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AI: Summary © The Muslim Central representative discusses upcoming series of "Theeting the Prophet series" and the use of idols in war, emphasizing the importance of showing one's true feelings and emotions. They stress the emotional state of individuals and the need for a change in behavior to achieve worship. The segment also touches on the emotional state of individuals and their desire to be worshiped.
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salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah Quran Weekly. Welcome back to another installment of the stories of the Prophet series, exclusively here I put on weekly. Today we're going to be talking about Ibrahim alayhis salam.

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One of the most powerful events and stories that are shared with us in the Quran is about Ibrahim alayhis salaam is one of my favorite stories in the Quran. So this begins with ID number 51 verse number 51, from Surah 21 to ambia. Allah says Wanaka atina Ibrahim Agusta whom in Abu Dhabi aalameen, that Allah tells us that we gave it to him It has Salaam, the you know intelligence and maturity so whenever hemolysin became you know, a mature young man and Allah subhanaw taala says what could not be here alameen and we were watching over him we knew everything that was going on with him. If Ali Avi he was only he might have he Timothy Leti and from the hierarchy when he tells

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his father and his people what are these statues these sculptures that you worship that you offer so much devotion and dedication to follow what you do not about another hobby then they say hey listen young and not too fast. We found our forefathers worshipping these idols Okay, that you'd be quiet in you back off. He said after the quantum and two more about who configured holiday movie and he goes that doesn't change anything that just means that you just like your forefathers before you

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are in serious grave error. Like you're wrong. You're doing something wrong. That's all that that means. So they respond back pilu A GTIN, I will happy I'm antamina ly been do you actually have something solid concrete to share with us? Are you just messing around with us here because we don't have time for games. So but I'm Ali Salaam says to them all and he said, but rupal can rob Bustamante will, Allah de facto when he said rather, your Lord, your master, your Creator, a lot is the Lord in the master, the Creator of the heavens and the earth, the one who gave them existence out of nothing, he created them from nothing. Well, Hello, Dolly kamina shahidan and I am a witness.

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I am a witness upon you when it comes to this fact. Like I am informing you of fact, I'm telling you, that this is the reality. And he goes on to tell them what a lucky lucky then astronomicon by the unto aluma DVD and when you guys aren't around, I'll teach you a lesson through your own idols. I'll show you what's right and what's wrong. I'll make you realize through the same idols that you worship for 11 Jews Ivan Illa, Kabir Allah home, now Allahu Allah here. So the Quran tells is that they go out for some festival or some other situation or, you know, event, some occasion and about him on Islam stays back and for Giada, home Judah, then he goes in there and he destroys all the

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idols, he smashes them to bits and pieces, except for the biggest idol amongst all of them. He leaves that idle in tact. And so that they can come back and realize what the truth of the matter is. So when they get back on who they said, Men four and a half Abby Ali hatena in the hula minute volume and they said, Who ever did this to our idols is a really terrible person. God who sent me an alpha 10 Yes, Guru whom you call Allah who brought him. They said that we remember a young man, he's always talking about our idols. And I think his name is Ibrahim people referred to him as Ibrahim. So they said are you to be here? Are you in a nice, go and bring him Allah Allah? Allah Allah

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Venetia done in front of everybody. So we can make a lesson an example out of him, and everybody finds out what happens when you mess with our idols. So whenever you Molly's home is brought to them young man. They said calu antifoul Shahada, biale hatena. Ibrahim, they said, Are you the one? Hey, listen, are you the one who did this with our idols? Oh, Ibrahim, is he you? Come on, fess up. So Ibrahim Ali Salaam says Carla bolsa Allahu kabiru Why couldn't have the biggest idol amongst them have done this? I mean, just look at let's consider the circumstances Crime Scene Investigation, CSI All right.

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Aren't the idols are smashed up into bits and pieces? You got a big old idol so standing there he's like, Well

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why don't you ask the big guy But father who can beat him? Haha. First algemene Cambrian boom so as them you say they're your Gods you worship them if they can speak to you then ask them

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for raggio illa unforeseen the Quran is expression of this is so powerful. The Quran says that they retreated back to their soul. They went back deep down and looked inside of themselves. They thought to themselves what do you what do you say to that? Follow in accom and to Masada moon and they really thought that what if we're wrong here? I mean, what is the young man's got a point? filmer Lucas who are allowed to see him but then their own stubbornness and foolishness got the best of them? Nakata alinta Maha Shula in tune and they came right back at Ibrahim. They came right back at Abraham, Eddie Brahim Ali salam, the silica on into Maha Shula and they said you know that they

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don't speak Why would you say that? Why are you trying to mess with us? We told you we don't got time for your games. Gonna have a tabula mean do Nila Himalayan Falcons Shay unreliable Roku? He says what you're trying to tell me. Let me let me put everything together. let's establish the facts here. You're trying to tell me that you worship something other than a law. You worship other than a law something that cannot benefit you in the least bit. Nor could ever harm you. Oh, Phil accom. What's wrong with you people? What do you matter? We do? I mean, do any law and how I mean, what's wrong with you? And how, you know, unfortunate. Is it these things that you worship other than

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Allah? I feel attacked alone, don't you think? I mean, don't you don't you? Can't you just figure that much out? This is common sense. Think about what you're doing.

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Now, they didn't want to hear anymore. They just went into this ignorant stubborn mode. So they said palu Hadley, whoo hoo. burn him in a fire. One pseudo Ali had to come and help your gods, your idols in quantum fairy lien if you're going to do anything about it. So now this is where we'll kind of switch over to the prophets, a lot of them tells us what happens now.

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They build such a huge fire, that they themselves couldn't even get close to it. So then they they're trying to figure out how do we throw him into the fire inside the fire.

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So then they have to build a catapult and they put him inside the catapult and they tie up his arms and his legs, and they put him inside of the catapult ready to launch him off. And as soon as they placed him inside.

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Ibrahim Ali Salam does the only thing he can do. He says has to be Allah

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has to be Allah. Allah is all I need.

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has to be Allah, La Ilaha Illa who

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there's absolutely positively nothing, no one worthy of worship except for him. Allah heat our culture. I put my trust solely upon him, has to be Allah. Allah is all I need. When the Iman Joaquin and he is the best of caretakers, Nirmal Mola when he said he is the best of friends, the best of allies, and he is the best of anyone who can offer any help. He just turns to a law and says Allah is all I need.

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And they launch him out in the in the catapult.

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I want you to imagine the situation just the emotional state of a person and try to imagine forget about being in that place. Just imagine seeing this. How overwhelming it would be tied up hands and legs are tied up. Caterpillar launches him into the air he's flying through the air unrestrained, there's no parachute. There's no bungee cord. There's no nothing just flying through the air.

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And at that point in time, it's like time freezes, everything stops.

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And gibreel alehissalaam the great Angel Gabriel gibreel Allah His Salah, comes to Ibrahim alayhis salam. And he says yeah, Ibrahim

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yah ha de la la. Oh, Abraham.

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Oh friend of God.

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Allah cahaya

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Is there anything that you need? Is there anything I can do for you?

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And Ibrahim Ali Salaam gives such a powerful response at the moment.

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He says Mr. ilica further,

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he says Do I need anything from you? No, I'm good.

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Do I need anything this is jabril alehissalaam. This is not some shape or some demon or some evil person or even a human being offering their help. This is gibreel Allison here

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Is the friend of the prophets. He's the one who brings divine revelation to prophets. He's saying Can I do anything for you? And Ibrahim Ali Salaam says I'm a elita fella, as far as you're concerned.

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No, thank you. I'm good. I don't need anything has to be a law. I have a law.

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I have a law

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that another narration says that the angel that is deputed to the rain, who's put in charge of the rain that he sees this fire raging and burning it but our humani some flying through the air about to land in the fire and he crawls he cries out. He cries out at that moment. moto Moto, moto Moto, when will I be commended? For own Zealand matara that I will send the rain down when when will the command come Yala? Your Helene, your beloved friend is about to fall in the fire.

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And Ibrahim alayhis salam at that time falling forward into the fire. He says Allahumma Allahumma O Allah

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until Allahu wa hidden under wa hidden under rubble. washi done. Oh ally, you are the only one worthy of being worshipped. Well, Anna, fill out the wahida Boudicca and I am the only one in the earth, my Lord, my master who worships you, you're the only one worthy of worship. But I'm the only one on the earth that worships Viola

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Ibrahim Ali Salaam is coming down into the fire falling into the fire. And right before he falls into the fire,

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Allah subhana wa tada in the next day, he tells us good now we said Allah said he spoke directly to the fire. Yeah, now on fire. Cooney burden was Allah man, Allah Ibrahim, be cool and be peaceful and safe upon my beloved friend Abraham, my friend Ibrahim Ali Salam.

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Abraham Ellison lands in the fire.

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And the narration says Allah subhanaw taala commanded the fire be cool and peaceful for Ibrahim, not a single hair on his head or on his body was burned.

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But it was only for Ibrahim. What did burn the ropes that were restraining his wrists and his ankles? Those ropes burned up, but not a single part of his body was burned. And Ibrahim Ali Salaam is safe, peaceful, calm, sitting inside of that fire unharmed, untouched inside of that fire.

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What's this is a powerful lesson Allah subhanaw taala goes on to say what are our Dubey he gave them they made this plot and planning scheme against Ibrahim for the anomalous, serene but Allah says we made them the biggest losers as a powerful story in and of itself. But the lesson to take home lesson for me personally and what I'd like to share with you is that when we put our faith in the Lord when we turn directly to Allah, when we put our trust in Allah when we rely and depend upon Allah, Allah will come to our aid in our rescue accordingly. There's a very powerful lesson here, very powerful nuance. Normally you would think help in aid would come. By extinguishing the fire

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Allah would send down the rain to extinguish the fire or something else or lower, send a flood and it would come and put out the fire. Ibrahim Ali Salaam did not turn to the creation of Allah to get to Allah He turned directly to Allah. I directly put my faith in my trust in Allah. And Allah subhanaw taala directly helped Ibrahim Ali salam, no rain, no water, no nothing. But Allah subhanaw taala left the fire intact, but just made a change its nature,

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commanded change and become cool and peaceful. When we put our faith and trust in Allah, Allah will make the impossible possible for us. What does that mean? heikkila Allah will provide ways and solutions for us from where we couldn't even imagine.

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I hope and pray that Allah subhanaw taala allows us to practice everything we shouldn't hurt, and that we all benefit from this very powerful story in the Quran, about the great prophet of Allah Ibrahim alayhis salam. Until next time on weekly dishonesty genda signing out was Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. This audio is brought to you by Muslim Central. please consider donating to help cover our running costs and future projects by visiting www dot Muslim forward slash donate

When Prophet Ibrahim’s people built a huge fire to burn him in, he relied only upon Allah for safety. And Prophet Ibrahim called out to his Creator with the most beautiful words ever heard. Video by Sh. Abdul Nasir Jangda

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