The Hajj Vlog – the Islamic Pilgrimage to Mekkah

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This is the best time to lease,

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a G promoting Sonata representing

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stay on the

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top of that list to save the day, the three days especially because they have sacrificed. And it's worth it to stay here. It's an obligation was there

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for that period of time, but it's two days. Now. It's because of the amount of people that want to come to me now. And the space that we have, we're forced to sleep in various places. So in this room here that we're in here, there might be

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a two people in this very small location, if you look at the kind of beds

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one right next to the other. What I love about me now for myself is the fact that when you meet different brothers every year, so because you're in such confined spaces, you have to talk to the guy next to you, you break down some kind of barriers, you're literally shoulder to shoulder, and you end up making good friends here and bonding over, like religion and start sharing best practices and stuff like that. What helps you make, though, are what helps you in your body. And so for me, I just love sharing best practices here with different different brothers every single year. And when you go back to your kind of your country, and within that you live your life, you know? Well, I

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think, for me, I've already got an incredible sense of appreciation for everything. I don't know about you a lot. Even when we went to photography, yeah. Well, I felt like more space. It makes you think, Wow, look at this really big given

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pizza, like you said earlier, makes a PC, I don't even think in terms of the mythologist that say, you no longer think about Silicon Valley's for about

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2030 minutes cgcc basically.

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laughter is something that I think should we deal with nearly as well. And,

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you know, that's, that's why

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we're here. And this is the ninth day of the hijab is the most important thing

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for Java, which is that hash is. So without coming to this place, then you'll have just not accepted as one of the main pillars is the biggest pillar, the hash. And what it is, is basically you come from candlelight the morning time and you spend the whole day here. As you can see kind of what the gist is that you also included, asked Allah subhanaw taala for help us get

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a specialized diet, but also any device you make any application that you make. This is what the 90 days were about literally coming here, being here and supplication God says very spiritual place. Most people are crying a lot of people are really constantly in are very introspective. And it's a very, it's a good place to think about how the year has gone how your life is gone.

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Are you sure unless you actually hear

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if you look inside, you can see

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and it's an amazing feeling being amongst millions of people. Everybody's going in the same direction towards the same goal on this very spiritual experience. So we have all different types of people forming the hatch this year from the young

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to the old. Mashallah.

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70 stones in the desert, potently we're camping. As you can see my sleeping bag here. Everyone's packed next to each other

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Minimal gaps between each other so we can be considerate to other people get as many people on the mountain as possible. Sleeping literally in the desert.

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So we're going to sleep as well

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fulfill that requirement.

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Tomorrow go to

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the gym.

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And then we will go to the hotel, either by foot or by taxis. We'll see how we feel tomorrow.

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Just seven seconds on the cover

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seven times. And then upon completion of those acts, we will

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complete all the pillars of our How to be complete.

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All of our group are here but camping in the desert. It's a beautiful sight.

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People from all over surreal situation right now.

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I feel like

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it's kind of like descriptions of the depth judgment. So many people walk in one direction. Look, everyone's so scorched against one another. It's

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surreal. Like

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it reminds me of a movie you know when there's like a storm or tsunami. And then they have to evacuate like areas they like. They go to like a church outside and then they escape and the church reminds me of that but outside I could never

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imagine having to sleep every day with Steve with the scorpions

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and the ants.

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Apparently the snakes here as well. Is that

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okay, I think we say goodnight for now. inshallah We will reconvene after budget tomorrow.

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This is the day of the

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biggest mass gathering

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place right here.

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Just leaving the lift are now working towards as you can see millions of people gathered today.

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Literally shoulder to shoulder. This road before when we came in, it wasn't busy at all and now

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is full of different nationalities

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is a very awe inspiring experience.

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One of the best things I've ever encountered in my life

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we can feel the country flags here we've been waiting shows you that

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you know wherever you're from, nothing is unifying people are nice monotheism.

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So here we arrived, you can see that people come in and flowing in from all kinds of directions. You got here, people coming in up to the first floor, there are three floors, people coming over there. I've got my stones and this is why everyone has heard me to my father as well. Yeah. So this these stones, you throw them at the the pillar which symbolizes the devil, actually there. And and this is part of the ritual, which the Prophet directed us to.

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And so we're going to be doing that in sha Allah trying to then head off to do the rest of the rights on the 10th day of the geometry.

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Because that is the that's where the stones are gonna be thrown down, we're gonna throw the stones on the third of those pillars. They're both about the same size.

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On the second day of

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the trip, when you come back from the 11th or 12th day, we're going to go

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to the 13th. And we'll do the same thing and Shama Shama.

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What's going on today, as you can see,

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in the back of the taxi, as you see this

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a taxi driver here.

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Speak to him

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beautiful, very tranquil.

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Look how busy it is today

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sup on Motorola

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running up and down

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seven times

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on the line goes all the way to the end

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question now supply model to mountains, which was the size of her job

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obviously was printed with Abraham she was

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a slave girl Abraham actually actually had

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a smile. Anyways, I was just looking at this woman here with a child, you see.

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And it reminded me of the story a little bit more just for people to know the story was literally

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she went from

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the two mountains these two mountains here trying to look for water for her child. She couldn't find the water. Now, eventually what happened was she she hit the floor and some some pulled out some some was a kind of water, which still flows until this day. And we could find a Samsung on the sides and

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the last

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company we made it this far. Speed

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overwhelming, physically draining,

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psychologically difficult journey.

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Last stones, we're going to get something to eat now, rubbers chop off and go one more thing left which is called a taut cofferdams Farewell,

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which is circumambulation on the cabinet.

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Seems like we had to wear clothes like that. We had to struggle at night we, you know, we stepped over the line, definitely selling clothes, like outdoor space and

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it makes you appreciate absolutely everything that makes you appreciate clothes, makes you appreciate your sleep. It makes you appreciate transportation

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in my car on 50 miles on a calculation

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about 50 miles from place to place to place to place. I mean, every pilgrim has to do that. But we decided to walk from almost every location to every other location. So it's a lot of walking everyday was like three hours walking at least

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