel, you've got the property. You've got this. You've got that fine. Who gave you the eyes? alumna john Nigella, who didn't we install for him the eyes both both eyes when he sat in and a tongue. Now what did he say with this tongue? in just a few moments ago, we read yaku galactomannan. He used his tongue to say, Man, I've blown a lot of cash. I've spent a lot of wealth that's what he uses time for. So love doesn't say just say well, he said and he adds worship I attain and two lips to hold the tongue

00:49:05 --> 00:49:41

inside. According to the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam the lips are a means by which you control your tongue. The first thing was he accepted his assumption of arrogance. Nobody will have control over him. His assumption of nobody saw him in the past. But the arrogance manifested with the tongue, didn't it? And that was the worst crime, which is why he's gonna be crying on the Day of Judgment with that same tongue. So what did the law say when he sat and Wah chef attains Allah gave him a tongue and two lips to hold that tongue inside. And these are two of the most remarkable creations. If you think about them, what we see processes immediately, in our mind, and the tongue

00:49:41 --> 00:50:00

even, you know, I'm thinking about saying something that I mean, think about a processor, right? It's got to go over here get processed, and then those concepts have to be turned into words into a grammatically coherent sentence, and then come out of my mouth, all within fractions of a second. All of this is happening, this incredible engineering decision.

00:50:00 --> 00:50:37

This mechanism is taking place constantly for us, no processor lag, you know your processor in your operating system, sometimes the camera freezes, right. So your eyes don't do that, like I'm still over there. I'm looking over here, but I still see this because if the processor froze for a few seconds, that doesn't happen, right? So how long would a process or a loved one in here, right and the speakers get scratchy and you know, the sound doesn't come through or the file gets corrupted. Allah made this flawless system that works for years and years and years and no plug in no like another you know system of battery that allows them to created subhana wa Tada. So when the southern

00:50:37 --> 00:50:47

Russia thing and finally we'll close with this idea and discuss it in depth, because it's a very deep Ayah that's the conclusion of this, this series of rhetorical questions that a lot asks and that is what how they know

00:50:49 --> 00:51:07

that we guided him to two elevated paths, paths that lead to elevation paths that are heading up mountains, literally, that's what it is a wide path that is clear of cultivation that is heading up mountains, and we'll talk about the implications of that inshallah tada after the Salah, barakallahu li walakum Hakim El Camino

Quran Tafsir/Explanation – Juz Amma

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