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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah

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in Alhamdulillah.

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Indeed all hum of praise of things are due to Allah subhanho wa Taala Nakamoto who, so undoubtedly we praise Allah subhana wa tada monastery know who. And we also ask Allah subhanaw taala for his help, when you may know be he and we believe in Allah, on at our can.

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And we place our trust solely in Allah subhanho wa Taala one hour with a villa him in Cerulean fusina.

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And this trust makes me confident to say all of us to say

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that I seek refuge from the evil that's within myself, the natural consequences of being human or mean say Dr. Molina and I also we also seek refuge from the evil that's a byproduct when we do bad deeds say

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when I lie, my heart it becomes dark and less receptive to Hidayat. So it's not one thing just to say I trust the last $100 and then and then not understand that evil. That's in me as a human being it's not shade bonds fault. It's not shade lawns fault that I wanted to miss Juma today and maybe sleep in. It's not shade bonds fault that under way to Juma I looked at something that I wasn't supposed to innately first it comes on with sound right? First it comes on the Irvine community to say we trust in Allah when these mistakes happens, turn to Allah subhanaw taala so this makes you say every Friday man Yeah, de la

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la la or my little fella ha de Allah. No matter how many sins we do on the way to Juma during Juma and when we leave Juma, who's the only one who can guide us, Allah subhanaw taala. So undoubtedly, I'm not out to be perfect. I'm out to do what Allah subhanaw taala asked me to do. So whoever Allah subhanaw taala guides, he Daya whoever touches he that touches hidayatullah gives them guidance, no one's going to misguide this person. But the real consequence that we need to leave from today's jumar.

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But whoever Allah subhanho wa Taala doesn't guide, whoever isn't touched by guidance. Nobody can guide this person make the connection here with me, before we get into the football. This could be the greatest football in the world. You could take all of the Messiah from all over the world and have them write one football. And then the greatest orator will get Joel olsteen to become Muslim. And he'll come up here and give football. If the hit is not with you, if guidance hasn't touched you, it's not going to do anything. So part and parcel I need to listen to what's being said. But what's happening in your heart right now. I don't know why this guy have a turban on or turban

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people are backwards, you say that's going on in your head right now? Is that something that's blocking the guidance? Yeah. So we ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us amongst those who are guided. But more importantly, not only are we amongst the guided, but that we realize we are human beings, we have shortcomings. And human beings don't like certain things. We don't like certain medications. I hate doing my taxes. I despise it. It's such a long and tedious thing. But it's something that I need to do not only for the betterment of wisdom, but for the betterment of our society. So I want you as the football comes out today, and you start hearing this every time we meet Vietnam next

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Friday as well. When you hear something you're like, why is he talking about that? Wait, evaluate that feeling and say, a lot. If this is right, let me love it. And if it's not right, keep me away from it. But don't let me say oh ally no more than this is this is just rhetoric for the Juma football. I don't need any part of it. I just need to pray and get out of here. So this statement leads everybody all of these different paths, whatever your heart is saying right now, whatever you feel wherever you lived before this, whether you got into an argument with your wife before you came to jumar Today, all of these things lead to one statement though. And that statement I say and you

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sitting in this room, you become de facto to the statement, a shadow on a Chicago and La Ilaha Illa wall

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We all bear witness, I bear witness and testify and sanctify whether there is advanced mathematics or science or not, or whether I live in a cave, whether I am rich, or I am poor, whether I'm a genius, or whether I can't spell my last name, there is no other ILA or Rob God, creator. sustainer there's nobody who created nobody. There is no creator of the uterus that we slept in for nine months, other than Allah subhanaw taala.

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And that Allah subhanaw taala, our rub our Illa communicating with me, you your mom, your grandfather, and the people of the past meal, Coveney, como la la comunidad de goon, he query he communicated with them, not by talking to every person and saying, Oh, I'm a lot. This is what's going on. He sent special people. And those special people didn't just show up and say, Look, I'm David Koresh. I'm a prophet. They showed up and they broke physical law. One of them sat in the fire, the Torah, the Bible, the Quran, all say Ibrahim Armstrong did this feat. They broke what we know as physical law, natural law. They broke these things and they said, Look, I am only an IB from

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a law I'm only a messenger facto law.

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rune. I'm only a messenger, I don't want you to pay me. I want you just to realize that there is one God whether you are having you prayed further this morning or not. There's still one God, and that God taught you today by sending Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and the various other prophets. So we say, one a shadow, Mohammed Abu rasuluh. And we know the purpose of this prophet, our Salah, Rasulullah Whoville without the needle help, a law, the only Allah decided he wasn't going to leave mankind to kind of sit on the curb and say, Well, maybe we'll go to heaven. Maybe we'll go to hell. Allah subhanaw taala sent this prophet artist Surat wasallam Bill houda guidance,

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spirituality, how to act, how to talk. How do you deal with people who are how do you deal with people who are saying so you're happy bin Laden's dead, you happy? And they're cursing and they're, they're damming people to hell? How are you supposed to deal with these people? This is not a perfect world. Allah sent bill Hooda or Dini will help and he also realized that human beings were going to pray be Naik have been but human beings were also going to do what have to do business, have to get married have to divorce, quite frankly, Allah subhanaw taala realized that human beings weren't gonna get along. So he even taught us how much to hate. If someone has done something wrong

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to you, Allah, Allah doesn't say, first turn the other cheek. unless Allah reminds you, you can forgive. But if someone stole something from you, I gave you these laws that you can follow. So a lot didn't leave us hanging. And we said this in the football previous Allah wanted us to succeed subhanho wa Taala. So in this Ursula surah, who will Buddha Deen in health Now why did religiosity namaz Rosa. Clothing beard Hodge, why did all of these things come down? And why did elect teach us how to live? How to go to the bathroom? Allah gave it to us why Leo Vila who are that Dean equally? This is my question to our urban community today. If Allah sent this system to become dominant upon

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all other systems, ask yourself this much. What cat what governmental system what economic system? What married system has worked

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over the system of Allah subhanaw taala ask yourself now. So if Allah sent a system that worked for 800 years, and now we're going through every other system trying to figure out how to do health care, Umar radi Allahu taala. On in this luthier, who Allah de nikoli to have a system that was dominant upon all others, he had a Social Security system. Where's that Social Security? So when you rip, being pious, and living and doing business and being interacting with non people who are not Muslim, when you rip this apart, this becomes a religion. And then our Deen gets it's like a three legged dog. It's, it's great. It's nice to look at. But when you ask it to do something, it's kind

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of like printing. It doesn't do anything doesn't make sense to you, while you carry heavy machinery. And of course, it's not going to make sense because the machinery can have Carrara hat for it. The polytheist someone who says no, no, no brothers don't wear nice loose clothes, wear tight clothes. So the you know, the the the people who like to look at your body, they can enjoy the male body too.

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It doesn't click what the hell machico and of course it doesn't. When's the last time you saw the cover of GQ magazine.

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Based on Mashallah, you didn't? So you feel like oh my god, what is this guy looks? It looks weird. What? Okay, he had machinery going because the machinery is going to tell you, man, this ain't fly. This is not super fresh, you need to be super fresh. So in this what will hodja that we read every Friday, I asked us to take a quick step back. You can see the first two clips hooked up before this, the football that we did directly before this connected us to three characteristics of the complete believer. So the complete believer had three components. And I'm sure you all remember the first component was knowledge why it got Bismillah under the hood and who was representative of knowledge,

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the most knowledgeable of the prophets in one of them Musashi ceram so we said knowledge, but what was the first thing who got Allah and to eliminate Mr. Lim tell Russia when he told the great man who knew more than him? Can I come with you and learn with you a little knowledge? We can seminars? What are the men respond by the iNec Alan test aqui Amaya sobre. You won't have patience. And this is the key factor today. Sometimes we're going to hear interest is how long? Yes, there's this gray area down here. But the general labor allows parents is forbidden. Now let's me and you B tear the turban off, put a suit on me, it's a great time to get into some, you know, a little bit of interest

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here, maybe a little bit of financial transactions, which are a little shady. It's a good time now to do that. No one said we were going to love the knowledge that we learned. But Allah subhanaw taala said, as soon as you hear something's halal or haram, don't like it or dislike it, be patient. So Today's focus is to open this concept that we as a community need all these three things, knowledge, and what was the second one, you know, was spirituality, being named being connected to Allah subhanaw taala being able to I had to buy a cup of coffee before tomorrow today. So I'm walking to Juma and of course, outwardly, I look like this, but everything is walking in front of

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your eyes outside in the district, right? And you're like, oh, stuff a lot. So like, where do you build that spirituality? How do you know that you stop asking what's halaal? What's wrong? And you start asking, Is this going to get me to heaven? That's spirituality. You start seeing Do I have to pray sooner before fudger? You start saying, if I pray sooner, before fudger will I get closer to gender? Yes, this is spirituality who was the model of this Mario Odyssey set out one idea. And the third was Ibrahim alayhi salatu salam who had the pinnacle of activism. But today, I'd like you to make a mental note. Remember the numbers 13 and 14 surah number II before I even saw him, it is in

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the 14th 13th just so it's Surah 14, the Jews the para is number 13. In this let's take the walk together. Now keep this one concept in your head. Oh Allah, I want to know knowledge. And I want to know what kind of knowledge I want to know what kind of knowledge I want. These are the two topics for today's Juma hook, but he is Neela. So we start in Surah, Ibrahim, 13 and 14. We start from number one far will be learning inertia.

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Before getting knowledge or law, I seek your refuge from shavon who's our regime? This is a coming in the third hood but not next week. But the next time I meet you shake bond is not only damned shavon told God I know more than you. You want me to make such that to this clay creature. I am this he's that. So before you seek knowledge of Allah, I need you to humble me and don't make me like the rational shavon miss me learn him Rahmani Raheem, In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful. So even if I don't understand this Allah even if I hear this is about hijab, this is about being nice to my neighbors, and I don't like it. Oh Rahman r Rahim. Make my heart soft. Now I

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need you to stay with me from the top for the first four is and if

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any lamb row no one knows their translations except Allah. So Allah knows more than me and you already so sit down, relax, because the one who's speaking to you, he knows more than us anyway. And what is this that he knows more? He's telling you the first thing about, about seeking knowledge, Gita

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LA. Why did this for uncom we sent this book down unto you, Mohammed Rasulullah, who taught the book to the Sahaba who gave us the book radi Allahu taala on him. So the book reached us. Why did uncom did it first comes

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So that when we buy a new house, we could have fun. When someone died, we could read it. We did it. First come so that we could memorize all of its eyes and say, Look, my kid memorized on. What was the first reason it came? La? Can you talk region? Me? No.

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No, it came to take the people mean of Voodoo mat. And all of us know, Ludo mark is plural. So it's not just one hot ROM out there. There's a lot of darkness out there. There are people who are like, well, I don't believe in praying, I don't believe in Hades. There's a lot of darkness is out there, then there's just flat out over there. I don't believe in a God unless parent that says Mina Luma de la know, all of the darknesses to one light. And what is that light, light of Islam, it's a light from that book, be is near have be him in as long as the laws easy, Hamid, but this knowledge wasn't going to be digested by itself, you would need the isn't of a law you would need God to be happy

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with you. He Lancelot de la zz will Hamid. So that you would reach set off the street consistent path or the straight path of Aziz and Hamid, I need you to remember these two, Allah knows more than us. He sent us a book so that you could read it, not so that it could be read to you a law center book so that you could read you could recite, and then when you didn't understand something, the other man would explain it to you. But we have left that single concept of reading. And he is Aziz Almighty, and he's Hamid, the most praiseworthy, so you should praise him whether you're reading or not. And he reminds you Why is he Hamid is number two of law he led the law Murphy's

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field, for a law is whatever is in the heavens, juanma fill out and whatever is on the earth. And I say and I introduced into the translation, whatever is in the heavens, whatever is in the earth, and in this time and age, whatever is on the internet belongs to Allah subhanho wa Taala he can see it and he knows what is there, why he little Kashmiri nanny, nada.

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So woe unto the person who doesn't get this, that whether you accept the knowledge of a loss of data or not, he owns everything around us. In IRA number three, a lot takes knowledge for all of us. And he explains the three people who don't believe or don't understand that a lot, whatever is in the heavens, whatever's in the earth is for him. These are three characteristics. Let's see if they're in us before we seek knowledge. And levena is a born and hired to Niala.

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There are three things in a person before he seeks knowledge that would be a determined for him to really know what God wants. Number one, he prefers this dunya over the hereafter. What does this mean? That when he has a chance to follow the law of Allah, he chooses this world over the Hereafter, he says, you know, this law is in Islam, but it'll make me a quick buck here. This law is in Islam, but I'm going to cut what's halal and haram, I'm going to leave it to the side, because I can benefit here. point A, Allah doesn't want us to be miskeen in a hurry. He doesn't want us to be poor. He said, Follow and seek what you need within this compound within this box. And these are the

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people who look what else would do.

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So not only do they choose this world over the Hereafter, they say, well, let's let the share species they become a deterrent to you. And they come to you and they say, Brother, why do you Why do you pray so much? Why are you going to the masjid? Why are you learning, you know, if you learn you have to practice all of these things. So this person is not content with his life, because he chose dunya. But then he sees you. You're you don't have as much as he does, but you're happy. So he comes to and says Don't be a ne Don't be so so much like a chef. Don't be too religious. Don't follow the religion too much. Because he personally doesn't have happiness when you respond to him.

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He says whatever

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you want. And when you respond to him and say no, but I feel peace in this. You know, he does. He opens the Quran and says, you know, Islam says you can have four wives. Do you know Islam says wakatipu feasibility law he looks through the Quran for crookedness.

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So he's not happy. He chooses this world. He says no, no.

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Don't Don't bother doing this. Don't work with the youth group chair. Leave it alone. Because no one will marry you. You'll become the religious boy. And then said no man hamdulillah plenty people are trying to marry me. Right? Plenty people are trying to marry me and then he realizes you're not happy. So he tries to find

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crookedness in this religion, Ola ecoffee

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buried this person. Just read the mud with me.

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This person these those people who are these three things, feel

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movie feed badali mbari they're very far they're far from what Allah Subhana Allah gave us guidance, the book and what are they far from what the ayah start out saying kita Boone Anza Nam LA. They're far from that book. We end with the fourth IRA. And this part of the footbed is meant to cultivate one concept to you. What did Allah Allah call knowledge though? He said Alif Lam ra you guys don't know the translation? Allah subhanaw taala does? I don't know it either. He said talked about what he talked about spirituality. What does he talks about keto. Everyone knows what the word keytab is. And I end the cookbook on one small concept. A friend of mine, a colleague who studied with me, he

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went and he traveled to Boston, in Bosnia, and this is a very low blow, if you will. In Bosnia. He said, as the Serb troops used to go around to modalities to the madrasa system, to where they teach Quran.

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He said, the Serbs used to go around breaking down modalities. So they would go and they would burn the mustard. So there was no place to pray. And he was so interesting that they left the places standing, that would teach the people what they thought Islam meant. What places did they burn down the modalities where people were taught how to read. Let me do that again for you. I am going to keep Ioh k open. It doesn't teach any currency for example, but I'm going to burn down the mustard so that people can't just learn to read. What happens. Religious monopoly. I am the only guy who can interpret their religion, maybe 15 guys in that area, and everyone has to follow us. So did they cut

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Islam? Or did they cut Koran? The Quran? They didn't want you to read. They started telling you if you read more on you'll become guided because this is Allah sitting on a throne or is the hand of a lot actually hand knitted, don't read Quran you might get misguided. So they didn't cut our religion. They said yes, go learn fic go fight about this and this and mustache or no mustache or beard or no beard fight about that learn fit.

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But don't learn to read the book. Now I asked you in that much. I could say seek knowledge for anything. I ended on the fourth ayah of surah Ibrahim surah number 14 just number four and number 13 Alma

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Suning, ellaby Sani Tommy Helio benina boom, and we didn't send any messengers Illa Billy sang so the literal translation is we didn't send profits without the tongues of their people. That doesn't mean language. That means lingo. 10 years ago, 15 years ago in America, you could have said there was no Mohammed *ing there was no Mohammed felt the need to speak in English so I could learn. You could have said there's no yasir Qadhi. There's no Hamza Yusuf 1520 years ago, but a lot then heard our gloss on all those 27th of Ramadan nights. Oh Allah send us teachers who can not only teach us the religion, but teach us to read literally pick up the book, but rather we don't

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understand it. First, when you were a child you learn to read.

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And now Allah gave that to us. Ellerbee. Listen, he told me he lived in Allah home so that they could make it clear for you did love Romania. Well, yeah, the mania. So Allah guides misguides who he wills and guides Who's he wills? Can I read that to you again? So Allah misguides do you do deserve misguidance if you spent 10 years Oh Allah in 1998 that economic remember we all raised our hand. Imam Suraj Awad said, Oh, Lord, give us scholars who speak our language and I was the little boy sitting there army in a law, mommy.

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And even then no exaggeration. In 1998. I was a little kid making law. Someone made law like this. Someone may do I like this and there was an argument right there. For the love of God. Ask God Raise your hands. Ask him old love. You gave me what I asked for, let me use it. Let me learn to read this book. And when I learned to read, I won't become a doctor. I won't become a chef. But at least I'll know what they're talking about.

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And why and Allah ends on the fourth I hope you remember. He misguides whom He wills and he guides whom He wills and who is a lot to do these things. So difficult statement for me to say, or one lies easy. Hakeem the first ayah and did it

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Israel, Hamid, Allah is the most praiseworthy, he would never do anything to you that would hurt you in the long run. But in the end, if you say, Well, God is not guiding me, who is Allah, he's still as he is. But he's also Hakeem, he is praiseworthy. And in the fourth ayah, he refers to himself as the most wise wisdom comes from Allah. So I wish that you understand this and I will leave on one thought I had, I was sitting with a patient in the hospital. internal bleeding helped me out here, all of us internal bleeding, say, for example,

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and he had a car accident in which his femur was fractured. It didn't make sense. He woke up and he goes, man, I'm bleeding on the inside. Why would God do this to me? A lot. I was like, I have no idea. I have no idea why this is happening to you. And it clicked. Then the head doctor came in. We're just little tech people. Had doctor came in and said, Sir, do you realize one thing? You came here because you were rushing somewhere? You're rushed. He was rushing, he got into a car accident. He said, You were rushing here your lifestyle is in sales. You're always running, you're always running and to heal in internal bleeding. What do you have to do? You have to stay in one place. As

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long as you can say his little catheter came out his drainage came out. What would he be doing up around getting on his phone of love broke his leg to save his life. And this leg had made him stay laying down for two more weeks. But what was going on inside that he couldn't see. The fact that his internal bleeding was healing better without him limping around with a drainage in one side and IV tubes and a catheter tube all over his body. Allah made it but would you understand that if you didn't know Allah was Aziz and Hakeem. No. So when we say learn to read, know that we are systematically being taught don't read Quran, because if you read Quran, something might happen. You

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might turn into a religious person and

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something will affect your life. So between the sittings of the Hooda ask Allah Oh Allah, we asked you for people in English to teach us you asked us to give us videos and information you we asked you for websites and beautiful massage when I was the little boy who used to collect the $10 brother given the birth of a law, please donate to the masjid little kid. And I said I love one day you're gonna pull the whole much of this all the United States and filled with mustard. We have the teachers we have the massage. We have the microphone system. Remember back in the day.

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You couldn't hear the football, like give you everything. He wants us to succeed. We just have to realize who our homies most praiseworthy. And if you don't understand one of Allah's laws, why do women wear niqab? I still don't know. I don't know the achema. I know that in Quran and Sunnah. But I personally asked my wife, what's the mcsa? What's the purpose? I understand I respect that you do? Why did Allah because covering the hair, it's a beautiful part of the woman is it? And I asked her I don't have an answer for you. But we asked knowing that even if I don't know the maxim of Nepal of covering the face, Allah said it it's in there. So it must have something good, it has something

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good between the cities. ask Allah, Allah you gave us bunny soil asked you You gave them and they they lied to you.

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I am now asking from you and you gave us Don't make us like them late in the month do Brd him or her body cannot be gotta be there is a Dr. masuku ceramidin Merci.

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Alhamdulillah Hiromi la alameen wa sallahu wa salam O Allah Allah Sunni NaVi Katie Karim.

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Allah Allah He masabi Hina

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hanging out?

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Yeah, yeah. You don't see the angels that give the Salaam to the sort of loss of La Jolla send them but Allah said that they're there so we say in non La Romana you gotta who you soluna nabee

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la he was suddenly muitas Nima Allahumma salli, ala Muhammad, Muhammad kamasan. Later Ibrahim awada Ahmad Ibrahim. Majeed Allahumma barik ala Mohammadi Wada, Hamad Kamau Bell, Dr. Allah Ibrahim awada Ibrahim in Madrid, I end today's football I end the second part with a simple concept knowledge. So big deal, right? There are also very negative types of knowledge and if I may, negative types of knowledge is one someone in high school, someone at your workplace who has never spoken to you before and he looks it goes hey Mohammed, what do you think about bin Laden's death?

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Hmm, this guy didn't talk to you forever. Now all of a sudden he wants to know your your opinion about what happened there. There is beneficial knowledge, and there is knowledge that won't benefit you. beneficial knowledge will increase our deep

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knowledge that is not beneficial when I start talking about it. How, how big is the throne of Allah? How many times is the last kind of Allah going to do such action that can benefit you? Also, in the same way, we all realize that, forget about the binladin situation, our religion gave us everything during the time of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam. During the time of earlier, the love with Allen weren't there people who did similar acts, who said Ali, you are God, or God, Allahu taala and didn't even want to pray janazah on these people. So I want you to keep in mind that people have been around our religion for a long time. So whether you are going to believe personally in

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conspiracy theories that he was dead eight more times, and Madeleine Albright in 2005 said he was dead. Great. And 911 was an inside job. Great, believe it. What are you going to do with that knowledge? how's it gonna help you read on genuinely, how's that going to help you pick up the garbage cans on Wednesday at your neighbor's house and pull it in eight, eight, do your best to find it beneficial knowledge, we get an Allahu taala knowledge that's going to benefit you so that you can help the community. So I would as a community, the masses, the elders are going to do what they need to do for their press releases. But the young people and the average Joe who has two or three

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kids and brother, we're not going to really get into these things, because it's not really worth it. Open your hearts to that which Allah asked you kita the Kitab will tell us how to deal with people in our oma and around our Ummah who do these things and whether they do so all that is cleaning pure is from Allah subhanaw taala we end with the ayah for those who came on time or were not able to catch everything in La Jolla movie loud anyone? Yes anyone

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wion honl fracture,

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carry Wahlberg. Indeed, Allah has joined three things we have to do three things and we have to leave three things he has enjoined us to be just be just if you know you cannot you are not serving this religion beyond your name being Muslim. start serving your religion. If you know you're not loving and respecting your wife or husband, the way that Allah has given them that honor and respect be just cut off. What what exam we said is a topic of being aware and conscious of a law that right now unless Canada sees us and later Allah subhanaw taala will see us and spending on our family members spend a smile, spend a nice handshake when you shake hands with a dignitary you take your

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time when you spend time with your family members. shake their hand for a little bit with respect. Stay with the elders if they choose to speak with you have some respect. But on the flip side, injustice is facha is High School Musical one through nine in Glee fascia is everything Allah has forbidden in sexual promiscuity. Let's leave these things. One muncom the line in the sand between halal and haram and while belly and oppression don't oppress and we just what a decree law XRP isn't Allahu Allah ask Allah for what you need. A lot of yharnam amount is now a famous