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Quran Tafsir/Explanation – Juz Amma

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Hello, okay Heidi samosa it nada hora boo boo

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boo jessika inhabit phibrows Luna

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laka Isla

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de la B Kapha dosha Allahu COVID wa kuvira factoid

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is how shall often

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publisher recently Emily Nakata, Melissa de coco de fer hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Muhammad, the IRS I just decided I decided that selection on purpose even though we've done some of them already, just to highlight again the rhyme scheme of the ending phonetics moves out to Taka, Taka, Taka Cobra. Notice the eye at the end of all of them, right that even phonetically illustrates that they're part of the same paragraph, it's the same discussion continuing, it's connected somehow, when we go beyond them, there'll be another series of syllables at the ends of IR that'll illustrate that that's another grouping of IR together that they go together. That's our formulation

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of paragraphs. This is a component of Quranic discourse, the organization of Quranic discourse is very difficult to communicate in translation, this component of it, okay, anyhow, so we were in the midst of the discourse, where the Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam was told I thought I had ether Moosa didn't the discourse or didn't the news of Musa as though it's all new again, come to you already, when his Lord called on to him in the value of a tour, and he told him is happy laughing around in the hotel. Now notice, you know, in other places in the Quran, you're gonna find a lot more detail about what happened when he went on tour. You'll even find details on how he got

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there when he saw the fire and you know, he's gonna go there perhaps to get directions, etc. So why no details here? Why so short here? See, the thing is in the Quran, the purpose is not telling the story. That's not the purpose. The story is only the part of the story is cited only that part which fits in with the discourse that precedes and the discourse that will follow. So the stories are repeated musante salaam is mentioned over 70 different places. And don't hold on Why not? Because we don't know the story once time, one time you've heard it, the point is only to cite that component of his legacy that will be relevant to the discussion at hand to the soul at hand to the discourse

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at hand. And that's what's happening here. So, none of the details that are irrelevant to this discussion are mentioned only the things that particularly have to do with this discussion or invention, this is part of the the brevity of speech and knock on this is also part of the meticulous organization of ideas in the discourse. Anyhow, so for cool Haleakala antisaccade This is the ayah we left off on then say to him as always when you go to him as a result of his rebellion, say to him fight against suburbia. Also it's called photography which connects the two things together, should I give you Do you not see in yourself any inclination any bit of inclination that

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you may want to purify yourself cleanse yourself of your flaws? What the aka in Allah be Kapha dosha? And do you not see in yourself any inclination whatsoever that I may guide you is connected? And how do I know it's not a separate sentence altogether? You see the first have an idea, that Fatah idea normally it's an idea that's a fourth state it's in grammar, it's called that idea means it's been sued because of an in the previous I am desica there's one thing I forgot to mention about the previous word that that's really important to note. You see the word does that guy in Arabic And by the way, you guys normally should have a Muslim in front of you so you can follow along. Okay.

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Anyway does that guy originally is that as

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for brevity, you can take two tasks out and make it one like Alice has walked us he will be happy to help me and we'll have on Roku. Actually, you can also say why that data for Roku, you can have two tasks they originally there are two tasks there. Similarly, there are two tasks here that does occur, but the brief version of it is, does occur. And actually, even though grammatically it means the same thing. You know,

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that does occur or does occur, it means the same thing. But in the chorus

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It means two different things. The Quranic language is so sensitive that even words that are dissimilar, we cannot pass them off as oh it means the same as that as a guide. It's actually separate. For example in the Quran you will find yet at dub dub una yet

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multiple syllables. Yeah.

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Then you'll find yet dub dub baru at this time, there's fusion of the syllables you will find yet either Karuna. Yet the Karuna, then you'll find yet the corona fusion. So there's to make the matter simple. In English, you say something like I saw a demo, right? Are you say I saw a demonstration, you know the brief version of the word in a much more sophisticated form in Arabic, you can actually take a syllable in the beginning of the word and remove it because it's redundant. Now when you keep it, it alludes to a more complete context. And when you take it away, it's a more partial context. In other words, the word as that guy here is, Do you find that even a little bit of an inclination

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to purify even anything of your character, if it's that as a car, it's more complete, refined everything about your character, but not a thing about your character do I see that you want to change, you're very happy with the way you are, and the ultimate till the end that some of the Automat mentioned under this if, for example, in the Sila midroc, we found that, that his worst rebellion was that he saw something nothing wrong in his rebellion. There was no guilt. There was no not even an inclination that I'm doing something wrong. And this this was for me, this is this is really the the phononic state of mind. Anyhow, this is being illustrated because the Michigan are

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turning into this, the ones that are talking about that Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam he's talking to them, they're turning into federal and all of them because they find in them no inclination to even consider the goodness that they know to be true. That's deep inside of them, what are the Aqa in Arabic and then I'm there I may guide you towards your Lord. Now you see the word hedaya in the Quran, it's used in multiple ways in the fatty how we find it in Surat almost all of you know this by heart, we don't find it the not a lesser autonomous theme. Here you find our idea aka, ILA, there is no ILA in Florida and there is a difference. Actually, the closer to

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literary interpretation of it in US Latinos, the team is guided to and along the straight path, the most common transitions we find our guidance to the straight path that would have been correct and complete if the Arabic was a dinette either.

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But there's no elanda Fatiha. So the meaning it becomes hard also, right in all of the prepositions are understood when you remove a preposition. So the meaning is guide is to and along the straight path. In other words, the path is there. When you say guide to that means knowledge. By the way, when you use the preposition to, like if I say guide me to the airport, what are you going to give me? Give me a map, are you going to give me directions, right? You're going to give me knowledge. But when I say guide me to and along, then it's not just knowledge, it's also support. All right, I'll sit in the car with you, I'll come with you right here. musalla is alive Salam is illustrating

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what I do. In Arabic, I will guide you to your Lord, meaning let me teach you, let me at least tell you what this illustrates. He doesn't even want to hear it. He doesn't even want to hear. Plus, it is only appropriate for musasa lab to guide someone to or to give them knowledge of because in the end, in the end, guiding someone along the path who's the only one who can do that, that is exclusive to Allah so it's appropriately used either. Then in Arabic, this is actually a fundamental term in this surah rubia.

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I will guide you to your Arab why you will find a little bit further down what's what is what I was gonna say. I love lucuma Allah, I am your supreme Rob, Rob. And it is actually the concept of rubia that's at the heart of belief in the asset and we have to connect these two things together the key term you know in reference to a love you don't find the word a lot here what do we find? We don't say what are the aka Elahi Photoshop, or Ola man we found a lot man in. So number. Here the key word we find is love. The key word here is love. And actually it is a continuation of the end of Nevada where we read all of this somehow it would have been a homer.

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Now hear that same Rob is actually showing mercy even to fit home is not closing the door on him until he closes the door on himself. Well, the big Natasha, then you may find any inclination to be to fear for yourself. Remember, Harsha, we talked about before a kind of fear of something magnanimous, a fear of something huge. If I give you knowledge of it, and you're able to internalize any of it, you'll realize how insignificant you are. And in comparison how how enormous your Lord is. It will put you in a state of Harsha. That word is perfectly relevant specifically for Darwin, because he doesn't think of anything grander than who himself so that specific word of fear, the

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kind of fear that is of something greater than yourself. That's the specific word of fear us has yet enough hope. Not only

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Other kinds of fear, that specific kind of fear. But Asha, the other thing that's that's very beautiful a lesson in this is what I do in Arabic, I will guide you or let me Don't you even find any inclination or any permission in yourself to let me guide you to your Lord or give you knowledge of the fact of your Lord. And if you had that knowledge, then what would necessarily happen as a result, but for Serbia Daksha as a result, you will be overwhelmed in fear, you will be in fear of something greater than yourself. What we learn from this is true knowledge leads to what it leads to fear, True Knowledge leads to fear. This is why we find what Rossi who in Africa and the people

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mature knowledge Allah calls them right the people of pure intellect. These are the truly knowledgeable, mature in knowledge. Those same old above at the end of Alexander explained further you want to learn more about them that I

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am and Baku guru movie. And in that passage, you find these people of knowledge that are afraid, a lot better not to ask, it's not actually they're begging Allah subhanaw taala what's often a lot of scenario Matsuyama you know, don't give us what you promise your messengers don't humiliate, humiliate or something on the Day of Resurrection, they're terrified. That's how the people of knowledge are described. So if you had that knowledge, the first consequence of that knowledge would be you would be afraid for Daksha for all and by the way, again, remember we are being told of Messiah and for one or the other said I'm sorry seven for O'Donoghue. But what we're really talking

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about actually is Muhammad Ali Salaam, and that's what's really going on. This is a parallel it's not a story. There are parallels to this situation from that situation for Allah who is a cobra. Then in order to make him you know, find that goodness inside of him a little bit of help from the outside. Allah says then he showed him meaning Masada Islam showed him an iron Cobra, the ultimate sign, the ultimate signs a huge a cobra is the feminine equivalent of a cabal, you know, we say Allahu Akbar. The feminine of Akbar, in Arabic is Cobra like accent is husana. Okay, and these are from the superlative of one of them. It's called an Arabic the superlative adjective. So the

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ultimate side now we know Masada was given many signs. But we know that Pharaoh was terrified of all the signs most of the staff turning into a snake. How do we know he was terrified of that most? Because when he hired those magicians and he sent out his recruiters, what did they train to compete with the hand? They didn't compete with the with the light lit hand. They didn't compete with the locusts or the nine signs. When they came to compete. What did they throw they biohome

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they threw their ropes and rods to simulate or to compete with that which terrified him the most. So Allah azza wa jal says, so he showed him the ultimate sign the greatest sign. And then as a result, by the way, perfect I own the greatest sign was the staff turning into a snake, but the parallel again is in Muhammad's times on the low horse. What's the sign that he's showing them, it is called on itself, that Messiah Salaam showed the flesh over the course of years, the miraculous eloquence, the power, the the mesmerizing power of this court, the relentless power of this odd, that's the iron Cobra for them, and Kitab you know, come up with the greatest book. So now as a result, even

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after seeing that miracle, because there was nothing inside of him that wanted to return to good, what did he do instead? Forget about what I saw. Then the two things Allah mentions in this if I cassava, then as a result, he did leave now usually Canada, there's usually a rule B there's an object for Canada, Bobby Moosa psychobabble, there's no B there's no object mentioned. All this all this mentioned is he lied against. Now when you say he lied against you're expecting light against to light against the sign light against Moosa light against his old conscience, when you want to say he lied against all of those things, you leave out the object, so all of them are implied as the

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object that's a tool that Arabic so for Canada, he lied against mazarin instead of propagated against Mossad. So he lied against the sign that goes on. I said, I'm showing him calling the sign magic, calling it a lie, calling a trickery. Then he lied against his own conscience, which deep inside was telling him that that's the truth. So all of that is included by a lot not mentioning on the phone, but he was about because there might be something. So that's the first thing. By the way, this is the same thing that the French are doing, when they see the ultimate sign their response, and if those of them that are very have any inkling of truth in them, that doesn't lead them to

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this, but the ones that find nothing in them of goodness, it results them not only to lying to themselves, or to lying to themselves, or lying against the book, that it's not the truth. They actually propagate lies against Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, so those who propagate lies against the messenger, so I saw them. What we learned from this from default is they have no inkling of goodness in them. Those who propagate live

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against the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And then as an In addition, he did the lucianne Allah that's the verb that's used. Now as a means to disobey. There are three kinds of disobedience talked about in the Quran, we should know about them. The word rasa is to also to refuse or to disobey. But more specifically, it is to disobey or to refuse to do something that you know, to be good. That's what SDN is used. When you know, it's good. When you know, it's not a bad thing and you still refuse, that's when the word is used. This is perfectly appropriate here specifically, because we already talked about him not having even the slightest inclination inside

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of him. Hola, Hola, hola and Taka, right, there's not even a little bit of an inclination to purify any bit of himself. No goodness left. So when he sees something good, he disobeys, he refuses to accept it. Another kind of disobedience, as mentioned in the Koran is fiscal corruption. The commonly translated corruption literally means to abandon a path that was good to begin with. So someone who has physical is someone who was good and then went the wrong way, or who walked the good path and then abandoned it. And the one who keeps imagining it, in fact, also we call them a fossick. He keeps disobeying Allah, He keeps going the wrong way, despite knowing the right way.

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Then another kind of wrongdoing or disobedience is called foo jewel, from fudge Allah. And it's literally means to tear something wide open. This is the kind of facet who doesn't only disobey but is proud of his disobedience and is open about his disobedience. And this obeys in the worst kind of ways. So this is you know, the complaint of new Hannah his salon. When you need to fire john cassava. Right? They will give birth to no one except foger. There will be you know, aadesh audacious, shameless in the way they do sense. And they will be relentless in their disbelief. So 5g, that's the third kind, as I says, specifically, the one who refuses to do something they know to

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be good. This is now *a Baba alpha. Now, this is what I wanted. But in the context of this surah What is the techseen? What are you lying? What are the kuffaar lying against? You see, their technique was manifest when they say they said in Alamo, Luna and hoffa and sola, are we going to be returned to the old state again, back to back to the old way all back to normal? Is that what's going to happen? Then the light again, either,

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we're gonna be reduced to decayed bowls. Then they did the creep again, the light again, when they said to Kevin, Colorado hospital is going to be a really terrible kind of attack on us and their return. How horrible is that going to be and they were being sarcastic when they said these things. This is their tech leap. This is their tech lead. Now alesse has tells us more about Darwin, and through him tells us more about the state of the flourish, some devaraya Then he turned away turned away turned away. What this means is he's pacing back and forth. Sorry, in Arabic isn't really to run. It is a state faster than walking but slower than running to pace and obviously pace to quickly

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pace. So you can watch the image that's been illustrated is fed up in his castle somewhere. The darwell Busan is Salaam has ordered and completely wowed even his ministers. And it's spreading far and wide. And the message can't be stopped. The more he tries to put it down, the worse it gets. If you study the dialogue between Moses and Pharaoh and you find the more Pharaoh and tries to put it down, the more mesmerizing musala becomes for the audience. And so the situation goes from bad to worse to worse to worse for federal is propaganda to shut this thing down. It's not working. So what's he doing? He's sitting up in his cabinet up in his office, pacing back and forth. What this

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illustrates is he's restless, he's restless, and he's trying to figure out what to do next. And you know, we talked about the word that VR before for, for the mobility camera. This is a bar at the bar. And it bar is actually lesser than it's been. It's to try to plan something, but try to put it together too quickly. So quickly. You haven't given it enough thought. Had you given it enough thought what would it have been? That would be that would have been said to me. So this is just him turning back and forth to come up with something. And we know he's a victim of this because you know, when we saw this and um, first comes to him, he calls him but you know, he calls him crazy. He

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calls him possessed. A couple of seconds later, he calls him so I had a magician that a couple of seconds later he says you need one new creature coming out of the coma. He wants to expel you from your land. Well, the crazy thing didn't work. People are still listening. Let's call them a magician while the magician thing is not working either. So let's just try to scare people tell him he's a he's a threat to Homeland Security. He's going to get you kicked out of your land. That's the reason you should fear him. Right. And then when none of this work or in the hula kabiru come under the lava, Kumasi. He's the biggest of you guys who taught you magic, one lie after another, but he's

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kind of trying to improvise because he's running out of things to dismantle the message, you know of the

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USA, then a lot illustrates to us the desperation that he had for hash Allah, you know, Gemma and Arabic

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Together, how Shara is also together in translation at least. But the difference between HaShana and Gemma is, how shall Esther heard? Like you do it for animals? Okay. And you know so you know, on the Day of Judgment Allah says, well for sure for Sheila wild animals are going to be get herded together. Typically when you think of being herded you think of cows and sheep. That's what you can herd. So he herded people together like animals. Why? Because the people are in their homes, they're listening to the message, they're discussing it, they're thinking about it. Now he needs to bring them all together, force them all together, stand in front of them, sit in front of them, and then

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reiterate the beliefs. They're supposed to have the official policy of the state, the official religion of the country, right? So for hash Allah, then he could firstly gather them forcefully. But we learned this from the word kushala. Then he called out to them, what do you call out to them? sakala he made a call, Father, as he as he said, and out of Buccola I am your Supreme Lord. Now the thing is, this was already known to claim that he is not up supposedly, of the land, or something already known. This was something that the soldiers would reiterate. But the fact that the devil was getting so strong that he felt the need to gather people and then remind them that he is their Lord,

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but not just their Lord. I know. Not just that. He said, Oh, boom. And Allah, I'm your Supreme Lord. Now supremacy illustrates there's somebody else claiming to be a lord. And now it seems to be that I'm in competition with that, Lord, I'm the higher one. I don't know buco and Allah He felt the desperate need to say this to his people. Why? Because as you read in other places, Musa alayhis salam comes to him the first thing was as a stem in our surah, Al amin, the Lord of the worlds, he tries to wash it off. He says, Musa says,

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Robbie Hawkman, my lord granted me firmness and maybe from the messengers mentioned the Lord again his Lord, the Lord of the worlds, then comes back again. He says model what I mean was, I says, Rocco, somehow it will.

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Again, he says, The Lord of the heavens, above the heavens in the earth, and whatever lies in between, then he tries to distract him Moosa doesn't get off course he says, again, he will mostly be warmer by the Lord of the east and the west, whatever is in between the benefit our own tries to dismantle that tries to come up with something else. Musab comes back again, and says what boo Kumara akula. wanting your Lord and the Lord have your earliest forefathers. Rob, Rob, Rob, Rob, Rob musasa, is that letting go of the fact that you need to be introduced to the real rub? Right. So now he's threatened because this other rub is now being believed in and people are getting impressed

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with the Dharma of Busan, etc. So he has to come out and say, I am your Supreme Lord. Now this was his ship. The ship of the courage was allegiance to their tradition. It wasn't the same exact thing is for Ireland, but the net result is the same. The net result is your your either your false gods, that's your God, your tradition is your God that you can show, you know, can't leave are abandoned their allegiance or phenomena himself, he claims to be the God Himself. He claims to be the loving himself. Anyway, another book and we'll add this is his ultimate crime. One passage, at least we should go through that illustrates this Nita of Fidel. Whenever that fit our news, he called me he

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is different, so I'll be fine. and meet new phenomena call into his nation call I call me LA City commission, he called his nation saying, My nation. Isn't it true that I have the dominion, the sovereignty, the kingship of Egypt at my disposal? What have you here? And how did you even touch it? And these rivers, they flow at my feet? They flow underneath me? I find out sooner? Why don't you see? Now the fact that he had to say why don't you see illustrates that they're seeing something else. And something else that they see that they're impressed with? I'm gonna hire him in heaven as he who he met him. Am I not better than this humiliated one, this lower race? And then he says, What

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do you mean? And sometimes he can't even speak clearly. He can't even articulate himself referring to the stutter of musasa. So now this this, this dialogue of phonology, actually, you will think it's an illustration of his, of his arrogance, and his power. But at the same time, actually, it's an illustration of his weakness. It's actually an illustration that ideologically, what he has to say is become hollow, that he has to start doing this kind of propaganda in public. He never had that he never felt the need to go and talk to the people and sway them to his side. Anybody looks him in the eye, he can just kill him. That was the kind of fear that was raging in the hearts of the

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people. But when the data was spread, the fear is subsiding. And now there is knowledge of a real Lord and musala salaam as an alternative form of leadership. So there's a political shift in the land, and he needs to come and give a public address and national inaugural address and remind people Hey, look at me, I'm still the king here. These rivers are still at my feet. So Pamela, so this is for Hashana, nada. Carla and Rob Fukunaga.

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Then Allah reminds the messengers of Allah Who are the ones that have for us are the hula, hula God and ask Allah to Allah, then Allah took him seized him and made nickel out of him. Now Nick and actually in Arabic is used for an anklet or a bracelet that in ancient prisons was tied to a wall, you know, the chain and then an acorn, so you can't move. It was also used for change that prisoners have together. So when the guard moves them, they all are forced to move, they can't stay in one place. So it's an anklet that either restricts your movement or forces your movement where your movement isn't on your own. Right, this is the cause. And this was used as a means to show others

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when they would come on pass by they will see these prisoners, so they will be deterred, that we should we better not break the law. Otherwise, we're gonna end up like this. So then the car was a means of, you know, injecting fear into a population. This was how it was done. Okay. And also, before somebody was executed, they were put in the car, they were put in these chains. So this was a means of actually terrifying the masses of people to not stand up against the status quo. This was a means by which it was done. Allah says that he took her own, and he made a nickel out of him. Now that's interestingly ironic, because he made a basically a deterrent out of him, don't be like him,

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because he's the worst kind of example, for an asset it will oola. And so he is a worst kind of example, for the last two people to walk this earth. And the earliest also means a worst case in terms of the hereafter and also in this life. But the thing is, if you look at follows discourse and his anger, when he saw people believe you know what he said to them, he said, I'm going to make an example out of you, I'm going to cut your hands and your feet from opposite sides, he was the one who was saying, I'm going to make an example out of you. Here, Allah says, I will, Allah took him and made an example out of him, for even the last ones to come. So by this allows origin the same to

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the Quraysh, who are skeptical and loosely talking about the hereafter. Look, take the warning people much more powerful before you have been dealt with already. And by this very this very thing, the messenger is being told, don't worry about it. Even if they just believe Allah has dealt with far worse already. allies on your sites, I don't want to hear that you just keep doing what you're doing two things at the same time, issuing a deadly threat to the cafe, the one denying the hereafter and issuing a cancellation and a support to the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in Ephesus Alexandre De Lima yaksha. In all of that there is a blah, blah is a very interesting word in

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Arabic, you know, commonly is translated as a lesson and a warning. But it comes from the aboon to cross water. Like if you want to cross the river, right? This is

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about, for example, or Abu is used, it's the police have like a dock on the river where the ship goes and go straight across the wall. That's not our line or ability line is used in Arabic, when you shed a tear, meaning that the the tear has crossed the lines of your eye and it's come out right now this is how the word is used. So when you say for about a person, or Ababa, it means he is so sad he's brought to a point of tears by using enough evangelical algebra in in the account, especially in that meaning, especially in the account of your own and musala hemosol. in that account, especially in it, there is no doubt about it, there's enough reason for one to shed tears

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out of sadness, if they realize the state of their affairs, there is enough for that. And then the crossing water analogy, what that how that applies here is there's enough of a clue in that for you to cross the waters from falsehood into now, truth about the demon yaksha. But again, there's a condition the only people who will be able to cross this and the only people who will feel sadness and realize that they've been on the wrong side of things are people who have what in them fear Lehman yaksha who has the ability to feel fear still they have some fear of consequence of something larger than themselves. Now, after this discourse, there were multiple paragraphs in the slide I

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want you to be aware of the Division of discussions. The first one was the passage when nezhat that was the first passage, the second passage, then when I started speaking about the date of judgment, yo metalphoto for Raja, Raja and so forth, okay. That was the next then there was the attacker had you through Moosa is not

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the discourse of musasa that was a third paragraph you could say, now the fourth paragraph, and its style is also different. And to me, sama, una ha, Rafa. asaka Wah ha, you hear something? Right? Well, alto Shalala, ha ha, ha, ha, you see the rhyme scheme returning because it's a new passage, it's a new discourse, even from when we study the subject matter will appreciate that. here Allah says, are used more severe a construction a creation? Are you more powerful or more difficult? shadia also is used in the sense of difficulty. In other words, are you more difficult or severe intense in or in terms of being created? Or is this

00:30:00--> 00:30:41

Sky Are you tougher to build or the sky? I'm to my shadow How can I miss sama? When you go to Surah Nava we found the earth first and the sky second. alumna Jana, me ha da, da da, da da da da comas Raja and then afterwards Baba, Nina Parkinson, Shiva there was the earth and then the sky. But we said there's a reversal from sort of Nova and so Amazon so now the reverse is used a lot so just speaks of the sky and then what's he going to speak of the earth? He's going to reverse the sequence okay. So he says, Are you more intense in construction of the sky by now he built it now, but why not is to build something where one piece of it meshes into the other like a building is called v

00:30:41--> 00:31:17

not because one brick meshes into the other, or one wall meshes into the other. So allies illustrating that disguises seamless construction where one thing falls into the next summer also comes from the words the original scene meme and wow, which actually means whatever lies above you, so don't just think of sama in Arabic as the sky is everything above that the body, the planets, the stars, the moons, the galaxies, all of it is considered some inshallah, when we get to the passages where we compare the phrase semi with in the Quran with summer we'll see that difference more clearly. But for now just know summer is everything about everything is not just the sky. So is that

00:31:17--> 00:31:59

which is above tougher to create these galaxies and universes allows them to create it, is that tougher or your creation, your you know, puny creation. He constructed that he put that together seamlessly offer our Sangha, he elevated its roof, some is actually the top of something for example, cinnamon Samak is actually used you know for the higher you know, the hooks of a camel, right? The the humps of a camel the higher one is semuc right. So the heart the highest part of it, Allah says he he elevated the highest part of the sky. Now the thing is in construction, you can tell the building is really tall by looking at the highest point of it. Allah so just as he elevated

00:31:59--> 00:32:17

the canopy or the roof of the sky to the point where we can't even see it. That's how intense this construction of the sky is in another place. in football, you see any crack any end to it even so for us it's an endless thing and ally illustrates how endless it is for us by saying he's the one who elevated its roof

00:32:19--> 00:32:59

for a while and then he balanced it, straighten it out, leveled it to perfection, that we actually means the all of these things to balance to level to actually mold to perfection. Well gosh Allah Allah, this is actually one of my points of curiosity and local Allah. Allah azza wa jal speaks about the night in many ways, many different words are used for the darkness of the night. Each one of it each one of them has their own connotation. Many of them are concentrated in just Alma many of them are put together and just on here we have for example when they leave our us, us, us us, us us is referred to when the night the chokehold of the night as soon as it starts taking over. Okay, the

00:32:59--> 00:33:35

choke over the night as soon as it started sourcing over and also when the chokehold of the night starts leaving, and the morning gets a tie a chance to breathe was so heavy that an Fs in the morning as it gets a chance to breathe, take a breath less aka when they lemo wamalwa sock For example, when lady Roma hosaka This is the dark of the night settling in when the blue of the night is completely gone. There's only black left that's lesser than a thought which is what was used here without Akasha This is the darkness of the night, highlighting the difficulty with which one can see things become blurry. Things become confused with one another you can't see if it's two people or

00:33:35--> 00:34:15

one person. right you can see if it's a truck or a motorcycle or two motorcycles you can tell so this is when vision becomes blurry. That's what's illustrated in alpha shalida he made the night exceptionally dark harder for you to become for it to be hard for you to see in it. Well Asada haha. And he brought out of it that very dark night where you couldn't see anything. Doha. Doha is the time of the morning that's the brightest when it's clearest and easiest to see. So a lot contrast to things he made the night so dark you can tell truth from falsehood, figuratively speaking. And then he brought a day where there's absolute clarity one thing from the other there's no confusion left.

00:34:15--> 00:34:53

This is actually in between the lines of reference to Revelation there was nine so bad where you were picking god this God versus that God this idol versus that guy that was all confusing to you people what's going to happen after we die? Oh, we're not going to come back. Yeah, we will come back we'll all go to heaven none of us will go to heaven. There is no heaven. All this confusion. It was like the night and now out of that night he has brought out this clear day with us Raja Maha is brought out the clerk the clearest of that day when Allah by the vaniqa Haha, and the earth thereafter. He He made it smooth in its surface. Now that is an interesting word. Some people have

00:34:53--> 00:34:59

tried to give a parallel from the point of view of Islam and science in this ayah I'm not a big fan.

00:35:00--> 00:35:37

Personally of Islam and science yet, I'm not convinced entirely. Because I think we have to be true to the language and we shouldn't bend the meaning to fit science. And if it's there, it's there fine, but we shouldn't twist the meanings and abandon the addition of classical meanings and say, Ah, it means this and now the scientific phenomenon clicks with the ayah. Anyway, I will tell you what the classical meaning is the word that actually it's used that was used for the egg of an ostrich. So that whole was used for the egg of an ostrich, or the here or the here actually was used for the place where the ostrich lays its egg. So some have used that to say, Allahu Adam, that

00:35:37--> 00:36:14

because there's an implication of something oval around and Allah speaks about the earth and how he made it that he made it oval around and shape. That's what the implication some of us allow them the truth in it, anyhow. But we do know in the classical sense that that one means to smoothing and to spread out. So what Allah is illustrating here is after the earth and its magnet or the sky, this magnificent creation, and how Allah made the sky a means of delivering the darkest night where you can't see and also the brightest morning when you can see everything. Also notice the powerful creation of the earth and how widely it spread for the vedika. The Ha ha, and perhaps this is also a

00:36:14--> 00:36:53

reminder to the caffeine who's been listening to the surah where a lot as I just said, for either homebase Sahara, they're gonna end up in that flat, clear land. Allah said, Look, he made the land clear. So when you see clear land, you shouldn't remember that land where you're going to be landing eventually anyway. So Raja Maha Amara, he drew out from it, it's water. That's the easy word my eyes a little bit of a difficult word here. Mother eyes actually is some rough McCann, it's a it's a noun used to allude to a place a space is used for pasturing. Right. And it's also used for pasture land, grazing land, like what fields and fields a farm and grass and stuff, where you grow produce for

00:36:53--> 00:37:06

animals, for your cattle and also for yourself. So Allah says, basically, first he made the earth flat and smooth and expanded. Then he drew from it water. And also these pasture lands, these places where you can pasture and these times where you can pastor.

00:37:07--> 00:37:42

What does he Bala have Sangha, and he created the mountains. And he drew out mountains, outside his hat in Arabic actually means to draw to put an anchor down on a large ship that is inside. So he says he put mountains like they are anchored into the ground, that they anchor deep into the ground. The idea being, you can't just pluck them out and move them. They're not like any other building that you can demolish and get up. But they're fixed constructions that are very difficult, or very tough in their in their construction. Also insat was used for pegging to peg something into the ground, this word actually will come up again in disorder. This is an interesting correlation of

00:37:42--> 00:38:21

terms from beginning to end. Here. Allah says matar, Allah Kumari, and amico. So after speaking a little bit about the earth for a little bit about the sky, then a little about the earth and at the end of it, Allah says, All of this matter and this is provisions for you to use. Mata tomato back actually means to use and enjoy. But matar alone is just to use in the ancient Arabic metabolise used, for example, for the scrub that you use to wash your dishes with, it's not something you enjoy it, but it's definitely something you use, right. So dunia has been defined here as something to use but not necessarily to enjoy and that's the word is highly appropriate because the real problem of

00:38:21--> 00:38:41

the one who denies Asada is they're too addicted to enjoying dunya. Allah wants you to use dunya but not necessarily to indulge yourself in its enjoyment, there's a higher purpose for which you were created Metatron Lacan with the amico provisions for you, these things to use for yourselves, these these produce to use for yourselves and also for your cattle for either

00:38:42--> 00:39:22

for metal Cobra, this is the final passage of the solar, then when inshallah will take 10 more minutes, is that okay? inshallah we'll try to wrap up as much as we can, if we can't finish a long run and then we'll go to the next evening or next Wednesday for either Java or metal Cobra. Then finally, when Java at first of all those of you that speak a little bit of Arabic, at that and Java at both mean came, but one of them has more severity, Java is more severe than other. Java is used for larger, bigger things as easy arrival, john, his grand arrival, so this is grand already because of the use of the word, john is that means all of a sudden here, then then when all of a sudden,

00:39:22--> 00:39:31

what comes what what makes this grand entrance all of a sudden, a metal Cobra bomb in Arabic is used for something to be completely full.

00:39:32--> 00:39:59

And fundamental. For example, atomic, actually is when a guy takes dirt and fills up the well all the way it's completely full of dirt. That's Tom. Tom is a calamity that is so full and so overwhelming from every direction. There is no escape from it. It's an overwhelming calamity, completely full of trouble any direction you turn to. So when this bomb metal Cobra the ultimate the greatest most complete calamity all of a sudden arrived

00:40:00--> 00:40:15

Makes it makes this grand entrance. Then on that day, yo my attackable inside Oh masa. What's interesting here a few words first thing yet as we said there's no harm right? There's you can use abbreviated words like Yo,

00:40:16--> 00:40:55

yo ma Yes, insane but Allah says yo ma yetta the code inside, which means he will remember thoroughly everything he will he will stop at every last memory and reflect man I messed up here I messed up here I messed up here, the complete recollection of everything you did is captured in the word yet let go the day on which the human being will thoroughly remember every last thing that he worked towards everything that he rushed towards. You remember we found that out? From algebra? Yes, sir. Right in the in the very same sort of he would turn around and rush and paste. Allah says everything that the human being used to rush towards to paste towards. So it's connecting that term

00:40:55--> 00:41:30

to hear he was pacing towards keeping his rule other human beings paced towards keeping their duty or their wealth, to walk to walk away from the religion and to pursue a life of pleasure. These are the things you will remember. But you know, the things that the audacity of the catheter as mentioned earlier on in the surah they say things yaku Luna kalu their crime in this surah. If you look at the kuffar that are mentioned in the sola is their speech. They're skeptical of the hereafter. But Allah is seeing through their speech and saying, actually, this speech is a result of the things you want to run towards. That's why you're talking like this. So then you will remember

00:41:30--> 00:41:36

not just the speech, what are the motives for the speech, the setting that was behind this speech, the efforts that you used to make

00:41:37--> 00:41:41

you find in the Koran for example? Well, I can sort of not only Yes,

00:41:43--> 00:42:01

we have, we have manipulated the message and presented it in varying ways and this for odd, so they may remember at least a little bit lianza Kuru. See, Allah didn't say Leah taco, so they may remember the whole thing at least they'll get some reminder from it. At some point they will remember at least they'll get something out of it. Yes.

00:42:02--> 00:42:08

Well, Marissa Tina Jackie moolah Yara and the Hellfire will be brought forward wouldn't

00:42:10--> 00:42:53

you know Tabriz actually, is used to pull something out and put it in front of someone. What did he say to Jehovah Hellfire will be brought out and put in front of someone in front of who, Lehman Yara put in front of the one who wishes to see who wants to see, you know why this is so powerful? Because if you look at the complaints of the skeptics, they said, Oh, I can't visualize when bowls are going to be resurrected again, when we're going to be brought back to our original state. And now you want to see, you know what we'll show you eventually what we'll do is Athena hemo, Lima Yara and the entire jakeem jam actually is a very powerful word in Adobe. Java is used when a lion is

00:42:53--> 00:43:33

staring at you with hungry eyes. That's that's the word jackhammer. And that's one of the names of the Hellfire It's also used when a ablaze is so intense. It looks almost like it's staring at you. Like it's about to pounce on you. That's one of the names of the hellfire. So this this this enraged the hellfire. What is it that Yeah, he will be brought forward for anyone to look at meaning they'll have to look at the rage of it. And it's looking at them with rage. And they're looking at it with rage. So they're young, they're looking with Yara the Hellfire is looking with the word jeffy. So how to look for a mom thought. Then as for the one who still rebelled, meaning in this dunya who

00:43:33--> 00:44:13

resorted to rebellion. The word thought is really interesting here because what was the message of in Ireland? one message Solicitor General Why was he sent his happy life in our inner who thought he had rebelled? Now the parallel is being brought to life that wasn't just a story. As far as as far as you guys are concerned anyone not just for our own for men, whoever engages in rebellion, what our thought our highest adonia and gave preference our thought like it's used in a good way to Allah unfussy him right. They give press they give preference to others, even at the expense of their own selves. Kayla says what Athol hated dunya he this person gave preference to worldly life to closer

00:44:13--> 00:44:52

life to inferior life. So the real rebellion the source of rebellion has been mentioned here is preferring worldly life is giving preference toward that it has nothing to do with disbelieving in the that's not even the problem. The problem is preference. You give preference you gave more weight to this you gave more priority to this. That's the real rebellion that's mentioned sopran Allah for in Naja Hema he and then that jehane that was brought out. That is the place of that is going to be it in fact alone will be a network and what comes from Eva in Arabic, which is to find someplace to seek refuge and hide from danger. But wait a second, we just said to him is this blazing fire like a

00:44:52--> 00:44:59

roaring lion staring at you with the eyes and the gawk of death? And Allah says that jakeem will be your place to find refuge.

00:45:00--> 00:45:39

This is a less sarcasm. You see, they began with sarcasm. Good guy then got a little harsh. Right they spoke like this. About a last time the author now will lie speaking and then with sarcasm you want to find refuge that's going to be your refuge that blazing that enraged flame. May Allah protect us from the hellfire. Well, I'm on half I'm a comma I'm be one I had enough sir and in our. And as for the one who feared standing before their Lord, the one who had fear of standing before their Lord, remind yourself Musa alayhis salam was giving an offer to fit around the color of the Kapha dosha I'll guide you to your Lord, you'll get some knowledge you'll be you'll gain some fear.

00:45:39--> 00:46:22

But the believer has an even stronger fear as though of a manifest thing. And that manifest fear is captured in the word hope for a man half of a clamor of be the person though as for the one who's who feared even standing in front of their Lord, he didn't fear their Lord feared the standing itself mcclymonds zemana and McCann, which means we fear that place. And we fear that time, that time where we have to stand in front of our Lord, and as a result of that sphere that sphere of consequence, when I had enough sir and in how he prevented his knifes, by the way, what's beautiful here is I didn't say when I had enough sahoo he prevented his own self, his self himself. He didn't

00:46:22--> 00:47:00

say that. He said, I'm nuts. It's almost as though Allah wants you to make a conflict within yourself against yourself as your as long as you're fighting somebody else. It's like there's another person inside you. That is calling to the hellfire. Enough center amount and that amount of time is right, there's enough inside you commanding you to evil and Allah wants you to see that knifes as an enemy. So he doesn't even give it possessive. Nuff said who that he called he created his own self because you know when you say I forbade myself it's you're talking about yourself. Allah wants you to think of it as an external entity inside you that he wants you to find and enough

00:47:00--> 00:47:41

not enough sir I didn't. However, he thought that knifes that was inside of him, but not really him. Don't be don't think that that's you. That's a challenge to you, inside of you that you have to defeat. I need power from vain pathetic desire, from empty desire that seems so powerful at the moment. But when it subsides is nothing there. That's our internal agenda here. And then for then, for such person, the Paradise is his place of finding refuge. That's his place of getting getting safety from danger. So patola tomorrow I mentioned the Hellfire and then the paradise May Allah make us of the people of paradise. Please keep in mind, this surah is not about belief and disbelief in

00:47:41--> 00:48:10

the hereafter. The actual there's other passages that deal with that. This, this surah is about preference of the hereafter versus preference of dunya which is the root cause of someone who claims to disbelieve in their it's attacking the root of the problem. And this root problem can be a disease for the Muslim to the Muslim that falls into dunya and forgets the asset and they don't give it preference even though they claim to believe in it. Or when it's talked about they talk about it casually. Oh, come on allies merciful relax already.

00:48:12--> 00:48:55

Why do you have to go to Maliki omit the right just keep it in mind. Anyhow, Yes, I do. Actually this is the final passage they asked you about the hour will be done very quickly. inshallah. Yes. aluna Anissa. They asked you about the our Ayanna musataha. When is it going to be pegged? You know when g Viola same same word. They are they are now they're speaking sarcastically they're saying we see the mountainous pegs that secure but this idea of the our approaching and everything falling apart? What is this idea going to really come and situate itself, peg itself in anchor itself Ayanna masa FEMA anthem in the claw? Allah puts this to the messenger sallallahu wasallam, Allah costera

00:48:55--> 00:49:35

audacity, and then turns to the messenger. So I said, Ivan says FEMA anthem in Nicaragua, which means what place do you have? In what capacity? Are you going to make mention of the hour? Now, think about this question carefully. In what capacity? Are you to make quiet? Or are you to make mention of the hour? Now? Is the messenger supposed to talk about the hour? Absolutely. But in a particular capacity, not in the capacity of when is it? What date? what time of the day, not in that capacity in the capacity that it's coming? Get ready for it? That's his capacity. So FEMA anthelminthic, Allah poses the question to the messenger, reminding him and in what capacity are you

00:49:35--> 00:49:59

to be speaking about it? And then Allah says, Who has the full knowledge of it in Arabic avanta only to your Lord, in Arabic is the sauce because it's the theme of its earlier, so only to your Lord will the final and complete knowledge of it be returned? It doesn't it is not in possession of anyone else. winterhawk comes from empty hat which is the conclusion of something this also implies

00:50:00--> 00:50:42

That only to your Lord is the possession the ownership of the very beginning of the events of Ashura to the very end of the events of us and all of this is in complete possession of your Lord. Now remember the previous statement was FEMA and Dominica in what capacity Are you going to make mention of it? Now unless specifies what capacity is the messengers capacity to speak about to hear after he says in number antimonial, Manisha, you are nothing more than a warner to the one who will actually gain some fear out of this, the recurring themes in this surah Harsha right? What are the Aqa in Arabic for Tasha? Right. Lima yoshua in the valley can attend Lehman yaksha again, then here again

00:50:42--> 00:51:22

in nama antimony Roman Yasha, who will have fear of a larger thing that is coming your only a warner to the one who will gain fear of it. Eventually somehow they will have some fear instilled into them. I know whom yo Miranda on the day that the day on which they will see it they will see that fire they will see that our arrive. It will be as though la miel Basu in LA Ashiya de novo Haha, they will they will remember this world and they will say we didn't stay in this worldly life I she attend. Asha means the time when the sun starts setting meaning it goes from its peak the noon, it starts setting to positive time. That period that span is Asha. baja is the early morning like

00:51:22--> 00:51:45

fudger time all the way to noon. So they're gonna say we didn't stay in this worldly life maybe one afternoon or one early afternoon. One morning to afternoon that's the that's the as far as we remember in comparison to just this day, this hour aside, that's the heart here. When they see that hour their life will seem like one afternoon in comparison. So Carla, Yamato Yolanda, let me

00:51:46--> 00:52:21

turn out to her. The final thing inshallah we'll mention how the beginning of the surah is connected to the end of this solar because that's a recurring study we're doing also in the beginning of last spoke of the day Yamato for Raja that's about Rouhani for the day on which the rattling is going to occur for like that which is supposed to rattle it's designed for rattling and then followed by another the first trumpet and then the second trumpet right at the end again yes, I do like Anissa they asked you about the hour so it began with mention of the hour it concludes with mention of the our time the subject together making it one cohesive discussion and shallow Tyler next week by Alice

00:52:21--> 00:52:30

permission I'll stick to my time limit and we will discuss the next level so practical lol Moby Dick, a Chateau La ilaha illa Anta esta fue Luca Ramallah Cora